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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - Day in the Life

Alisa sucked anxiously on her thumb as she knelt down in the center of the dome-shaped jungle gym, staring out at the shapes of her tormenters as they waited outside, watching her. She knew she should take her thumb out of her mouth, that it was the cause of her current problem, but her predicament was making her nervous, which only made it harder to force herself to give up the comfort of her thumb. It was a vicious cycle, one that she had no doubt was intentional.

"Come on, Emily," Xavier, the leader of the little group, called in to her. "We know what you did!" Xavier was nearly six, which was impressive to the rest of his gang. Of course, normally, Alisa would barely have paid him any mind, but in this body, he was much bigger than her, and seemed to have taken a particular interest in tormenting her. While there were plenty of other kids still in diapers, it was her he had fixated on teasing about it.

It probably didn't help that she "talked funny", as he put it. She knew she didn't sound like any three year old she'd ever met, even the most precocious one, something she had never felt any shame about before now, but these kids didn't sound quite like children, either - something that was pretty common to the stories. That she still insisted on being called Alisa, while the grown-ups only used Emily to refer to her, likely only made things worse. Some of the other kids had given in to calling her by her real name, but not Xavier. Her biggest problem, however, was almost definitely that she had gotten upset the first time he had bothered her, losing her temper and calling him a little brat, and a baby, completely forgetting her own predicament until she finished and realized how much he towered over her despite his young age. As it turned out, he wasn't fond of being called a baby by someone apparently half his age, and took every chance he could to show that she was one instead of him.

He also seemed to have the strange and highly frustrating ability to find her at the worst possible time. Today, it had been partly her fault, she had to admit. Even though they were just a bunch of kids, she still felt the need to announce to them that she didn't really need her diapers whenever they saw her being taken away for a change, which wasn't the best idea. This time, she had just been standing there, sucking her thumb, minding her own business, when Xavier had popped up with a laugh.

"Look, the 'big girl's' going poopy in her diaper!" he had announced to his little minions, who all seemed to find it quite amusing.

"I am not!" Alisa shot back... Only to notice, once her thumb was out of her mouth, that she actually was. She hadn't even noticed the warm mush filling her diaper as she stood there, not until she had stopped sucking her thumb. Her diet had made her bowels more unpredictable, the results softer, and there had been times when she'd had genuine accidents, looking for someone to beg to take her to the potty, but this was the first time it had ever started without so much as a warning. She often came out of her thumb-sucking sessions much wetter than she went in, but it had never gone this far.

"Then let us see!" Yuriko, Xavier's main crony, a four year old with an obvious, and adorable, puppy crush on the bad boy, had insisted, reaching out for the hem of Alisa's dress. Alisa, bowels still emptying, had backed away quickly, almost running into the last member of the group, Zach, before managing to dart away, slipping between the bars of the jungle gym. As soon as she'd gotten there, she'd realized it hadn't exactly been the best choice for a safe spot, but by then, she was already surrounded.

If her count was correct - and it was hard to tell for sure, since the days all seemed to blend together in this place - it had only been a week. Not even a week that she'd been at the daycare, a week since coming to this dimension in the first place. Just one week ago, she'd been a confident, capable, professional, sexy if she did say so herself, and undeniably adult woman. Sure, she might wear diapers at home every once in a while, but nobody knew about that. Now she was a toddler, growing more incontinent by the day as the hypnosis scrambled her brain, bullied by a bunch of children, trapped in an extreme version of her own fantasy, but unable to fully enjoy it. She had lost everything, right down to her body, and everyone seemed determined to take her name as well.

"Just leave me alone, you brats!" she sulked. It seemed like every time she tried to do anything even slightly against the rules, or even thought about attempting escape, she was caught instantly, yet when Xavier and his friends picked on her, there was never anybody around to catch them. She'd been pushed around, teased, had sand dumped into the back of her diaper as she'd played in the sandbox, had finger-paintings vandalized, and not a single one of her tormenters had ever gotten in trouble for it, yet as soon as she tried to fight back, she was caught and sent to the time-out corner, most of the time after a spanking.

It was only then, with the removal of her thumb so she could talk clearing her senses slightly, that she heard the sound of someone sneaking up on her, and she realized Yuriko, who had been positioned behind her, had slid into the jungle gym while she'd been concentrating on the other two. She started to turn to face the girl, but Yuriko was already there, grabbing her and lifting her skirt, pushing a hand against the large, squishy lump in the back of her diaper. At this point, so many people had seen her in her diapers, had changed them, that it was hard to get too upset, at least until the girl loudly announced, "I knew you went poopy!"

"You still wear Pull-Ups!" Alisa snapped at the girl. It was so unfair, being teased for something she knew this kid had been doing herself not that long ago.

"I don't use them," Yuriko informed her haughtily, "because I'm not a baby." With that, she started to drag Alisa out from under the dome, toward the two boys. Alisa tried to struggle free, to stop her, but the rubber mulch beneath the jungle gym made it hard to get any traction, and she was quite a bit smaller than the other girl.

