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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - One Pill Makes You Larger...

It was hard to tell just how much she'd been shrunk, though it clearly wasn't too much... yet. To look at herself in the mirror, she almost wouldn't have noticed any difference. Proportionally, she was the same, still looked just as grown-up as she had that morning, before all this had started, just as long as she didn't look below her waist. She almost wondered if she'd imagined her loss of height, but after trying on a second shirt, and then a third, she knew something had to have happened.

Which led her to her next problem - how? When would have been a good question as well, since it would have helped to narrow her choices a little, but that was even harder to answer. She sank down onto her bed, thumb going back into her mouth as she thought, wincing and squirming as her sitting caused her diaper to press harder against the butt plug, causing it to slip more securely back into place. She knew she'd been full size the night before, since she'd changed her clothes for dinner and they'd all still fit correctly. Her pajamas had seemed to be the right size, too, but if Bianca was doing this slowly enough, perhaps that hadn't been enough time for the change to be noticeable. It was possible there was something in the air of the house itself that Ms. Caldwell had immunized herself against, or maybe in the water.

That thought gave her a little pause. Bianca had used something from two different bottles to make the glasses of Metamucil for her - what had been in the second one? Astra had mentioned that the device was something Bianca kept in her room, but perhaps she was referring to the remote for the diapers. Or maybe Bianca had some kind of decoy shrink ray, to make her victims think they could defeat her by stealing that, only to find that there was something else actually controlling their descent. It might be crazy, but she also couldn't help but wonder if the bubbles in her bath were somehow involved. It seemed a little strange that she'd be allowed those after a punishment unless there was some ulterior motive.

Or maybe she was thinking all wrong. She had spent most of the night creeping around the house, sneaking into rooms she'd been told she wasn't allowed in. What if she'd stumbled into a trap in one, or more, of the rooms? She'd been so tired when she finished that she easily could have missed the signs that she had been shrunk once she was back to her room, especially since she'd only been awake a couple minutes afterward. Or perhaps Bianca had done something to her while she'd been asleep, either time. She simply had no way of knowing.

She jumped as she felt a shock from inside her diaper, remembering only then that she was sucking her thumb, and, more importantly, just what that meant. Her cheeks blazed as she pulled her damp thumb from her mouth, and, within a few moments, she heard footsteps heading up the staircase right for her room. She'd barely even known herself that she was having an accident - the alarm could have gone off before she'd noticed, meaning that, as small as her accident had been, Ms. Caldwell was still the first to know about it.

"Really?" the woman shook her head as she burst into the room. "Not even fifteen minutes! And what do you think you're doing on the bed, little girl?"

"I-I was just..." Alisa stammered. "These diapers are so thick, and with these rubber pants..."

"Those mean you're a baby," Bianca informed her, "and babies aren't allowed on big-people furniture. I don't care how thick your diapers are, they can still leak sometimes, especially if you're wetting them every ten minutes. I haven't even put down the rubber sheet yet."

"I'm sorry," Alisa blushed, scrambling down off the bed. "I won't do it again!"

"No, you won't," Bianca agreed. "Come along." She took Alisa's hand and led her downstairs to the living room. "Clearly I need to keep you close by. Maybe then you'll have time to come ask for my permission to use your diapers. I'm sure that was the problem this time, wasn't it?"

Admitting that she had been hypnotized to become incontinent while sucking her thumb seemed like a bad course of action, as she had no doubt that the woman would take advantage of that knowledge, Alisa just nodded. "Yes, Ms. Caldwell."

"In that case, your punishment for this time is just an earlier bedtime. I'll even only move it up half an hour - so, 6:30." Bianca paused for a moment, as if waiting to see if Alisa would protest. The girl wanted to, of course, but she knew she was already in enough trouble as it was, so she just nodded. "Now, I don't want you to think that you have to spend all your time sitting on the floor, so I got you some new, appropriate, furniture, just right for you." Bianca led Alisa over to a desk, off to one side of the room, one clearly made for a toddler. It was all one piece, pink painted metal for the sides and wood for the surface of the desk and the seat, with no way to adjust it. There was a box of crayons and a small coloring book on top of the desk.

"Well... umm... I think..." Alisa looked down at it, dreading what she knew was about to happen, yet completely unsure of how she was supposed to prevent it without revealing that she knew what was about to happen.

"Oh, it's a little too small, isn't it?" Bianca shook her head. "Well, don't worry about that, dear." The woman pulled what looked, for all the world, like an old fashioned wooden toy gun from the pocket of her apron, pointing it right at Alisa, who couldn't help but flinch as the trigger was pulled. This time, she definitely noticed the transformation as the living room seemed to grow around her, Bianca seeming to gain a few extra feet of height as she looked down happily at her prey.

It was good to know what the shrink ray looked like, Alisa supposed, but it would have been better to find out under different circumstances. She looked down at her body frantically, glad to note that she at least looked the same still, even if she was now the perfect size to sit at the little desk. She was even tinier than she had been in her "own" body in this dimension, or even as the three year old version of this body. "What did you do?!" she shrieked, only partially pretending to be scared.

