Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Halloween Movie of the Day: Day 29

38. Dead Snow - I was just thinking yesterday that I could not at all remember what I hadn't seen yet, so I had no idea what two of these last three movies were, and even the third took me a moment to remember adding, though I'm pretty happy that I'll be watching it so close to Halloween day, if not on it. So, anyway, I'd completely forgotten that this movie was in the mix, which made it a nice surprise, especially after having a bit of a break from zombie movies. This movie is basically Evil Dead 2 with Nazi zombies and an obsession with intestines. It even has toolshed sequence with lots of quick cuts and dramatic zooms, and a fair bit of chainsawing zombies, and another clear homage I wouldn't want to spoil. Being set, and made, in Norway, it also features a lot of snow, which gives the zombies a lot of chances to pop out of nowhere when you least expect them, which is, most of the time, pretty creepy, as is a dream sequence early in the movie. It also has some good moments of comedy, with a favorite of mine, for some reason, being the stranger's deadpan assessment of the campers' coffee making skills near the beginning. Definitely a fun little surprise for me as the first of my last three movies for this (well, barring any more bonus movies, of which there should be at least one).

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