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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - Hide and Seek

Alisa felt a little like she was flying blind. It was so rare for the protagonist of a story to find herself back in real panties once she was put in diapers, she didn't really have any guidelines for keeping things that way. Of course, she still had a Pull-Up on underneath the panties for the time being, but she planned on fixing that just as soon as she got up the courage to crawl out from behind her hiding spot.

She felt just as excited as any real toddler, about to find herself in big girl panties - even though it was merely the first time in a day or so for her. She found herself pushing back her skirt and staring at them like she half expected them to vanish. They were definitely not what she'd choose to wear, but they were far, far better than diapers, or even Pull-Ups. While they were slightly thicker than her own real panties, or at least how she remembered them, it wasn't in the same way that they usually were in the stories. These were clearly not training pants, but the real thing.

She wanted to reach out and touch them, feel the thing fabric beneath her fingers, but they were already pushing the Pull-Ups padding against her freshly lotioned private parts, and her sudden privacy was making her want to take advantage of that, without consideration for the fact that she was in a public place. She could just imagine it - her, looking even more like a child than ever before, being exposed doing something very adult, and very naughty, as some stranger pulls open the wall of clothes in front of her. With this world being the way it was, she wouldn't be surprised if they pulled her out of there and starting spanking her right then and there, while she begged and pleaded and tried to explain...

There was a brief shiver of pleasure as, lost in her thoughts, her hand pushed against the crotch of her Pull-Up, but it was washed away instantly as she began to wet herself, the warm urine she hadn't even realized she was holding in flowing out into her trainers. Of course, that added bit of humiliation only made her fantasy more deliciously embarrassing, and she continued to rub, but the longer she touched her Pull-Up, the more she peed, until she forced herself to stop, scared she was going to leak onto her big girl panties, leaving her frustrated once again. That stupid Mommy had hypnotized her, she realized with a sinking feeling in her stomach. She wasn't sure exactly when or how, but clearly she had.

The thought was rather scary, she had to admit. What other things had been implanted into her head without her knowing? Was that why she'd been obeying Mommy and Clara so quickly and thoroughly, even when she didn't want to? In addition to everything else they were doing to her, they had been turning her into a brain-dead zombie, one who would do as she was told no matter what... Which only made those surgeries seem even more cruel and unnecessary. Of course, Mommy hadn't actually done any of them, since Alisa hadn't given her the chance, but Alisa had been sure she would have. Although, maybe it just would have been more hypnosis to make Alisa think those things had been done to her. It would have felt just as real to her, enough that she might never have known the difference, unless Mommy, for whatever reason, decided to un-do the hypnosis.

That might be the scariest thing in this world, she thought with a shiver. Hypnosis was always so quick in the stories, and it never seemed to fail. If the person doing it didn't want you to, you wouldn't even know it had been done. And, unlike in the real world, it never seemed to be bound by the whole "it can only make you do things you really want to do, deep down" thing. That only made the fact that the her from here had pissed off some woman skilled in it when she'd done that expose even scarier. And Alisa didn't even know what she looked like. She could be anywhere, looking for revenge...

A little more urine trickled into her Pull-Up to go with the squeak that exploded from her mouth as the clothes in front of her began to move. They stopped, and she clamped her hand over her mouth, hoping that whoever was shopping would convince themselves they were hearing things and move on to another rack. She glanced down at herself, then hastily rearranged her skirt, re-covering her underthings. She was suddenly very glad she had been forced to stop masturbating, or her daydream might have become reality more quickly and thoroughly than she could have imagined.

A moment later, the clothes were whisked apart, revealing a girl who looked to be in her early twenties. She was a regular sized human, wearing a t-shirt bearing a few of the characters from the TV show Alisa had seen in the nursery, and a pink ruffly skirt, along with a pair of pink sandals adorned with a plastic flower. "Hi!" the girl chirped as she saw Alisa, giggling. "Are you playing hide and seek? That looks fun!"

"Umm... Well, I..." Alisa stammered, not quite sure what to say.

"Uh-oh, did I give your hiding spot away?" the girl asked, looked behind her for some sign of anyone who seemed to be searching for Alisa. "I'm sorry!"

"No, it's okay," Alisa said quickly, feeling strangely bad for the girl, who seemed upset at that prospect. "I wasn't really..."

"Oh. My. God!" the girl squealed, reaching down to touch Alisa's hair, then pulling her to her feet. "You are so adorable! I'm so jelly! Where did you get your hair done? Where did you get that dress?" Before Alisa could answer, or even decide which question to try to answer first, the girl turned and yelled, "Hanna! Come see what I found!"

