Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh, Amazon...

Why did you have to release a new version of the Kindle, Amazon? I just upgraded to the 3rd version back when you added the Special Offers version... And now you have one that finally gets rid of the keyboard, and looks so much cooler... Why are you torturing me?

Edit: And the new version of the lighted cover looks so much cooler, too! Even if the lower price of the Kindle itself makes the price of the cover seem even more ridiculously high. I don't mind the old one, but it's annoying to get the light out, and then it's uneven over the screen because it's coming in from the side... Ugh. This is why being unemployed sucks!


  1. Hi,

    Is your video game you made ever going to receive an update?


  2. just to mention, I have seen some of the things you have done, and your ability to extrapolate a story from one or more images is impressive. What is the colloquialism? Ah yes, don't go changing. (pun intended)