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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - It Does A Body Good

"You don't seem very excited," Bianca shook her head. "You should be thanking Ms. Dabney here for giving you this chance! In fact, you should be begging her to let you do it in the first place. Now."

Alisa groaned, getting down on her knees. She really didn't want to have to do this again - just staring up at the woman's large, exposed breasts made her feel a little queasy - but she knew she had no choice in the matter. "Please, Ms. Dabney, I'm sorry. Please, let me... have some milk..."

"Well, of course, Baby Alisa," Ms. Dabney smiled at her, reaching down to scoop the girl up. "It's just what a growing little girl like you needs!" Alisa did her best not to whine too much as the woman's nipple was forced into her mouth, which began sucking immediately. She supposed she should be grateful that Ms. Caldwell hadn't taken the plug out of her bottom yet, since that would have inevitably ended with her filling her diaper in the middle of her breastfeeding, but  she could feel her body trying to do that anyway, which only made the whole ordeal more uncomfortable.

And, of course, she had other concerns as well, since it wasn't just her bowels she lost control of while she was sucking, and her bladder was being constantly re-filled as long as Ms. Dabney held her there. She jumped a little at the first shock, giving a muffled whimper as she imagined Bianca standing there, waiting with the castor oil bottle as soon as she came off of Ms. Dabney's breast, milk still dripping from the corner of her mouth. "Again? Can you hold yourself at all?" Ms. Caldwell asked, turning off the alarm. "Well, this time, I think a different punishment is in order. Now you'll have to spend your time between having your plug removed and using the potty in the naughty corner... And it will be twenty minutes instead of fifteen."

Alisa couldn't do anything but pout as she continued to drink, tummy filling with warm milk until she felt sure she would burst. By the time Ms. Dabney finally put her down, her time in the corner had grown to twenty-five minutes. She felt a bit woozy as she stood there, feeling, and even looking a little, bloated. A trickle of milk had strayed down her chest, mostly dried by now, which matched the few drops of wetness that had squeezed their way from the leghole of her diaper, past the tight rubber pants, and were now making their way down her thigh. She'd made it an entire week, mostly in a toddler's body, and hadn't leaked once - now, in this house, it had happened twice in a matter of hours.

"I think somebody needs a change," Ms. Dabney observed, running a finger up Alisa's dry thigh. "Poor little wet baby."

"My, my... Maybe she needs thicker diapers," Bianca suggested.

"No! I just need changed more often" Alisa squealed despite herself. Any thicker and she'd be reduced to crawling!

"I don't think anybody was asking you," Bianca told her icily before turning to Ms. Dabney. "I think we'd better change her, either way," she said, as if Alisa hadn't just suggested basically the same thing, flustering the girl even further. She knew quite well they could hear and understand her - it was very frustrating to be treated like a stupid child.

"I believe you're right," the other woman nodded, standing up and picking up Alisa, carrying the squirming girl out of the room, away from the potty chair she'd just worked so hard to earn the right to use.

"Wait!" Alisa whined. "You said I could use the potty!"

"You can," Ms. Caldwell said, "but you're leaking, silly girl. I don't want you making a mess all over my floor. Besides, don't you want a dry diaper?" Alisa nodded, having to admit that did sound nice. "It's almost naptime anyway, so you needed one before then - this will take care of that!"

Alisa fidgeted, already seeing where this was going to end up. "But..."

"No buts. You said you were a big girl, didn't you? Surely you can keep from filling your diaper for twenty-five minutes, especially after that big mess you made this morning." Alisa was much less certain of that, but she didn't want to admit it, and doubted it would make a difference either way.

The two women took her first to the bathroom, where her rubber pants were unlocked and removed over the toilet,  revealing a sopping wet diaper underneath. Alisa blushed as she heard her urine dripping into the toilet, knowing that was as close as she would get to actually peeing in one again for as long as she stayed in this house. As Ms. Dabney held Alisa in place, Ms. Caldwell unpinned the diapers, taking them and the pants to be washed. Ms. Dabney put Alisa into the bathtub, running a little water to wet a washcloth, cleaning the girl's crotch thoroughly while Alisa tried not to think about how many strange people had done that in the past week. It still didn't make it any less embarrassing.

Instead of going to the room Alisa had been staying in, once she returned Ms. Caldwell led Ms. Dabney, naked girl in her arms, further down the hall, unlocking the door to the child's room Alisa had seen the day before, grabbing supplies from the dresser before going to the bed, lowering the rails on one side and spreading a changing mat out on it. Ms. Dabney laid Alisa out on it and the two larger women clucked over the diaper rash she'd developed, giving them an excuse to slather diaper rash cream on her exposed bottom while Ms. Dabney admired the other redness there.

"You always were quite skilled at spanking," she complimented Bianca, giving Alisa's tender backside a swat of her own.

Before Ms. Caldwell could respond, they were interrupted by the sound of a telephone in the distance. "Could you finish up here?" Bianca asked, hurrying off, leaving the diapering duties to her friend.

"For somebody who claimed she wasn't just a little girl, it sure looked like you were having a good time in your diaper earlier," Ms. Dabney said as she slid several layers of cloth diapers beneath Alisa. "And you certainly weren't shy about drinking my milk."

Alisa blushed. "It wasn't my fault!" she pouted. "You know what my diaper was doing!"

"Maybe," Ms. Dabney acknowledged. "You didn't seem to be trying to resist any, however. That doesn't explain how thirsty you were, either."

"I can't help it!" Alisa knew it was probably dangerous to let anybody in this place know her secrets, but she hated having anybody think she had really enjoyed her breastfeeding as much as it might have looked, so she edited the truth a bit. "I can't stop myself from breastfeeding once I start. It isn't my fault! I was hypnotized!"

Ms. Dabney raised an eyebrow. At first, Alisa didn't think she had bought it. "Were you now? And here she told me you liked this when you came in. Are you just another one of her experiments?"

Alisa wasn't entirely sure what the woman meant, but she nodded her head anyway. "Yeah!" she agreed, hoping it would earn her a little sympathy, or at least make one person believe she hadn't secretly, in some little, dark part of her brain, wanted this.

"I knew she was good, but this is incredible! To reduce you to this in less than a day!" Ms. Dabney grinned, staring down at Alisa. "Of course, it wouldn't have worked on you if you hadn't wanted it somewhere in your subconscious... But I suppose a feeble, silly little girl like you was no match for her. I've seen her work wonders - one time, she took a schoolgirl who had merely wet her pants one time and made the poor thing go to the headmistress and beg for the whole baby treatment, fully convinced she deserved it."

Headmistress? Alisa's brow furrowed as she listened to the anecdote, slowly piecing things together.

"You ought to be thankful you aren't the Alisa she's actually looking for," Ms. Dabney said, sprinkling a liberal amount of baby powder on the girl. "She was sure she saw some seeds of desire in that girl, too, so you're just a test case for the real thing. After what that girl did to her, I'm sure she'll sink her claws in and never let her go. Once she's done with you, on the other hand, I'm sure she'll let me take you. It would be awfully confusing to have two Alisa's, after all. It's such a funny coincidence the two of you have the same name!"

Alisa let out a little gasp as everything snapped into place, a cold chill running down her spine as the woman pulled her diapers into place, pinning them tightly around her waist. Ms. Caldwell was the woman the Alisa from this world had gotten fired from the school she'd very nearly found herself trapped in when she'd first come to this world! She'd known that person was a master hypnotist, but she'd had no idea she was also some kind of mad scientist, like this world was full of apparently, crafting vibrating diapers and shrinking rays to further entrap her victims. God only knew what things the woman had done to her mind! She didn't remember anything, but that was the scariest part about it - she could easily have been hypnotized to forget.

She was still fretting about that as Ms. Dabney pulled a fresh pair of rubber pants up her legs, letting them snap into place. The lady didn't have the keys to lock them, but she didn't seem too concerned about it, picking up the girl and carrying her back downstairs to the dining room, putting her down in the corner. After a minute or two, Alisa heard Bianca enter the room, then felt the back of her diaper being tugged out just enough for the plug to be removed. It was such a relief to have it gone that she nearly lost control right then and there, but she managed, somehow, to stop herself.

"Just remember, dear, twenty-five minutes and you can use your potty, and go to take your nap in a nice, clean diaper." Ms. Caldwell gave the girl's heavily padded backside a pat, then walked away, eager to share her news with Ms. Dabney. "You'll never believe who was on the phone!"

Alisa was quite sure there was only one person it could be, though that didn't stop her from losing her fragile grasp of control when she heard it, filling her diaper in one huge, mushy rush, setting off a slightly different alarm on Ms. Caldwell's device.

"Goodness, child, was that even twenty-five seconds? Well, you still need to be punished, so you can stay there until your time is up anyway," Bianca told her.

"And you're sure it's her?" Ms. Dabney continued their conversation, as if seeing a shrunken woman mess her diaper was nothing out of the ordinary. "And she doesn't know it's you?"

"I'm certain," Ms. Caldwell replied. "I found the real Alisa - and she's coming here this afternoon."

Alisa made herself stay silent as she wriggled in the corner in her messy diaper, unsure if this was a good thing or not. Considering Emily had stolen her body, it only seemed fair that she should get the punishment meant for it. Still, she hated to let the girl see her back in the adult version of her body, yet still in just as bad a situation, if not worse, than the one she'd left her in. Not to mention that Emily was probably her best chance to get out of this mess, considering she was a genius herself, and that, no matter how satisfying it would be to see her get hypnotized into a second infancy, that could also spell doom for Alisa. And what if Ms. Caldwell decided she was finished with Alisa and sent her off with Ms. Dabney already?

By the end of her corner time, she still had no idea what she should do. She made a token effort to get a change before naptime, but Ms. Caldwell was having none of it, though at least she didn't re-insert the plug. "I'm deactivating the alarm and the shock," Bianca explained as she carried the girl past her old room, to the one she'd just gotten her fresh diaper in. "I can hardly hold you responsible for what your body does in its sleep, now can I?" She gave the swollen seat of the girl's diaper a pat. "It seems like you can barely control it even when you're awake."

Alisa didn't bother to answer, which didn't seem to bother Bianca any. She laid the girl on the bed, locking the rubber pants before pulling the side rail into position and saying goodnight, closing and locking the door as she left. Alisa was pretty sure she could have climbed over the rails if she wanted to, though the drop on the other side wouldn't have been pleasant. There really was no point, however, considering she knew the door wouldn't open, and there was no way she was strong enough to force it in this tiny body. Still worrying about what would happen when "Alisa" got there, she went to sleep, feeling her diaper grow wetter even before she'd fully drifted off, just glad she didn't have to worry about the consequences of that for once.

