Monday, July 15, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - You Never Get A Second Chance At A First Impression

Alisa squirmed boredly as the car drove, starting to wonder if the thing was ever going to stop. It was still a shock every time she looked down to see an actual, mature, adult body there, and that made her feel all the more horny, despite, or perhaps because of, the danger she knew she was heading into. She had no doubt that she was being watched, however, so she did her best to contain herself, though she still wound up wriggling around like a bored child. More than once, she caught herself idly sucking her thumb and had to stop herself, not wanting to meet this woman with a wet pull-up on. She hoped she hadn't already ruined that; it was hard to tell. She thought they might feel a little damp, but if actually reached down to check herself, she'd only make it worse.

Finally, the car slowed to a stop at a huge gate, opening its door automatically. Alisa was glad for the opportunity to stretch her legs, though the large, brick fence she was approaching was quite imposing, as was the immense Gothic style house she could see through the fence, looking larger with every step she took. This was not the kind of house where good things happened, she was sure. However, it might be her only chance out of this world. If she tried to go back now, she had no doubt she would be an infant before the car had even turned around, and by the time she was able to talk again, who knew what would happen to her mind? Would she even remember the real world? No, she had to complete her mission now, and then she could talk to Dr. Bremer, try to convince her.

Still, leaving seemed like an awfully good option as she stood there, staring at the speaker box attached to the gate.She bit her bottom lip nervously, glancing back at the waiting car, then up at the house, before sighing and lifting a shaking finger to the intercom button. "Hello?" she called, trying to sound as cool and confident as she had felt right after she'd been re-aged. "I have an appointment..."

There was no answer, but a moment later, the gate began to swing open. Alisa scampered back to the car, sliding in so it could drive her up the long driveway. At the end, it shut itself off, opening her door and the trunk, where she was able to grab her suitcases before the lid shut itself. She wouldn't have been surprised if the car locked once she was out, though with a suitcase in each hand, she couldn't exactly check for herself. This was it...

She walked up to the door, setting down one suitcase to anxiously ring the doorbell. Like the rest of the house, the door seemed huge, even to her now much taller frame, and the woman who answered it looked just as huge. She was a giant, maybe in her mid-forties, in a floor length, dark blue dress with an apron over it, and, just to make Alisa feel all the more uncomfortable, looked just like a particularly strict teacher she'd had way back in middle school. The name wasn't the same, but she'd never learned her teachers' first names back then, and it was possible Caldwell was her maiden name, Alisa supposed. The woman was just as intimidating as she had been in the real world - more, even, considering her size. Alisa was almost glad Emily had switched bodies with her now, since, in her own, she would have felt just like a toddler again, though, of course, without the switch, she wouldn't have spent five days in daycare. But at least now she felt more like a tween than an infant in front of her.

The woman looked her over, raising an eyebrow. "You're late," she observed.

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Alisa chuckled nervously. "I was just busy getting packed, and I lost track of the time, and..."

"You think you already have the room?" Bianca asked, glaring at the suitcases. Alisa briefly considered trying to hide them behind herself, but knew it would look ridiculous, even if the woman hadn't already seen them. "I haven't even met you yet."

"I-I know," Alisa blushed, cursing the stupid car for opening its trunk. She probably wouldn't even have thought of taking her luggage out if it hadn't done that. "It's just... Well, I got kicked out of my last apartment, so I had to pack anyway, and I don't really have a place to stay..."

That didn't really explain why she'd gotten her suitcases out of the car, but while her mind was reeling, looking for an excuse for that, the woman moved on. "That's not a very appropriate outfit for a young lady like yourself."

"It's not?" Alisa looked down at herself, realizing only then how much skin she was showing. That had been intentional, of course, but she hadn't realized it could offend the woman. "Sorry," she shrugged, smiling bashfully while inwardly she cursed. Why hadn't Dr. Bremer warned her?! This was going to be over before it started! Her stomach churned as she dreaded the walk back down to her car, wondering just how far back she would be regressed. Would she even be able to walk? To sit up?

It was only when Bianca raised an eyebrow at her that Alisa realized she had her thumb in her mouth again, which only made her desire to suck it even stronger as her face turned bright red. She forced herself to take it out, hardly able to look the huge woman in the face afterwards. "A thumbsucker, eh?" Bianca shook her head. "Let me guess... That last 'apartment' you got kicked out of was your college, wasn't it, dear? You were too immature to make it through your classes, and now you're too embarrassed to go back home, so you're looking for someplace else to stay. Is that it?"

