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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 25

Chapter 25 - The All-Seeing Eye

Alisa woke slowly, blinking once or twice before accepting that she really was seeing the bars of a crib in front of her, and that they were there to stay. Sometime during the night, her pacifier had fallen out, but her thumb had replaced it, meaning she could, with a little effort, take it out. Her diaper felt cold and clammy, leaving her with no doubt she was wet, though she wasn't sure just how much, since she couldn't reach down and check without making it worse, and she had gotten herself too tangled up in her blanket overnight to be able to see.

Drowsily, she started trying to extract herself from the blanket's grip, only to stop as her movements pulled the bunched up blanket against her padded crotch. Her eyes widened a little at the sensation, before hungrily, she went back for more, twisting the blanket up and tugging it tighter, thrusting her wet, diaper-clad nether regions against it. She had spent most of two days trapped in the middle of her deepest, darkest fantasies, only to land here, in the body of a toddler, where she might wind up stuck for the foreseeable future; she knew this wasn't helping things, but she had been denied her release time and time again, so she wasn't about to give up this chance. After all, she'd been tempted by the teddy bears in Isabella's house, and at least she'd never read anything about blankets coming to life for revenge.

But just as she felt herself growing warm and wet, not noticing or caring about the moans escaping from her lips, the door opened. Through her haze, she barely heard it, kept humping until she heard a stern voice above her say, "What do you think you're doing?"

She groaned, rolling over sheepishly to see Selena standing over her, arms crossed. "Umm..." Inwardly, she cursed, wanting nothing more than to throw a tantrum as, once again, her attempts at release were frustrated. She squeaked as Selena grabbed her from the crib, pulling away the blanket, and carried the girl into her own room, sitting on the edge of the bed. Even before her diaper came down, Alisa knew exactly what was happening, pleading, "No, please!" as she squirmed futilely in Selena's lap. In part, the denial only made things hotter, but if she never had a moment to herself to enjoy it, that only made it worse.

"You are a little girl!" Selena reminded her with a pair of hard spanks to emphasize the last two words before starting the spanking in earnest. "Good little girls do not do that, do they? Only naughty girls do, and they get punished! Is that what you want?"

"N-No," Alisa shook her head, blushing as she was already at the point of tears. Whether it was from having her pleasure so quickly snatched away, or from being in the middle of a spanking when she was still sore from the last one, she wasn't sure.

"Are you sure? Because I told you yesterday afternoon, I can hear everything you do over my baby monitor. Did you really think you wouldn't be caught?" Alisa, of course, hadn't been there for that warning, but, while it brought a sinking feeling to her stomach, it was hardly a surprise. "I don't want to have to use the hairbrush on you when you're this little, but if that's what it takes, I will. You are going to be a sweet, well-behaved little girl, one who acts her age, whether you like it or not!"

It didn't take much more for Alisa to burst out into tears, which seemed to be all Selena was looking for that time. After just a few more punctuating thwaps on the girl's red backside, she picked her up and set her on the floor, taking her hand and leading her, diaper around her ankles, to the kitchen, where her nose was put in the corner. Selena didn't even have to bother to command her to stay there; Alisa knew the drill. As much as she wanted to rub her sore bottom, she didn't dare risk making a mess in the kitchen, since her diaper wasn't on, so she occupied her hand by sticking her thumb in her mouth instead as she wriggled uncomfortably in the corner, listening to Selena make breakfast, feeling every inch a real toddler.

After what felt like an eternity, her diaper was pulled back up over her red bottom securely, and she was picked up and strapped into a booster seat at the kitchen table, a bowl full of - what else? - oatmeal and a plastic spoon in front of her chair. The oatmeal looked a little thinner than what she had unfortunately gotten used to, and even more pasty and unappetizing, and she had a feeling it was actual baby cereal. Between that and the breastfeeding the night before, she was getting the feeling that Selena was feeding her more like an infant than a toddler, but she wasn't about to bring that up now, as she sat still squirming and whimpering from her latest spanking.

She was glad she would be able to feed herself, though she hardly wanted to eat what she had been given, and when she did pick up a spoonful, a moment later she saw some of the cereal dripping through the spoon back into the bowl. It didn't look like it was going over the sides, so, curiously, she emptied the spoon out and examined it, and saw that it had a hole through it. "Selena," she called, only to get a stern look in return.

"What did you call me, little girl?"

Alisa was confused for a moment. She assumed that Selena and Emily must have had this discussion, so she wasn't positive, but she had a feeling that Selena would prefer to be called "Mommy" or something like that. Doing so would only make her think of Ms. Farber, however, so, instead, she tried, "Momma?", hoping that would work.