To her surprise, she awoke to find she'd been returned to normal size. She wasn't sure if the shrink ray had worn off - though that seemed unlikely considering the room of tiny women she'd found in the middle of the night - or if Bianca had simply taken pity on her, but she wasn't about to argue with it. She climbed out of bed, wrinkling her nose as her bulging diaper caught against the rail for a second, heading for the door. She paused for a moment, sensing that something was wrong - was this a trap? A test? Would some other alarm go off the second she set foot outside the room, earning her another punishment?

She turned around, not wanting to risk it, going instead to the closet. It might be nice to actually wear something other than her diaper. Surely Ms. Caldwell wouldn't get mad at her for that! She could just say she was playing dress-up. She hadn't noticed any clothes in the closet that would fit her the night before - though she was thinking there might be a dress or something that would work as a shirt - so it was rather surprising to find that everything in the closet looked the right size. There also seemed to be a lot less of it than she recalled, and it all looked even more infantile than it had that night.

She hesitated again, an increasingly bad feeling sweeping over her body as she looked around the room. There was definitely something off there, even if she couldn't figure out what. It was almost like the light itself, shining in around the edges of the curtain, was wrong. She wasn't about to go throwing open a window half naked, however, so she grabbed what seemed like a plain blue dress, only to find, once she pulled it off the hanger, that the back was split open, leaving her diaper easily exposed with the slightest movement, though the short length would have done that anyway. She'd seen clothes like that, but never on an actual baby - only in adult baby pictures.

It would do to keep her covered while she peeked outside, however, so she pulled it on, feeling silly as she toddled her way over to the window. The first thing she noticed as she pulled aside the curtains was that, as her hand brushed against the window, it didn't feel like real glass. Taking a closer look, it didn't even look like it had a way to open, strangely enough. She only had a moment to ponder that, though, before she actually looked outside and realized she had much a much bigger problem, as the window gave her a good view, not of the yard, but of the bed she thought she'd just climbed out of, looming over her like a cruise ship, huge and majestic.

It only took her a few moments to remember what else had been in that room and work out exactly what had happened; the answer wasn't much of a comfort. She raced, as fast as her thick diaper would allow, across the room, throwing open the door, which, unsurprisingly, was not locked. The hallway was dark, but there was enough light streaming in through the windows that she could find her way down the hall and the spiral staircase, though it all wound up being for nothing since the front door refused to budge once she'd reached it.

It hardly mattered. Even if she could have gotten out, Alisa knew, much as she hated to admit it, she was too small to do much of anything. She made her way slowly around the house, searching for another way out, but every outside door stayed firmly shut, every window a simple, non-opening piece of molded plastic. She was trapped in the doll house... and she was the doll.

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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - Dinner and a Show

Alisa was scooted to her desk, off in the far corner of the dining room. Both women were seated on the same side of the table, which allowed them to watch her as she fidgeted on the hard, wooden seat, trying to eat and finish her coloring at the same time. Doing them both wasn't as hard as it might have been, as she had been given only finger foods to accompany her fresh sippy cup of juice, though she was grateful that it wasn't oatmeal, or baby food. In fact, it was actually pretty good - chicken nuggets, homemade from the look of them, along with carrot and celery sticks. It may well have been the best she'd eaten since coming to this world, but it was quite difficult to enjoy it while stressing out so much, trying to finish her work so she could, hopefully, finally get to use her diaper without consequences.

Or, rather, with a more pleasant consequence, although, now that a guest was here, it might wind up being even more humiliating than a spoonful of castor oil. She had a bad feeling she wouldn't be allowed to enjoy her "reward" in private, and the thought of having her first orgasm in a week while in a wet diaper, in front of two older women, was mortifying... And just a little hot in and of itself, at least until the time to perform actually came.

She could tell the two women were talking about her, as she heard her name every now and then, but they spoke quietly enough that it was hard to make out any specifics, and whenever they caught her staring, they just smiled and began to talk even softer. That worried her even more than it normally would have, knowing that Ms. Dabney was in charge of an asylum. That kind of information was very rarely put out there in these stories for no reason - if she stayed with Ms. Caldwell long enough, she had no doubt she'd be spending some time in a padded room, in a heavily padded diaper, wrapped up tight in a straight jacket, pacifier gag firmly in place, rendering her unable to protest, and unable to control her bladder or bowels. She would be completely helpless, utterly dependant on the mercy of these women to ever be able to get out. She had thought her situation here was hopeless, but that would be a truly inescapable fate. She blushed a little at the fact that she was a bit turned on by that as well.

She groaned as her stomach churned again, pushing her diapered bottom against the desk harder, forcing the uncomfortable plug up inside herself a little more. That was the part that worried her the most - holding it might be painful at times, but with the plug, it should be possible. Making it fifteen minutes without the plug, on the other hand, was seeming less and less likely the longer it took her to finish coloring. She wasn't even sure at this point she could make it two minutes.

Her coloring was growing more and more erratic, streaks of color taking up whole swathes of the page. It really did look like something a toddler had done at this point, but she didn't care. Something told her that was the point of this whole exercise, and, sure enough, when she announced she was finally done and toddled her way to the big table to hand it over, Bianca's smile only got bigger as she flipped through the pages. "Very good work, dear," the woman told her, reaching out to pat her on the head. "I think these last few should go on the refrigerator, don't you?" Ms. Dabney nodded her agreement. "Now, if that's all, you can go play in the living room."

For a moment, Alisa got very angry. Bianca must know quite well what she needed, and that dismissal seemed to indicate she wouldn't be providing it, even though Alisa's bladder felt like it was going to burst. In fact, as Alisa stomped her foot unhappily at the injustice, a few drops escaped, earning her another shock as the alarm went off yet again, and Ms. Caldwell got to her feet.

"Nooo..." Alisa whimpered, not wanting to swallow yet another spoon of castor oil.

"You didn't have permission," Bianca told her, which reminded Alisa that the woman had told her she would have to ask her to be allowed to use her diaper, something that had slipped the girl's mind.

"I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, hurrying after Ms. Caldwell. "I forgot! Please, can I use my diaper? Please?"

"Didn't you already?" Ms. Dabney caught her arm, holding her in place while the other woman moved on to the kitchen. "We all heard the alarm, little one."

"It was just a little!" Alisa whined. "It shouldn't count!"

"Even a little is still an accident," Ms. Dabney shook her head, "and big girls don't have accidents. Are you a big girl?"

Alisa wasn't quite sure how to answer that. Was this a trap? "Uh-huh," she said finally.

"Then you should take your punishment like one," Ms. Dabney responded. "Unless you're just a baby, who can't handle that. It's okay if you are, you can tell me. I'm sure Bianca wouldn't mind not having to grow you back to your original size." The woman reached out a hand, tickling Alisa's bloated tummy, making the girl squirm and squeak, and wet just a little more, setting off another shock, much to her dismay. She could tell by Ms. Dabney's eyes that she knew just what had happened. "Come on, just admit it. She won't make you take your punishment if you're just a little baby who can't help herself."

"I'm not!" Alisa protested. "I'm a grown woman!"

"Are you?" Ms. Dabney scoffed, running her hand up the girl's stomach to her breasts, as Alisa's cheeks turned bright red. "You may look like one up here, but look at this." She reached down, patting the droopy seat of the heavy cloth diapers. "How many times have you used these this morning? Does that sound like something an adult would do? An adult would find a way to hold it, she wouldn't keep wetting herself again and again... But, then, you like this, don't you? I bet you're just champing at the bit for your reward, aren't you? Do you think that makes you a big girl? A real grown-up could never be turned on while in a wet diaper, certainly not right after she'd finished peeing in it."

"I am!" Alisa pouted, knowing that it was true, even if she couldn't come up with any arguments to refute what this woman was saying.

Luckily, she didn't have to, as Bianca returned then, holding a spoon and the bottle of castor oil, commanding Alisa to, "Open up!" as she poured the first spoonful, then following it immediately with a second. Alisa forced herself to swallow it all, then, as quickly as she could bear it, returned to begging, knowing she had to work fast to avoid any more little accidents.

"Please, can I use my diaper now? I really have to go, Ms. Caldwell, I don't think I can hold it much longer!" she begged, dropping to her knees when the woman didn't look convinced. "I don't think I can wait much longer! Please!"

"Well," Bianca considered, "I suppose you did finish your coloring. All right, you may use your diaper this time, but you're going to do it right there. Do you understand?"

Alisa nodded as her fear came to life in front of her eyes. It was no surprise, but it was still humiliating to know what was about to happen. She squirmed a little where she knelt as Bianca adjusted the device, then let herself pee. Her body was reluctant at first, though she wasn't sure if that was nerves from the performance she was about to give - especially given what Ms. Dabney had just said - or anxiety from the fact that, the last several times she'd done so, she'd been shocked. There was no shock this time, however, as the cloth soaked in even more urine, drooping dangerously low in her rubber pants. It felt so good just being able to let go that she almost forgot all about what was coming next as she did the deed.

Of course, that didn't last long, as she felt the cloth moving around inside her pants, pushing up against her privates, hardening and then starting to pulsate. She could feel the women's eyes on her, but that wasn't enough to stop her from letting out a lustful moan as the vibration intensified. In a matter of moments, the motion was all she could think about - it had been so long, too long - and she forgot all about Bianca and her friend, not caring  that they were seeing her in this deeply personal, incredibly intimate moment. It just felt so good, like something she'd half forgotten, had almost convinced herself was just a lovely, strange dream, only to find that it truly was real after all.

Then, at last, the wave of pleasure hit, crashing over her as she sat down hard on her padded behind, panting, her legs no longer able to hold her up even in a kneel. She closed her eyes, feeling sweaty and hot, a little weak, tingly, and oh, so good. She almost thought it was worth it, spending so long unable to do that, if only to make this one time when she finally could all the better. As she came out of it, however, and saw the two women staring at her, grinning, she began to have second thoughts. She felt so humiliated, knowing they had just seen all that, her most private moment. It made her feel dirty, on top of everything else swimming through her head.

"Now, isn't that better than a punishment?" Ms. Caldwell asked. "If you just use your diapers correctly, you can have that every time! Wouldn't that be better?"

To be honest, Alisa wasn't completely sure. If she was alone, sure - and she did hate that castor oil - but being put on display like some obscene doll wasn't what she wanted, either. Still, she answered, "Yes, ma'am," because she knew that was what was expected of her.

"You see that?" Ms. Caldwell bragged, "Broken already. She must enjoy this - surely she couldn't be that weak-willed on her own."

"I think you're right," Ms. Dabney gave Alisa a sly wink. "Alisa, dear, do you have something you want to tell Ms. Caldwell?"

