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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Alisa stood by awkwardly, sucking her thumb, as Wren and Selena talked a few feet away, knowing quite well that they were discussing her, worrying about just what was being said. Every now and then, Selena would glance over at her, but it was never long enough for Alisa to really read her expression. She had a bad feeling she was in for a spanking once they got home, and likely an even earlier than usual bedtime, which would only make the next day come all the sooner. She had a feeling it would look a lot like this day had, and the day before, and the day before...

Finally, the grown-ups stopped talking and Selena collected Alisa's bags, slinging them over one shoulder before taking the girl's hand and leading her out to the car. She was quiet as she strapped Alisa into her car seat, and it was a few minutes into the drive before she spoke. "What is your name?" she asked quietly.

Alisa hesitated for a moment, wondering if this was a trick question. Selena had never asked her that before - she'd always just corrected her whenever she'd called herself Alisa, which led to Alisa insisting it was her real name, usually ending in Alisa losing her temper and getting punished. Alisa almost wondered if this was designed to do the same thing, to give Selena an excuse to do something horrible to her, but if that's what she wanted, Wren had no doubt already given her enough excuses. "I'm Alisa," she insisted, though she winced a little as she said it.

Sure enough, Selena countered with, "Emily, you're not!" before calming herself down a little. "Emily, please, will you just tell me this is a trick? Just admit you're trying to fool me with this silly lie. I won't be mad, I promise."

"It's not!" Alisa whined. "Sel... Momma, I am not Emily! Emily tricked me into switching bodies with her with that wand thing! I keep telling you, but you won't listen!"

"Emily, the wand didn't do anything. I took it to Vera to test, and even she couldn't make it do anything." Selena sighed, looking at Alisa in the rear view mirror. "I thought that by now you'd at least drop the act while you were at daycare, but Ms. Wren tells me you haven't. Vera seems to think you really believe it."

"I do!" Alisa kicked her legs in frustration, though it didn't do much, since they weren't long enough to reach the back of the front seats. "I'm not Emily!"

Selena seemed to ignore that, for the time being, anyway. "She thinks it may be a side effect of regressing so much in such a short amount of time - your mind simply can't handle how much you've changed so quickly. Her experiments with her new batch of test subjects hasn't advanced that far yet, so we don't know for sure, but she's worried that might be the case. So she has a little proposal for you." Selena didn't sound entirely pleased by that fact, but she also seemed genuinely worried about Alisa, and that appeared to win out.

Alisa tried to keep her excitement in check - Vera was some kind of mad scientist, so it was hard to tell what she had cooked up, but it seemed pretty obvious to her what the solution should be, and after five days in the body of a toddler, she couldn't wait. She stared out the window, squirming in anticipation, waiting to see some kind of lab or something approaching, anything to tell her they were getting close. At first, her heart sank when she saw the mechanical nursery building coming up, wondering if somehow Selena had figured out the truth and was taking her back there, until she remembered that Dr. Bremer ran it. She supposed it made sense that she was behind this, but back in the real world, Dr. Bremer's first name hadn't been Vera, it had been Astra. It must have been another difference between worlds, she decided.

Selena let her out of the car seat and took her hand, leading her into the building. She paused at the door, looking down at Alisa sadly. "You're sure you aren't faking?" she asked hopefully.

Alisa almost felt bad for her. All she really wanted was a little girl. Sure, she might have betrayed Emily's trust to get one, but Emily was smart enough to figure out that would happen, so she should have been smart enough to prevent it. Selena really wasn't a bad mother, either... Maybe a bit too eager with her spankings, but Alisa was pretty sure that was a problem of the world itself, not just her specifically. A part of her almost wanted to stay, but the thought of spending another couple years, at least, at that daycare was enough to prompt her to nod her head. "I'm sure."

Selena sighed and opened the door, leading Alisa to a viewscreen, pulling up a hidden menu and punching in a code. As she waited, Alisa looked around, only to let out a quiet gasp, releasing a river of urine into her diaper at the shock as she noticed a pair of women standing at another screen, one an Amazon, the other a regular sized human, obviously heavily diapered beneath a pink babydoll dress. Just the sight of them wasn't the surprise, but rather the fact that she recognized them. One was Mommy, and the other was the woman who had changed her in the salon, and allowed her to escape. Alisa had had no doubt that she wouldn't succeed in diapering Mommy, but she hadn't expected her to wind up in diapers herself. Alisa turned away quickly when the larger woman's head began to turn towards her, though she remembered a moment later that Mommy wouldn't recognize her in this body, at least not at this age.