"Now, now, it's all right, Alisa," Bianca soothed her. "This is only temporary, so you can fit into your nice desk and do some coloring. Doesn't that sound fun?" When Alisa didn't answer right away, she continued with, "Or maybe I'll just leave you like that. Is that what you want? It's fine with me... It's easier to change a little diaper like that than a full-size one."

"I'll be good!" Alisa squeaked, walking over to the desk and sitting down, fidgeting as her sore, full bottom came into contact with the hard, wooden seat, even through her thick diaper.

"That's what I thought," Ms. Caldwell nodded, taking out her diaper-controlling device and punching in a few things. "Now, I'm going to be busy in the kitchen, so you aren't to move from your desk, understand? If you do, it will set off another alarm, and I won't be very happy. Now, your assignment for today is to color in all of this book. Once you do that, I'll let you ask to use your diaper."

Alisa let out a gasp, staring down miserably at the coloring book, noting only then that it featured Naomi and Oliver on the cover. It was fairly thin, and normally she enjoyed coloring, but given her control over her bladder lately, she wasn't sure if she could make it through one whole page without needing to pee. "The whole thing?" she asked quietly, feeling suddenly queasy.

"And I expect good art," Bianca replied. "Don't just make a whole page one color - I don't like cheaters. Don't worry, I'll bring you something to drink."

The woman bustled into the kitchen, leaving Alisa to feel sorry for herself, bladder already starting to feel full, though she imagined that was just her mind's fault, since it knew it would be a long time before she was allowed to go. She sighed, opening up the book to the first page, and chose her first crayon. If she wanted to get this done, she needed to start, rather than wallowing in self-pity, so she began to color Naomi's dress its trademark bright green. "Good start, dear," Bianca complimented her when she returned, placing a sippy cup on the edge of the table. "Now, I don't want you to get dehydrated, so the next time I come in to check on you, I expect this to be empty."

"Yes, Ms. Caldwell," Alisa parroted obediently, even though she felt like she'd already had plenty to drink that morning after her two glasses of Metamucil. She half expected that to be what was in thos cup as well, and while she was surprised to taste apple juice instead, it still had a strange, thick, slightly gritty texture that made her worry it would have the same effect.

She was correct to worry about her bladder capacity, as she was barely through with the first picture before she felt like she was going to pop. As she finished coloring in the last area of the picture, she had started squirming quite a bit, which only allowed her plug to move around inside of her with the motion, making her all the more uncomfortable. She wanted desperately to be able to get up, but she was worried that her fidgeting would be enough to set off the alarm, so she didn't dare stand, much less run off to the kitchen to beg for mercy. "Ms. Caldwell!" she called, though if the woman heard, there was no answer.

She pushed her thighs together as far as the layers of cloth between them would allow, wishing she could at least try to press a hand between them to help stop the ever-increasing urge to relieve herself without it causing her to instantly do it. Trying to take her mind off of it, she flipped through the thin book, groaning as she saw that there were still nine more pages. She didn't have a prayer of making it that long, no way. With the plug making her backside feel constantly full, it was a little harder to tell if things were getting desperate for her that way, though she could feel, and hear, rumblings that seemed to indicate that it wouldn't be long before it became a more pressing issue. She whimpered, flipping back to the second page and grabbing a crayon with shaking fingers, hoping to get as much work done as she could before the inevitable.

After another few minutes, Bianca finally returned, picking up the sippy cup and shaking it, patting Alisa's head when she heard it was empty. "Good girl!" she praised her. "I'll get you a refill."

Alisa wanted to say she wasn't thirsty, but instead she decided it would be better to start with, "Ms. Caldwell, please, can I use my diaper?"

Bianca picked up the coloring book, flipping through it. "You're nowhere near finished! You know you can't go yet!" She slapped the book back down on the desk, and, before Alisa could protest, she was back in the kitchen. Alisa groaned, her wiggling getting more desperate with every passing second, until, to her surprise, when Bianca returned to put the sippy cup back in place, she heard the alarm going off in the woman's pocket. A moment later, she felt the shock, and a moment after that, she finally felt her poor, overworked bladder emptying itself.

"Did you just disobey me on purpose?" Bianca asked coldly, glaring down at the horrified Alisa.

"No! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I just really had to go!" Alisa whimpered. These cloth diapers felt quite different than the disposables she was used to. She could feel the wetness in them much more readily, rather than just squishiness, and as she moved, they felt heavier around her waist. Bianca patted the girl's sodden crotch, then unlocked one of the legholes and slipped a couple fingers inside, checking.

"My, you really are wet, aren't you? It's a good thing you're in these nice rubber panties, isn't it? Or else you might just spring a leak before you finish your coloring." The woman slipped her fingers out of the sweaty pants and locked them back in place.

"Don't I get changed before then?" Alisa pouted in disbelief.

"You don't have permission to use your diaper until then, so you shouldn't need a change," Ms. Caldwell stated simply, obviously ignoring the fact that Alisa already did need one.