Alisa flushed, knowing the second woman was trying to push her to admit she was just a little girl. And maybe that would be for the best - the way things were going, there was very little hope of escape for her. Perhaps it would be easiest to just embrace it, and save herself from getting punished over and over again. If she cooperated, she might even be allowed to stay this size, instead of being shrunk into a doll like the other girls.

But she couldn't give up just yet. "Thank you," she said instead.

"You're welcome, dear," Ms. Caldwell kissed the top of her head. "I'm just glad you were able to wait long enough to ask permission for once."

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa nodded, biting her bottom lip as another cramp hit her, reminding her that her troubles weren't quite over yet. "And.. umm... I need permission for something else..."

"For what?" Bianca asked innocently. "You just went pee-pee! Even a little fountain like you can't need to go again already!"

Alisa blushed, wishing she could put this off a little longer, but knowing that would only make her more miserable. "Can I please use the potty?"

"What for..?" Bianca pushed.

Alisa held in a sigh. "Ms. Caldwell, please, can I use the potty to go poopy?"

"But you already had your potty time for the day," Bianca reminded her. "You did it in your training pants, but that still counts."

"A messy accident?" Ms. Dabney perked up. "Really?"

"Oh, yes," Bianca nodded. "Right on her bed. Didn't even ask to use the bathroom."

"How interesting."

Alisa felt like a lab specimen as she became the center of attention once again. "Please, I really need to go again!"

"I don't know..." Bianca said. "That's something you really have to earn, and I just can't think of anything I would trust you to be able to do that would be worth that. But why don't you go in to the kitchen and get the potty from under the sink and bring it in here while I discuss it with Ms. Dabney."

"Yes, ma'am." Alisa's knees still felt a little shaky as she stood, toddling her way to the kitchen. It had become even harder to walk in her diaper, now that it had soaked up all that urine. She pulled open the doors under the sink and found a large potty chair waiting for her. It was pink and purple and gold, made of wood to look like a throne, with a removable plastic tub in the center. She wondered for a moment why it was there instead of the bathroom, though once she realized the answer, it was pretty obvious - this way Bianca's victims could get to it without the woman having to unlock the bathroom.

She managed to wrestle the thing out from under the sink, and made it a few steps carrying it before she had to set it down and slide it across the kitchen floor. It was quite good sized, which would only make her feel more ridiculous sitting on it, considering it was clearly made for a toddler. Of course, she knew that this time there was almost no chance of her actually getting to use it, but she had a potty time appointment the next morning, at any rate. The chair wasn't big enough for her full-sized body, however, which meant that she was bound to need shrinking to fit, if she was even allowed to grow again today.

"Good girl!" Bianca complimented her as she struggled her way back into the dining room. "Just bring it up next to the table. It turns out this is your lucky day - Ms. Dabney has the perfect job for you to help her with."

"It will be a big help," Ms. Dabney told her.

Alisa wasn't looking forward to finding out what it was, though she supposed it would be a good idea to find out just what kind of a thing she would be expected to do to earn her right to get a try at the potty, since that would be the closest she came to a real toilet unless - or until, if she was being optimistic - she made it out of this house. "Okay," she nodded reluctantly. "What is it?"

The woman didn't even have to answer - she just started to unbutton her shirt, revealing the nursing bra underneath. "How would you like some dessert, baby girl?"

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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - One Pill Makes You Larger...

It was hard to tell just how much she'd been shrunk, though it clearly wasn't too much... yet. To look at herself in the mirror, she almost wouldn't have noticed any difference. Proportionally, she was the same, still looked just as grown-up as she had that morning, before all this had started, just as long as she didn't look below her waist. She almost wondered if she'd imagined her loss of height, but after trying on a second shirt, and then a third, she knew something had to have happened.

Which led her to her next problem - how? When would have been a good question as well, since it would have helped to narrow her choices a little, but that was even harder to answer. She sank down onto her bed, thumb going back into her mouth as she thought, wincing and squirming as her sitting caused her diaper to press harder against the butt plug, causing it to slip more securely back into place. She knew she'd been full size the night before, since she'd changed her clothes for dinner and they'd all still fit correctly. Her pajamas had seemed to be the right size, too, but if Bianca was doing this slowly enough, perhaps that hadn't been enough time for the change to be noticeable. It was possible there was something in the air of the house itself that Ms. Caldwell had immunized herself against, or maybe in the water.

That thought gave her a little pause. Bianca had used something from two different bottles to make the glasses of Metamucil for her - what had been in the second one? Astra had mentioned that the device was something Bianca kept in her room, but perhaps she was referring to the remote for the diapers. Or maybe Bianca had some kind of decoy shrink ray, to make her victims think they could defeat her by stealing that, only to find that there was something else actually controlling their descent. It might be crazy, but she also couldn't help but wonder if the bubbles in her bath were somehow involved. It seemed a little strange that she'd be allowed those after a punishment unless there was some ulterior motive.

Or maybe she was thinking all wrong. She had spent most of the night creeping around the house, sneaking into rooms she'd been told she wasn't allowed in. What if she'd stumbled into a trap in one, or more, of the rooms? She'd been so tired when she finished that she easily could have missed the signs that she had been shrunk once she was back to her room, especially since she'd only been awake a couple minutes afterward. Or perhaps Bianca had done something to her while she'd been asleep, either time. She simply had no way of knowing.

She jumped as she felt a shock from inside her diaper, remembering only then that she was sucking her thumb, and, more importantly, just what that meant. Her cheeks blazed as she pulled her damp thumb from her mouth, and, within a few moments, she heard footsteps heading up the staircase right for her room. She'd barely even known herself that she was having an accident - the alarm could have gone off before she'd noticed, meaning that, as small as her accident had been, Ms. Caldwell was still the first to know about it.

"Really?" the woman shook her head as she burst into the room. "Not even fifteen minutes! And what do you think you're doing on the bed, little girl?"

"I-I was just..." Alisa stammered. "These diapers are so thick, and with these rubber pants..."

"Those mean you're a baby," Bianca informed her, "and babies aren't allowed on big-people furniture. I don't care how thick your diapers are, they can still leak sometimes, especially if you're wetting them every ten minutes. I haven't even put down the rubber sheet yet."

"I'm sorry," Alisa blushed, scrambling down off the bed. "I won't do it again!"

"No, you won't," Bianca agreed. "Come along." She took Alisa's hand and led her downstairs to the living room. "Clearly I need to keep you close by. Maybe then you'll have time to come ask for my permission to use your diapers. I'm sure that was the problem this time, wasn't it?"

Admitting that she had been hypnotized to become incontinent while sucking her thumb seemed like a bad course of action, as she had no doubt that the woman would take advantage of that knowledge, Alisa just nodded. "Yes, Ms. Caldwell."

"In that case, your punishment for this time is just an earlier bedtime. I'll even only move it up half an hour - so, 6:30." Bianca paused for a moment, as if waiting to see if Alisa would protest. The girl wanted to, of course, but she knew she was already in enough trouble as it was, so she just nodded. "Now, I don't want you to think that you have to spend all your time sitting on the floor, so I got you some new, appropriate, furniture, just right for you." Bianca led Alisa over to a desk, off to one side of the room, one clearly made for a toddler. It was all one piece, pink painted metal for the sides and wood for the surface of the desk and the seat, with no way to adjust it. There was a box of crayons and a small coloring book on top of the desk.

"Well... umm... I think..." Alisa looked down at it, dreading what she knew was about to happen, yet completely unsure of how she was supposed to prevent it without revealing that she knew what was about to happen.

"Oh, it's a little too small, isn't it?" Bianca shook her head. "Well, don't worry about that, dear." The woman pulled what looked, for all the world, like an old fashioned wooden toy gun from the pocket of her apron, pointing it right at Alisa, who couldn't help but flinch as the trigger was pulled. This time, she definitely noticed the transformation as the living room seemed to grow around her, Bianca seeming to gain a few extra feet of height as she looked down happily at her prey.

It was good to know what the shrink ray looked like, Alisa supposed, but it would have been better to find out under different circumstances. She looked down at her body frantically, glad to note that she at least looked the same still, even if she was now the perfect size to sit at the little desk. She was even tinier than she had been in her "own" body in this dimension, or even as the three year old version of this body. "What did you do?!" she shrieked, only partially pretending to be scared.

"Now, now, it's all right, Alisa," Bianca soothed her. "This is only temporary, so you can fit into your nice desk and do some coloring. Doesn't that sound fun?" When Alisa didn't answer right away, she continued with, "Or maybe I'll just leave you like that. Is that what you want? It's fine with me... It's easier to change a little diaper like that than a full-size one."

"I'll be good!" Alisa squeaked, walking over to the desk and sitting down, fidgeting as her sore, full bottom came into contact with the hard, wooden seat, even through her thick diaper.

"That's what I thought," Ms. Caldwell nodded, taking out her diaper-controlling device and punching in a few things. "Now, I'm going to be busy in the kitchen, so you aren't to move from your desk, understand? If you do, it will set off another alarm, and I won't be very happy. Now, your assignment for today is to color in all of this book. Once you do that, I'll let you ask to use your diaper."

Alisa let out a gasp, staring down miserably at the coloring book, noting only then that it featured Naomi and Oliver on the cover. It was fairly thin, and normally she enjoyed coloring, but given her control over her bladder lately, she wasn't sure if she could make it through one whole page without needing to pee. "The whole thing?" she asked quietly, feeling suddenly queasy.

"And I expect good art," Bianca replied. "Don't just make a whole page one color - I don't like cheaters. Don't worry, I'll bring you something to drink."

The woman bustled into the kitchen, leaving Alisa to feel sorry for herself, bladder already starting to feel full, though she imagined that was just her mind's fault, since it knew it would be a long time before she was allowed to go. She sighed, opening up the book to the first page, and chose her first crayon. If she wanted to get this done, she needed to start, rather than wallowing in self-pity, so she began to color Naomi's dress its trademark bright green. "Good start, dear," Bianca complimented her when she returned, placing a sippy cup on the edge of the table. "Now, I don't want you to get dehydrated, so the next time I come in to check on you, I expect this to be empty."

"Yes, Ms. Caldwell," Alisa parroted obediently, even though she felt like she'd already had plenty to drink that morning after her two glasses of Metamucil. She half expected that to be what was in thos cup as well, and while she was surprised to taste apple juice instead, it still had a strange, thick, slightly gritty texture that made her worry it would have the same effect.

She was correct to worry about her bladder capacity, as she was barely through with the first picture before she felt like she was going to pop. As she finished coloring in the last area of the picture, she had started squirming quite a bit, which only allowed her plug to move around inside of her with the motion, making her all the more uncomfortable. She wanted desperately to be able to get up, but she was worried that her fidgeting would be enough to set off the alarm, so she didn't dare stand, much less run off to the kitchen to beg for mercy. "Ms. Caldwell!" she called, though if the woman heard, there was no answer.

