Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dead Weight - Part 2

"Well, jeepers, Frank, it sounds like we need to do some good, old fashioned ghost busting!"

Veruca gave Diane a dirty look, wondering, for not the first time, if she could beat her up without getting thrashed too badly in return. Diane was pretty prissy, but Veruca was willing to admit that she was a nerd herself, which wasn't much better, and maybe even worse, when it came to physical altercations. Plus, there was the fact that, even with the slight platforms in her shoes, Diane was still a few inches taller than her. And while she doubted Frank would hit her, he'd probably feel it was his duty to try to stop the fight.

So, instead, she sighed and reiterated, "I didn't say they were ghosts. In fact, I said I was sure they weren't."

"So you're just so scared of some woman and her kids that you're wetting yourself twenty minutes later?"

"I don't know why that's happening," Veruca blushed, "but it has to have something to do with that! Maybe there was something in that room!"

"Oh, right, the mirror room. Yeah, sounds real frightening, V. I'm surprised I haven't peed my pants just hearing about it."

"All right, ladies," Frank broke in finally, turning back as he brought his van to a stop at a traffic light. "We'll just have to go back and investigate the house another time."

"Ugh," Diane rolled her eyes, making Veruca quite tempted to point out there was no reason she couldn't stay home. "You know we have all kinds of Halloween parties to go to this weekend. We don't have time for this."

"We can go next month," Frank suggested.

"Seriously?" Veruca crossed her arms, trying hard not to look like she was sulking. "I have a serious problem here, and the only way to solve it might be to..."

"Oh, please," Diane cut her off. "I'm not skipping my parties just because your mommy didn't potty train you properly... Or at all."

"Screw you," Veruca grumbled.

"I bet you just had a little accident and made up that whole stupid story when you got caught."

It was hard for Veruca to feel too tough, having been relegated to sitting in the back of the van in the middle of a garbage bag, but she was about to get to her feet and go after Diane when Scruffy spoke up. "Hey, man, like, I think Veruca's right."

"About what?" Diane scoffed.

"I think we have to go before next month. Like, didn't we hear it was supposed to get torn down at the start of November?" There was no confirmation from the dog, but a curse from Diane after a flurry of tapping at her cell phone screen was good enough.

"I'm not missing any parties," she sulked.

And Veruca knew better than to expect Frank would be allowed to miss any, either, so all she could do was ask, "When can you go, then?"

"Well, Halloween's on a Monday this year, so there's nothing going on then," Diane offered.

"Like, go to a haunted house on Halloween? No way, man!" Scruffy shook his head. "No way, no how!"

"Then don't come," Veruca said. "We'll do..." She stopped suddenly as a horrible feeling washed over her, and she began to squirm desperately on the floor to try to stop it.

"God, you're not peeing yourself again, are you?" Diane rolled her eyes. "How much did you drink today?"

"N-No," Veruca whimpered, her fidgeting growing more desperate by the second. The sensation of fullness had struck her suddenly and inescapably, a bolt from the blue that she could tell wasn't going away, and that she was almost equally as sure she'd only been able to resist so far because she was sitting down on the hard metal floor of the van. "Frank, I need a bathroom..."

"You'd better hurry," Diane said. "You know she can't hold it."

The words only made Veruca more frustrated with the other girl, but the worst part was that they were true. Even as Diane was speaking, Veruca could feel her body pushing, the warm, gooey mass squeezing its way out of her, into her already soaked underwear. She bit her bottom lip, frantically trying to stop it, or at least keep from letting anyone else know what was going on, but it was already too late for that. The pain in her body was too much, and just a moment later, she was having to lift her bottom, quickly filling her panties to overflowing with the disgusting mess. It was all she could do to keep from crying then, and Diane's disgusted groan from the front of the van was enough to push her over the edge.

"Oh, don't bother with that," Diane told Frank. "Just go in there."

Veruca was still mortified when she felt the van shudder to a stop, unable to move until the back doors opened, revealing Diane standing there, wrinkling her nose at her. "Well, come on," she demanded. She didn't want to move at all, but somehow Veruca made herself get out, numbly grabbing her bag out of reflex, following dumbly behind Diane as they crossed around the van, revealing that Diane had made Frank pull into the parking lot of a drug store.

Veruca wasn't stupid, nor was she blind - she could see the gas stations all around, several down the road the direction they'd just come from. She had a very good idea why Diane had wanted to come here instead. "No," she protested, before they could even get inside.

"The longer you fight this, the longer you're going to be standing around in that wet skirt," Diane pointed out, matter-of-factly, before adding, "And the longer I have to smell you," in case Veruca thought she was getting soft.

Veruca sighed, but started walking again, glad the late hour meant there weren't many people around, and that the cashier was busy restocking things when they came in. Her instinct was to move as fast as she could, but she didn't really want to run towards the location she thought they were going, especially if she was wrong. She hung back instead, wanting to snap at Diane to move a little faster, sure she was enjoying drawing this out.

In the end, it was the incontinence aisle Diane was leading her toward after all, and the displays of youth sized adult diapers. Her stomach, already unhappy about the rest of the situation, started tying itself in nervous knots when she saw the prices. "I, uh... I don't... I can't..."

