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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 35

Chapter 35 - Through the Looking Glass

Alisa wandered around the house, trying to convince herself that there had to be some way out, even if she couldn't figure out what it could be. After a little exploration, she found the seam where the house split open, but of course she was far too small to do anything about it. The place looked as big as a real house to her, and she knew she had no hope of prying half a house open on her own.

In desperation, both to be noticed and because her bladder was starting to feel full again after her nap, she let go of her bladder, but got neither the shock nor the vibration. For the moment, it was just a simple diaper, which suggested to Alisa that Ms. Caldwell had found herself another toy she was more interested in playing with for the time being. Normally it wouldn't have bothered her, not being the center of attention for that crazy woman, but being trapped in a doll house, in a used diaper, until that time wasn't exactly her idea of a good time, either.

After a while, she went up to the house's version of the room she had slept in the night before, laying down on her stomach on the bed and staring out the window. Was this it for her? There was no way out, and even if there was, an attempted escape seemed like pretty good grounds for Bianca not to bother to un-shrink her, if she had any intentions to in the first place. Judging from the size of the doll house, she didn't think she was much bigger than 12 inches tall, if that, which would make it very difficult to get out of this house on her own. Even if she managed that, she didn't know how she'd get into the car, and there was no way she could walk all the way from this place in the middle of nowhere into the city, even if Dr. Bremer's device didn't go off, regressing her to an infant on top of it all and leaving her even smaller and more helpless.

Would this be better or worse than getting stuck in a cage like those other tiny women? There she'd have other people to talk to, but here at least her home was a little bigger and more interesting. She shook her head, telling herself to stop thinking that way, that she'd find a way out of this, just like she had every other situation she'd found herself in while in this dimension, though she had to admit that this time, it wasn't looking so good.

After what seemed like an hour or two of feeling sorry for herself, she felt the bed begin to shake, and, as she looked out the window, a huge pair of legs, wearing a short plaid skirt, stomped by. Alisa had a pretty good idea of who they must belong to, and the thought turned her stomach. Finally, she had an idea for why she'd been stuck in this doll house, rather than with the other doll-women - she was here as a warning, or a threat, to this other girl, to let her know exactly what could, or would, happen to her in this place. That sudden thought made her wonder about something else; had those other women served the same purpose for her? Now that she knew Bianca was a hypnotist, she couldn't be sure that any of her actions fully belonged to her. Maybe it hadn't been her choice to go exploring after all. Or maybe once she had made that choice, it had been pre-decided that she would find them.

From the window, Alisa could see the girl sit on the edge of the bed, squirming in a way that seemed to indicate that she'd just received a pretty thorough spanking, one that Alisa knew Ms. Caldwell was all too capable of giving. She still couldn't see the girl's face, even though she knew who it had to be. She was torn on what to do about it. Should she wait to be discovered on her own, or should she draw attention to herself? She didn't really want to be seen like this, especially by her, but this girl was her best shot at getting out of this place at this point, and she wouldn't be much help if she got shrunk as well.

Hardly able to believe she was even considering this, Alisa sighed, climbing off of her bed and toddling over to the window. She paused, staring up at the giant set of legs, then banged on the window. She wasn't sure if that was loud enough to be heard outside or not, so she yelled, "Hey! You!" as loud as she could. That was definitely audible, as she saw the legs jolt a little in surprise. "Come on! Over here!" For a few moments, there was no movement. Alisa realized the girl probably had no way of knowing exactly where the voice was coming from, and might even suspect it was Bianca, yelling from the floor below. "It's not Ms. Caldwell! I'm over here, in the doll house!"

As soon as she heard the voice say, "What?" she knew she had been right about the identity of the giant outside. Whether that was a good or bad thing, she still wasn't certain. She'd already started this now, however.

"Come on, Emily, I'm right here!" She banged on the window again, watching the plastic shake, though it never came close to actually coming off. She was a little surprised that the house's windows were made of plastic, but she supposed it was safer than leaving breakable glass around, especially when you were trapping little people inside.

Sure enough, as the figure knelt down, she saw her face looming outside her window, like a giant sun. Of course, it wasn't her face exactly - she looked different in this dimension, and had only had that body a couple days, compared to how long she'd been in this one - but it was still similar enough to throw her off. The sight of a tiny, moving, talking person in the doll house, on the other hand, was enough to throw this other Alisa off as well, as she stumbled backwards, falling onto her surely sore backside, which she rubbed with a wince as she got back up.