She pushed her thighs together as far as the layers of cloth between them would allow, wishing she could at least try to press a hand between them to help stop the ever-increasing urge to relieve herself without it causing her to instantly do it. Trying to take her mind off of it, she flipped through the thin book, groaning as she saw that there were still nine more pages. She didn't have a prayer of making it that long, no way. With the plug making her backside feel constantly full, it was a little harder to tell if things were getting desperate for her that way, though she could feel, and hear, rumblings that seemed to indicate that it wouldn't be long before it became a more pressing issue. She whimpered, flipping back to the second page and grabbing a crayon with shaking fingers, hoping to get as much work done as she could before the inevitable.

After another few minutes, Bianca finally returned, picking up the sippy cup and shaking it, patting Alisa's head when she heard it was empty. "Good girl!" she praised her. "I'll get you a refill."

Alisa wanted to say she wasn't thirsty, but instead she decided it would be better to start with, "Ms. Caldwell, please, can I use my diaper?"

Bianca picked up the coloring book, flipping through it. "You're nowhere near finished! You know you can't go yet!" She slapped the book back down on the desk, and, before Alisa could protest, she was back in the kitchen. Alisa groaned, her wiggling getting more desperate with every passing second, until, to her surprise, when Bianca returned to put the sippy cup back in place, she heard the alarm going off in the woman's pocket. A moment later, she felt the shock, and a moment after that, she finally felt her poor, overworked bladder emptying itself.

"Did you just disobey me on purpose?" Bianca asked coldly, glaring down at the horrified Alisa.

"No! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I just really had to go!" Alisa whimpered. These cloth diapers felt quite different than the disposables she was used to. She could feel the wetness in them much more readily, rather than just squishiness, and as she moved, they felt heavier around her waist. Bianca patted the girl's sodden crotch, then unlocked one of the legholes and slipped a couple fingers inside, checking.

"My, you really are wet, aren't you? It's a good thing you're in these nice rubber panties, isn't it? Or else you might just spring a leak before you finish your coloring." The woman slipped her fingers out of the sweaty pants and locked them back in place.

"Don't I get changed before then?" Alisa pouted in disbelief.

"You don't have permission to use your diaper until then, so you shouldn't need a change," Ms. Caldwell stated simply, obviously ignoring the fact that Alisa already did need one.

"That's not fair!" Alisa protested before she could stop herself, despite knowing that pointing that out in these stories never actually did anything to help, and, in fact, usually made things worse. Still, she didn't need a diaper rash to make her bottom feel any more uncomfortable, and, in this stuffy, wet diaper, it seemed pretty likely she'd be getting one fairly soon.

"You knew the rules, little missy," Bianca reminded her. "And if you talk back to me again, I have a nice pacifier gag I can bring down to you to make sure that's the last time. Is that what you want?" Alisa shook her head, shivering at the thought. It would be comforting, sure, and help take her mind off of this situation, but even if it didn't lock in place - and the fact that it was a gag seemed a good indication that it would - she'd still be stuck with it in her mouth until Bianca removed it, and that meant she would be fully incontinent until then. "I didn't think so." Bianca went back to the kitchen, returning with a large spoon full of some strange liquid. "Now, here's your punishment for having another accident. Open up!"

Alisa had no idea what castor oil tasted like, but it was the first thing that came to mind when she thought of being given a spoon of something for punishment, and, sure enough, the stuff she swallowed, reluctantly but obediently, tasted just as gross as the stories had led her to believe, making her gag a little as it slid down her throat. Once she had drank it, Bianca left again, leaving Alisa to her coloring once more.
She knew she couldn't make it through another nine pages like the one she'd just done, not if she did them as nicely as the first one. Bianca had said she wanted them done properly, but she could have easily meant properly for a toddler, which was what Alisa's colorings began to look more and more like. In her hurry to get it over with, she paid less attention to the lines, and while she didn't dare just fill in a whole page with one color, she ignored details, painting the whole sky blue even if there were birds in it. At one time she had really liked coloring, but when she was forced into doing so much of it at once, it really began to get old.

There were another couple "accidents", which all meant quickly gulping down the contents of her sippy cup before a visit from Bianca, who she was afraid would scold her for her lazy coloring. The woman barely glanced at the book, though she did give the girl some general praise when she saw how far she'd gotten, before giving her more castor oil and a fresh cup of juice. Alisa could definitely tell now that the fullness in her backside wasn't just from the plug, but if she wasn't allowed to pee, she knew there was no hope of getting permission for that until she was done, so she just had to work harder.

She was nearly done when she heard a horrible sound, one that made her blood run cold - the doorbell. What came next was even worse. "Be a dear and answer that, will you? I'm turning off the proximity alarm so you can get off your desk, but it will still go off if you try to step outside the door."

Alisa's thumb was in her mouth before she knew it as she stared in the direction of the kitchen, where Bianca's voice had come from, though she forced herself to remove it before it caused her more trouble. She didn't want to answer the door like this! It wouldn't be the first time she'd been seen in just a diaper, but this time it was clear she wasn't a baby, or even a dwarf, who so many people seemed to see as the same thing. Her body, small as it was, clearly belonged to a young adult, one far too old for diapers, especially ones that drooped so heavily inside her rubber pants as she forced herself to stand.

Standing did feel quite good, after a morning bent over her desk, but that action also got her bowels churning, and she felt the plug push against the seat of the diaper a little, stopping an even worse accident than the ones she'd been having, though she had no idea how long that would last. It was nice not to be filling her pants, but it was hardly comfortable, especially since the lack of release only made her cramps worse as she toddled her way to the front door. She had to jump a little to reach the doorknob, already blushing even before she managed to get the door open, revealing herself to whoever was outside.

It turned out to be a woman, seemingly around Bianca's age, elegant and sophisticated, and apparently quite used to the lady of the house's experiments. "Hello, there," she smiled down at Alisa. "You're new. Don't worry, I know where I'm going." The woman stepped inside, closing the door after herself, heels clicking as she brushed past Alisa and into the house. Alisa trailed after her, wondering what this visitor was here for, but more concerned with finishing her coloring, only to find that, once she was back in the living room, her desk was gone, and Bianca and the woman were hugging.

"Don't worry, Alisa, dear, your coloring book is still waiting for you, but it's lunch time, so you will be joining us in the dining room." Even though she hadn't eaten in quite a while now, Alisa couldn't say that she was particularly hungry. She doubted very much that saying so was an option, however. "You can work on it some more once you're done eating, since I'm sure our grown-up talk would only bore you."

"You must have been keeping this one a secret from me," the new woman said, smiling down at Alisa. "I don't recall you mentioning a new plaything. It looks like you're quite far along with her already."

"I just got her yesterday," Bianca explained. "She's progressed much faster than any of the others. I think she likes it."

"Oh, do you?" the woman's eyes twinkled, turning back to the tiny woman at her feet. "Even before your little games? How fun! You really must share her with me!"

"Perhaps," Bianca nodded, noting Alisa's look of confusion. "Alisa, this is Ms. Dabney. She runs the local asylum."

Ms. Dabney chuckled as Alisa's eyes widened. "Don't worry, dear, we have plenty of diapers there, too, and I'm sure I can find a nice straight jacket just your size. We'd have lots of fun with you..."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - An Appropriate Wardrobe

"My word, I can't believe you wear these," Bianca shook her head in disgust as she tossed another pair of underwear into the trash can. "Well, you certainly won't be doing so in this house."

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa groaned, too concerned with keeping her trainers clean to worry too much about the loss of her adult panties, since, more than likely, she'd have lost those anyway if she failed at her task.

"Do you have no decent underthings?" the woman sighed, giving Alisa a look of disapproval. "It's a good thing you found my ad. You clearly need some guidance, and I think I'm just the person to give it to you."

Alisa gritted her teeth and nodded her agreement, even though she knew the woman's guidance would take her on a path that ended with her a foot tall, and back in diapers yet again. She had to agree, however, to keep Bianca happy and not suspicious, to give herself more time to search the house.

"Sit still!" Ms. Caldwell snapped, glaring at the girl. "Do you have ants in your pants or something? Someone your age should be capable of staying stationary for a couple minutes!"

"I'm sorry, I just..." Alisa tried to explain, to earn a reprieve from this to run to the bathroom, although she was afraid that it was already too late, that standing up would be all it would take to end her struggles, and not in the way she wanted.

"I don't need excuses, young lady. Sit quietly and wait for me to try to find you something to wear. Once you're dressed and ready for the day, then we can see to whatever concerns you have; you are not leaving this room dressed like that!"

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa squeaked, biting her bottom lip as she felt a thick, warm intruder in her pull-ups, right as the woman was staring her down. She didn't even give her new instructions a second thought as she frantically began to press her backside against the mattress, trying to stem the flow to no avail. The fiber had done its work, bulking up the contents of her bowels and softening it enough that, at this point, holding it in was all but impossible. The fact that she was sitting was likely slowing its progress, but there was nothing she could do to completely stop it.

"You don't listen, do you?" Bianca walked over to the blushing girl, smacking her thigh. "Stop fidgeting!"

"But..." Alisa whimpered, earning her a finger shook right in her face, reminding her that Bianca didn't want to hear her excuse. The woman shook her head at Alisa, then walked over to a bookcase on one wall of the room, choosing what looked to be the largest, heaviest volume on the shelf.

"If you drop this," she warned, "you'll be getting a spanking this morning." The woman lifted the book, laying it down on top of Alisa's head. "And the same if I hear another word from your mouth unless I've asked you a direct question." There was no question of whether Alisa understood, or even heard, Bianca simply turned back to the dresser to continue her search, confident that her tenant was sufficiently cowed.

For her part, Alisa was still busy filling her pants, now completely helpless to stem the flow. She wasn't sure if her wiggling had done any good, but just doing something, no matter how simple, had let her believe it was helping, just a little. Now, if she tried that, the book was sure to fall - even just sitting there, she was sure she could feel it wobbling, almost falling off. She knew people could walk around with books balanced on their heads, but that wasn't exactly a skill she had ever perfected herself. She took a bit of solace in the thought that even if she had gotten plenty of practice at it beforehand, even the best balancer was sure to have trouble maintaining their focus while in the middle of messing themselves.

Then, when she thought it couldn't get any worse, the moment she'd been dreading arrived. "What are these?" Ms. Caldwell asked, turning to face her audience again, holding up a pair of training pants, tugging at the waistband slightly before squeezing the padding between two fingers. "Why do you have these, Alisa?"

"Well, they... I just..." Alisa wished Bianca would go back to wanting her to stay quiet, as she had no good excuses cooked up. She'd had time, as Bianca had been digging through her drawer, but she'd been too busy with other things to concentrate on that, unfortunately. "I don't need them!" she lied, regretting it almost instantly.

