Friday, October 14, 2011

My Halloween Movie of the Day: Day 14

22. The Birds - I have to admit, my Alfred Hitchcock knowledge is quite lacking... I've seen Strangers on a Train, and Psycho, which I watched on Halloween day a couple years back as the culmination of my first attempt to watch one horror movie a day over the course of the month, that time focusing specifically on slashers. I've heard quite a bit about his other movies, but just never gotten around to seeing them, despite very much enjoying the ones I have seen. This one was no exception. Just a very well done movie with a fun set-up that almost seems like it's coming from a romantic comedy from twenty or thirty years later, then moves on to the real action that, despite being more out there than the other movies of his I've seen, still manages to feel mostly grounded, or, at the very least, far less absurd than most "animals attack" movies that I've seen. The birds never really look convincing when they're doing anything but sitting and watching (though that by itself is very unnerving), but the attacks still work, partly because of the sound. It clearly isn't really birds, yet it sounds enough like it could be to be unsettling. And that scene at the school, especially as the kids are singing, is just fantastic. This Hitchcock guy seems to have a pretty good idea what he's doing!

In other news, this blog passed 100,000 pageview today! Thanks to everyone for helping it get there!

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