Next to the viewscreen, a door slid open, and Selena pulled Alisa into it, guiding her down a long hallway, and into the lab she had been expecting. Despite having different first names, the Bremers had very similar labs, in that they were both a bit of a mess, machines in various states of assemly scattered around the room, with numerous computers scattered throughout, apparently monitoring progress. The biggest difference, however, was Robo-Nanny, sitting off to one side, attached to the wall by what looked to be a power cable. Again, Alisa felt herself growing scared before remembering that she wasn't in her own body, so it wouldn't be likely to recognize her, either.

In front of a different wall stood something very similar to the lab in the real world, however - a door. This one clearly wasn't attached to a room, as it was just held in place by a series of supports and wires hanging from the ceiling a few feet in front of the wall, but there was no doubt that it was at least supposed to be the same thing, since there was a desk sitting in front of it with a computer and a metal cap, just like the one she'd used to summon up her passageway to this dimension. Alisa's heart began to thump more quickly in her chest as she realized her way home was so close, after having almost grown convinced that it would never come.

"Funny, isn't it?" Dr. Bremer asked, drawing Alisa's attention away. "I spent so long working on that, trying to figure out a navigation system, and it was a patient in the nursery who finally gave me the idea that actually worked."

"And it does?" Alisa's heart beat even faster, making her feel almost faint. "Work?"

"It does," Dr. Bremer smiled. "Didn't Selena tell you?"

"What? I don't..." Alisa paused, trying to remember what Selena had told her about Vera's work. She usually tried to keep any reference to that quiet, apparently to get her used to the fact that wasn't her life anymore, but she did remember one thing she had said. "That's where you're getting your test subjects?" she squeaked. The idea of people being plucked out of her own world to here, only to be regressed to infants, was terrifying, but, like so much of this world, a little hot as well. She could imagine herself, just walking down the street one day, only to find herself in the middle of a lab, having only moments to gain her bearings before her body began to shrink... Of course, it was hard to tell what dimension that door opened to, but that didn't need to disrupt her fantasy too much.

"You're smarter than you look," Dr. Bremer chuckled. "But, then, you always were. And it's funny how you seemed to know just what that invention did, 'Alisa'..."

"That's because I came from there!" Alisa exclaimed, pointing at the door. "I gave you the idea! I was in your nursery, and then Emily switched bodies with me!"

Dr. Bremer raised an eyebrow, then walked over to the computer, tapping at the keyboard. "Nope, I didn't think so. I have no record of an Alisa staying here."

"No, but..." Alisa protested, confused. It was only after Dr. Bremer started talking again that she realized the nursery, and thus Dr. Bremer, had known her as Dolly.

"Emily, that's enough. I don't have time to play these games with you. You're here so I can make a proposition." She hit another few keys on the keyboard, and a hand popped out of the floor to hand her what looked like a normal, everyday remote control. "Recognize this?"

Alisa shrugged. "Does it change the channel?"

Dr. Bremer and Selena exchanged a worried look, and for once, when the former spoke, it sounded like she had a little doubt about the mental identity of the person she was speaking to. "This is your regressor, Emily. And I'm willing to use it on you to take you all the way back to your original age... But you have to do something for me. There's another scientist who has developed a technology that I'm interested in... acquiring, just in case this side effect of yours turns out to be real, and more widespread than just you. I've tried to negotiate with her, but she just won't listen, so I need you to help me out."

"You want me to talk to her?" Alisa frowned. "Why would she listen to me and not you?"

"Because you aren't going to talk," Dr. Bremer told her. "I want you to be my spy. Find her tech, figure out how it works, and build me a copy. Or, at the very least, steal it for me."

"And what do I get if I do?" Alisa asked defiantly. In answer, hands sprouted from the floor and cieling, swarming around her to undress her, leaving her standing there, naked.

"Look at that," Dr. Bremer mused, checking her screen. "Someone was a wet little girl. Even wetter than my sensors at the front door detected you as being. Maybe you're too used to this age now." Before Alisa could protest, Dr. Bremer had pointed the remote at her, hitting a series of buttons. At first, Alisa didn't think it had done anything, until she noticed the ground beneath her seeming to fall slowly away. She gasped, staring down at herself, watching her body shed its baby fat as she grew like a weed, becoming an awkward, lanky preteen in a matter of seconds before her hips and breasts began to grow, puberty playing on fast forward as she continued to grow. She even shot past the age Emily had been when she'd first seen her, ending up, at last, as someone in her early twenties.