Alisa made herself stare up at Bianca, trying to decipher whether that narrative was acceptable to her or not. After a few moments, she hazarded a cautious, "Yes?"

Luckily, that seemed to be the right answer, as she actually got a smile. "Good. I'm glad you were honest with me. I'm always happy to help a young girl like you start over. I must warn you, however, I only allow proper young ladies to board with me, and that outfit is not appropriate for one of those."

"Oh, I know!" Alisa nodded. "I just wore this for traveling, 'cause it was pretty far, you know."

The woman's smile vanished. "A young lady must be proper at all times, even in the car," she lectured, erasing Alisa's sense of relief just as quickly as it had appeared. Luckily, it didn't last long. "But I suppose there's time to teach you all that later. Come in, dear, and let's take a look at your new room. What did you say your name was, again?"

"Alisa," she answered before thinking. Afterwards, she worried that Dr. Bremer had used Emily's name when she'd made the appointment, but once she'd said it, she knew she couldn't take it back without making herself look suspicious.

"That's a lovely name," Bianca nodded. "You may call me Ms. Caldwell."

"Okay," Alisa smiled, glad that, if she had slipped up with her name, the woman hadn't noticed or didn't care.

"Well?" The woman crossed her arms, staring down at Alisa in that way she always had in class when the girl didn't know the answer.

"Okay, Ms. Caldwell?" Alisa fidgeted, unsure of what in the world the woman was looking for from her. She didn't seem to be waiting for Alisa to go inside, since she was still standing firmly in the middle of the doorway.

That wasn't it. Bianca sighed, shaking her head. "It looks like we'll need to work on your manners as well as your dress," she lamented. "I suppose that's hardly a surprise. Aren't you going to thank me, dear, for allowing you to stay with me despite the dismal first impression you gave me?"

"Oh!" Alisa blushed. "Umm... Thanks, Ms. Caldwell. I really do appreciate it."

"Good girl," Bianca said, taking one of her suitcases and starting inside. "Maybe you can learn yet."

"I'm a good learner!" Alisa chimed in as she hurried after the woman, following her up the grand spiral staircase in the entryway to the second floor. There was a certain, immature part of her, probably inspired by this world, that wanted to try sliding down the banister. She'd never actually done anything like that before, but this seemed like a good one to start on... Though, of course, that hardly seemed like a proper thing to do, so she had no doubt Bianca wouldn't appreciate it.

"Yes, that's what they all say," the woman replied dismissively. "We'll see about that, won't we?" She stopped at a door, reaching into a pocket on her apron to take out a key to unlock it, revealing a large room, centered around an ornate four poster bed draped in pink. "This is your room," Bianca announced, setting down the suitcase she'd picked up and signaling for Alisa to do the same. Once the girl had, she led her past another pair of doors before unlocking another. "This is the bathroom," she explained, opening it. "I would ask that you not try to go into any of the other rooms for now - I haven't cleaned them in some time, I'm afraid."

Alisa had been hoping for something a little more helpful than that - one specific door she wasn't allowed to go in would have been a pretty good indication that whatever the woman was hiding was in there. "I can help!" she offered, a little too quickly. "I-I'm good at cleaning, and maybe it would help make up for how rude I was," she explained.

"We'll see," Bianca replied doubtfully. "If you can keep your own room clean, perhaps. I don't want you going in and making a bigger mess, however."

"I won't," Alisa promised, feeling a little offended that the woman thought she would, like some errant child. "Do I get a copy of the key to my room and the bathroom?"

"There's no need for that," Bianca told her. "I only lock them when I don't have a tenant, and they'll only lock with the key. This way, I know you won't foolishly lock yourself into or out of one of them."

"Okay," Alisa agreed through a frozen grin, though she could feel the urge to throw a fit rising. What was this woman's deal?! She was a woman, damn it! She even looked like one now! There was no doubt about it! So why was she still being treated like a little girl?! Back when she'd been in this universe's version of her body, she'd assumed all this stuff kept happening to her because of it, because it was practically designed for that treatment, but now even this body wasn't earning her the respect she knew she deserved. Sure, there were plenty of stories where an "average", or beautiful, young adult got babied, but she'd seen plenty of those around who weren't - even this body, in a younger version, had been in charge, except for the apparent occasional spanking. So why was it that now that she was in it, it was being treated like a little kid? Maybe it wasn't the bodies after all, but her mind... Did she really deserve all of this?