"I thought you didn't need diapers," Xavier said as Yuriko pulled the struggling girl out of her hiding spot, holding her in place. "Aren't you a big girl?"

"Yes," Alisa squeaked, cheeks flushing red as the boy lifted her skirt, showing off her drooping diaper.

"Big girls don't do that," Zach helpfully pointed out.

"Big girls don't wear diapers," Xavier expanded, "I know they don't use them!"

"She did!" Yuriko confirmed, nodding. To Alisa's horror, Xavier reached toward her, poking the thick padding of her diaper before stepping aside to let Zach do the same.

"Yes, she did," Xavier agreed. "And she didn't just pee. I don't think Emily's a big girl at all."

"I'm not Emily," Alisa pouted. "My name is Alisa!"

Xavier turned to Yuriko. "I think Emily," he said the name pointedly," wants to play." He gave her skirt a tug, bringing it to her knees, as Yuriko picked the struggling girl up so the boy could pull it the rest of the way off, tossing it under the jungle gym, leaving Alisa in just her shirt and dirty diaper. Alisa was mortified, staring around in horror, knowing her diaper was in full display.

"I think I know what she wants to play," Yuriko said, pulling Alisa across the playground with her. Alisa could hardly believe what was happening to her - how could the workers not notice this?! Yuriko led her over to the see-saw, forcing her down onto one end before going over to the other herself. Alisa whimpered, starting to get up, only to see Zach and Xavier hovering right behind her, knowing that they could easily catch her if she tried to escape.

"Come on," Alisa begged as Yuriko straddled the opposite seat. "Just leave me alone..." Her face flushed as the other girl sat down quickly, forcing Alisa's own seat up against her diaper, lifting her into the air, and spreading her mess out further as she squirmed in place, staring down at the trio, and then at the rest of the playground. It wasn't a huge see-saw, of course, but she still felt quite exposed there, held above the ground with nothing to cover her Pamper. "Let me down!" she demanded.

Yuriko looked at the boys for a moment, then smiled. "Okay!" she agreed cheerfully, hopping off her end, making Alisa's crash to the ground with a messy squish, though she was glad for the diaper in that moment to save her from a little of the impact. "Do you want to go again?"

"No!" Alisa glowered. "This is not funny, you little bitch, I..."

As soon as she'd said it, Alisa had already started to feel bad, cursing at a little kid, no matter what she had done. She felt even worse as she was interrupted by a familiar, adult voice. "Emily!" Ms. Wren appeared, looking down at her, disappointed. "Where did you hear that, young lady?"

"That's a bad word," Zach offered helpfully.

"Yes, it is," Wren agreed. "Come on, Emily, you need a punishment."

"But..." Alisa whined.

"And where is your skirt?" Wren shook her head. "Silly child." She took Alisa's hand, helping her to her feet, where she saw immediately the state of the girl's diaper. "Did you have an accident, sweetie? You should have come to get a change before playing."

"I wanted to..." Alisa tried to explain.

Yuriko broke in, "I think I saw her skirt by the jungle gym. I'll bring it in!"

"Thank you, dear," Wren smiled at her. "Though I don't think she'll get it back until after her time-out."

"You don't understand!" Alisa complained, but she was being dragged into the daycare anyway, through the rest of the students. They stopped off at the bathroom for a moment, just so Wren could grab a bar of soap, and then Alisa was taken to the naughty corner.

"You should know better than to say bad words like that, Emily," Wren lectured her. "You're to stay in this corner and think about what you did, do you understand?"

"Yes," Alisa answered grumpily. She understood perfectly well; that did't mean she was happy about it. In fact, the only thing keeping her from throwing a tantrum was knowing how it would end, and it was better to stand there in the corner with the soap than to do so while also nursing a freshly spanked bottom. "And my name is Alisa."

Wren shook her head as she pushed the bar of soap into Alisa's mouth, but Alisa couldn't help it. It had almost become a mantra to her, as if denying that she was Emily meant she could deny all this stuff that was happening to her, and if she could just get someone to believe her, that would be all she needed to break free of this new life she'd been thrust into. But for the moment, all she could do was stand in the corner, mouth full of soap and diaper full of poo and fully visible to anyone as she stood with her nose in the corner, just another naughty little toddler.

She felt a little better for a few seconds as her mouth began sucking on the bar of soap in her mouth, but it didn't take long for that comfort to turn to disgust as her saliva started to fill her mouth with bitter suds. Desperately, she tried to keep herself from swallowing any, which meant that, instead, she wound up drooling it down her chin and onto her shirt from around the soap. Even though it tasted awful, she had to reach up to hold the soap in her mouth to keep it from sliding out so she wouldn't get a spanking anyway. And yet her mouth kept on working at the bar of soap, unable, by now, to stop itself.

The whole situation was made worse by Wren's face. The Wren here acted completely different than her boss back home, but it was hard not to compare them. It would be even harder, if she ever made it home, to look the woman in the eye. Every time she had to go to her to tell her she was going to be a little late, she would be worried that she was going to be sent to the corner, perhaps with a sore bottom and a diaper. Maybe Wren would even spank and diaper her in front of the whole office, to set an example... Alisa squirmed, rubbing her thighs together as her frustrated mind built up the fantasy, knowing quite well she couldn't really enjoy it, or do anything about it.

