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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - An Appropriate Wardrobe

"My word, I can't believe you wear these," Bianca shook her head in disgust as she tossed another pair of underwear into the trash can. "Well, you certainly won't be doing so in this house."

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa groaned, too concerned with keeping her trainers clean to worry too much about the loss of her adult panties, since, more than likely, she'd have lost those anyway if she failed at her task.

"Do you have no decent underthings?" the woman sighed, giving Alisa a look of disapproval. "It's a good thing you found my ad. You clearly need some guidance, and I think I'm just the person to give it to you."

Alisa gritted her teeth and nodded her agreement, even though she knew the woman's guidance would take her on a path that ended with her a foot tall, and back in diapers yet again. She had to agree, however, to keep Bianca happy and not suspicious, to give herself more time to search the house.

"Sit still!" Ms. Caldwell snapped, glaring at the girl. "Do you have ants in your pants or something? Someone your age should be capable of staying stationary for a couple minutes!"

"I'm sorry, I just..." Alisa tried to explain, to earn a reprieve from this to run to the bathroom, although she was afraid that it was already too late, that standing up would be all it would take to end her struggles, and not in the way she wanted.

"I don't need excuses, young lady. Sit quietly and wait for me to try to find you something to wear. Once you're dressed and ready for the day, then we can see to whatever concerns you have; you are not leaving this room dressed like that!"

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa squeaked, biting her bottom lip as she felt a thick, warm intruder in her pull-ups, right as the woman was staring her down. She didn't even give her new instructions a second thought as she frantically began to press her backside against the mattress, trying to stem the flow to no avail. The fiber had done its work, bulking up the contents of her bowels and softening it enough that, at this point, holding it in was all but impossible. The fact that she was sitting was likely slowing its progress, but there was nothing she could do to completely stop it.

"You don't listen, do you?" Bianca walked over to the blushing girl, smacking her thigh. "Stop fidgeting!"

"But..." Alisa whimpered, earning her a finger shook right in her face, reminding her that Bianca didn't want to hear her excuse. The woman shook her head at Alisa, then walked over to a bookcase on one wall of the room, choosing what looked to be the largest, heaviest volume on the shelf.

"If you drop this," she warned, "you'll be getting a spanking this morning." The woman lifted the book, laying it down on top of Alisa's head. "And the same if I hear another word from your mouth unless I've asked you a direct question." There was no question of whether Alisa understood, or even heard, Bianca simply turned back to the dresser to continue her search, confident that her tenant was sufficiently cowed.

For her part, Alisa was still busy filling her pants, now completely helpless to stem the flow. She wasn't sure if her wiggling had done any good, but just doing something, no matter how simple, had let her believe it was helping, just a little. Now, if she tried that, the book was sure to fall - even just sitting there, she was sure she could feel it wobbling, almost falling off. She knew people could walk around with books balanced on their heads, but that wasn't exactly a skill she had ever perfected herself. She took a bit of solace in the thought that even if she had gotten plenty of practice at it beforehand, even the best balancer was sure to have trouble maintaining their focus while in the middle of messing themselves.

Then, when she thought it couldn't get any worse, the moment she'd been dreading arrived. "What are these?" Ms. Caldwell asked, turning to face her audience again, holding up a pair of training pants, tugging at the waistband slightly before squeezing the padding between two fingers. "Why do you have these, Alisa?"

"Well, they... I just..." Alisa wished Bianca would go back to wanting her to stay quiet, as she had no good excuses cooked up. She'd had time, as Bianca had been digging through her drawer, but she'd been too busy with other things to concentrate on that, unfortunately. "I don't need them!" she lied, regretting it almost instantly.

"I should hope not. If so, you really should have told me about it when you moved in - I've let you sit on my good furniture, and sleep on my bed without a rubber sheet. However, if you don't need them, why do you have them?" Alisa opened and closed her mouth a time or two before giving up with a shrug that nearly sent the book toppling from her head. "I think you'd better let me see what you're wearing right now, young lady."

As the woman took her first step, Alisa froze, too panicked to say a word. That clearly couldn't last, since Bianca wasn't far from her, and letting her discover the truth after her last fib would only cause her more grief. "I'm wearing one!" she admitted. "I kept trying to ask you to let me use the bathroom, but..."

