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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - The Key Master

Her time in the corner wasn't too bad, with her thumbsucking bliss to distract her, though she did regret it once Bianca called to her and told her to come back to the table. She sat down in the large chair opposite the woman with a squish, blushing furiously as she realized that she'd just used up two of her pairs of trainers in one day. She supposed she should be glad she hadn't tried to wear real panties, but that was hardly much of a comfort. She was an adult now! She had nobody trying to keep her out of the bathroom! She shouldn't be having this problem! And yet here she was, sitting in a soggy pull-up. It didn't help that her feet couldn't quite reach the ground in that chair.

"I hope that you've learned a lesson about punctuality," Ms. Caldwell told her, shaking her head. "When I tell you to be on time, I expect you to be on time, if not early. That isn't too much to ask, now, is it?"

"No, ma'am," Alisa shook her head.

"I know you were unpacking today, but in the future, if it happens, I will demand that you explain yourself, and if I am unsatisfied with your answer, you will be running up to the bathroom to bring me a hairbrush. Do you understand?"

Alisa felt just like she was back in school again, though, of course, her teacher had never actually spanked her. She would have protested even then that she was too old, and she was very tempted to say the same thing now, except that she had no doubt that such a thing would only encourage the woman to demonstrate right away that she wasn't. Considering that Alisa was currently in a wet pull-up, that seemed like a very bad idea. "Yes, Ms. Caldwell," she said instead.

"Good girl," Bianca smiled gently. "Now, I can't let you eat dinner, but I did make you a little something to tide you over until breakfast."

Alisa noticed only then that there was a large glass sitting in front of her chair, filled with a dull orange liquid. She was hungry enough to be glad for most anything, at least until she took a sip, feeling the slightly grainy texture that she knew unmistakably as Metamucil. She almost gagged at first, though she knew she should have expected it, glancing over the top of her glass at Bianca. She wanted to stop, to say she wasn't thirsty, but she still didn't know exactly how strict the woman was, and that seemed a good way to earn a spanking.

So, despite herself, she kept drinking. The glass was huge, and even before she reached the bottom, she was sure she was starting to feel bloated. It only made sense that this stuff was more potent here, like everything else, and it was hard to tell just how much of the stuff the woman had put into the cup. She was glad for the available bathroom, but she also needed to remember to keep her thumbsucking to a minimum, or she'd just be begging for a worse accident than the ones she'd already had.

Bianca was looking a bit sour once she finished. "I would ask if you wanted more," she informed the girl, "but since you didn't even thank me for that, despite being late for your actual supper, I don't think you deserve any."

"Oh!" Alisa blushed, hardly able to believe she hadn't thought to do that. "Sorry, Ms. Caldwell.... Thank you, Ms. Caldwell." The latter stuck in her throat a bit, as she hated to idea of having to thank someone for making her drink something that would make it easier for her to have an accident, but she was undercover, and trying to avoid the spanking that Bianca kept threatening.

"You're welcome, dear," Ms. Caldwell replied. "But you have a long ways to go in becoming a proper young lady. I think we'd better get started early tomorrow. Breakfast is usually at 9, but tomorrow it will be at 8, and I expect you to be fully dressed and ready when you reach the dining room. Only small children eat in their pajamas. So, to ensure you are actually able to get up in time, and because of your rather dismal behavior today, I think you should go to bed immediately. I'll give you half an hour to get ready for bed, which should be more than enough, and after that, if I see the light on or your door closed, I will be very cross."

Alisa knew she should hold her tongue, but this latest indignity was too much for her. "That's barely even seven!" she complained. "I'm a grown woman, you can't send me to bed at seven!"

That was, of course, the wrong thing to say. Ms. Caldwell rose from her seat, glaring down at the girl. "You are living under my roof, young lady, and you will do what I say! If you don't like it, I suggest you pack your things and leave right now! I don't care if you're in bed or on the road, but either way, your room will be dark at seven, or you will regret it! Do you understand?!"