"Good. Dinner is at six, exactly. If you're not on time, you don't eat. I may have you set the table in the future, but for today, I think you should concentrate on getting unpacked, and finding some a little more appropriate to wear, don't you?"

Alisa nodded sullenly. "Yes, Ms. Caldwell." She half expected to hear the door lock behind the woman as she left, but apparently she trusted Alisa enough to leave her alone, at least with the two rooms she'd unlocked. She gave the woman a few minutes to get down the stairs and into the kitchen before she snuck out of her room, heading to the bathroom. The furniture was made to fit giants, so it felt a little big to her, though that hardly mattered. It was just nice, after her time as a toddler, to be able to use the toilet again, even if doing so meant she got a look at her training pants and found them a bit damp. It was also a bit disconcerting to realize how easily Bianca could simply lock this door and leave her with no choice but to go to the bathroom in her pants.

On the way back to her room, she tried a few doors, in the hopes that at least one of them would be unlocked, to give her one more place to mark off her list of places she'd need to search to find whatever it was Dr. Bremer wanted. True to Bianca's word, every one of them was locked tight, so she slunk back to her room, defeated, to do as the woman had suggested. Reluctantly, she pulled the training pants out of her suitcase and put them into her dresser, knowing that she would be needing them for a little longer at least. She left one aside to change into, then grabbed her real panties and her bras and put them in the drawer on top of the trainers, covering them up. At least when she looked in, she could pretend things were normal...

As she finished up the rest of her unpacking, she began to grow worried about the clothes she'd picked to bring with her. She'd been so excited about her new body that she'd mostly chosen things that would show it off, things that she doubted Bianca would approve of. She couldn't believe Dr. Bremer and Selena had let her do that! Surely they must have known, which made her wonder if it was intentional. She did have one somewhat longer skirt that at least went down to her knees, and she chose the shirt that showed off the least cleavage to go with it - as well as changing her pull-ups - but she had a feeling that wasn't going to be good enough for Bianca.

It turned out that was the least of her worries. By the time she got downstairs and wandered her way to the dining room, the woman was already sitting at the table, eating, and a glance at the grandfather clock in the room read 6:03. "I'm sorry, Ms. Caldwell, I just lost track of time getting my things unpacked!"

Bianca didn't answer, or even acknowledge Alisa's existence, just kept eating her soup. Alisa stood by awkwardly, wondering if she should just leave. Once she had finished the soup, Bianca set down her spoon, picked up her napkin, wiped her mouth, then, at last, turned to face her lodger. "I'm glad to see that you at least had the sense not to sit down. You'll still be going to bed without supper, but perhaps you have some potential... Not that you could tell it from that outfit. I suppose it's better than what you had on earlier, barely. Now, you're going to stand in that corner over there until I've finished my meal."

"Can't I just..?" Alisa started to ask.

She regretted it almost immediately, as Bianca's expression changed, even before the woman opened her mouth. "I was going to be satisfied with that as a punishment for you, but if you'd like to go fetch a hairbrush from the bathroom for me, just keep speaking, young lady."

Alisa sighed, but, like a good girl, she turned and walked to the corner, stomach growling hungrily as she listened to Bianca eating behind her. She couldn't believe how unfair this was... She was finally an adult again, and yet here she was, in the middle of a punishment she'd received plenty of times over the last week as a little girl! Without thinking, she sulkily began sucking her thumb, fuming inwardly as she waited for Ms. Caldwell to finish.


  1. Ahah! The classic "manipulative landlady" trope! I did not see this one coming! Bravo!

  2. What fun! Hmmm I wonder what's going to happen next. Somehow I doubt it will be a grand tour of all the naughty corners in the building :)

  3. Something tells me Alisa's wardrobe is going to get a complete make-over pretty soon....

    And as I noted over at I think Princess has enough plot ideas to keep this one going for at least 99's her version of Stephen King's magnum monster opus, IT. (And yes, I mean that in a good way...even if the giant spider ending was a bit of a let-down).