Friday, October 7, 2011

My Halloween Movie of the Day: Day 7

12. Dance of the Dead - A fairly average high school comedy mixed with a fairly average zombie movie, which, for me, works out to a pretty fun, if not great, flick. I still like shows, and movies, about high school, and especially those that deal with prom (yes, I watched Prom, and yes, I enjoyed it more than I like to admit, since even my little side is probably too old to really be in the target audience for it), so the idea of mixing zombies with that is like peanut butter and chocolate, though it's a bit light on the actual peanut butter. I hadn't seen this movie since a little while after it was released, so I was afraid my memory was being a little too generous with it, but for a low budget zombie comedy, it really is a lot of fun. There are some creative and silly zombie kills, but again, it's pretty low budget, so don't expect them to look overly realistic. And the ending is pretty lame, but really, there are only so many endings you can have to a zombie movie, and when it's a comedy, that limits your choices even more.

13. Dog Soldiers - Another movie that I wouldn't call great, but does what it sets out to do well enough, considering its limited budget. It was sold to me basically Night of the Living Dead with werewolves, which won it some points in my book, since I like NotLD so much. It loses some by spending so long running around the woods first, and being populated almost entirely by fairly boring soldier characters. Like with The Thing, I can't quite bring myself to care much about anything that happens before the supernatural stuff starts, but once that does, it makes up for a lot. Less in this case, but still enough to make me want to rewatch it every couple years. I do kind of wish I'd gone with An American Werewolf in London for this project instead, though.

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