Alisa cowered, pretty sure she'd just felt her training pants grow a little damper. "Yes, ma'am!" she squeaked, scrambling up from her chair. She would have loved to just get in the car and leave, as it was pretty obvious where this woman's plans for her were going, but she knew that doing so would mean she'd go back to being a baby, so she would just have to endure it. "I'm sorry!"

Bianca nodded, then beckoned the woman over to her. "You may say goodnight to me now," she instructed, tapping her cheek.

Feeling a little ridiculous, Alisa got up on her toes, kissing the woman's cheek. "Goodnight, Ms. Caldwell," she said.

"Goodnight, Alisa, dear," Bianca told her, giving her a hug. "If you need anything in the night, my room is right under yours, so you can come down and visit me... As long as it is something important. If I suspect you're just trying to get out of going to sleep, I will be very cross. Also, there are some plastic cups in the cupboard behind the mirror over the sink in your bathroom, so if you need water, you can use those."

Alisa nodded. "Thank you, Ms. Caldwell."

Bianca smiled. "You're welcome. Now, you'd better scoot along to bed."

Alisa forced a smile in return, fuming as she replied, "Yes, ma'am." She got up and slunk back up the stairs, stomach feeling full, yet still hungry at the same time. She brushed her teeth and used the toilet again, sighing as she saw the state of her pull-ups - even wetter than the last pair - before returning to her room. She was sure Bianca wouldn't like the pajamas she'd brought along, but there was no need for the woman to see them, and she didn't have much of a choice, anyway. She stripped out of her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her body. It was a little creepy, she supposed, considering the body actually belonged to somebody else, but she was in it now, so it was, essentially, hers.

She almost didn't remember what she had looked like as an adult - she thought she looked a little sexier than this, but that could just be her memory playing tricks. It seemed especially odd to see pubic hair, when she'd spent so long seeing that area bald, when it wasn't covered in a diaper. She pouted as she thought about the fact that she was still going to have to wear a pair of training pants over it, at least at night. It might take a little work, but she could probably eventually get to where she didn't need them during the day any more. She hadn't woken up dry in a week, however, and somehow she doubted that would change anytime soon. Twenty-something or not, she was still a bedwetter... She only hoped that, if she ever got home, that would finally stop.

With a sigh, she pulled on a fresh pair of training pants, a pair of thin, baby blue shorts, and a purple cami, then flopped down onto her bed, trying to process her day. It had started out like so many days lately, with no indication that it would end in any other way, and yet here she was, free of Wren, of Zach, Xavier and Yuriko, even free of diapers, at least for now. So why had she spent so long after her transformation still feeling like a little girl?

She really should have known better than to expect it, but she was still annoyed that Bianca refused to treat her like an adult. She was honestly beginning to wonder if anybody ever would again. Her only chance seemed to be finishing this mission, but how could she do that? Bianca kept the place locked up tight, and the keys were in her apron. Maybe if she could get to those, she'd have a chance, but surely the woman would keep them in her room while she was asleep. Maybe Alisa could sneak in then to get them... Of course, it was hard to tell how long it would take the woman to actually go to bed, whereas Alisa herself would have to lie there in the dark for much longer, running the risk of falling asleep first and missing her chance. A little light came from her window, but that wouldn't last too long, and if she got up and moved around too much to try to keep herself occupied, Bianca might hear, especially once she was in her own room.

She squirmed a little, pushing her thighs together. Bianca could probably hear her, but Alisa couldn't, so she wouldn't know when the woman was there. She had a feeling that if she took a chance to enjoy her alone time, now that she was away from daycare and baby monitors, Bianca would still somehow know, and then she'd be in big trouble for being so unladylike. Some naughty part of her, deep down, that somehow hadn't had enough spankings and diapers yet, almost wanted that, but the more rational section of her brain won out. If she tempted Bianca to punish her too soon, she might do something to make sure Alisa couldn't sneak out of her room.