Even though the body wasn't entirely familiar, she still couldn't help but smile as she looked down on it. It was closer to her real self than anything she'd been in the past week. Emily was a little better endowed than her, though not by much, and a little younger, but she was a normal sized person, and now clearly not a toddler. She had been beginning to worry that it would be another decade and a half before she got to wear a body like this again. She was pretty sure she had never felt better in her life. She didn't even care, for the moment, that she was naked in front of these two women.

"If you do what I ask, I'll let you stay like this," Dr. Bremer promised. A moment later, Alisa felt a sharp pain at her ankle, looking down just in time to see an arm with a large syringe attached slink back into the floor. "And I'll remove that. Until I do that, however, if I even suspect you're trying to escape, or not fulfill your mission, I can remotely regress you back as far as I want... Maybe far enough that we don't have to listen to your little brain-switching stories anymore. Now... Are you going to help, or should I just change you back now?" She raised the remote toward Alisa.

"I'll do it!" Alisa said quickly, marveling at how different she sounded now that just moments before. "But what am I looking for?"

"You'll know it when you see it," Dr. Bremer assured her. "Luckily for us, she's looking for a boarder. I already made an appointment for you to meet with her in about an hour. Just pick an outfit and I'll have a car ready to take you." A few more keystrokes brought up a huge catalog of clothing on the computer screen, and Dr. Bremer moved away to allow Alisa to take a clumsy step forward to look at it. It would take her a little while to get used to her legs again, but she was more than happy to be able to do so.

She found a white shirt with purple zig-zag stripes that would show off her cleavage nicely - she was too excited about having some to show off again that she couldn't resist - and a pair of short denim shorts to do the same with her legs. It was simple, but there would be no doubt, in that, that she was an adult, not a little kid. She picked out a pair of matching lavender heels, and a black lacy bra, but when she went for the panties to complete the set, Selena coughed behind her. "Are you sure that's such a good idea, Emmy?"

Alisa wheeled around on her, gleeful to note that, at her full age, Emily was just the tiniest bit taller than Selena. Even being naked wasn't enough to dampen Alisa's confidence, now that she was a grown-up again. "I am not a baby anymore, Selena," she was all too happy to point out, making sure to use the woman's name and not 'Momma'.

"I know," Selena replied sadly. "But you have been having some accidents lately..."

"Well, that's... because I was a toddler..." Alisa answered, though she couldn't help but worry that wasn't all there was to it. She had been talking here at the lab quite a bit, but even in just the amount of time it had taken her to find an outfit, she had nearly caught herself sticking her thumb in her mouth a couple times, and she hadn't even been sucking on anything when she'd had the accident out in the lobby. Her body might be an adult, but her mind had just spent a week being treated like a baby, and being twisted by hypnosis. She stared longingly at the thin, lacy underwear on the screen in front of her, imagining just how freeing they would feel, after a week of thick diapers. She had to imagine now - she had taken them so for granted before, she couldn't find a real memory of wearing them, other than her brief time in her Dora panties.

"I want big girl panties!" she pouted, stomping her foot angrily, and before she knew it, she was sucking her thumb sulkily. For so long, that had been her only recourse when things didn't go her way that she didn't think twice about it for a few seconds, until at last she forced herself to pull her thumb free, cheeks burning.

"Maybe you can take some with you to change into, once you're used to the potty again," Selena reassured her, stepping in to take over the computer. "But for now, I think these will be better." She pulled up a picture of a pair of training pants Alisa hadn't seen before. Like Pull-Ups, they were designed to look like real panties, but they had slightly more mature designs on them. "Don't you agree, Emmy?"

"I guess," Alisa sulked, pointing to a pink pair with a lace design printed on it, a picture of a bow at the front. "I want those ones." Selena was happy to choose those for her, and hit the button to start up the hands, pulling her newly chosen outfit onto her body for her. Despite the pull-ups beneath her shorts, which luckily hid the bulk pretty well, she still felt quite grown-up and sexy in her new clothes as, at Dr. Bremer's request, she chose some more clothes that the nursery packed into suitcases for her and put into her car. She begrudgingly picked a few more pairs of the training pants, at Selena's suggestion, but made sure to also get more real panties than she could wear in a month, unable to resist from choosing every cute pair she saw.

"The car will drive you to her house," Dr. Bremer informed her. "When you're finished with your mission, hit the home button on the GPS and it will drive you back here. Other than that, it will not take you anywhere unless I unlock it remotely, and I won't be doing that without a very good reason. There's a video link in the dash that connects back here."

Alisa nodded, ready to go, but not without one more question. "Who is this person, anyway?"

"Her name is Bianca Caldwell," Dr. Bremer answered. "But her code name is the Doll Collector."


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