Saturday, July 27, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - Dinner and a Show

Alisa was scooted to her desk, off in the far corner of the dining room. Both women were seated on the same side of the table, which allowed them to watch her as she fidgeted on the hard, wooden seat, trying to eat and finish her coloring at the same time. Doing them both wasn't as hard as it might have been, as she had been given only finger foods to accompany her fresh sippy cup of juice, though she was grateful that it wasn't oatmeal, or baby food. In fact, it was actually pretty good - chicken nuggets, homemade from the look of them, along with carrot and celery sticks. It may well have been the best she'd eaten since coming to this world, but it was quite difficult to enjoy it while stressing out so much, trying to finish her work so she could, hopefully, finally get to use her diaper without consequences.

Or, rather, with a more pleasant consequence, although, now that a guest was here, it might wind up being even more humiliating than a spoonful of castor oil. She had a bad feeling she wouldn't be allowed to enjoy her "reward" in private, and the thought of having her first orgasm in a week while in a wet diaper, in front of two older women, was mortifying... And just a little hot in and of itself, at least until the time to perform actually came.

She could tell the two women were talking about her, as she heard her name every now and then, but they spoke quietly enough that it was hard to make out any specifics, and whenever they caught her staring, they just smiled and began to talk even softer. That worried her even more than it normally would have, knowing that Ms. Dabney was in charge of an asylum. That kind of information was very rarely put out there in these stories for no reason - if she stayed with Ms. Caldwell long enough, she had no doubt she'd be spending some time in a padded room, in a heavily padded diaper, wrapped up tight in a straight jacket, pacifier gag firmly in place, rendering her unable to protest, and unable to control her bladder or bowels. She would be completely helpless, utterly dependant on the mercy of these women to ever be able to get out. She had thought her situation here was hopeless, but that would be a truly inescapable fate. She blushed a little at the fact that she was a bit turned on by that as well.

She groaned as her stomach churned again, pushing her diapered bottom against the desk harder, forcing the uncomfortable plug up inside herself a little more. That was the part that worried her the most - holding it might be painful at times, but with the plug, it should be possible. Making it fifteen minutes without the plug, on the other hand, was seeming less and less likely the longer it took her to finish coloring. She wasn't even sure at this point she could make it two minutes.

Her coloring was growing more and more erratic, streaks of color taking up whole swathes of the page. It really did look like something a toddler had done at this point, but she didn't care. Something told her that was the point of this whole exercise, and, sure enough, when she announced she was finally done and toddled her way to the big table to hand it over, Bianca's smile only got bigger as she flipped through the pages. "Very good work, dear," the woman told her, reaching out to pat her on the head. "I think these last few should go on the refrigerator, don't you?" Ms. Dabney nodded her agreement. "Now, if that's all, you can go play in the living room."

For a moment, Alisa got very angry. Bianca must know quite well what she needed, and that dismissal seemed to indicate she wouldn't be providing it, even though Alisa's bladder felt like it was going to burst. In fact, as Alisa stomped her foot unhappily at the injustice, a few drops escaped, earning her another shock as the alarm went off yet again, and Ms. Caldwell got to her feet.

"Nooo..." Alisa whimpered, not wanting to swallow yet another spoon of castor oil.

"You didn't have permission," Bianca told her, which reminded Alisa that the woman had told her she would have to ask her to be allowed to use her diaper, something that had slipped the girl's mind.

"I'm sorry!" she exclaimed, hurrying after Ms. Caldwell. "I forgot! Please, can I use my diaper? Please?"

"Didn't you already?" Ms. Dabney caught her arm, holding her in place while the other woman moved on to the kitchen. "We all heard the alarm, little one."

"It was just a little!" Alisa whined. "It shouldn't count!"

"Even a little is still an accident," Ms. Dabney shook her head, "and big girls don't have accidents. Are you a big girl?"

Alisa wasn't quite sure how to answer that. Was this a trap? "Uh-huh," she said finally.

