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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - It Does A Body Good

"You don't seem very excited," Bianca shook her head. "You should be thanking Ms. Dabney here for giving you this chance! In fact, you should be begging her to let you do it in the first place. Now."

Alisa groaned, getting down on her knees. She really didn't want to have to do this again - just staring up at the woman's large, exposed breasts made her feel a little queasy - but she knew she had no choice in the matter. "Please, Ms. Dabney, I'm sorry. Please, let me... have some milk..."

"Well, of course, Baby Alisa," Ms. Dabney smiled at her, reaching down to scoop the girl up. "It's just what a growing little girl like you needs!" Alisa did her best not to whine too much as the woman's nipple was forced into her mouth, which began sucking immediately. She supposed she should be grateful that Ms. Caldwell hadn't taken the plug out of her bottom yet, since that would have inevitably ended with her filling her diaper in the middle of her breastfeeding, but  she could feel her body trying to do that anyway, which only made the whole ordeal more uncomfortable.

And, of course, she had other concerns as well, since it wasn't just her bowels she lost control of while she was sucking, and her bladder was being constantly re-filled as long as Ms. Dabney held her there. She jumped a little at the first shock, giving a muffled whimper as she imagined Bianca standing there, waiting with the castor oil bottle as soon as she came off of Ms. Dabney's breast, milk still dripping from the corner of her mouth. "Again? Can you hold yourself at all?" Ms. Caldwell asked, turning off the alarm. "Well, this time, I think a different punishment is in order. Now you'll have to spend your time between having your plug removed and using the potty in the naughty corner... And it will be twenty minutes instead of fifteen."

Alisa couldn't do anything but pout as she continued to drink, tummy filling with warm milk until she felt sure she would burst. By the time Ms. Dabney finally put her down, her time in the corner had grown to twenty-five minutes. She felt a bit woozy as she stood there, feeling, and even looking a little, bloated. A trickle of milk had strayed down her chest, mostly dried by now, which matched the few drops of wetness that had squeezed their way from the leghole of her diaper, past the tight rubber pants, and were now making their way down her thigh. She'd made it an entire week, mostly in a toddler's body, and hadn't leaked once - now, in this house, it had happened twice in a matter of hours.

"I think somebody needs a change," Ms. Dabney observed, running a finger up Alisa's dry thigh. "Poor little wet baby."

"My, my... Maybe she needs thicker diapers," Bianca suggested.

"No! I just need changed more often" Alisa squealed despite herself. Any thicker and she'd be reduced to crawling!

"I don't think anybody was asking you," Bianca told her icily before turning to Ms. Dabney. "I think we'd better change her, either way," she said, as if Alisa hadn't just suggested basically the same thing, flustering the girl even further. She knew quite well they could hear and understand her - it was very frustrating to be treated like a stupid child.

"I believe you're right," the other woman nodded, standing up and picking up Alisa, carrying the squirming girl out of the room, away from the potty chair she'd just worked so hard to earn the right to use.

"Wait!" Alisa whined. "You said I could use the potty!"

"You can," Ms. Caldwell said, "but you're leaking, silly girl. I don't want you making a mess all over my floor. Besides, don't you want a dry diaper?" Alisa nodded, having to admit that did sound nice. "It's almost naptime anyway, so you needed one before then - this will take care of that!"

Alisa fidgeted, already seeing where this was going to end up. "But..."

"No buts. You said you were a big girl, didn't you? Surely you can keep from filling your diaper for twenty-five minutes, especially after that big mess you made this morning." Alisa was much less certain of that, but she didn't want to admit it, and doubted it would make a difference either way.

The two women took her first to the bathroom, where her rubber pants were unlocked and removed over the toilet,  revealing a sopping wet diaper underneath. Alisa blushed as she heard her urine dripping into the toilet, knowing that was as close as she would get to actually peeing in one again for as long as she stayed in this house. As Ms. Dabney held Alisa in place, Ms. Caldwell unpinned the diapers, taking them and the pants to be washed. Ms. Dabney put Alisa into the bathtub, running a little water to wet a washcloth, cleaning the girl's crotch thoroughly while Alisa tried not to think about how many strange people had done that in the past week. It still didn't make it any less embarrassing.

Instead of going to the room Alisa had been staying in, once she returned Ms. Caldwell led Ms. Dabney, naked girl in her arms, further down the hall, unlocking the door to the child's room Alisa had seen the day before, grabbing supplies from the dresser before going to the bed, lowering the rails on one side and spreading a changing mat out on it. Ms. Dabney laid Alisa out on it and the two larger women clucked over the diaper rash she'd developed, giving them an excuse to slather diaper rash cream on her exposed bottom while Ms. Dabney admired the other redness there.

"You always were quite skilled at spanking," she complimented Bianca, giving Alisa's tender backside a swat of her own.

Before Ms. Caldwell could respond, they were interrupted by the sound of a telephone in the distance. "Could you finish up here?" Bianca asked, hurrying off, leaving the diapering duties to her friend.