Selena seemed satisfied with that. "What is it, Emmy?" she asked sweetly.

"My spoon is broken," Alisa held it up. "Can I have another one?"

Selena walked over and took it, examining it for a minute before handing it back. "It looks fine to me. Eat up, Emmy, so you can grow big and strong."

Alisa could feel a pout washing over her face as she realized the hole was intentional. She wasn't used to her body already, so she would likely be clumsy enough, but that would assure she either made a mess of herself as she ate, or require her to devour the pablum quickly, like she really enjoyed it. And she had no choice but to eat as much of it as Selena wanted her to. Her tiny, chubby legs came nowhere close to reaching the floor, and she was strapped tightly into the booster seat, which was attached quite securely to the chair, trapping her in place.

"Yes, Momma," she sighed, filling up her spoon and moving it to her mouth a little too slowly. The oatmeal dripped down her chin even as she swallowed the first bland mouthful and went back for the second. Selena was all too happy to watch Alisa eat, every now and then swooping in to clean her face, chastising her with a, "What a messy eater you are!" as she ran a washcloth over her chin and nightshirt. There wasn't as much as she had been forced to eat at Mommy's house, but here her stomach was much smaller, so what was there did just about as good a job of filling her up, and once she was done, she barely contained an unhappy sigh as she saw Selena opening her shirt, preparing for the next phase of Alisa's meal.

Disrobed, Selena reached down and yanked off Alisa's nightshirt, now encrusted with cereal drippings, setting it aside and undoing the strap to pick up the nearly naked girl, sitting down in one of the chairs and pushing her head against her bulging breast. Alisa was sure she was never going to get used to this feeling, her mouth taking over and sucking away, even though her mind felt like gagging at the very idea of what she was doing. The calming effect of the sucking motion kicked in even quicker, and, when halfway through, she felt a twinge in her bladder, she barely had time to think about it before she was wetting her diaper. Luckily, this feeding didn't last nearly as long as the one the night before, though it still left her tummy feeling plenty full.

"Good girl," Selena cooed, lowering her to the floor and covering herself back up. "Did you wet again, sweetie?" Alisa blushed, nodding bashfully as the woman reached down, patting her drooping diaper, before, to her surprise, untaping it. "You're soaked!" Selena announced, rolling the diaper up into itself while she stood, grabbing the washcloth she had cleaned Alisa's face with and taking it to the sink, rinsing it off before returning to Alisa and using it to wash her off, clearing her skin of the traces of urine clinging to it, right in the middle of the kitchen.

"There we go!" Selena announced when she finished, going back to the sink and rinsing the washcloth again, setting it aside before washing her hands and picking the used diaper back up. "Can you be a big girl and carry this to the nursery for me?" Alisa didn't particularly want to, but she wanted to disobey the woman even less, so she nodded, taking the soiled garment and following Selena through the house. She felt very silly indeed, running around completely naked, but there was nobody there, and even if there had been, it wasn't like there was anything for them to see.

"Good girl!" Selena praised her once they reached the nursery, taking the diaper and throwing it away before picking Alisa up and setting her on the changing table to get her diapered up, applying some more rash cream as she did so. Once the Pamper was safely in place, Selena happily dressed Alisa in a pair of bright yellow shorts and a pink dress that, on its own, would barely have covered the diaper, then slipped a pair of pink Disney Princess shoes on her feet. A pacifier in her mouth, with a leash clipped to the front of the dress, completed the outfit, and, though Alisa was sure the effect wasn't completely intended, ensured there would be no complaints about it.

Selena set Alisa back on the floor, then grabbed a diaper bag and another bag before herding Alisa through the house and out to the car, where she was strapped into a car seat. She couldn't ask where they were going, which made her a little nervous. Would she be taken back to the robo-nursery? For a moment, she worried that would lead to Mommy finding her again, only to remember just how difficult that would be, considering she wasn't in the same body. Still, she didn't want to give the place another chance at hypnotizing her further.

She hadn't seen any silver pacifiers on her clothes, however, and when the car ride ended, she was at another, more traditional daycare, one with plenty of kids running around on the playground outside. She had worried about this exact thing the night before, so it was hardly a surprise, though she still couldn't help but groan behind her paci. To her surprise, Selena actually seemed to hear it.