"Then you should take your punishment like one," Ms. Dabney responded. "Unless you're just a baby, who can't handle that. It's okay if you are, you can tell me. I'm sure Bianca wouldn't mind not having to grow you back to your original size." The woman reached out a hand, tickling Alisa's bloated tummy, making the girl squirm and squeak, and wet just a little more, setting off another shock, much to her dismay. She could tell by Ms. Dabney's eyes that she knew just what had happened. "Come on, just admit it. She won't make you take your punishment if you're just a little baby who can't help herself."

"I'm not!" Alisa protested. "I'm a grown woman!"

"Are you?" Ms. Dabney scoffed, running her hand up the girl's stomach to her breasts, as Alisa's cheeks turned bright red. "You may look like one up here, but look at this." She reached down, patting the droopy seat of the heavy cloth diapers. "How many times have you used these this morning? Does that sound like something an adult would do? An adult would find a way to hold it, she wouldn't keep wetting herself again and again... But, then, you like this, don't you? I bet you're just champing at the bit for your reward, aren't you? Do you think that makes you a big girl? A real grown-up could never be turned on while in a wet diaper, certainly not right after she'd finished peeing in it."

"I am!" Alisa pouted, knowing that it was true, even if she couldn't come up with any arguments to refute what this woman was saying.

Luckily, she didn't have to, as Bianca returned then, holding a spoon and the bottle of castor oil, commanding Alisa to, "Open up!" as she poured the first spoonful, then following it immediately with a second. Alisa forced herself to swallow it all, then, as quickly as she could bear it, returned to begging, knowing she had to work fast to avoid any more little accidents.

"Please, can I use my diaper now? I really have to go, Ms. Caldwell, I don't think I can hold it much longer!" she begged, dropping to her knees when the woman didn't look convinced. "I don't think I can wait much longer! Please!"

"Well," Bianca considered, "I suppose you did finish your coloring. All right, you may use your diaper this time, but you're going to do it right there. Do you understand?"

Alisa nodded as her fear came to life in front of her eyes. It was no surprise, but it was still humiliating to know what was about to happen. She squirmed a little where she knelt as Bianca adjusted the device, then let herself pee. Her body was reluctant at first, though she wasn't sure if that was nerves from the performance she was about to give - especially given what Ms. Dabney had just said - or anxiety from the fact that, the last several times she'd done so, she'd been shocked. There was no shock this time, however, as the cloth soaked in even more urine, drooping dangerously low in her rubber pants. It felt so good just being able to let go that she almost forgot all about what was coming next as she did the deed.

Of course, that didn't last long, as she felt the cloth moving around inside her pants, pushing up against her privates, hardening and then starting to pulsate. She could feel the women's eyes on her, but that wasn't enough to stop her from letting out a lustful moan as the vibration intensified. In a matter of moments, the motion was all she could think about - it had been so long, too long - and she forgot all about Bianca and her friend, not caring  that they were seeing her in this deeply personal, incredibly intimate moment. It just felt so good, like something she'd half forgotten, had almost convinced herself was just a lovely, strange dream, only to find that it truly was real after all.

Then, at last, the wave of pleasure hit, crashing over her as she sat down hard on her padded behind, panting, her legs no longer able to hold her up even in a kneel. She closed her eyes, feeling sweaty and hot, a little weak, tingly, and oh, so good. She almost thought it was worth it, spending so long unable to do that, if only to make this one time when she finally could all the better. As she came out of it, however, and saw the two women staring at her, grinning, she began to have second thoughts. She felt so humiliated, knowing they had just seen all that, her most private moment. It made her feel dirty, on top of everything else swimming through her head.

"Now, isn't that better than a punishment?" Ms. Caldwell asked. "If you just use your diapers correctly, you can have that every time! Wouldn't that be better?"

To be honest, Alisa wasn't completely sure. If she was alone, sure - and she did hate that castor oil - but being put on display like some obscene doll wasn't what she wanted, either. Still, she answered, "Yes, ma'am," because she knew that was what was expected of her.

"You see that?" Ms. Caldwell bragged, "Broken already. She must enjoy this - surely she couldn't be that weak-willed on her own."

"I think you're right," Ms. Dabney gave Alisa a sly wink. "Alisa, dear, do you have something you want to tell Ms. Caldwell?"