"Did you wet yourself? Stand up!" Bianca snapped her fingers, leading to Alisa jumping to her feet, book sliding onto the bed behind her, though she hoped she wouldn't get in trouble for it since the woman had told her to do it. The final bit of the mess pushed out of her at once as she stood, leaving her in very full pants as her landlady walked to the bed, running her hand over the spot Alisa had been sitting on. "At least it's dry," the woman nodded. "Now take off those ridiculous little shorts and let's see how bad of an accident you had."

Alisa's face flushed, unsure of what to do. She didn't want the woman to see her poopy pull-up, but it seemed pretty unlikely she could prevent that now. She also didn't want to actually admit what she'd done, either, even though things might go a little better for her if she could summon the courage to do so. Instead, she just stood there, frozen, and when she didn't move, Bianca stepped forward, grabbing the waistband of her shorts. Alisa reached up to try to stop her, which was the wrong thing to do, as it resulted in Ms. Caldwell spinning her around.

She expected a swat on the backside, but the woman paused as she saw the girl's rear. "What is this?" she asked, as Alisa felt a hand roughly push against the back of her training pants, spreading their contents more across her bottom as she squirmed. It wasn't the first time she'd regretted choosing such tight, revealing clothes, but she had a bad feeling it would be the last. When she didn't answer immediately, she got what she had been dreading as the woman spanked her. "Well?!"

"I had an accident!" Alisa blurted out, finding it only slightly easier to say it even when she knew the woman was already aware of it. "You gave me all that Metamucil yesterday, and then you made me sit here..."

"And you couldn't wait a few minutes until I had found you an outfit?" Alisa could hear the disappointment in the woman's voice, and a moment later, she felt her shorts being tugged down from behind, fully revealing her droopy, lumpy underthings. "Look at this! This is no little accident!" Bianca turned the girl back around, forcing her chin up with her finger to make Alisa look into her eyes, rather than down at the shorts still around her ankles. "What did you do, young lady?"

"You know," Alisa pouted, just wanting this over with, now that the woman knew the truth. There was only one way this was going to end - she supposed she should be grateful for her brief reprieve from diapers, even if it hadn't lasted a full day.

"Are you being smart with me? Go get the hairbrush!"

"I'm sorry!" Alisa squeaked immediately. "I'm sorry, Ms. Caldwell! I pooped my pants!"

"Yes, you did, and now you're getting a spanking. The longer it takes you, the longer your spanking will be." The woman turned to look at the clock while Alisa frantically toddled out of the room and down the hall, slowed by the shorts still tangled on her legs, to the bathroom, where she found the large, wooden-handled hairbrush, clearly made for a giant. Like an obedient little girl, she returned to her room with it, where Bianca immediately took it, bent her over the bed, and went to work on her mushy backside. "I don't know what this is, young lady, and I don't care! Either you really need these things, and you should have told me so I could properly protect my furnishings, or you did this on purpose! Either way, you're insane if you think I'd ever trust you in big girl panties, especially ones as skimpy as the ones you brought!"

"I'm sorry!" Alisa wailed, squirming and crying. "I'll wear diapers, I'll be a good girl!"

"Is that what you want?" Bianca asked, halting the spanking for a moment. "You want to be a little baby again?"

Alisa thought back to the tiny women in cages from earlier that morning, shivering. "N-No, but..."

"You said you'd wear diapers... Did your mommy make you wear diapers? Is that why you offered to wear them now? Is that why you ran away?" When Alisa didn't answer, Bianca punctuated each question with another spank. "I honestly thought you were a little more mature than the others, but clearly I was wrong. Well, I'm sorry, Alisa, but I have plenty of babies. All of my girls turn out to be babies in the end. I wanted a good little girl, someone to play with them, and help guide them into being big girls again. But you aren't ready for that, are you?"

"No, I can!" Alisa told her desperately, already able to tell that this was not going in a good direction, sure she could see a birdcage in her not-too-distant future. "I'm a big girl! I just thought that was what you wanted..."

"You're the one who brought up diapers," Bianca reminded her. "I didn't even mention the word. I think that's what you want, isn't it? You had this little 'accident' to get my attention. Well, guess what, little girl? If you want diapers, you can have them... But you're getting them on my terms. Now march on down to the kitchen." One final spank was all the motivation Alisa needed to scurry off of the bed, nearly falling over her shorts, though when she reached down to finally pull them off her legs, Bianca barked, "Leave them!"