"Now, now, Emmy," Selena lectured, "it will be good for you to be around other kids your age. We had this argument when I put you back in high school, and you lost it then. Do you really think you can win it now?" Alisa shook her head, letting herself get taken out of the seat and toddling beside Selena into the building.

"What a little cutie!" exclaimed the woman Selena led her to, a giantess who, to Alisa's shock and embarrassment, looked exactly like her boss from the real world. "What's your name, sweetie?" Alisa was already blushing, and the pacifier prevented her from answering; even though it wasn't true, she couldn't blame the woman for assuming, "Are you bashful, hon?"

"She isn't usually," Selena answered for her. "Come on, Emmy, say hi." Alisa mumbled frustratedly behind her pacifer. "She really likes her paci," Selena explained with a cheerful chuckle. "I suppose I should start trying to move her off of it. Come on, Emily, take it out and answer the nice lady." Alisa, of course, couldn't do that, or anything more than groaning and pointing to the thing. "Yes, that. Just stop sucking for a minute to introduce yourself. You don't want to be rude, do you?"

Frustrated at her lack of ability to communicate, Alisa stomped her foot, which she knew immediately was the wrong thing to do. "What was that, little lady?" Selena fixed her with an icy glare. "Do you need another spanking already?" Alisa shook her head, on the brink of tears in frustration, when, finally, Selena unplugged her mouth, letting the pacifier dangle from its leash. "Are you going to apologize?" Selena asked expectantly.

"I'm sorry," Alisa squeaked.

"That's all right," the woman told her sweetly. It was a little strange to hear that voice sound so soothing - in the real world, it felt like she'd only ever heard it yelling, if not at her then at one of her coworkers. "It's okay to be a little shy, sweetie. Is your name Emily?"

Alisa paused, biting her bottom lip as she considered the question. She knew she should say yes, but doing so meant accepting this new role, this new life. If she said yes now, that would only make it more difficult to convince Selena later that she really wasn't Emily. Yet, if she didn't do it, she knew there was a good chance she would be earning another punishment for herself. It was almost a surprise even to herself when she answered, "No. My name is Alisa."

Selena looked unhappy, but not as much as Alisa had expected. "Now, Emily, we talked about this yesterday. That's just make-believe. You know you really are Emily."

"No, I'm not!" Alisa insisted, doing her best not to push it too far, while still making sure Selena could tell she was serious.

"It's all right," the woman told both of them, "make believe can be fun sometimes, but you know it can't last forever, don't you, Emily?"

Alisa nodded reluctantly. "But it isn't..."

"Stop, Emily," Selena commanded sternly. Alisa pouted, but she could tell that any further argument right then would not end well for her already throbbing rear end.

"Well, Emily," the woman smiled at her, kneeling down and offering her hand, "my name is Miss Wren. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Nice to meet you," Alisa shook her hand, defeated for the moment.

"Good girl," Selena patted her head. "I'm going to have to run, but before I go, I thought I'd better tell you, I caught Emily here... playing with herself... this morning." Alisa thought she might die from humiliation right then and there, hardly able to believe the woman had brought that up. Selena looked a little embarrassed herself, but nothing like what Alisa felt.

Wren, for her part, took it in stride. "Children do that sometimes," she reassured Selena, barely even acknowledging Alisa, even though that was who was being discussed. "It's nothing to worry about. Rest assured, though, we'll be sure to keep an extra close eye on her to make sure it doesn't happen." Alisa's face found a darker shade of red to turn. There was no way she'd have tried that here, with all these actual kids around, anyway, but it was hardly comforting to know that all the workers were going to hear about her little misadventure that morning, so they could be sure to prevent any repeats.

"Thank you," Selena smiled. "Goodbye, Emily, I'll see you this afternoon." She bent down and kissed Alisa's forehead, then left.

"Come on, Emily," Wren took her hand, leading her back outside, "let's introduce you to the other children." Alisa nodded, feeling as shy as Wren had thought her to be before as the woman called everyone's attention to her. "Everyone, there's a new friend for you all to meet. Her name is Emily! Say hello, sweetie."

Alisa swallowed, staring out at all the little eyes staring at her. She knew they were just kids, that it should be pathetic to feel scared of them, but it seemed like there were so many of them... And, more importantly, many of them were bigger, and, physically at least, older than her. Despite its bright colors, its plastic slides and swingsets and sandboxes, the place suddenly felt more like a prison than anything. She wished she was sucking on her pacifier again, but, knowing that would leave her mute until someone else took it out, she did the next best thing and put her thumb into her mouth as she nervously waved with the other hand, not even noticing the trickle of pee that made its way into her diaper.


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