Alisa flushed, knowing the second woman was trying to push her to admit she was just a little girl. And maybe that would be for the best - the way things were going, there was very little hope of escape for her. Perhaps it would be easiest to just embrace it, and save herself from getting punished over and over again. If she cooperated, she might even be allowed to stay this size, instead of being shrunk into a doll like the other girls.

But she couldn't give up just yet. "Thank you," she said instead.

"You're welcome, dear," Ms. Caldwell kissed the top of her head. "I'm just glad you were able to wait long enough to ask permission for once."

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa nodded, biting her bottom lip as another cramp hit her, reminding her that her troubles weren't quite over yet. "And.. umm... I need permission for something else..."

"For what?" Bianca asked innocently. "You just went pee-pee! Even a little fountain like you can't need to go again already!"

Alisa blushed, wishing she could put this off a little longer, but knowing that would only make her more miserable. "Can I please use the potty?"

"What for..?" Bianca pushed.

Alisa held in a sigh. "Ms. Caldwell, please, can I use the potty to go poopy?"

"But you already had your potty time for the day," Bianca reminded her. "You did it in your training pants, but that still counts."

"A messy accident?" Ms. Dabney perked up. "Really?"

"Oh, yes," Bianca nodded. "Right on her bed. Didn't even ask to use the bathroom."

"How interesting."

Alisa felt like a lab specimen as she became the center of attention once again. "Please, I really need to go again!"

"I don't know..." Bianca said. "That's something you really have to earn, and I just can't think of anything I would trust you to be able to do that would be worth that. But why don't you go in to the kitchen and get the potty from under the sink and bring it in here while I discuss it with Ms. Dabney."

"Yes, ma'am." Alisa's knees still felt a little shaky as she stood, toddling her way to the kitchen. It had become even harder to walk in her diaper, now that it had soaked up all that urine. She pulled open the doors under the sink and found a large potty chair waiting for her. It was pink and purple and gold, made of wood to look like a throne, with a removable plastic tub in the center. She wondered for a moment why it was there instead of the bathroom, though once she realized the answer, it was pretty obvious - this way Bianca's victims could get to it without the woman having to unlock the bathroom.

She managed to wrestle the thing out from under the sink, and made it a few steps carrying it before she had to set it down and slide it across the kitchen floor. It was quite good sized, which would only make her feel more ridiculous sitting on it, considering it was clearly made for a toddler. Of course, she knew that this time there was almost no chance of her actually getting to use it, but she had a potty time appointment the next morning, at any rate. The chair wasn't big enough for her full-sized body, however, which meant that she was bound to need shrinking to fit, if she was even allowed to grow again today.

"Good girl!" Bianca complimented her as she struggled her way back into the dining room. "Just bring it up next to the table. It turns out this is your lucky day - Ms. Dabney has the perfect job for you to help her with."

"It will be a big help," Ms. Dabney told her.

Alisa wasn't looking forward to finding out what it was, though she supposed it would be a good idea to find out just what kind of a thing she would be expected to do to earn her right to get a try at the potty, since that would be the closest she came to a real toilet unless - or until, if she was being optimistic - she made it out of this house. "Okay," she nodded reluctantly. "What is it?"

The woman didn't even have to answer - she just started to unbutton her shirt, revealing the nursing bra underneath. "How would you like some dessert, baby girl?"


  1. goood! :) *rubs Princess Pottypants's tummy and pats her bum as she wets her wil diapies and fills the back of them with a big poopy*

  2. I'm surprised that Alisa has any energy left after all that, I almost feel like she needs a chance to pass out and sleep through a day. Still very intrigued to see where you take things, keep it up. :D

  3. Oh my gosh didn't see that coming! What fun :)

  4. Well, I think it turns out not so bad.
    She was able to cum and I think she cann make her number two soon, too.

    There might still be hooks - maybe the milk makes her adicted - but there are always some hooks, aren't there?

    And maybe she will be able to help the shrinked babies in the house and maybe maybe she will be able to help herself before her mommy felt her in the hands of her friend for a week or two.

    I still love the story!