"For somebody who claimed she wasn't just a little girl, it sure looked like you were having a good time in your diaper earlier," Ms. Dabney said as she slid several layers of cloth diapers beneath Alisa. "And you certainly weren't shy about drinking my milk."

Alisa blushed. "It wasn't my fault!" she pouted. "You know what my diaper was doing!"

"Maybe," Ms. Dabney acknowledged. "You didn't seem to be trying to resist any, however. That doesn't explain how thirsty you were, either."

"I can't help it!" Alisa knew it was probably dangerous to let anybody in this place know her secrets, but she hated having anybody think she had really enjoyed her breastfeeding as much as it might have looked, so she edited the truth a bit. "I can't stop myself from breastfeeding once I start. It isn't my fault! I was hypnotized!"

Ms. Dabney raised an eyebrow. At first, Alisa didn't think she had bought it. "Were you now? And here she told me you liked this when you came in. Are you just another one of her experiments?"

Alisa wasn't entirely sure what the woman meant, but she nodded her head anyway. "Yeah!" she agreed, hoping it would earn her a little sympathy, or at least make one person believe she hadn't secretly, in some little, dark part of her brain, wanted this.

"I knew she was good, but this is incredible! To reduce you to this in less than a day!" Ms. Dabney grinned, staring down at Alisa. "Of course, it wouldn't have worked on you if you hadn't wanted it somewhere in your subconscious... But I suppose a feeble, silly little girl like you was no match for her. I've seen her work wonders - one time, she took a schoolgirl who had merely wet her pants one time and made the poor thing go to the headmistress and beg for the whole baby treatment, fully convinced she deserved it."

Headmistress? Alisa's brow furrowed as she listened to the anecdote, slowly piecing things together.

"You ought to be thankful you aren't the Alisa she's actually looking for," Ms. Dabney said, sprinkling a liberal amount of baby powder on the girl. "She was sure she saw some seeds of desire in that girl, too, so you're just a test case for the real thing. After what that girl did to her, I'm sure she'll sink her claws in and never let her go. Once she's done with you, on the other hand, I'm sure she'll let me take you. It would be awfully confusing to have two Alisa's, after all. It's such a funny coincidence the two of you have the same name!"

Alisa let out a little gasp as everything snapped into place, a cold chill running down her spine as the woman pulled her diapers into place, pinning them tightly around her waist. Ms. Caldwell was the woman the Alisa from this world had gotten fired from the school she'd very nearly found herself trapped in when she'd first come to this world! She'd known that person was a master hypnotist, but she'd had no idea she was also some kind of mad scientist, like this world was full of apparently, crafting vibrating diapers and shrinking rays to further entrap her victims. God only knew what things the woman had done to her mind! She didn't remember anything, but that was the scariest part about it - she could easily have been hypnotized to forget.

She was still fretting about that as Ms. Dabney pulled a fresh pair of rubber pants up her legs, letting them snap into place. The lady didn't have the keys to lock them, but she didn't seem too concerned about it, picking up the girl and carrying her back downstairs to the dining room, putting her down in the corner. After a minute or two, Alisa heard Bianca enter the room, then felt the back of her diaper being tugged out just enough for the plug to be removed. It was such a relief to have it gone that she nearly lost control right then and there, but she managed, somehow, to stop herself.

"Just remember, dear, twenty-five minutes and you can use your potty, and go to take your nap in a nice, clean diaper." Ms. Caldwell gave the girl's heavily padded backside a pat, then walked away, eager to share her news with Ms. Dabney. "You'll never believe who was on the phone!"

Alisa was quite sure there was only one person it could be, though that didn't stop her from losing her fragile grasp of control when she heard it, filling her diaper in one huge, mushy rush, setting off a slightly different alarm on Ms. Caldwell's device.

"Goodness, child, was that even twenty-five seconds? Well, you still need to be punished, so you can stay there until your time is up anyway," Bianca told her.

"And you're sure it's her?" Ms. Dabney continued their conversation, as if seeing a shrunken woman mess her diaper was nothing out of the ordinary. "And she doesn't know it's you?"

"I'm certain," Ms. Caldwell replied. "I found the real Alisa - and she's coming here this afternoon."

Alisa made herself stay silent as she wriggled in the corner in her messy diaper, unsure if this was a good thing or not. Considering Emily had stolen her body, it only seemed fair that she should get the punishment meant for it. Still, she hated to let the girl see her back in the adult version of her body, yet still in just as bad a situation, if not worse, than the one she'd left her in. Not to mention that Emily was probably her best chance to get out of this mess, considering she was a genius herself, and that, no matter how satisfying it would be to see her get hypnotized into a second infancy, that could also spell doom for Alisa. And what if Ms. Caldwell decided she was finished with Alisa and sent her off with Ms. Dabney already?

