Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Halloween Movie of the Day: Day 4

8. Tamara - Another movie I'd never seen before. I don't remember why exactly I picked this one up... I know I got it from the video store I worked at while it was closing, so it was only 50 cents, and there wasn't a lot of horror movies left, so those things probably contributed quite a bit to the decision. It also sounded a bit like it could be fun in a Ginger Snaps/Carrie sort of way, though probably not as good. It wound up being more like I Know What You Did Last Summer, which I've always had a soft spot for, despite not having seen it in a long time, because it was the first slasher movie I ever watched all the way through. I also like the idea of how the kills work (since this is fairly new, I'm a little more leery of posting too much spoilery talk beyond what shows up in the IMDB synopsis), as it's something I've always found pretty creepy, and they did lead to some disturbing moments, at least at first. There were a few instances of odd character motivations (such as, "Let's be assholes to this girl who could turn us in to the police for what we did to her"), and the end turns pretty generic, but it was definitely worth watching at least once for its brief flashes of creativity.

9. Hausu - When I said Suspiria had a completely different look and feel from the rest of the movies I'd picked for this, it's because I forgot I'd kept this one. Made in the same year as Suspiria, it also has a very storybook kind of feel to it, and uses a lot of bright colors, with the main difference between the two movies being that this one is even more insane. Which, if you've seen Suspiria, is saying a lot. I've seen a lot of reviews that call this movie an acid trip, and while I've never done acid, this is what I imagine it being like. Even more than Suspiria, it's pure eye candy, with all kinds of wacky and inventive shots, not all of which really work, artistically, but they definitely make it hard to ever be bored while watching this, just wondering what you'll see next, even during the obligatory exposition scenes. There are a few animated bits here and there, and a lot of use of intentionally obvious matte paintings which gives in an interesting, sort of Brecht-ian look. I know I've talked a lot about Suspiria in relation to this movie, but the movie it most resembles to me is Evil Dead 2, from its status as a sort-of haunted house movie, though neither fully fits into that subgenre, to its strange sense of humor and bouts of complete insanity. Any movie fan should see this, because it's like nothing else you've ever seen, and probably more than once... This is either the third or fourth time I've watched it, and I'm still noticing strange little touches I've somehow missed in my previous viewings.

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