Monday, October 10, 2011

My Halloween Movie of the Day: Day 10

17. Hellraiser - This is another movie I've somehow not seen before now. I also have managed not to hear all that much about the series, though of course I know that Pinhead is from it. Even knowing that, I didn't expect to see much of him, since horror movies tend to work best when they don't show their villains too often, but I was still surprised that, not only was he not the main bad guy after all, but he actually didn't seem to be highlighted any more than the other Cenobites in this movie, really, and if he got any more screen time than them, it wasn't by much. I was expecting more of Pinhead in the second half of the movie, only to realize, when I checked to see how far I'd gotten, that the movie was almost over. It's really very well paced and moves along nicely, and there's more of a story than I expected. Some of the special effects are pretty silly looking now, but there are some genuinely creepy moments (the sequence in the hospital reminded me a lot of Nightmare on Elm Street), and some cool ones, like Frank's body reassembling itself at the beginning, which reminded me of a short film called Darkness Light Darkness, except much more gruesome. All in all, I thought it was a very cool movie... I might even try watching some of the sequels sometime.

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