Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Dangers of Babysitting a Hypnotist - Audio Version

Hello, everyone! You may have noticed that I updated the last post with a new version of the audio clip, but if not, feel free to go check that out. There's also a whole new audio caption! I also decided that, for these, I'd post the original versions of the pictures instead of the ones with the captions, though, in this case, you can find the captions here. Thanks again to our little voice actress, who is choosing to stay anonymous for now!

She also said that, while she has a couple more ideas for captions she'd like to do, she's also open for suggestions, so if there are any captions you'd particularly like to hear read, post them in the comments! Or if anyone else is interested in doing their own versions, that would be great, too! Thanks for reading/listening, and hopefully I'll have some content of my own to post soon, too!