"I should hope not. If so, you really should have told me about it when you moved in - I've let you sit on my good furniture, and sleep on my bed without a rubber sheet. However, if you don't need them, why do you have them?" Alisa opened and closed her mouth a time or two before giving up with a shrug that nearly sent the book toppling from her head. "I think you'd better let me see what you're wearing right now, young lady."

As the woman took her first step, Alisa froze, too panicked to say a word. That clearly couldn't last, since Bianca wasn't far from her, and letting her discover the truth after her last fib would only cause her more grief. "I'm wearing one!" she admitted. "I kept trying to ask you to let me use the bathroom, but..."

"Did you wet yourself? Stand up!" Bianca snapped her fingers, leading to Alisa jumping to her feet, book sliding onto the bed behind her, though she hoped she wouldn't get in trouble for it since the woman had told her to do it. The final bit of the mess pushed out of her at once as she stood, leaving her in very full pants as her landlady walked to the bed, running her hand over the spot Alisa had been sitting on. "At least it's dry," the woman nodded. "Now take off those ridiculous little shorts and let's see how bad of an accident you had."

Alisa's face flushed, unsure of what to do. She didn't want the woman to see her poopy pull-up, but it seemed pretty unlikely she could prevent that now. She also didn't want to actually admit what she'd done, either, even though things might go a little better for her if she could summon the courage to do so. Instead, she just stood there, frozen, and when she didn't move, Bianca stepped forward, grabbing the waistband of her shorts. Alisa reached up to try to stop her, which was the wrong thing to do, as it resulted in Ms. Caldwell spinning her around.

She expected a swat on the backside, but the woman paused as she saw the girl's rear. "What is this?" she asked, as Alisa felt a hand roughly push against the back of her training pants, spreading their contents more across her bottom as she squirmed. It wasn't the first time she'd regretted choosing such tight, revealing clothes, but she had a bad feeling it would be the last. When she didn't answer immediately, she got what she had been dreading as the woman spanked her. "Well?!"

"I had an accident!" Alisa blurted out, finding it only slightly easier to say it even when she knew the woman was already aware of it. "You gave me all that Metamucil yesterday, and then you made me sit here..."

"And you couldn't wait a few minutes until I had found you an outfit?" Alisa could hear the disappointment in the woman's voice, and a moment later, she felt her shorts being tugged down from behind, fully revealing her droopy, lumpy underthings. "Look at this! This is no little accident!" Bianca turned the girl back around, forcing her chin up with her finger to make Alisa look into her eyes, rather than down at the shorts still around her ankles. "What did you do, young lady?"

"You know," Alisa pouted, just wanting this over with, now that the woman knew the truth. There was only one way this was going to end - she supposed she should be grateful for her brief reprieve from diapers, even if it hadn't lasted a full day.

"Are you being smart with me? Go get the hairbrush!"

"I'm sorry!" Alisa squeaked immediately. "I'm sorry, Ms. Caldwell! I pooped my pants!"

"Yes, you did, and now you're getting a spanking. The longer it takes you, the longer your spanking will be." The woman turned to look at the clock while Alisa frantically toddled out of the room and down the hall, slowed by the shorts still tangled on her legs, to the bathroom, where she found the large, wooden-handled hairbrush, clearly made for a giant. Like an obedient little girl, she returned to her room with it, where Bianca immediately took it, bent her over the bed, and went to work on her mushy backside. "I don't know what this is, young lady, and I don't care! Either you really need these things, and you should have told me so I could properly protect my furnishings, or you did this on purpose! Either way, you're insane if you think I'd ever trust you in big girl panties, especially ones as skimpy as the ones you brought!"

"I'm sorry!" Alisa wailed, squirming and crying. "I'll wear diapers, I'll be a good girl!"

"Is that what you want?" Bianca asked, halting the spanking for a moment. "You want to be a little baby again?"

Alisa thought back to the tiny women in cages from earlier that morning, shivering. "N-No, but..."

"You said you'd wear diapers... Did your mommy make you wear diapers? Is that why you offered to wear them now? Is that why you ran away?" When Alisa didn't answer, Bianca punctuated each question with another spank. "I honestly thought you were a little more mature than the others, but clearly I was wrong. Well, I'm sorry, Alisa, but I have plenty of babies. All of my girls turn out to be babies in the end. I wanted a good little girl, someone to play with them, and help guide them into being big girls again. But you aren't ready for that, are you?"

"No, I can!" Alisa told her desperately, already able to tell that this was not going in a good direction, sure she could see a birdcage in her not-too-distant future. "I'm a big girl! I just thought that was what you wanted..."

"You're the one who brought up diapers," Bianca reminded her. "I didn't even mention the word. I think that's what you want, isn't it? You had this little 'accident' to get my attention. Well, guess what, little girl? If you want diapers, you can have them... But you're getting them on my terms. Now march on down to the kitchen." One final spank was all the motivation Alisa needed to scurry off of the bed, nearly falling over her shorts, though when she reached down to finally pull them off her legs, Bianca barked, "Leave them!"

So, awkwardly, Alisa stumbled down the hall again, the opposite way this time, and down the stairs. With her pants acting as shackles, it was slow going, but when she took too long, Bianca was happy to encourage her to speed up with another swat. Once they were in the kitchen, Alisa could only stand and sniffle as she watched Bianca fill a large cup with water before measuring something out of two containers, mixing it up before handing it to the girl. "Drink up," she commanded, leaving Alisa with little choice but to gulp down another large serving of Metamucil, while the results of the first batch was still smushed across her sore bottom. When she was finished, Bianca snatched the cup away, and, to Alisa's dismay, filled it again.

Once the reluctant girl had drained the second cup, she was guided into the bathroom on the first floor, which Bianca had to unlock, where she was stripped out of her pajamas. Bianca threw them away, then took off her pull-up and tossed it into the same trash can before cleaning her up. After that, she sat on the toilet, pulled Alisa over her lap, and continued the spanking from before. Though she'd had plenty of experience with both over the last week, Alisa still wasn't sure if it was better to be spanked on her bare bottom, or on her messy pants - the former hurt more, but the latter was more embarrassing. Getting both, however, in such quick succession was definitely the worst, and Bianca wasn't going easy on her during this second go-round because of the first one. As it had been so often since coming to this world, her bottom quickly turned pink, then a bright shade of red, and all her experience wasn't enough to keep her from crying through most of it.

After a while, Bianca pushed Alisa off her lap, guiding her over to the corner. As she stood there, Alisa could hear the bathtub begin to fill, and when Bianca turned her back around, she could see bubbles forming in the water. "You're almost done," Bianca informed her. "Once the tub is full, your spanking will be over." With that, Alisa was hoisted back over the giant's lap, this time with her head facing the bathtub so she could see the water slowly pouring from the faucet as the hairbrush continued to pound against her backside. She was sure Bianca must have set the water to flow as slow as possible, barely above a drip, as it felt like it would never finish, or that her bottom would burst into flames before it did.

Finally, Bianca stopped, lifting Alisa up and plopping her into the tub before reaching over and turning off the water. "Take a good look around," Bianca instructed as she began to wash the girl thoroughly. "The only time you'll be seeing the bathroom from now on is when I bathe you. You wanted diapers, so that's what you'll be using from now on. I'll let you use a potty once a day to make your poopies, but if you need it any more than that, you'll have to really beg."

Alisa groaned, thinking of all the fiber she'd just been forced to ingest. "But..." she protested.

"Don't worry, I'll give you something to help," Bianca informed her. "Ugh... How unruly." Alisa blushed as she realized the woman was now washing her privates, and scowling down through the bubbles at her pubic hair. "That will have to go, of course." Alisa didn't protest, but once the bath was over and she was spread out on a towel on the bathroom floor, watching as Bianca ran a razor over her now bare crotch, she couldn't help feeling sad as that display of maturity was wiped away. Nobody had seen it but her, of course, but it was nice to know that, no matter how Ms. Caldwell had treated her, there was some vestige of adulthood left that couldn't be touched. Except that now it had been, wiped out in a matter of minutes.

"Don't move a muscle," Bianca ordered, standing up once she finished that task. Alisa could hear the door locking once the woman had left, just to ensure she didn't try to escape, but she wasn't sure she'd have had the energy to run away anyway. She had lasted a little longer than she had in this world's version of her body, but even as an indisputable young adult, she hadn't even made it a whole day before landing back in diapers, spanked and shaved beneath them. The diapers Bianca returned with were huge, too, large mounds of cloth that the woman slid under Alisa's bottom, raising it a few inches off the bathroom floor.

She was powdered and lotioned, as usual, but there was an extra step before the diapers were fastened, one that took her by surprise. "Stay still, Alisa," Bianca told her, and, before she knew what was going on, she could feel something pressing against her backside. She groaned slightly, wiggling as she felt it pushing inward, too big to be a suppository or even an enema. It just kept coming, but by the time she realized how big it was, it was too late to stop it from invading her insides. She could feel it inside her, held in place, making her feel full despite having just emptied her bowels, while Bianca pulled the diapers into place, pinning them tightly around the girl's waist before sliding a pair of rubber pants over top of them. They barely fit, squeaking slightly as they were tugged up over the bulging fabric, and once they were on Bianca tugged the waist and leg holes even tighter, securing a chain inside each with a tiny lock, ensuring that there was no escape.

Alisa felt about three feet tall as she was helped to her feet, barely able to stand with the thick diapers between her legs. Especially with the heat from her just spanked derriere, the diapers were sweltering already, and she could feel sweat forming beneath them. "I can tell from your clothes that you just want to show off that hot, young body of yours," Bianca said, looming over the girl, "so that's just what you can do. I tried to help you be a proper young lady, but you wouldn't have any of it, so now you can be the baby you want to be - and since babies don't care if they're naked or not, you can run around like this until you convince me you're ready for something else."

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa replied meekly.

"As I said, you're wearing diapers, but you're wearing them on my terms. You are to come to me to ask permission before you wet them. If you do, you will be rewarded; if you don't, I will be very cross with you. That plug will make sure you don't make any messies without my permission. Like I told you before, you get one trip to the potty per day. I expect you to use it then. If you can convince me to let you go poopy more than once, I'll remove your plug, and then you'll have to wait fifteen minutes before I let you sit on the potty. If you have an accident in that time, you will be punished. If you don't use the potty after all that, you will be punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa repeated.

