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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - Pacified

Alisa listened for a few minutes, staying perfectly quiet until she was sure that Robo-Nanny and Emily were gone before she even dared to move again. Part of her regretted it, thinking that she should have at least tried to get the machine's attention so that maybe she would be taken with it, but what good would that have done? Other than getting her out of the crib, of course. But would anyone believe her if she told them what had happened? They never seemed to in the stories, so why would they now?

It was something she knew she should be more upset over, but it was hard to get herself worked up as she sat there, sucking on her pacifier. The longer she did it, the more calm she felt, the the point where, when she noticed she was in the middle of wetting herself, it barely even bothered her. She didn't even try to stop it. She knew her body was getting further and further away, possibly having terrible things done to it already, but what did that matter? She had felt the beginnings of this when she'd sucked her thumb earlier, but she'd been able to get over it by simply taking her thumb out of her mouth, no problem. With the pacifier, however, when she could even work up the motivation to try, her hands seemed completely incapable of so much as touching the thing, much less finding the strengh to pull it out. As long as it was in, it was in, and while it was, she was a blissful little baby.

She had no idea how long passed before, finally, she heard the sound of someone else in the house. Her hope that it was Emily, having escaped and come to switch them back, was quickly dashed by the sound of a clearly older voice shouting, "Is everything all right?!" It took her a moment through the haze of the pacifier's influence, but eventually she was able to identify the voice as belonging to the woman who had "hired" her as the babysitter, before it all had gone wrong. It was only a second or two later that the woman herself bustled into the nursery.

"Where did that babysitter go?" she wondered out loud, before turning to Alisa. "You didn't chase her off, did you?" Alisa shook her head, trying to mumble through her pacifier before finally just pointing to it, hoping to get Selena to remove it. "The place is a mess," the woman continued, not even seeming to notice. "Stuff everywhere! It didn't look like there was anything missing, though." She sighed, shaking her head. "I should have known better than to trust a dwarf with something like this, I suppose." It was then that she noticed the wand sitting on the changing table. Alisa's eyes lit up as Selena picked it up before looking back over at her.

"How did this get here?" she asked, glaring at Alisa. "Did you have her get you this?" Alisa pointed again to her pacifier, and this time, Selena reached in and pulled it out, smiling a little. "You're allowed to do that yourself, you know."

"I'm not Emily!" Alisa explained, the panic of the situation setting in quickly over her with the comfort of the pacifier gone. "I'm the babysitter! She used that thing to switch bodies, and now she's being taken off somewhere to have something horrible done to her! You have to go to Ms. Farber's house and stop it!"

Selena just laughed. "That's very creative, Emily. But don't you think I'm onto your tricks by now? You can't fool me that easily!"

"But..." Alisa whimpered. "It's true! You have to..."

Selena sniffed the air. "Emmy..." she cooed, setting the wand back on the changing table and reaching down to snatch Alisa up mid-sentence. "Didn't she change you, either? You poor thing! But I'm proud of you for making me a nice present! I was sure you were going to be a brat about it and make me help you. I hope you didn't get a rash from it, though... Oh, if you are, I'm going to give Theresa a piece of my mind for recommending that girl! I'll get her mother's name, too, and make sure she knows what its like to be left alone in a stinky diaper!"

With the pacifier out, she did notice her bottom felt a little itchy, but there were more pressing matters to be dealt with. "You don't understand!" she whined. "You have to help me! At least switch us back!" She whimpered a little as she was set on the table, flat on her mushy butt, then pushed gently down onto her back.

"I told you, you aren't fooling me for a second," Selena said, pushing Alisa's nightshirt up and untaping her diaper.

Alisa looked up and saw the wand sitting above her on the table. All she had to do was push the button, and she'd be back in her own body... But did she want that? Somehow, while she was sure Emily would prefer to be back here, she doubted the girl would bother to help her once she was, and she had no idea what was going on with her body now. It could already be in the middle of surgery.

She let out a sudden giggle, squirming as Selena tickled her stomach. "You made quite a mess for mommy, didn't you?" the woman teased. "I knew you would be a good baby, just as soon as you figured out how to make yourself into one!"

"I'm not!" Alisa pouted. "I told you, I'm not Emily! My name is Alisa!"

"I thought you told me you were the babysitter," Selena said. "You're usually better than this, Emmy."

"I am!" Alisa insisted.

"Emmy, your babysitter's name wasn't Alisa, it was Ursula. You aren't even close." Selena shook her head as she opened the diaper and started wiping Alisa clean. "And I think Ursula deserves a few days in diapers herself. For supposedly being such a great babysitter, she's not very responsible."