"You've babysat before, haven't you?" Diane snipped. "It's the same thing, just on yourself. And don't you dare stand there like... that..." Diane waved her hand near Veruca's skirt, making Veruca back away a step, "and tell me you don't need them."

"No, it's not that," Veruca blushed, staring down at her shuffling feet. "I can't really... uh... afford those..."

"Oh, for..." Diane rolled her eyes back and shook her head. "Fine, I guess they'll be a present. Just go to the bathroom, then."

"Don't you need my size?" Veruca asked quietly. Diane shot her a dirty look that seemed to suggest that was more of an insult than having to buy diapers for someone she mostly just tolerated, so Veruca quickly shuffled off to the bathroom, locking herself in one of the stalls and starting to undress herself, draping her miraculously still clean and dry sweater over the stall door while she tried to contend with the rest of her wardrobe.

She hadn't made much progress by the time Diane showed up, pushing a shopping bag under the stall door with a, "Merry Christmas."

Veruca walked over, glad to see that the diapers were double-bagged. She took the outermost bag and put her ruined underwear in it, then dropped her socks into the other bag after taking out the diapers. She'd draped her skirt over the wall, hoping that somehow it would dry by the time she finished her gross task. She was a little surprised to see a package of baby wipes in the bag, too, but, after going through what she was sure was a half roll of toilet paper already, she wasn't going to complain.

She'd almost gotten herself as clean as she thought she was going to without taking the long, hot shower she craved when she felt another sudden urge to pee. Frantically, she dashed over to the toilet and slammed down the seat, sitting herself down, her stomach churning as she felt wetness on the seat and realized she still hadn't been entirely quick enough, despite being mere inches away. It certainly justified getting the diapers, but that didn't really make her feel any better.

"Are you okay?" Diane asked, sounding bored.

"I-I'm fine," Veruca responded, determined not to let Diane hear her cry again. She didn't know what was going on, or why it was happening to her, just that she hated it. Tearing open that package of diapers was one of the hardest things she'd ever done, as was pulling one of them out, listening to the white plastic crinkle beneath her fingertips, feeling the padding scrunch in her hand. She pondered unhappily if Diane had gone with the thickest she could find - it certainly seemed that way - as she unfolded it, looking at the peach-colored inside, nearly the same color as her sweater. Sighing, she pulled it up around her middle, dragging it up her legs and then tight around her bottom, making sure it was going to fit.

She backed up, pinning the diaper between her and the cold, cement wall, then tugged it tighter in front, holding it there with one hand as she started fastening the tapes, each one holding the garment more snugly around her, making its entrapment more real.

"Aren't you done yet?" Diane sighed impatiently.

"Almost," Veruca shouted back, once she'd recovered from her near heart attack. Even though Diane couldn't see her, just hearing her voice while she was dressed this way was terrifying. "I-I just have to put my skirt and shoes back on, and..."

"You are not putting that skirt back on," Diane interrupted her.

Veruca looked over at it, noting unhappily that it hadn't dried much, if at all, while she'd been getting cleaned up. "Uh, yes, I am," she said anyway. "I can't just leave here without any pants!"

"That sweater's like five sizes too big," Diane pointed out. "It should be long enough."

"Well..." Veruca hesitated, tugging at the hem of the sweater. It wasn't that big, but she found if she pulled it down, it did cover the diaper, just not with much room to spare. "I can't walk around like this..."

"We're going to the van and then to your house. What was the point of changing if you're just going to put the skirt back on?"

Veruca hated to admit it, but, once again, Diane had a point. Reluctantly, she pulled the skirt loose, sticking it into the bag with her socks, dropping it in so the dryest part made a spot on top for her to put the diapers. She slipped on her shoes, then grabbed the two bags and left the stall, eager to throw away the bag with her panties, and just as eager to wash her hands, enough that she managed to power through the idea of Diane seeing her in a diaper, and the strange sensation of the diaper rubbing against her thighs as she walked, crinkling away.

As she washed her hands, she could see Diane in the mirror, watching her. After a minute, she spoke. "I don't know if you get off on this or something, and just wanted an excuse to do it around us," she said, eyes drifting down towards Veruca's backside, "but I promise you, Frank is not into... whatever this is. And I doubt Scruffy is, either, but surely even you aren't that desperate."

"This isn't an act!" Veruca insisted angrily. "Do you really think I'd this for fun?!"

"I really don't know what you'd do," Diane shrugged. "Now would you hurry up? God only knows what those two idiots are doing out in the van... I'd really prefer not to have to drive everyone home because Scruffy's gotten Frank too baked to do it himself."

"All right," Veruca nodded, making herself dry off her hands, even though she wouldn't have minded to keep washing. It had probably been long enough, but after what she'd just done, she wouldn't have minded continuing for another hour or two. She paused as she threw away the paper towel, blushing as she said softly, "Thank you."

Diane looked at her for a second, then shrugged. "Yeah, whatever. Come on."

With another tug on her sweater, Veruca followed Diane out of the bathroom, more than ready to go home and get some sleep, and hope the answer to the mystery of just what was going on would be more obvious after a good night's rest.

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