By the end of her corner time, she still had no idea what she should do. She made a token effort to get a change before naptime, but Ms. Caldwell was having none of it, though at least she didn't re-insert the plug. "I'm deactivating the alarm and the shock," Bianca explained as she carried the girl past her old room, to the one she'd just gotten her fresh diaper in. "I can hardly hold you responsible for what your body does in its sleep, now can I?" She gave the swollen seat of the girl's diaper a pat. "It seems like you can barely control it even when you're awake."

Alisa didn't bother to answer, which didn't seem to bother Bianca any. She laid the girl on the bed, locking the rubber pants before pulling the side rail into position and saying goodnight, closing and locking the door as she left. Alisa was pretty sure she could have climbed over the rails if she wanted to, though the drop on the other side wouldn't have been pleasant. There really was no point, however, considering she knew the door wouldn't open, and there was no way she was strong enough to force it in this tiny body. Still worrying about what would happen when "Alisa" got there, she went to sleep, feeling her diaper grow wetter even before she'd fully drifted off, just glad she didn't have to worry about the consequences of that for once.

To her surprise, she awoke to find she'd been returned to normal size. She wasn't sure if the shrink ray had worn off - though that seemed unlikely considering the room of tiny women she'd found in the middle of the night - or if Bianca had simply taken pity on her, but she wasn't about to argue with it. She climbed out of bed, wrinkling her nose as her bulging diaper caught against the rail for a second, heading for the door. She paused for a moment, sensing that something was wrong - was this a trap? A test? Would some other alarm go off the second she set foot outside the room, earning her another punishment?

She turned around, not wanting to risk it, going instead to the closet. It might be nice to actually wear something other than her diaper. Surely Ms. Caldwell wouldn't get mad at her for that! She could just say she was playing dress-up. She hadn't noticed any clothes in the closet that would fit her the night before - though she was thinking there might be a dress or something that would work as a shirt - so it was rather surprising to find that everything in the closet looked the right size. There also seemed to be a lot less of it than she recalled, and it all looked even more infantile than it had that night.

She hesitated again, an increasingly bad feeling sweeping over her body as she looked around the room. There was definitely something off there, even if she couldn't figure out what. It was almost like the light itself, shining in around the edges of the curtain, was wrong. She wasn't about to go throwing open a window half naked, however, so she grabbed what seemed like a plain blue dress, only to find, once she pulled it off the hanger, that the back was split open, leaving her diaper easily exposed with the slightest movement, though the short length would have done that anyway. She'd seen clothes like that, but never on an actual baby - only in adult baby pictures.

It would do to keep her covered while she peeked outside, however, so she pulled it on, feeling silly as she toddled her way over to the window. The first thing she noticed as she pulled aside the curtains was that, as her hand brushed against the window, it didn't feel like real glass. Taking a closer look, it didn't even look like it had a way to open, strangely enough. She only had a moment to ponder that, though, before she actually looked outside and realized she had much a much bigger problem, as the window gave her a good view, not of the yard, but of the bed she thought she'd just climbed out of, looming over her like a cruise ship, huge and majestic.

It only took her a few moments to remember what else had been in that room and work out exactly what had happened; the answer wasn't much of a comfort. She raced, as fast as her thick diaper would allow, across the room, throwing open the door, which, unsurprisingly, was not locked. The hallway was dark, but there was enough light streaming in through the windows that she could find her way down the hall and the spiral staircase, though it all wound up being for nothing since the front door refused to budge once she'd reached it.

It hardly mattered. Even if she could have gotten out, Alisa knew, much as she hated to admit it, she was too small to do much of anything. She made her way slowly around the house, searching for another way out, but every outside door stayed firmly shut, every window a simple, non-opening piece of molded plastic. She was trapped in the doll house... and she was the doll.


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    I wonder if the other ALISA will be treated even harder and if she have to swap back bodies if the new Alisa can convince Ms Caldwell that she got the wrong girl...

    So many options! Great!

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    And to be fair, if this was in caption form i think id enjoy it much more, but jsut as it is... its gone from interesting to downright silly...

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  8. Dear Princess:

    Last week, I was away for five days in Texas and just caught up recently (Monday night, July 29) on Chapters 31 - 34. Let me say: I enjoy the "new" direction of the story with a twist on the classic "boardinghouse mistress' trope, and it appears that things are drawing to a close...or, at least, the 'walls are closing in" (alternative metaphor: the "screws are tightening") on Alisa 1.0 much like Kevin Costner's situation in the 1985 film NO WAY OUT. Whoa. Pardo that run-on sentence. Anyway, I like what you have done; I have commented more extensively on the story over at (see the notes to Chapters 33 and 34 in particular) and I wish you all the luck in bringing this epic tale to what I am sure will be an amazing conclusion.

    (I also marvel at your story-writng stamina! I sense some other comments above may be less about pleasing their own appetites for variety/something "more" and more about expressing concern that you will run out of creative juice and exhaust yourself with least, I hope [wink,wink] that this is what they are saying).

    Thank you for all you do!