Alisa wrinkled her brow in confusion before remembering that Selena had thought she was someone else when she showed up at the door. Someone who had had car trouble, and, if Alisa didn't do anything, was about to have some potty training troubles as well. "No, that wasn't her!" she tried to explain. "I was just on the run from something, and you thought I was her, and I went along with it to try to hide!"

"Uh-huh," Selena nodded. "Nice try, Emmy. Next time, pay more attention to your babysitter's name."

"You don't understand!" Alisa whined. Selena, having finished with the clean-up, was now rolling up the diaper, turning to throw it away. It was clear that she wasn't going to believe Alisa's story, so, finally, Alisa decided to just go for it and scooted up on the table, grabbing the wand. She hesitated for a moment, debating on if it was better to be here, in the body of a toddler, or there, in a more adult one that might be getting modified into a permanent infantile state at that very moment, but before she could decide, it was snatched out of her hands.

"What are you doing?" Selena scolded her. "What is this thing, young lady?"

"It's what made us switch bodies!" Alisa tried to explain. "Just let me push the button!"

"Really? You think I'm going to let you play with one of your little toys without knowing what it really does?" Selena raised her eyebrow. "And here I thought you were going to be a good little girl for me."

"Then you push it!" Alisa pleaded. She was a little worried about what Emily had said before, about not being able to get everybody back in the right body if there was another switch, but maybe that was what she'd have to do. At least with Emily in Selena's body, and there with her, they had a chance of figuring the whole thing out together.

"I'm not falling for that, either." Selena walked over to the dresser, setting the wand on top before returning to the changing table and pulling out another diaper, slipping it under Alisa before getting out a tub of thick, gooey diaper rash cream to massage on her before taping the garment in place.

"Please," Alisa sniffled. "Just let me push it! I promise, its not a bomb or anything!" She found it hard to figure out why Emily would design the thing how she had, so the victim had to be the one to press the button. She supposed it was because Emily knew that, eventually, curiosity woul win out over someone, or maybe it was so she could "use" it herself, prove it was harmless, then pass it off to her victim. Or it could just be about control. Setting it up that way meant that, no matter whose body she jumped into, when she got there, she'd have ahold of the device.

"That's very encouraging," Selena smiled. "Just calm down, sweetie. I know you're worried about the side effects of regressing this far, but I promise, I'll take good care of you. And Vera has found a new place to do trials, so you won't be the only one. Don't worry, Emily, it will be okay."

"No, it won't!" Alisa insisted. "I'm not Emily!"

"I've had enough of this game, Emily. Come on, I'll give you a little snack, and then I think it's time for you to go to bed." Selena picked up the pouting little girl, carrying her through the house, but not to the kitchen or dining room, like Alisa expected. "I really need to get a rocking chair for your nursery," Selena said, sitting down instead in a large easy chair, setting Emily on her lap before starting to unbutton her shirt.

Alisa stared at her in horror as it slowly dawned on her just what was about to happen. "No!" she squeaked. She had made it this far in this world without being breastfed, surely she could go a little longer.

Selena had other plans, however. "Yes," she countered sternly. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to be small enough to do this, Emmy. I told you earlier, you are my baby now, and you are going to behave. I did you a favor leaving you big enough to do some things for yourself, but if you refuse to be a good girl, I can make you younger. Before I do that, though, you know I'll spank you, and I bet it'll hurt a lot more now that you're so much smaller. Is that what you want?"

"No," Alisa answered, but as the woman unclipped her nursing bra and then pushed the girl toward her large, heavy breasts, Alisa tried to squirm away anyway.

In only a matter of seconds, Alisa was laid out over the woman's lap, diaper pushed down, given just enough time to process her situation before Selena gave her bottom the first smack. Selena wasn't nearly as big as Mommy had been, but Alisa had also been a lot bigger when Mommy had spanked her. Relatively speaking, she was pretty sure she was even smaller now, and Selena seemed even more eager in her punishment, as if that alone was what stood between her and her own obedient little toddler.

Alisa made herself cry as quickly as she could, hoping that would get Selena to stop, but the woman was used to Emily's tricks, and didn't even slow down until her half-fake tears became real. Once she started really sobbing, there were a few more, softer, spanks, and then the diaper was slid back into place, with a final pat. "Are you going to be a good girl?" Selena asked.

"Y-Yes," Alisa nodded. It didn't seem she had much choice. She was in a toddler's body, diapered, spanked, and about to be breastfed, as she was pulled into a hug, and then pushed over toward the woman's breast. She sniffled softly, rubbing her sore backside without thinking about it, only to let out a small gasp as she felt her tummy cramp and immediately begin trying to fill her so-recently changed diaper. She fought to stop it, but she couldn't stop it and the feeding at the same time, so, despite herself, she opened her mouth, letting it be filled by the woman's slightly sweaty flesh.