"Good girl. Now, I'm sure you think you can outsmart me, so I'm going to demonstrate why that isn't the case. Wet yourself." Obediently, Alisa began to pee, only to feel a shock inside her diaper a moment before an alarm began to go off on something inside Bianca's apron. The woman pulled a small device out of her pocket, pushing a button to silence it. "Pretty surprising, huh? It's usually enough to stop any little accidents, at least at first. Of course, that won't be your real punishment. Now, as for your reward..." She pushed another button on her device. "You now have my permission to continue."

After that shock, Alisa was hesitant, but she had a feeling that Bianca would use her refusal as another excuse to punish her. She started peeing again, only this time once the urine began to soak into the cloth, something very different started to happen. The inner layer of fabric began to stiffen slightly, then, as she wet more and more, it began to vibrate, pulsing against her privates. After a week of forced chastity, she couldn't help letting out a loud moan as the motion intensified, having to sit on the toilet, toes curling as the pleasure quickly built up inside of her. It was humiliating, letting this happen in front of Bianca, who looked like her teacher, knowing that she was the one in control, that it was only happening because Alisa was wetting herself like a baby, but she couldn't help it.

As soon as it had started, Bianca ended it, pushing the button again and turning the diaper back into damp cloth, leaving Alisa frustrated and horny, on the verge of finally reaching an orgasm, yet unable to bring herself over that last hump. It was closer than she'd been all week, and, without thinking, she reached one hand down to her diaper frantically, which, of course, only caused her to start wetting again, shocking her and setting off Bianca's alarm. She pulled her hand away quickly, but even in the brief amount of time she'd been touching it, she could tell that she wouldn't have been able to feel anything through the thick diaper anyway.

"I'll give you a pass this time," Bianca said, turning off the alarm, "but only because I know that was a little cruel of me. You didn't have to beg this time, however, so it seemed unfair to simply let you enjoy your full reward. Now, come along... Babies like you aren't allowed in the bathroom."

Alisa got shakily to her feet, waddling out of the bathroom and standing by as she watched Bianca lock it. The woman then took her hand, leading her upstairs, where she made Alisa watch her lock that bathroom up tight as well. Alisa supposed she should be grateful that she at least hadn't been shrunk yet, even if it felt that way from how humiliated she felt. Except, as she stared up at Bianca, she couldn't help wondering whether that was really true. Had Ms. Caldwell always been that tall?

"Now, play in your room for a little while," Bianca told her, patting her diaper as she pushed her into the room. "I have some things to take care of. Remember, no using your diaper without permission!"

Alisa nodded, barely able to wait for the woman to start heading down the staircase before toddling to her dresser. She pulled open the middle drawer, grabbing a shirt - she knew that none of her pants or skirts would fit correctly anyway with her diaper. Sure enough, when she pulled it over her head, it was too big. Not a lot - if she hadn't gotten everything so tight, it might have been a little hard to tell - but there was definitely a change. She was deep in Ms. Caldwell's clutches, and her transformation to just another living doll had already started without her even noticing. Anxiously, she popped her thumb into her mouth and began to suck, wondering if she'd already gotten herself in too far.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 30

Chapter 30 - The Trail of Tears

The tiny woman in the birdcage stared up at Alisa with a look of confusion. "Do I know you?"

"Yes!" Alisa anxiously squeaked, suddenly afraid. For a moment, she'd thought that she finally had the ultimate leverage, that, as long as she managed to get her and this woman out of the house, she could force Dr. Bremer to let her go home at last. If the doctor didn't recognize her, however, who knew how much she remembered about her inventions? Would she even be able to open the door? "I came here for you!" she tried to jog the woman's memory desperately.

"Oh!" the woman's eyes lit up. "My sister must have sent you! I knew she wouldn't just abandon me here!"

Alisa nodded, though she had no idea what the other woman meant. Dr. Bremer had never mentioned a sister, much less a twin, as she must have been. She had mentioned that she'd tried to get Bianca's technology - obviously, she meant the shrink ray, or whatever it was - before. Had she sent her own sister to do it, then left her there when she hadn't returned? Alisa hadn't even been told to look for her sister, much less try to rescue her, though she wasn't about to tell her that after getting her hopes up like that.

"Yeah, she was worried about you," Alisa lied. "Does Ms. Caldwell keep the key to the cage with these?" She held up the huge keyring she'd stolen, dreading the thought of having to rifle through it again when all she wanted to do was get it back into Bianca's apron. Freeing the little woman probably wouldn't do her any good anyway, she realized uneasily, since it wasn't her twin that Dr. Bremer had ordered her to bring back, so Alisa would have to stick around anyway.

"Let me go, too!" another tiny woman begged from her cage on the floor. The others were stirring, too, getting out of their beds and staring up at her. The ones not in cages mostly stayed under their covers, but she could see that a good many of them were awake as well, and watching to see what she would do.

For her part, however, Dr. Bremer's twin seemed to realize the truth of the situation as she watched Alisa's face, sitting back down on her bed with a sigh. "You're not here for me, are you?" she asked quietly.

"I am!" Alisa insisted, not quite sure why she was being so adamant about it. Perhaps she just didn't want the woman to feel like she was going to abandon her. She'd spent a lot of time here trapped in hopeless situation not entirely unlike the people here, and she'd have given anything for somebody to help her out. "I'll let you out, I just... I can't really go back there with you yet."

"She wants the shrink ray," the woman shook her head. "Why would that have changed? Did she even tell you about me?"

"Yes," Alisa fibbed, deciding to go out on a limb to try to prove it. "You're Astra, right?" The woman seemed impressed, which made Alisa give out an inward sigh of relief. She'd had a hunch that this Bremer might have the same name as the one from her world, since her sister hadn't, but there had, of course, been no way to be sure. "It's just that she wants the ray, too. But maybe you can show me where she keeps it! Then we can get out of here! We can all get out of here!" She tilted her head down to adress the other shrunken women as they started to grumble about the unfairness of her plan.

"I don't know exactly where she keeps it," Astra sighed. "But it's somewhere in her room."

Alisa's stomach fell at the news. All this time wasted searching other rooms, and it was in the first place she'd looked?! Of course, that was also the place she least wanted to spend time, considering there was a giant there who could make her the size of a doll at her whim. "I guess it would make sense she'd keep it close," she shrugged, wondering why she hadn't thought of it herself. "Maybe I can sneak in while she's cooking or something tomorrow, and..."

"She always keeps her door locked," Astra told her. "You'd have to steal her keys first, then get in and find it before she noticed they - or you - were missing."

"Great," Alisa groaned. Now what was she going to do? She thought back to her instructions, trying to find some loophole that would keep her from having to dive into the lion's den. Actually stealing the device had been a last resort to begin with, but that was only because Dr. Bremer thought she was Emily, who could build a copy of the shrink ray herself. Alisa wouldn't even know where to begin, but she somehow doubted Dr. Bremer would like that excuse. Of course, Dr. Bremer ought to be able to build her own machine with the plans, yet that hadn't even sounded like an option - she seemed to think that Alisa ought to do it herself if she really wanted to earn her continued existence as an adult.

Maybe there was another solution. Alisa looked down at Astra, such a perfect duplicate of the woman from her own universe in miniature, at least on the outside. Did it go deeper? "Are you a scientist, too?" she asked.

"Yes," Astra nodded.

"Do you think you could build a copy of the shrink ray if I found the plans? Or walk me through it, I guess... You probably can't really build much yourself right now." She wasn't sure if this would be an acceptable solution for Vera or not, but it seemed like the only real way out of this mess.

"I can try," Astra offered. "I don't know for sure, though, since I haven't seen them. I don't even know where her lab is."

"Oh." Alisa stared down at the keys in her hand, starting to chew on her bottom lip. "I guess I can't let you out yet, then. It's getting late, and I need to get the keys back before she wakes up."

"Yes, you do," Astra agreed. "If she figures out you took them, you'll be in here with us before you have another chance to look around. From what these guys have told me, she usually likes to take her time, but she caught me sneaking around and did this straight away." She gestured down at herself. "You won't do us any good if you're trapped here, too."

"All right." That only made Alisa more anxious, especially knowing that she still had to get back downstairs and return the keys to the woman's apron, right by her bed. "I'll be back, though, I promise." She crept back out of the room, making sure to switch off the light before closing the door, trying to ignore all the tiny, pleading eyes staring at her. She hated the idea of leaving them there, helpless, for Bianca to do whatever she wanted with for at least another day, but Astra had been right - she could only help them as long as she was full-sized, or at least somewhat close.

She crept back down the hall to the staircase, dreading the descent. Even without knowing that Ms. Caldwell kept her shrink ray close at hand in her room, so she could almost instantly use it on Alisa if she caught her in there, the thought of getting so close to her again was scary after seeing all those women she'd already targeted. What made her think that she would be able to escape when none of them had? Of course, she had no way of knowing if anybody ever actually had, but it seemed unlikely. And she was trapped out here in the middle of nowhere, at the mercy of the person who had done that to them. The thought made her stomach ache with worry, and it only got worse once she was on the ground floor and sneaking toward the woman's room.

Bianca was in a different position than she had been when Alisa had come into the room the last time, but a few moments of observation seemed to reveal that she was, in fact, still sleeping. It was only a small comfort, though it was better than nothing as she moved slowly and silently across the room, right up to the side of the bed. Bianca was closer to the bed's edge now, close enough that Alisa tried to stand a few feet away and reach for the apron's pocket, only to find her arms weren't long enough. She could have grabbed the apron itself and yanked it down, but she'd still need to put it back up if she didn't want to raise suspicions, and it would be more difficult to do that without the keys jingling than just to put them in the pocket while it was hanging up.

She moved in toward the wall, keeping herself as far from Ms. Caldwell's body as she could manage, gripping the key ring ever tighter in her fist as she inched her way forward. Finally, she was close enough, and she reached her hand up, wriggling it into the pocket and then pushing down deeper, making sure the keys were in the very bottom, so there was nowhere for them to fall once she let go of them. She gradually let out her breath as she uncurled her fingers, sure that she had managed to pull this off after all, and dreading the thought that she was going to have to do it at least one more time. If she got lucky and actually found the plans the next night, she wouldn't need to worry about putting them back, but the house was huge, and she'd only checked a handful of rooms. It could take her a long time to go through them all, especially since her destination was bound to be one of the last places she looked.

Alisa let out a gasp, fingers opening early so she could jump away from the apron as, beside her, Bianca tossed in her sleep. The keys gave a bit of a rattle, and Alisa, startled, darted for the door, no longer worried about being quiet. At least now that the keys were back in place, she could pretend she'd come down here to ask for Bianca's help with something - what exactly, she had no idea - though that didn't keep her from hurrying out of the room once she saw that the woman was apparently still asleep. Her heart was thrumming wildly in her chest like a hummingbird as she traipsed back through the house and up the staircase. Each step calmed her a little, but it was only once she had made it about halfway to the second floor that she was thinking clearly enough to realize that she was feeling something wet dripping down the inside of her thighs.

