Monday, October 24, 2011

My Halloween Movie of the Day: Day 24

33. Casper - It's kind of funny that I'm seeing this now (the first time in at least ten years, probably), since it's where I got inspiration for part of the Halloween story I just posted the beginning of yesterday. In retrospect, this was probably also my introduction to Eric Idle, and may be the first time I saw one of the Ghostbusters, in a cameo I'd completely forgotten even though I somehow remembered the Father Guido Sarducci one despite not having ever seen that character anywhere else, and only knowing that's who it was because I remember my parents pointing him out. I'd also forgotten that this is a surprisingly funny movie, in places, and even fairly sad in others. And, for having come out 16 years ago, the CGI holds up decently, for the most part, at least until they start trying to model the ghosts after real people, which makes the cartoony style stand out more. And something I never knew about the movie until this time around is that Casper, in his human form, is played by Devon Sawa, from Idle Hands, who does not look, nor was he, anywhere close to 12, despite what the dialogue in the film says. All in all, this is really a pretty well done family movie that holds up to my incredibly vague memory of it very well.

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