So, awkwardly, Alisa stumbled down the hall again, the opposite way this time, and down the stairs. With her pants acting as shackles, it was slow going, but when she took too long, Bianca was happy to encourage her to speed up with another swat. Once they were in the kitchen, Alisa could only stand and sniffle as she watched Bianca fill a large cup with water before measuring something out of two containers, mixing it up before handing it to the girl. "Drink up," she commanded, leaving Alisa with little choice but to gulp down another large serving of Metamucil, while the results of the first batch was still smushed across her sore bottom. When she was finished, Bianca snatched the cup away, and, to Alisa's dismay, filled it again.

Once the reluctant girl had drained the second cup, she was guided into the bathroom on the first floor, which Bianca had to unlock, where she was stripped out of her pajamas. Bianca threw them away, then took off her pull-up and tossed it into the same trash can before cleaning her up. After that, she sat on the toilet, pulled Alisa over her lap, and continued the spanking from before. Though she'd had plenty of experience with both over the last week, Alisa still wasn't sure if it was better to be spanked on her bare bottom, or on her messy pants - the former hurt more, but the latter was more embarrassing. Getting both, however, in such quick succession was definitely the worst, and Bianca wasn't going easy on her during this second go-round because of the first one. As it had been so often since coming to this world, her bottom quickly turned pink, then a bright shade of red, and all her experience wasn't enough to keep her from crying through most of it.

After a while, Bianca pushed Alisa off her lap, guiding her over to the corner. As she stood there, Alisa could hear the bathtub begin to fill, and when Bianca turned her back around, she could see bubbles forming in the water. "You're almost done," Bianca informed her. "Once the tub is full, your spanking will be over." With that, Alisa was hoisted back over the giant's lap, this time with her head facing the bathtub so she could see the water slowly pouring from the faucet as the hairbrush continued to pound against her backside. She was sure Bianca must have set the water to flow as slow as possible, barely above a drip, as it felt like it would never finish, or that her bottom would burst into flames before it did.

Finally, Bianca stopped, lifting Alisa up and plopping her into the tub before reaching over and turning off the water. "Take a good look around," Bianca instructed as she began to wash the girl thoroughly. "The only time you'll be seeing the bathroom from now on is when I bathe you. You wanted diapers, so that's what you'll be using from now on. I'll let you use a potty once a day to make your poopies, but if you need it any more than that, you'll have to really beg."

Alisa groaned, thinking of all the fiber she'd just been forced to ingest. "But..." she protested.

"Don't worry, I'll give you something to help," Bianca informed her. "Ugh... How unruly." Alisa blushed as she realized the woman was now washing her privates, and scowling down through the bubbles at her pubic hair. "That will have to go, of course." Alisa didn't protest, but once the bath was over and she was spread out on a towel on the bathroom floor, watching as Bianca ran a razor over her now bare crotch, she couldn't help feeling sad as that display of maturity was wiped away. Nobody had seen it but her, of course, but it was nice to know that, no matter how Ms. Caldwell had treated her, there was some vestige of adulthood left that couldn't be touched. Except that now it had been, wiped out in a matter of minutes.

"Don't move a muscle," Bianca ordered, standing up once she finished that task. Alisa could hear the door locking once the woman had left, just to ensure she didn't try to escape, but she wasn't sure she'd have had the energy to run away anyway. She had lasted a little longer than she had in this world's version of her body, but even as an indisputable young adult, she hadn't even made it a whole day before landing back in diapers, spanked and shaved beneath them. The diapers Bianca returned with were huge, too, large mounds of cloth that the woman slid under Alisa's bottom, raising it a few inches off the bathroom floor.

She was powdered and lotioned, as usual, but there was an extra step before the diapers were fastened, one that took her by surprise. "Stay still, Alisa," Bianca told her, and, before she knew what was going on, she could feel something pressing against her backside. She groaned slightly, wiggling as she felt it pushing inward, too big to be a suppository or even an enema. It just kept coming, but by the time she realized how big it was, it was too late to stop it from invading her insides. She could feel it inside her, held in place, making her feel full despite having just emptied her bowels, while Bianca pulled the diapers into place, pinning them tightly around the girl's waist before sliding a pair of rubber pants over top of them. They barely fit, squeaking slightly as they were tugged up over the bulging fabric, and once they were on Bianca tugged the waist and leg holes even tighter, securing a chain inside each with a tiny lock, ensuring that there was no escape.