Her cheeks turned bright red in the darkness, and for a minute or two, she just stood there, unsure of what to do. She must have had an accident when Bianca startled her, but when had the leak started? How bad was it? In her mind's eye, she could imagine a wet trail, leading straight from Bianca's room to her, and the idea was mortifying enough to leave her petrified for much longer than she would have liked before she realized that she would have to do something if she didn't want Bianca to wake up and find her there.

She started back down the stairs, only to think about how she was still feeling that wetness, meaning she was probably still dripping. She turned around and hurried to the bathroom, where she stripped off her shorts and training pants, throwing the latter away and, unsure of what to do with the former, hanging them over the shower rod. The shorts were even wetter than she'd feared, leaving her pretty sure that they had been leaking since Bianca's room. Maybe even before... Had she had a wet spot on her pants while she'd been talking to the captive women?

She shook off those humiliating thoughts and grabbed a washcloth, cleaning herself up before taking a large towel and drying to floor where she'd come in. She pushed the bathroom door open enough to let some light out, showing her the path she'd taken, or at least the last few steps, and got down on her hands and knees, crawling along the floor half naked to clean up her mess. When she reached her room, she took a detour inside to quickly put on another pair of pull-ups and shorts, and then went back to it.

The worst part about it was that she had no idea exactly how good she was doing at erasing the evidence. Even once her eyes had adjusted back to the darkness, she knew that it was possible she was missing a spot or two, or even more, or that the towel wasn't doing a good enough job. The steps were especially hard, since there were so many and she couldn't be sure where she'd been on each one - she would have assumed that would be the trickiest part of the clean-up until she made it back to Bianca's room. She knew for a fact that she had been standing right beside the woman's bed, which meant she had to crawl there now, praying that she was rubbing the towel over the right area, and doing so quietly enough not to wake the still slumbering giant.

Bianca was moving around a little more, though she still didn't seem to be awake just yet, only getting close to it. Frustratingly, after such a short time dry, Alisa could feel her trainers grow damp as she knelt there by the bed, her nerves frayed almost to the breaking point. She knew the bedroom was the first place Bianca would see when she woke up, and thus the place with the least time to dry on its own, so she forced herself to turn around and crawl back out, going back over the same area she'd just cleaned to try to be extra sure that she hadn't missed anything, at least as much as she could.

She crawled back through the door at last, pulling herself to her feet, to the protest of her aching back, before shutting it and making her way back up the stairs. She was going to be miserable that day, she had no doubt. After wasting all that time cleaning up after herself, she wasn't even sure if she'd have time for a nap if she didn't want to risk being late for breakfast. As if to confirm that, and to make her just a little more frantic, she was met with another surprise halfway up the staircase - this time, the sound of an alarm going off below her.

She scrambled up the last steps, caring more about getting to the top than making a little noise at that moment, since she could still hear the alarm, which she hoped meant Bianca wasn't fully awake yet. As soon as she reached the top, she slowed back to a tip-toe to make the long trek to the bathroom, during which the clock was silenced. The towel joined the shorts on the shower rod, and she sat herself on the toilet, though, of course, after all that excitement there wasn't anything left in her bladder. She washed her hands anyway, then trudged back to her room.

She sat down heavily on her bed, trying to decide what to do next. She really should get changed for breakfast, and maybe go down to see if Bianca needed any help - that seemed like a proper, appropriate sort of thing to do - but she really didn't feel like facing the woman just yet, especially knowing that nothing she had to wear would be acceptable. Offering her assistance might assuage Ms. Caldwell somewhat, but she had no doubt there would be a lecture in her future anyway, and she didn't want to have to deal with that.

She flopped back on the bed with a weary sigh, wondering if Bianca would insist on her taking a nap. She'd grown pretty used to them as a toddler, and today, especially, she wouldn't mind being told to take one even as an adult. That meant she would still have to make it through part of the day, however, and the longer she stayed there in the dark, the less likely that seemed. Maybe if she just closed her eyes for a minute, she'd wake up and feel refreshed and ready to start her day. It couldn't hurt, right? It was just for a minute...

When she opened her eyes, Ms. Caldwell was standing in front of her, hands on her hips. "It's about time, young lady," she shook her head. "Breakfast was two hours ago!"

That wasn't Alisa's only problem. The huge glass of fiber she'd drank for dinner the night before had caught up with her, leaving her tummy feeling very full, and quite urgently so. "I'm sorry," she squeaked, starting to get up to rush to the bathroom. "I just..."

"No," Bianca stopped her, the force of her words making the girl say back down on the edge of the bed. "This is unacceptable, little missy. I know for a fact you were up in time to be ready for breakfast, as I heard you in the bathroom, and yet you still went back to bed! That is unacceptable. And even if it wasn't, I wouldn't let you go traipsing around my house dressed like that. If you must wear that to bed, I suppose I can't stop you, but you aren't setting a foot outside this room in that get-up!"

"But I hafta..." Alisa protested, squirming desperately, every moment she was awake and not on the toilet bringing her closer to disaster.

"You can do whatever you need to do once you are dressed like a proper young woman," Ms. Caldwell informed her. "So you had better hope that you have something a little more appropriate than what you wore yesterday, or you'll be sitting there for a long time while I look through all of your clothes."

"I can dress myself," Alisa whimpered weakly.

"Evidently not," the other woman shot back. "Just sit there quietly, or you'll make me even more cross, and I don't think you'd like that. Now, let's see what you have." Alisa watched in silent horror as the woman pulled open her underwear drawer and began to sift through them. Each pair that was rejected would bring Bianca slightly closer to finding the training pants - which Alisa was growing closer and closer to proving she needed as she fidgeted desperately on the bed - at the bottom of the drawer.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - The Key Master

Her time in the corner wasn't too bad, with her thumbsucking bliss to distract her, though she did regret it once Bianca called to her and told her to come back to the table. She sat down in the large chair opposite the woman with a squish, blushing furiously as she realized that she'd just used up two of her pairs of trainers in one day. She supposed she should be glad she hadn't tried to wear real panties, but that was hardly much of a comfort. She was an adult now! She had nobody trying to keep her out of the bathroom! She shouldn't be having this problem! And yet here she was, sitting in a soggy pull-up. It didn't help that her feet couldn't quite reach the ground in that chair.

"I hope that you've learned a lesson about punctuality," Ms. Caldwell told her, shaking her head. "When I tell you to be on time, I expect you to be on time, if not early. That isn't too much to ask, now, is it?"

"No, ma'am," Alisa shook her head.

"I know you were unpacking today, but in the future, if it happens, I will demand that you explain yourself, and if I am unsatisfied with your answer, you will be running up to the bathroom to bring me a hairbrush. Do you understand?"

Alisa felt just like she was back in school again, though, of course, her teacher had never actually spanked her. She would have protested even then that she was too old, and she was very tempted to say the same thing now, except that she had no doubt that such a thing would only encourage the woman to demonstrate right away that she wasn't. Considering that Alisa was currently in a wet pull-up, that seemed like a very bad idea. "Yes, Ms. Caldwell," she said instead.

"Good girl," Bianca smiled gently. "Now, I can't let you eat dinner, but I did make you a little something to tide you over until breakfast."

Alisa noticed only then that there was a large glass sitting in front of her chair, filled with a dull orange liquid. She was hungry enough to be glad for most anything, at least until she took a sip, feeling the slightly grainy texture that she knew unmistakably as Metamucil. She almost gagged at first, though she knew she should have expected it, glancing over the top of her glass at Bianca. She wanted to stop, to say she wasn't thirsty, but she still didn't know exactly how strict the woman was, and that seemed a good way to earn a spanking.

So, despite herself, she kept drinking. The glass was huge, and even before she reached the bottom, she was sure she was starting to feel bloated. It only made sense that this stuff was more potent here, like everything else, and it was hard to tell just how much of the stuff the woman had put into the cup. She was glad for the available bathroom, but she also needed to remember to keep her thumbsucking to a minimum, or she'd just be begging for a worse accident than the ones she'd already had.

Bianca was looking a bit sour once she finished. "I would ask if you wanted more," she informed the girl, "but since you didn't even thank me for that, despite being late for your actual supper, I don't think you deserve any."

"Oh!" Alisa blushed, hardly able to believe she hadn't thought to do that. "Sorry, Ms. Caldwell.... Thank you, Ms. Caldwell." The latter stuck in her throat a bit, as she hated to idea of having to thank someone for making her drink something that would make it easier for her to have an accident, but she was undercover, and trying to avoid the spanking that Bianca kept threatening.

"You're welcome, dear," Ms. Caldwell replied. "But you have a long ways to go in becoming a proper young lady. I think we'd better get started early tomorrow. Breakfast is usually at 9, but tomorrow it will be at 8, and I expect you to be fully dressed and ready when you reach the dining room. Only small children eat in their pajamas. So, to ensure you are actually able to get up in time, and because of your rather dismal behavior today, I think you should go to bed immediately. I'll give you half an hour to get ready for bed, which should be more than enough, and after that, if I see the light on or your door closed, I will be very cross."

Alisa knew she should hold her tongue, but this latest indignity was too much for her. "That's barely even seven!" she complained. "I'm a grown woman, you can't send me to bed at seven!"

That was, of course, the wrong thing to say. Ms. Caldwell rose from her seat, glaring down at the girl. "You are living under my roof, young lady, and you will do what I say! If you don't like it, I suggest you pack your things and leave right now! I don't care if you're in bed or on the road, but either way, your room will be dark at seven, or you will regret it! Do you understand?!"

Alisa cowered, pretty sure she'd just felt her training pants grow a little damper. "Yes, ma'am!" she squeaked, scrambling up from her chair. She would have loved to just get in the car and leave, as it was pretty obvious where this woman's plans for her were going, but she knew that doing so would mean she'd go back to being a baby, so she would just have to endure it. "I'm sorry!"

Bianca nodded, then beckoned the woman over to her. "You may say goodnight to me now," she instructed, tapping her cheek.

Feeling a little ridiculous, Alisa got up on her toes, kissing the woman's cheek. "Goodnight, Ms. Caldwell," she said.

"Goodnight, Alisa, dear," Bianca told her, giving her a hug. "If you need anything in the night, my room is right under yours, so you can come down and visit me... As long as it is something important. If I suspect you're just trying to get out of going to sleep, I will be very cross. Also, there are some plastic cups in the cupboard behind the mirror over the sink in your bathroom, so if you need water, you can use those."

Alisa nodded. "Thank you, Ms. Caldwell."

Bianca smiled. "You're welcome. Now, you'd better scoot along to bed."