"That's not fair!" Alisa protested before she could stop herself, despite knowing that pointing that out in these stories never actually did anything to help, and, in fact, usually made things worse. Still, she didn't need a diaper rash to make her bottom feel any more uncomfortable, and, in this stuffy, wet diaper, it seemed pretty likely she'd be getting one fairly soon.

"You knew the rules, little missy," Bianca reminded her. "And if you talk back to me again, I have a nice pacifier gag I can bring down to you to make sure that's the last time. Is that what you want?" Alisa shook her head, shivering at the thought. It would be comforting, sure, and help take her mind off of this situation, but even if it didn't lock in place - and the fact that it was a gag seemed a good indication that it would - she'd still be stuck with it in her mouth until Bianca removed it, and that meant she would be fully incontinent until then. "I didn't think so." Bianca went back to the kitchen, returning with a large spoon full of some strange liquid. "Now, here's your punishment for having another accident. Open up!"

Alisa had no idea what castor oil tasted like, but it was the first thing that came to mind when she thought of being given a spoon of something for punishment, and, sure enough, the stuff she swallowed, reluctantly but obediently, tasted just as gross as the stories had led her to believe, making her gag a little as it slid down her throat. Once she had drank it, Bianca left again, leaving Alisa to her coloring once more.
She knew she couldn't make it through another nine pages like the one she'd just done, not if she did them as nicely as the first one. Bianca had said she wanted them done properly, but she could have easily meant properly for a toddler, which was what Alisa's colorings began to look more and more like. In her hurry to get it over with, she paid less attention to the lines, and while she didn't dare just fill in a whole page with one color, she ignored details, painting the whole sky blue even if there were birds in it. At one time she had really liked coloring, but when she was forced into doing so much of it at once, it really began to get old.

There were another couple "accidents", which all meant quickly gulping down the contents of her sippy cup before a visit from Bianca, who she was afraid would scold her for her lazy coloring. The woman barely glanced at the book, though she did give the girl some general praise when she saw how far she'd gotten, before giving her more castor oil and a fresh cup of juice. Alisa could definitely tell now that the fullness in her backside wasn't just from the plug, but if she wasn't allowed to pee, she knew there was no hope of getting permission for that until she was done, so she just had to work harder.

She was nearly done when she heard a horrible sound, one that made her blood run cold - the doorbell. What came next was even worse. "Be a dear and answer that, will you? I'm turning off the proximity alarm so you can get off your desk, but it will still go off if you try to step outside the door."

Alisa's thumb was in her mouth before she knew it as she stared in the direction of the kitchen, where Bianca's voice had come from, though she forced herself to remove it before it caused her more trouble. She didn't want to answer the door like this! It wouldn't be the first time she'd been seen in just a diaper, but this time it was clear she wasn't a baby, or even a dwarf, who so many people seemed to see as the same thing. Her body, small as it was, clearly belonged to a young adult, one far too old for diapers, especially ones that drooped so heavily inside her rubber pants as she forced herself to stand.

Standing did feel quite good, after a morning bent over her desk, but that action also got her bowels churning, and she felt the plug push against the seat of the diaper a little, stopping an even worse accident than the ones she'd been having, though she had no idea how long that would last. It was nice not to be filling her pants, but it was hardly comfortable, especially since the lack of release only made her cramps worse as she toddled her way to the front door. She had to jump a little to reach the doorknob, already blushing even before she managed to get the door open, revealing herself to whoever was outside.

It turned out to be a woman, seemingly around Bianca's age, elegant and sophisticated, and apparently quite used to the lady of the house's experiments. "Hello, there," she smiled down at Alisa. "You're new. Don't worry, I know where I'm going." The woman stepped inside, closing the door after herself, heels clicking as she brushed past Alisa and into the house. Alisa trailed after her, wondering what this visitor was here for, but more concerned with finishing her coloring, only to find that, once she was back in the living room, her desk was gone, and Bianca and the woman were hugging.

"Don't worry, Alisa, dear, your coloring book is still waiting for you, but it's lunch time, so you will be joining us in the dining room." Even though she hadn't eaten in quite a while now, Alisa couldn't say that she was particularly hungry. She doubted very much that saying so was an option, however. "You can work on it some more once you're done eating, since I'm sure our grown-up talk would only bore you."

"You must have been keeping this one a secret from me," the new woman said, smiling down at Alisa. "I don't recall you mentioning a new plaything. It looks like you're quite far along with her already."

"I just got her yesterday," Bianca explained. "She's progressed much faster than any of the others. I think she likes it."

"Oh, do you?" the woman's eyes twinkled, turning back to the tiny woman at her feet. "Even before your little games? How fun! You really must share her with me!"

"Perhaps," Bianca nodded, noting Alisa's look of confusion. "Alisa, this is Ms. Dabney. She runs the local asylum."

Ms. Dabney chuckled as Alisa's eyes widened. "Don't worry, dear, we have plenty of diapers there, too, and I'm sure I can find a nice straight jacket just your size. We'd have lots of fun with you..."


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