Alisa felt about three feet tall as she was helped to her feet, barely able to stand with the thick diapers between her legs. Especially with the heat from her just spanked derriere, the diapers were sweltering already, and she could feel sweat forming beneath them. "I can tell from your clothes that you just want to show off that hot, young body of yours," Bianca said, looming over the girl, "so that's just what you can do. I tried to help you be a proper young lady, but you wouldn't have any of it, so now you can be the baby you want to be - and since babies don't care if they're naked or not, you can run around like this until you convince me you're ready for something else."

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa replied meekly.

"As I said, you're wearing diapers, but you're wearing them on my terms. You are to come to me to ask permission before you wet them. If you do, you will be rewarded; if you don't, I will be very cross with you. That plug will make sure you don't make any messies without my permission. Like I told you before, you get one trip to the potty per day. I expect you to use it then. If you can convince me to let you go poopy more than once, I'll remove your plug, and then you'll have to wait fifteen minutes before I let you sit on the potty. If you have an accident in that time, you will be punished. If you don't use the potty after all that, you will be punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," Alisa repeated.

"Good girl. Now, I'm sure you think you can outsmart me, so I'm going to demonstrate why that isn't the case. Wet yourself." Obediently, Alisa began to pee, only to feel a shock inside her diaper a moment before an alarm began to go off on something inside Bianca's apron. The woman pulled a small device out of her pocket, pushing a button to silence it. "Pretty surprising, huh? It's usually enough to stop any little accidents, at least at first. Of course, that won't be your real punishment. Now, as for your reward..." She pushed another button on her device. "You now have my permission to continue."

After that shock, Alisa was hesitant, but she had a feeling that Bianca would use her refusal as another excuse to punish her. She started peeing again, only this time once the urine began to soak into the cloth, something very different started to happen. The inner layer of fabric began to stiffen slightly, then, as she wet more and more, it began to vibrate, pulsing against her privates. After a week of forced chastity, she couldn't help letting out a loud moan as the motion intensified, having to sit on the toilet, toes curling as the pleasure quickly built up inside of her. It was humiliating, letting this happen in front of Bianca, who looked like her teacher, knowing that she was the one in control, that it was only happening because Alisa was wetting herself like a baby, but she couldn't help it.

As soon as it had started, Bianca ended it, pushing the button again and turning the diaper back into damp cloth, leaving Alisa frustrated and horny, on the verge of finally reaching an orgasm, yet unable to bring herself over that last hump. It was closer than she'd been all week, and, without thinking, she reached one hand down to her diaper frantically, which, of course, only caused her to start wetting again, shocking her and setting off Bianca's alarm. She pulled her hand away quickly, but even in the brief amount of time she'd been touching it, she could tell that she wouldn't have been able to feel anything through the thick diaper anyway.

"I'll give you a pass this time," Bianca said, turning off the alarm, "but only because I know that was a little cruel of me. You didn't have to beg this time, however, so it seemed unfair to simply let you enjoy your full reward. Now, come along... Babies like you aren't allowed in the bathroom."

Alisa got shakily to her feet, waddling out of the bathroom and standing by as she watched Bianca lock it. The woman then took her hand, leading her upstairs, where she made Alisa watch her lock that bathroom up tight as well. Alisa supposed she should be grateful that she at least hadn't been shrunk yet, even if it felt that way from how humiliated she felt. Except, as she stared up at Bianca, she couldn't help wondering whether that was really true. Had Ms. Caldwell always been that tall?

"Now, play in your room for a little while," Bianca told her, patting her diaper as she pushed her into the room. "I have some things to take care of. Remember, no using your diaper without permission!"

Alisa nodded, barely able to wait for the woman to start heading down the staircase before toddling to her dresser. She pulled open the middle drawer, grabbing a shirt - she knew that none of her pants or skirts would fit correctly anyway with her diaper. Sure enough, when she pulled it over her head, it was too big. Not a lot - if she hadn't gotten everything so tight, it might have been a little hard to tell - but there was definitely a change. She was deep in Ms. Caldwell's clutches, and her transformation to just another living doll had already started without her even noticing. Anxiously, she popped her thumb into her mouth and began to suck, wondering if she'd already gotten herself in too far.


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