Alisa forced a smile in return, fuming as she replied, "Yes, ma'am." She got up and slunk back up the stairs, stomach feeling full, yet still hungry at the same time. She brushed her teeth and used the toilet again, sighing as she saw the state of her pull-ups - even wetter than the last pair - before returning to her room. She was sure Bianca wouldn't like the pajamas she'd brought along, but there was no need for the woman to see them, and she didn't have much of a choice, anyway. She stripped out of her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her body. It was a little creepy, she supposed, considering the body actually belonged to somebody else, but she was in it now, so it was, essentially, hers.

She almost didn't remember what she had looked like as an adult - she thought she looked a little sexier than this, but that could just be her memory playing tricks. It seemed especially odd to see pubic hair, when she'd spent so long seeing that area bald, when it wasn't covered in a diaper. She pouted as she thought about the fact that she was still going to have to wear a pair of training pants over it, at least at night. It might take a little work, but she could probably eventually get to where she didn't need them during the day any more. She hadn't woken up dry in a week, however, and somehow she doubted that would change anytime soon. Twenty-something or not, she was still a bedwetter... She only hoped that, if she ever got home, that would finally stop.

With a sigh, she pulled on a fresh pair of training pants, a pair of thin, baby blue shorts, and a purple cami, then flopped down onto her bed, trying to process her day. It had started out like so many days lately, with no indication that it would end in any other way, and yet here she was, free of Wren, of Zach, Xavier and Yuriko, even free of diapers, at least for now. So why had she spent so long after her transformation still feeling like a little girl?

She really should have known better than to expect it, but she was still annoyed that Bianca refused to treat her like an adult. She was honestly beginning to wonder if anybody ever would again. Her only chance seemed to be finishing this mission, but how could she do that? Bianca kept the place locked up tight, and the keys were in her apron. Maybe if she could get to those, she'd have a chance, but surely the woman would keep them in her room while she was asleep. Maybe Alisa could sneak in then to get them... Of course, it was hard to tell how long it would take the woman to actually go to bed, whereas Alisa herself would have to lie there in the dark for much longer, running the risk of falling asleep first and missing her chance. A little light came from her window, but that wouldn't last too long, and if she got up and moved around too much to try to keep herself occupied, Bianca might hear, especially once she was in her own room.

She squirmed a little, pushing her thighs together. Bianca could probably hear her, but Alisa couldn't, so she wouldn't know when the woman was there. She had a feeling that if she took a chance to enjoy her alone time, now that she was away from daycare and baby monitors, Bianca would still somehow know, and then she'd be in big trouble for being so unladylike. Some naughty part of her, deep down, that somehow hadn't had enough spankings and diapers yet, almost wanted that, but the more rational section of her brain won out. If she tempted Bianca to punish her too soon, she might do something to make sure Alisa couldn't sneak out of her room.

Alisa looked over at her clock, surprised to see that it was already almost seven. She hopped out of bed and turned off the light before she accidently went past her bedtime. It was only once she'd sat back down on her bed that she remembered the rest of Bianca's instructions that she recalled that she was also supposed to keep her door open. That only pissed her off more, but she slunk over to the door and pulled it open a few inches anyway. That was probably Ms. Caldwell's way to ensure that her lodgers didn't do anything appropriate, like Alisa had just been considering. Unfortunately, considering the tiny shorts she had for PJs and the warm night that didn't require blankets, it could also mean that the woman could easily look in on her and see her training pants.

She wished once more that Selena and Dr. Bremer had given her a little more warning before this mission, so she could have at least packed a longer t-shirt to wear with her shorts. The longest one she'd brought would barely reach the waistband of her shorts, which was no better than her cami. And if her pull-ups wound up not being thick enough, Ms. Caldwell would be able to just look in and see any wet spot a leak would make. Even now that she was no longer a toddler, she had no privacy. Frustrated, she flipped her light back on and shut the door, but her resistance only lasted until 6:59, and then she was back in bed, door open, light off.

She had planned to stay up for a while and watch the sun set outside her window, but after only a few minutes, Ms. Caldwell pushed her door open the rest of the way, walked through the room, and closed the heavy curtain. Alisa was terrified, wondering what else the woman would do, especially if she found out Alisa wasn't asleep, but she just walked right back out, pausing only at the doorway to say, "There's no need to pretend, dear, I know you aren't asleep yet, but I hope you will be soon. Goodnight, Alisa."

Alisa wasn't sure if she should reply or not, but before she could, the woman was gone. Alisa listened to the sound of her footsteps going down the staircase, and then the lights outside the room went out, plunging her into darkness. Somewhere in the house, she could hear the faint sound of dishes clattering. She was determined to stay up as long as it took for Bianca to fall asleep, but it took only a few minutes of boredly staring into the black surrounding her before she blinked her eyes and saw that her clock read 3.

Groggily, she scrambled out of bed, wrinkling her nose as her training pants squished wetly between her legs. She listened for any noises, certain that Bianca had to be sleeping by now, and, sure enough, she heard nothing. She didn't want to waste any time changing, so she crept slowly across her room, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness enough to avoid running into anything. She winced as the first step creaked beneath her foot, halting there for a few moments before moving on to the second. She hadn't noticed how loud they were during the day, but now they all seemed loud as thunder to her anxious ears.

Luckily, even once she was on the ground floor, that was the only noise she had heard. There was no way of knowing for sure that Bianca hadn't heard, wasn't waiting in her room to pounce as soon as Alisa entered. She was a little worried she wouldn't even be able to get into the woman's room, until she remembered she had been told she could go in if she needed anything. She doubted this was what Bianca had meant, however.

She tried a couple locked doors before finding one that opened. It was frustrating that she got to sleep with her door closed, but Alisa supposed it was her right, since it was her house and all. She turned the doorknob, pushed the door in ever so slightly, keeping her ear open for any sounds of stirring from within before opening it just enough to slip in. Alisa's eyes were adjusted enough to see Bianca's sleeping form on her bed, still out cold. She tip-toed over to the woman's desk, but the keys weren't on the top, and she was too nervous to try to open the drawers just yet. Luckily, when she turned back around to search for any other possible place for the keys to be hiding, she spotted the apron hanging on a hook beside the bed.

She bit her bottom lip, glancing at the giant woman's body again, then screwed up her courage. Every step closer to the bed made it just a little harder to breathe, and she was positive that she was wetting her already soaked underthings from fear. It only got worse when she reached into the pocket and came away with nothing. She held her breath, took a step closer to the bed, and tried the other pocket. She really did pee herself when she heard the jingle of the keys, freezing and turning to stare at Bianca, still unmoving and breathing gently.

Ever so slowly, she pulled the keys out of the apron, clenching them tightly in her fist to keep them quiet. As soon as she had them, she just wanted to run out of the room, but she forced herself to keep walking at a snail's pace so as not to tempt fate. She wanted to try to doors downstairs first, but it seemed more likely that Bianca would hear her doing that, and she knew she could get them once she was done upstairs. Going back up the staircase was every bit as grueling as walking down it had been - worse, even, with the keys pressing against her fingers, as she still had a death grip on them to keep them quiet - but eventually, she did it.

She stopped at the first door and began trying key after key. She hadn't realized just how many there were, since Bianca had known just the right one to use on both rooms she'd unlocked, but the keyring was huge, and she had no idea even where to start. This might take longer than she'd expected, she sighed as yet another key failed to open the door. She did finally find the right one, of course, but it made her stomach sink to think of how many more rooms she had to go.

She opened the door and nearly had a heart attack at the sight of a trio of people looming in the room. She squeaked and backed away, but when none of them said anything, she peeked inside again, grasping at the wall to find a lightswitch, which revealed that what she'd thought was three people was, instead, three sewing forms, each with a large, fancy dress in various states of creation on them. The largest had something quite elegant, like a fancier version of what Bianca had been wearing, while the other two were more juvenile looking, one a pink plaid jumper, the other blue with a pinafore. There was a sewing machine, cloth, thread, everything Alisa expected to find in a sewing room, and nothing that she would expect Dr. Bremer to want.

The next couple rooms were nothing special, more guest rooms, but after that, she found what looked like an old fashioned child's room. There was a huge, ornate dollhouse that looked quite similar to the real house, at least from the outside. The bed was similar to the one in her own room, with four posts, however this one had a pink canopy rather than drapes, and rails. The closet was filled with dresses, and she had no doubt that Bianca had made all of them in her sewing room even if they were all much smaller than the ones she'd seen there; they all looked quite childish, some more than others. There were even some that were every bit as short as the clothes Bianca had disapproved of Alisa wearing, though they were also clearly meant for a very young child, so she supposed it was okay on them.

Was this it? It clearly wasn't some strange new technology, but it could explain the woman's nickname. The clothes all looked like something a doll would wear, more than anything a child nowadays would be caught dead in. Back in her body from this world, she probably could have fit into most of them. To be honest, she had been expecting something much worse when she'd heard 'Doll Collector', but if this was all there was to it, she wasn't worried. The only clothes she'd seen that would fit her were the ones still in progress.

She felt much more relaxed as she continued her search, even though she was growing more and more certain that, unless she got lucky, it was going to take more than one night to finish her search. She had been hoping to find what she needed, then hop in the car and leave before Bianca was awake, but it was starting to look like she would have to return the keys after all, which meant she would have to stop soon so she could get that done in time. Since she had fallen asleep herself, she had no clue when the woman might wake up, and Alisa had a feeling it would be early. She told herself she'd just do one more, then give up until the next night, even if that meant going through a full day of living with Bianca telling her how unladylike she was.

She could see something swinging inside the room, but it looked small enough that she wasn't too worried about it. What did worry her was the strange noises she heard in the silence, almost like breathing, except much quieter than normal. She didn't see anything that looked like a bed, or a person, however, so she was sure she had to be imagining it, or at least mistaking it for something else. Still, she hesitated as she slid her hand up and down the wall, totally unsure of what she would see once she found the switch.

"Oh, shit..." she whimpered, not at all prepared for what the light revealed. There were, indeed, beds, but she hadn't seen them because they were tiny, basically dolls beds. A few were inside cages, and each one held a tiny woman, some in nightgowns, some footed pajamas, all clearly wearing thick diapers. A few of them groggily began to shift in their beds, but only one was awake, and, considering she had been standing when the light went on, Alisa had a feeling the light hadn't woken her. Her bed was in a birdcage, hanging on one side of the room, the source of the movement that Alisa had seen in the darkness.

It was that woman who shocked her the most, not because of her accommodations, but because of who she was. There was no way it could be, and yet there was no mistaking her face, either. She took another step into the room, blinking, looking down to be sure she didn't step on anyone before staring back up at the cage, only to find that the occupant hadn't changed. Finally, she found her voice, at least enough to gasp out a quiet, "Dr. Bremer?"