Alisa looked over at her clock, surprised to see that it was already almost seven. She hopped out of bed and turned off the light before she accidently went past her bedtime. It was only once she'd sat back down on her bed that she remembered the rest of Bianca's instructions that she recalled that she was also supposed to keep her door open. That only pissed her off more, but she slunk over to the door and pulled it open a few inches anyway. That was probably Ms. Caldwell's way to ensure that her lodgers didn't do anything appropriate, like Alisa had just been considering. Unfortunately, considering the tiny shorts she had for PJs and the warm night that didn't require blankets, it could also mean that the woman could easily look in on her and see her training pants.

She wished once more that Selena and Dr. Bremer had given her a little more warning before this mission, so she could have at least packed a longer t-shirt to wear with her shorts. The longest one she'd brought would barely reach the waistband of her shorts, which was no better than her cami. And if her pull-ups wound up not being thick enough, Ms. Caldwell would be able to just look in and see any wet spot a leak would make. Even now that she was no longer a toddler, she had no privacy. Frustrated, she flipped her light back on and shut the door, but her resistance only lasted until 6:59, and then she was back in bed, door open, light off.

She had planned to stay up for a while and watch the sun set outside her window, but after only a few minutes, Ms. Caldwell pushed her door open the rest of the way, walked through the room, and closed the heavy curtain. Alisa was terrified, wondering what else the woman would do, especially if she found out Alisa wasn't asleep, but she just walked right back out, pausing only at the doorway to say, "There's no need to pretend, dear, I know you aren't asleep yet, but I hope you will be soon. Goodnight, Alisa."

Alisa wasn't sure if she should reply or not, but before she could, the woman was gone. Alisa listened to the sound of her footsteps going down the staircase, and then the lights outside the room went out, plunging her into darkness. Somewhere in the house, she could hear the faint sound of dishes clattering. She was determined to stay up as long as it took for Bianca to fall asleep, but it took only a few minutes of boredly staring into the black surrounding her before she blinked her eyes and saw that her clock read 3.

Groggily, she scrambled out of bed, wrinkling her nose as her training pants squished wetly between her legs. She listened for any noises, certain that Bianca had to be sleeping by now, and, sure enough, she heard nothing. She didn't want to waste any time changing, so she crept slowly across her room, letting her eyes adjust to the darkness enough to avoid running into anything. She winced as the first step creaked beneath her foot, halting there for a few moments before moving on to the second. She hadn't noticed how loud they were during the day, but now they all seemed loud as thunder to her anxious ears.

Luckily, even once she was on the ground floor, that was the only noise she had heard. There was no way of knowing for sure that Bianca hadn't heard, wasn't waiting in her room to pounce as soon as Alisa entered. She was a little worried she wouldn't even be able to get into the woman's room, until she remembered she had been told she could go in if she needed anything. She doubted this was what Bianca had meant, however.

She tried a couple locked doors before finding one that opened. It was frustrating that she got to sleep with her door closed, but Alisa supposed it was her right, since it was her house and all. She turned the doorknob, pushed the door in ever so slightly, keeping her ear open for any sounds of stirring from within before opening it just enough to slip in. Alisa's eyes were adjusted enough to see Bianca's sleeping form on her bed, still out cold. She tip-toed over to the woman's desk, but the keys weren't on the top, and she was too nervous to try to open the drawers just yet. Luckily, when she turned back around to search for any other possible place for the keys to be hiding, she spotted the apron hanging on a hook beside the bed.

She bit her bottom lip, glancing at the giant woman's body again, then screwed up her courage. Every step closer to the bed made it just a little harder to breathe, and she was positive that she was wetting her already soaked underthings from fear. It only got worse when she reached into the pocket and came away with nothing. She held her breath, took a step closer to the bed, and tried the other pocket. She really did pee herself when she heard the jingle of the keys, freezing and turning to stare at Bianca, still unmoving and breathing gently.

Ever so slowly, she pulled the keys out of the apron, clenching them tightly in her fist to keep them quiet. As soon as she had them, she just wanted to run out of the room, but she forced herself to keep walking at a snail's pace so as not to tempt fate. She wanted to try to doors downstairs first, but it seemed more likely that Bianca would hear her doing that, and she knew she could get them once she was done upstairs. Going back up the staircase was every bit as grueling as walking down it had been - worse, even, with the keys pressing against her fingers, as she still had a death grip on them to keep them quiet - but eventually, she did it.