"What is going on?" she whined outside, cautiously looking in through the window. "Who are you? I-I'm not Emily, so if that's who you're looking for..."

Alisa rolled her eyes, not buying it for a second. Emily was a manipulative, lying little brat, and she knew better than to believe anything she said. She must be used to hearing herself referred to as Alisa by now, but, at least until Ms. Caldwell came around, the real Alisa wasn't going to give her that satisfaction. "Sure, you aren't," she snipped. "Look, let me out of here."

Emily hesitated. "I don't know..." she chewed on her bottom lip. "What are you? Are you a toy? You look so real..."

"I am real!" Alisa stomped her foot. "If you ever want to get this body back, you'd better let me out of here!"

"Why would I want your body?" Emily furrowed her brow. "It's so tiny..."

"It isn't normally, and you know that very well!" Alisa snapped, growing tired of this game. "Come on, what do you think I can do to you like this?"

"I guess that's a good point," Emily admitted, pausing for another second to consider before moving around out of Alisa's sight. After another moment, Alisa felt the floor beneath her begin to shake again, and as she turned to look out of the open door, she saw the other half of the house moving away from her as Emily pulled it open. Once she was finished, Alisa rushed across the room, stepping outside to stare up at her old body. It had always seemed to small, to her and apparently everyone else, but now it looked bigger than the tallest Amazon she'd encountered in this world. However, from her viewpoint, she could see that it was wearing training pants under its skirt - and not just any trainers, but the ones she herself had brought with her - and a short-sleeve, Peter Pan collared white shirt over top of it, looking, for all the world, like a schoolgirl. Considering what Bianca wanted revenge on this body for, that wasn't much of a surprise.

"Holy crap, you are real," Emily gasped, kneeling back down, now able to see the tiny woman completely, reaching out a giant finger to touch her. "How is this...?"

"Look, Emily, I don't have time to play your little game, and neither do you. I don't know what that woman downstairs did to you, but if you give her a chance, she'll make you a doll, too, and then neither of us are getting out of this place!"

"My name isn't Emily!" Emily protested again. "It's Alisa! That woman is my aunt Bianca. I got sent here because I'm having trouble at school... She's enrolling me at St. Elizabeth's Reform School next week."

"St. Elizabeth's?" Alisa couldn't remember the name of the school she had briefly found herself in, but she had a pretty good feeling it would be just that. That woman really was devious... She wasn't shrinking Emily - or, rather, she probably wouldn't shrink her as much, though she could see the woman making her a bit smaller - she was throwing her to the wolves, making her believe she really was a student, and probably making her at least partially incontinent so she'd have lots of reasons to visit the headmistress. Alisa almost felt sorry for her; if she hadn't been so sure this was the person who had trapped her in a toddler's body for most of a week, she really would have.

"St. Elizabeth of Thuringia," Emily clarified.

"Uh-huh," Alisa nodded. "And you didn't recognize that name?"

Emily thought for a moment. "It did seem kind of familiar, now that you mention it..."

Alisa sighed. "Come on, Emily, enough joking around. If you really were Alisa, you'd know just what that place is!" Of course, she had to admit that wasn't necessarily true, since Ms. Caldwell could have hypnotized her to remove those memories, at least until the girl was safely in the school's clutches. She supposed it was also possible that the girl had been hypnotized to think she really was the other Alisa, with those memories erased, but unless Bianca knew it wasn't really Alisa in the first place, that seemed unlikely.

"I'm not Emily!" the girl insisted again. "I don't know who that is!"

Alisa knew that, in her current state, antagonizing Emily might not be the smartest thing to do, but she was really getting tired of pretending she didn't know what was going on. She'd already been fooled enough by Emily, she didn't want the girl to think she was tricking her this time, too. "Oh, she's just the bitch who stole my body, then ran away..." Alisa stopped her story, remembering exactly what had happened back when Emily had vanished. "Actually, no, you got caught by the Robo-Nanny, didn't you? How did you get away, anyway?"

Emily, to her credit, was doing a good job of looking just as confused as Alisa felt. "I didn't steal anybody's body... Somebody stole mine, but just for a couple days. And when I came back, there was a robot, but it didn't catch me, it was just kinda chilling in the lab."

"Came back? From where?" Alisa hated herself a little for buying into the story, even for a moment, but she wasn't sure that even Emily could be this convincing. Of course, she'd thought that before and gotten burned, so she forced herself to stay skeptical.

