Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Free Refill

Alisa was sure she had never pooped so much in her life, which made it all the more surprising when, after a few more minutes of feeling sorry for herself, she felt her diaper fill even more, the aftereffects of the enema sending a fresh batch of the mess into her already bulging pants. She felt rather sure that she had wet herself in the midst of her huge "accident" as well, since she felt no pressure on her bladder at all, but she couldn't recall that at all. It hardly mattered - her diaper was very well used, either way.

She had read, many times, of characters filling their diapers, and she'd thought she had already experienced that, but it wasn't until now that she felt like that really was true. Not just a figure of speech, but truly filling her Pampers almost to the point where she didn't think they could hold any more. She managed to get to her feet, but walking was even more of a challenge than it had been in just the double diaper, to the point where she was afraid with each step that the heavy diaper would fall off, or bust open, or at least leak. They didn't, but she was sure that wouldn't last too long. What was taking the room so long to change her? There was no way it hadn't noticed this.

"Hello?" she called, annoyed and embarrassed. She hated having to ask for it, but maybe that was what it was waiting for. She told herself that nobody could hear her, but she knew there were cameras watching her every move, and she wondered if Mommy would be treated to the show when she came to pick her up that afternoon. How much did the nursery show the parents? Especially when their "children" were grown-ups? "Can you please change me?" she asked finally.

"Your mommy has instructed that, should you use your diaper because of a punishment, you must stay in it for at least an hour," the electronic voice told her.

"No!" she cried automatically. "No way, I'll get a rash! That's no fair!" She stomped her foot angrily, having never felt more helpless in her life. It was even worse than the night before had been, because, despite having her hands free, she knew that any attempt to do anything with them to help herself would only make things worse for her.

"There is an alternative," the voice offered, once her tantrum had calmed a touch.

"Will it get me out of this diaper?" Alisa asked suspiciously.

"Yes, and you will not get a rash."

"Do it!" Alisa demanded. She didn't care what the other conditions were - there was no way they could be worse than spending an hour in such a messy diaper. The voice tried to say something else, but she was getting fed up already. "Now!" she yelled, stomping her foot again.

The hands popped out, picking her up and pushing her dress out of the way as they efficiently untaped her diapers and began the clean-up. Even with as many of them as there were, it still took them a little while, as Alisa fidgeted and blushed, glad it wasn't a real person cleaning up her filthy backside this time. A diaper pail grew out of the floor, though as soon as the diapers were tossed into it, she could hear a sucking noise as they were whisked away. She laid back, relieved to be out of them so soon, hoping she wouldn't have to go through anything like that again anytime soon.

She wasn't surprised to find herself taped back into two Pampers, but even that didn't feel so bad now that they were clean. The hands plucked her off the table and set her down, and for a brief, blissful moment, she thought that might be it. She didn't notice the hose snaking down from the ceiling. She felt a slight tug at the waistband of her diaper, but didn't think much about it until she felt something soft and warm and mushy being dumped into the back. At first, she was disbelieving, sure she couldn't be going again so soon, which was only confirmed when she realized her body didn't feel like it was behind this. She turned around, confused, to see the hose, but when she tried to grab it, instead of being able to pull it out, she only seemed to encourage it to pump faster.

"Stop it!" she yelled, pouting unhappily as her diaper was filled once again. "What are you doing?"

"What you requested. We changed your diaper. The substance in your diaper is designed not to give you a rash, and to heal any sign of a rash that has already begun. Your mommy instructed that you spend time in your messy diaper, but, if you chose so, she allowed for this to be what you diaper was filled with. However, in return for that, you must wear it for even longer."

Alisa groaned, squirming in her diaper, feeling the stuff that was already in there. It felt exactly like what she had just been changed out of, and knowing that it wasn't barely made it better. By the time the tube extracted itself, the diaper felt just as loaded as her last one had, and almost right away, a hand appeared from the floor to tug her out of her dress and put her into her crib.

"Nap time!" the voice announced, turning off the lights, the television, and the sun in the fake window.

"I'm not tired!" Alisa complained, wriggling around in the crib, feeling her diaper squish beneath her with every move. There was no answer. She looked down through the dim light from the fake moon at the huge diaper around her waist, seeming to strain under the weight of what was inside, whatever that was exactly. After a few minutes, she felt a rapidly growing twinge in her bladder. Unthinking, she reached down to press a hand to her diaper to try to help put off the inevitable for a moment or two. She thought better of it, trying to pull her hand away in time, but her skin had barely brushed the plastic before her hands and feet were grabbed by hands coming from the crib, each pulled and held in a different direction as the hands turned into soft cuffs. As she wet herself, she could feel something shifting in her diaper, and when she looked down at herself, the diaper seemed to be swelling out even more.