She stopped at the first door and began trying key after key. She hadn't realized just how many there were, since Bianca had known just the right one to use on both rooms she'd unlocked, but the keyring was huge, and she had no idea even where to start. This might take longer than she'd expected, she sighed as yet another key failed to open the door. She did finally find the right one, of course, but it made her stomach sink to think of how many more rooms she had to go.

She opened the door and nearly had a heart attack at the sight of a trio of people looming in the room. She squeaked and backed away, but when none of them said anything, she peeked inside again, grasping at the wall to find a lightswitch, which revealed that what she'd thought was three people was, instead, three sewing forms, each with a large, fancy dress in various states of creation on them. The largest had something quite elegant, like a fancier version of what Bianca had been wearing, while the other two were more juvenile looking, one a pink plaid jumper, the other blue with a pinafore. There was a sewing machine, cloth, thread, everything Alisa expected to find in a sewing room, and nothing that she would expect Dr. Bremer to want.

The next couple rooms were nothing special, more guest rooms, but after that, she found what looked like an old fashioned child's room. There was a huge, ornate dollhouse that looked quite similar to the real house, at least from the outside. The bed was similar to the one in her own room, with four posts, however this one had a pink canopy rather than drapes, and rails. The closet was filled with dresses, and she had no doubt that Bianca had made all of them in her sewing room even if they were all much smaller than the ones she'd seen there; they all looked quite childish, some more than others. There were even some that were every bit as short as the clothes Bianca had disapproved of Alisa wearing, though they were also clearly meant for a very young child, so she supposed it was okay on them.

Was this it? It clearly wasn't some strange new technology, but it could explain the woman's nickname. The clothes all looked like something a doll would wear, more than anything a child nowadays would be caught dead in. Back in her body from this world, she probably could have fit into most of them. To be honest, she had been expecting something much worse when she'd heard 'Doll Collector', but if this was all there was to it, she wasn't worried. The only clothes she'd seen that would fit her were the ones still in progress.

She felt much more relaxed as she continued her search, even though she was growing more and more certain that, unless she got lucky, it was going to take more than one night to finish her search. She had been hoping to find what she needed, then hop in the car and leave before Bianca was awake, but it was starting to look like she would have to return the keys after all, which meant she would have to stop soon so she could get that done in time. Since she had fallen asleep herself, she had no clue when the woman might wake up, and Alisa had a feeling it would be early. She told herself she'd just do one more, then give up until the next night, even if that meant going through a full day of living with Bianca telling her how unladylike she was.

She could see something swinging inside the room, but it looked small enough that she wasn't too worried about it. What did worry her was the strange noises she heard in the silence, almost like breathing, except much quieter than normal. She didn't see anything that looked like a bed, or a person, however, so she was sure she had to be imagining it, or at least mistaking it for something else. Still, she hesitated as she slid her hand up and down the wall, totally unsure of what she would see once she found the switch.

"Oh, shit..." she whimpered, not at all prepared for what the light revealed. There were, indeed, beds, but she hadn't seen them because they were tiny, basically dolls beds. A few were inside cages, and each one held a tiny woman, some in nightgowns, some footed pajamas, all clearly wearing thick diapers. A few of them groggily began to shift in their beds, but only one was awake, and, considering she had been standing when the light went on, Alisa had a feeling the light hadn't woken her. Her bed was in a birdcage, hanging on one side of the room, the source of the movement that Alisa had seen in the darkness.

It was that woman who shocked her the most, not because of her accommodations, but because of who she was. There was no way it could be, and yet there was no mistaking her face, either. She took another step into the room, blinking, looking down to be sure she didn't step on anyone before staring back up at the cage, only to find that the occupant hadn't changed. Finally, she found her voice, at least enough to gasp out a quiet, "Dr. Bremer?"


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