"You're not going to believe me, but it was some other world. I mean, it had to be... I didn't see a single Amazon or dwarf there the whole couple of days I was there. Their technology wasn't as advanced as ours, but they weren't doing too badly, I guess. And I didn't have a single person try to check my diaper, or kidnap me, or anything! I mean, when I found the place the other me lived by looking at her ID, I did find some diapers there, but nobody made me wear them, or even seemed to expect me to. It was amazing."

Alisa shivered at the girl's description, feeling a longing in her heart. "Yeah... It really is, isn't it?" As much as she might have fantasized about being forced into diapers back home, part of the fun was that she knew that would never really happen. Sure, one day she might find a boyfriend who would play with her, but even then, she would know that if she said the right thing, her "punishment" would end and she could go back to normal. Here, however, there was no chance of that. She'd never explained that to Emily, of that she was certain, and as smart as that girl was, she doubted she could have just guessed all that stuff about Alisa's own world.

The other Alisa - or, in the view of this world, Alisa supposed, the real one - gave her a strange look. "Who are you, anyway? Why are you so small? I mean, I'm pretty small, but I've never seen anybody as tiny as you. Are you a fairy? I've heard they only live in England, but I guess maybe you're just visiting? I don't see any wings on your back, though..."

"My name is Alisa, too," Alisa said. "I'm not a fairy. That woman, Ms. Caldwell, isn't your aunt, she's a mad scientist. She shrank me, and she hypnotized you into believing you're her niece. You aren't even in school, I don't think. You used to be a reporter, and you did a story on that school she wants to send you to, and nearly got it shut down. She used to work there, but you got her fired, and that's why she's doing all this."

"That's ridiculous! What are you..?" The alternate Alisa froze in mid-sentence, processing what she'd just heard. "A reporter? That's funny... In the other world, I got this call from a newspaper, asking why I hadn't come in to work... How did you know...? Wait, your name is Alisa, too?" Alisa could see the gears turning in the girl's head, so similar, and yet so different, from her own. She brought her head a little closer to Alisa, staring at her ever more intently. "You don't look like an Alisa," she said quietly, sinking down to the floor in front of the doll house.

"This isn't my body," Alisa said. "This is the body of that Emily I told you about. She stole my - your - body, and now, if what you told me is true, I think she's in my world." The real question was whether Emily had gone into the real world's version of her own body, which Alisa knew for sure existed, or whether she had gone into Alisa's body. Considering the real world Emily wasn't in the body of this world's Emily or Alisa seemed to indicate the latter, meaning that Emily had stolen not one, but two bodies from Alisa.

"So... How did this even happen?" Alt-Alisa asked.

As best as she could, Alisa explained the whole thing, though of course she did edit the beginning of the tale just a little. She didn't know for sure if she'd created this world, exactly, or if it had been out there waiting for her to find it, but either way, the inhabitants of it thought it had existed for quite a while, and she didn't want to ruin that illusion on the off chance that this dimension was just a little over a week old. That would have also meant admitting that she had been looking for a place like this - at least until she found it - which was too embarrassing for her to admit even to herself, especially a version of herself that had been stuck here all of her life, whether that life had been all created memories or not. Other than that, however, she told herself everything.

When she had finished, the other her stared at her for a minute or two, taking it all in. Once or twice, she looked like she was about to ask something, only to stop. When she finally did speak, she said, "So, it was your fault I wound up in that other world?"

At this point, a lie seemed rather pointless, so Alisa nodded. "Yeah. I didn't know what Dr. Bremer's experiment would do, I had no idea it would..." To Alisa's surprise, and shock, she felt herself being picked up gingerly, making her wet herself a little more as she was carried through the air, over to Alt-Alisa's chest, where she was given a little, gentle hug.

"Thank you. I never thought I'd see a place like that in all my life." After a minute, Alt-Alisa set Alisa down on the floor in front of her. "Now, I guess we'd better figure out how to get you back there, huh?"


  1. Yay! More adventures in the diaper dimension! *marks off "shrinky-dinked soggy girl of secondary body hugged by pull-upped almost full sized primary body piloted by random stranger" off the list obs archetypal diaper stories stuffs... :)

  2. I still love it! I sense the (bitter) end is comming, but there is still some humilation and bad turns before we reach it.

  3. Original Alisa showing up was an unexpected but awesome twist. I can never tell if you've masterfully planned these things or if it just sort of happens. :P

  4. yayy!!! :) *kisses u and tugs up the back of your wet and poopy diapies*


  5. What I now want to Know:
    What kind of trouble has Emily caused in the real world. The different physical laws probably slowed her down some but with her teck advantage she might have taken over by now.