Luckily, since Wren thought she was a toddler, the punishment didn't go on for too long before the woman came back and released her, taking her to the bathroom to help her rinse her mouth out and change her into the spare shirt Selena had packed for her. As Alisa stood there, swishing water around her mouth to try to break all the bits of soap caught behind her teeth loose, she stared sadly at the toilet, starting to wonder if she would ever have the chance to use one of those herself again. After a week in this world, ever having done so at all felt like a distant memory. But as she stood in front of the sink and stared at her diaper, she couldn't help but wonder if it had gotten a little more droopy since she'd been put in the corner, unsure if she'd wet herself as she'd stood there, mouth cleaning itself out.

Finally, when she was done in there, Wren led her by the hand, her messy diaper still on full display, back to the main room, where she was put onto the changing table and cleaned up. Her skirt was sitting there already, waiting for her, which set Alisa to pouting, sure it had been there before her trip to the bathroom. She managed again to hold her tantrum in check, just barely. It would be silly to do it before she got changed, or she might get stuck waiting out another punishment before getting a clean diaper.

"Don't pout, Emily, you know you deserved a time out." And before Alisa could deny it, Wren had plugged her up with a pacifier, leaving her speechless as her diaper was undone, and she was cleaned, powdered, and taped into a new one. "I hope you're going to be a good girl for the rest of the day," Wren said as she got Alisa off the table, helping her into her new skirt. "Now, come on, it's class time."

That thought was enough to cut through the sense of numbing calm the pacifier brought over her. She pointed up at her pacifier, but Wren was already busy leading her to another room, one with a collection of other three year olds and a chalkboard. Though she had grown up to be pretty normal sized, at least as a teenager, Emily had been a bit on the small side as a toddler, so it wasn't unusual for her to be put at the front of the group, as Wren did this time before going up to the board and writing two b's on it, in upper and lower case.

"What letter is this, children?"

Classes were always tedious, and the fact that she was at the front of the room meant she had to pay attention or she would be called out, even though they only talked about things she'd known for longer than she could even remember. But it was always worst when she had the stupid pacifier in her mouth, because that made it look like she didn't know the answer, like she really was just a preschooler, struggling with learning her letters and numbers and colors. And when she'd just gotten a punishment, Wren always paid close attention to her, so when Alisa didn't answer, with the other kids, she asked, "Do you remember what comes before the b, Emily?"

A week before, Alisa had been pretty sure nothing would make her feel more stupid than lying in a crib, struggling with a high schooler's homework. That was nothing compared to sitting in class, completely unable to answer such a basic question. She knew it, of course, but everybody else thought she didn't. Luckily, another little girl was all too happy to chime in with, "A!" before Wren could try to help her guess, but Alisa still felt utterly humiliated, and it only got worse as the class wore on and she was forced to stay mute, knowing full well that she had quite likely wet her diaper at least once as she sat there, completely unaware. This world's Wren never looked more like her own did than when she was giving Alisa a glance of disappointment as she failed to answer, which only added another layer of embarrassment to the ordeal.

Sure enough, once the lesson was over, Wren checked her first and declared her to be, "Soaked already, Emily? Maybe we should start doubling your diapers up all the time." Alisa shook her head, but could protest no more than that as she was changed another time, into a pair of diapers, though she hoped that was just because it was naptime, and not a new status quo - she could only imagine how amused Xavier would be at that.

"You need to think about being a good girl when you lay down," Wren instructed her. "So far today, I only have bad things to tell your mommy about how you acted today."

Obediently, Alisa nodded her head, letting herself get changed into her sleep shirt and taken by one of the assistants to the nap room, where she quickly found her mat. It was hard to miss - shaped and colored like a giant ladybug, with its head as the pillow. She quickly covered herself up, since the shirt left the crotch of her extra-thick nap diaper exposed, and laid her head down, wondering how her life could have come to this in just a week. She was in a toddler's body, as incontinent as one until someone else removed her pacifier, bullied by a bunch of kids barely out of diapers themselves, and, in the eyes of her teacher and classmates, struggling with her ABCs.

It was hard to reconcile her increasingly fuzzy memories of her real life with this one, but she had a ritual that helped, at least somewhat. She closed her eyes to make sure nobody bothered her, and, in her mind, started to recite. "A is for Alisa, that's who I really am. B is for Bremer, she sent me here in her lab. C is for Clara, I was her little doll. D is for Dolly, who I'm not. E is for Emily, and I'm not her, either. F is for Farber, she was my Mommy for a time. G is for Greta, who I wouldn't let myself become." She had more, but  as the days had wore on, she managed to get through less and less of it before drifting off. She worried that one day, she wouldn't even make it through A. If that happened, would she forget who she was? But that was a worry for another time, as she dozed off halfway through her internal, "H is for...", out like a light well before any of the other children.


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