Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Halloween Movie of the Day: Day 15

23. Undead - Another one of my $0.50 movies that I hadn't watched yet. I'd heard pretty good things about this from a co-worker who was big into Australian horror movies for some reason, but we never had it at the store until a couple weeks before we closed for good, when the other stores that had already closed started sending us what they hadn't sold. I then, unsurprisingly, never got around to watching it, although seeing it in the (fantastic) documentary Zombie Girl at least reminded me I should change that, eventually. I was expecting a typical zombie comedy, which, if you haven't noticed already from some of my other picks, I am a fan of, and for a while it delivered on that, while also providing some fun, over-the-top action. Then, near the end, it changes into a whole different kind of movie that doesn't exactly come out of nowhere, though how far they go with it does - but in a good way. I briefly had a theory that it was going to go in a more religious direction after that first twist, judging from some of the imagery used, but it wound up not being the case. What actually happened is probably a more creative and fresh approach anyway, and I still liked it quite a bit. It's a little disappointing that the directors went from this to Daybreakers, which, while not bad, was nowhere near as interesting, or as fun. It isn't as good as Evil Dead 2 or Shaun of the Dead, but as less serious zombie movies go, this could go next in line after those as one of my favorites.

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