"Can't I go out on the playground?" she asked, grumpily tugging on her restraints. They had just enough slack in them that she thought the first couple times that she might be able to break free, but of course the nursery wasn't really going to allow that. She also knew that it wouldn't let her escape from there, and she didn't really want to be seen by the other subjects of the nursery, or anyone else who might be around, but at least she wouldn't be in this room for a little while, and maybe they'd change her beforehand.

"Your mommy has suspended your outside playtime privileges," the nursery informed her.

"Perfect," Alisa pouted. Maybe Mommy had thought there really was some danger of her being able to escape when she was outside, which just gave her more hope. "Then can I..." She was silenced by the return of the pacifier, as the room apparently finally tired of her complaining. She hardly noticed herself sucking angrily on it, lying back and staring up at the ceiling. After a time, the ceiling opened up, dangling a mobile over her head, one featuring the characters from the show she'd been watching all that morning, gently playing a slowed down version of the theme song as it twirled around and around above her. She had little choice but to watch it, her eyes getting heavier and heavier and the sucking on her pacifier slowing gradually as she drifted off to sleep.

She dreamed of the show again, which she blamed the mobile for, even more vividly than she had the night before. It was a rather unpleasant sensation to wake up to a very full diaper - one that, in fact, felt even fuller than it had been when she'd been put down for her nap. Had she messed herself in her sleep? The thought made her want to cry, until she remembered that her pre-nap wetting had seemed to make the fake mess expand, and that she was a bedwetter. She supposed the stuff did that to absorb the urine and keep it from irritating her skin, but that hardly made her feel better, since she couldn't even ask to be changed, with the pacifier in.

The room slowly came to life, switching the "outside" picture as it let her out of the crib, setting her on the floor with some blocks and turning the screen back on to the same old show. She had to admit that, while she still wasn't entirely sure what was going on in it, there was something slightly addictive about it that made her want to keep watching, even as she was force fed her lunch through her pacifier. Once that was done, to her surprise, she was put on the changing table, and strapped into two fresh Pampers. The pacifier was unhooked and removed, and she was dressed back in her dress and diaper cover before hand came from the hallway to drag her away.

It seemed strangely early - had she lost track of time as she'd been watching TV? Had her nap been extra long? The room had told her she wasn't allowed to play on the playground, so that was clearly not what this was. For a brief moment, she wondered if Dr. Bremer had changed her mind after all, and she was being taken to her lab to, finally, go home, but when her trip through the building halted, she was plopped down in front of Mommy, who was intently examining a screen in the wall.

"Only half a day, and you still managed to get punished," Mommy commented without turning around. "You are such a troublemaker, Dolly."

"I'm sorry," Alisa blushed, peeking around the giant woman to get a glimpse of a video of herself messing her diaper, which only made her more embarrassed. She'd already had to watch that once - she didn't need to see it again. It did remind her, after having spent most of the day so far in very messy diapers, just how nice a clean one felt. It would be nice to get to experience that for a while, though, of course, by the very nature of the garment she knew it wouldn't stay that way forever.

Mommy didn't respond right away, reaching up to interact with the screen, flicking away the report on Alisa's day and switching over to Clara's. She gave a little sigh as she looked at it, at last turning to face Alisa. "You're going to mess yourself," she announced.

"B-But..." Alisa whined, sniffling in surprise. "I just got changed! That's not fair!"

"Clara had an accident, so you are going to make her feel better. So far, you've hardly been any use, despite everything I've given you, but you are going to do what I took you in to do. Once Clara gets here, you will ask to use the potty, and then you will poop your Pampers. Do you understand?"

"But I..." Alisa whimpered.

Mommy grabbed her chin, forcing the girl's face up to meet her own glare. "Do you understand?" Alisa sniffled, but nodded grumpily. Mommy hit a button on the screen, and seconds later, Clara was standing in front of them, pouting almost as much as Alisa. Obviously, she had been coming here long enough to know that her mother already knew about her accident, and that she hadn't earned the big girl panties they'd brought for her in the diaper bag.

Mommy gave Alisa a pointed look. Alisa silenced a groan as she stared up at the woman, tugging on her skirt. "Mommy, can I go potty?" she asked.

"Silly Dolly! Why didn't you go potty in your room? All you had to do was ask!" Mommy turned from her to Clara, confiding in her, "She didn't ask even once! She just used her diaper like a little baby! At least you asked first, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I guess..." Clara nodded, though she still sounded a little upset. "And I did make it all the other times..."

"Sometimes you get distracted, though, huh?" Mommy asked knowingly. "It's no big deal, sweetie. You'll get there." She turned to Alisa, giving her another glare.

Alisa pouted. Clara seemed to be feeling better already, there was no need for her to ruin her clean diaper already. "But..."

"All right, Dolly, let's go!" Mommy took her hand, bending over to whisper, "If you make it, you will regret it, little lady!" before taking Clara's hand as well. "Come on, Clara, we'd better get Dolly to the potty before she has another accident! We wouldn't want that to happen, now would we?"


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    If you like the automated nursery theme,check out the novel
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