She just sat there, squirming, unable to completely stop the mess, but letting out as little as she could, for a couple seconds before another swat on her diapered bottom forced her to start sucking, slowly at first, then, as that did little good, harder and harder. She was surprised as the milk first gushed into her mouth, warm and strangely sweet - she wasn't sure what she was expecting it to taste like, but not this - enough that she lost control of her other end for a moment, right as Selena cradled her, holding her tiny body, her large hand right on the seat of Alisa's diaper. Alisa's cheeks flushed even redder as she felt the woman move her hand slightly, as if not sure what she was feeling at first.

"Oh, my," Selena chuckled. "Making me another present already?"

Alisa squirmed, feeling her mouth fill with the milk, and her diaper continue to fill as she tried in vain to control either one. Just as it had with her thumb and the pacifier, once her mouth started the sucking motion, she found it nearly impossible to stop on her own, and the fact that she knew she would be punished if she actually could only encouraged her not to try even more. So, feeling completely helpless, and unsure of what else she could do, she simply gave in. As her stomach filled with the milk, and Selena switched her to the other side, she could feel herself growing sleepy, yet once she started sucking again, she couldn't make herself stop until, at last, Selena pulled her free, straddling the slightly dazed girl across her knee as she re-fastened her bra, and buttoned her shirt back up.

"Is that better?" Selena asked, bouncing her leg a little against Alisa's squishy diaper once she was dressed again. "Is your tummy nice and full?" Alisa nodded, getting another hug for it before being taken back to the nursery and changed before being placed in her crib once again. "Now, are you done with your silly little game?" Alisa looked up at Selena in confusion. "Are you done pretending not to be Emily?"

"I'm not," Alisa insisted, though now her voice sounded as meek as she felt after what had just happened.

"I'll tell you what," Selena said, sighing. "Do you really want to push the button?" She walked over to the dresser, picking up the wand. "If you promise me nothing bad will happen, I'll let you do it this once." She walked to the crib, but held the wand out of Alisa's reach. "And know that if this is a trick, I'll make you even younger. Got it?" Alisa nodded, reaching up for the thing, desperate for some way out of this. She might not wind up in a much better position at the other end of the switch, but at least Mommy didn't seem interested in re-living her breastfeeding days.

Selena lowered the wand, letting Alisa snatch it before grabbing it again briefly. "Calm down. I can take it back." Alisa nodded, pulling it away gently, though her hands were shaking slightly as the woman stepped away, warning, "Don't aim it at me."

Alisa held her breath, bracing herself for the feeling of the switch, and for whatever awful scenario she was going to open her eyes to on the other side, as she closed them on Emily's nursery, finger hovering over the button. She paused for another second, then pressed it, felt the button go down. She thought that seemed strange, as she didn't remember that from the last time she'd done it - the change had happened even before the button had fully pushed in - but she tried to tell herself it didn't mean anything.

She attempted to convince herself that it felt like she was somewhere new, as well, yet she only had to open her eyes a crack to see the bars of her crib, and Selena standing beyond them. "It didn't work!" Alisa wailed, tapping the button again and again, growing more frustrated as each time produced the same non-result. Why wasn't she switching back? What did it mean?

"So, what did it do?" Selena asked curiously, reaching in to pull it away. Alisa grabbed for it, but the woman easily tugged it away from her prying fingers. "I told you you could do it once," Selena lectured. "I'm guessing it didn't work, huh? That's okay, sweetie. When you grow up again, I'm sure you'll build all kinds of stuff even better than... whatever this is."

"No!" Alisa wailed. "Give it back! I hafta get my old body back!"

Instead, Selena gave her the pacifier, instantly calming her down. "You will get it," she said, soothingly. "You just have to grow back into it." Alisa tried to explain that wasn't what she meant, but it was all wordless babble behind her pacifier, that quickly faded away as she started to suck. "Night-night, baby girl." Selena bent down, kissing the top of Alisa's head, then left the room, switching on a nightlight before turning off the other lights, leaving Alisa alone as the girl curled up in her crib and drifted off to sleep, dreaming, once again, about Naomi and Oliver's brightly colored adventures.


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    I was most amused with the breast-feedng sequence: talk about the ultimate diaper story trope! (even Alisa wondered how she had managed to avoid it for so long...). And as for this quote:

    "She was in a toddler's body, diapered, spanked, and about to be breastfed..." - you know, it doesn't get much better than THAT! (What a lucky girl).

    Dear PPP: you are a writing machine! Here it is, July 4th...and you have given us two very exciting chapters in less than 24 hours! Bravo! (Brava?)

    And now we have another new mysterious character mentioned...Vera, she with "the new place to do trials"...hmmmm....our world, maybe?

    Have a great holiday weekend, PPP! (and give yourself a rest! you deserve it!)

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