Alisa's face flushed as she looked around, sure that the whole store had to have heard that, which was the opposite of what she wanted. Before she could do anything, however, another girl, around the same age, scurried over in a yellow sundress. As soon as she saw Alisa, she beamed. "So cute!" she exclaimed. "You always find the best new friends, Isabella!"

Alisa smiled weakly. She wasn't exactly sure she considered herself these girls' friend - she had nothing against them, and she'd rather have them on her side than against her, but they'd mostly been talking about her, rather than to her, so far. "It's... uh... nice to meet you two..."

Hanna and Isabella looked at each other and giggled. "Do you think she...?" Hanna asked, sneaking a sideways glance at Alisa.

"Oh, yeah," Isabella nodded. "Just look at her!"

"Look at who?" Another girl popped up, this one wearing shortalls with a light blue shirt underneath. She was clearly a dwarf, though she was still a bit taller than Alisa.

"Our new friend!" Isabella announced. "This is Jasmine! She's pretty cute, too, I guess, but she doesn't wear cute dresses like you do! She wears stupid old boy stuff!"

"These aren't boy clothes," Jasmine pouted. "What's her name?"

The three girls looked at each other, confused, for a moment, before turning to Alisa. She wasn't sure what exactly to say. Should she lie, to make it harder for them to find her if this turned weird - or weirder than it already was, rather? Using Dolly would only make things worse, though, since she had no idea if any of these girls knew Mommy, and might hear that she had gone missing. Her hair could give her away still, but that and the name would be enough to ensure a one way ticket back to the woman's house.

"She's so bashful!" Hanna pointed out, something all three girls, including Jasmine, cooed over.

"My name is Alisa." She considered holding out her hand, but that seemed oddly formal.

"Well, now that we're not strangers, you have to come to my house!" Isabella declared. "We're having all our friends over for a big sleepover! It's going to be great!"

"Oh, uh... I mean, thanks, but..." Alisa felt off-balanced by this whole situation, unsure of what to do or say. So far, it seemed like everyone in this world just wanted to make her their baby, so it was a nice change of pace, at least. Still, she didn't know them, and it was hard to tell what could happen at this girl's house. Not that she had anywhere else to spend the night...

"She's nervous," Hanna told the others, which elicited yet another round of laughter. "Don't worry, Lis-lis, we know your secret, and we won't tell!" The three girls exchanged another look, then reached down to grab the bottom of their outfits and, as one, flipped up their skirts, revealing a Pull-Up with a design Alisa had never seen before on Isabella, a Goodnite dotted with ballerinas on Hanna, and Jasmine's shortalls, as she couldn't exactly show off what was under them without taking off most of her outfit.

"You ruined it!" Hanna teased Jasmine as the other girl pawed at her shortalls with a shrug as the other two girls lowered their skirts. "I told you you should have worn the ones with the snaps!"

"Jasmine," Isabella explained, "wears Pampers."

"I'm wearing them," Jasmine corrected her. "Because this thing is hard to get off! I don't always wear them!"

"So... What do you wear?" Isabella asked.

"I-I... I don't..." Alisa's cheeks flushed red as she realized they had figured out she was wearing something other than big girl panties just by looking at her, and she turned darker as she figured out that had been what they were talking about earlier, most likely.

"You don't have to lie, Lis-Lis," Hanna told her gently. "We can always tell one of our own. Come on, sweetie, just let us see. Nobody can see you around us!" The other three moved in tighter, forming more of a shield around her, though it also felt like they were preparing to strike and look for themselves if she wasn't fast enough. Reluctantly, Alisa lifted her skirt, not having to go far before the Dora panties became visible. Even had the girls not clearly been experts, it was still fairly obvious that there was something more under them.

"Aww, look, she's trying to hide her padding," Jasmine chuckled. "She thinks she's a big girl!"

"But not too big," Hanna pointed out. "Those aren't for too big a girl, are they? Buuuut... What's underneath those?"

"Don't push her too hard," Hanna scolded Isabella. "She's a shy little thing!"

"They're Pull-Ups," Alisa finally managed to break in, her voice cracking a little as she said the words, hardly able to believe she was admitting it out loud.

"I wanna see!" Isabella squealed. It seemed a little weird that she was so excited, considered she was wearing the same thing, but Alisa was feeling a bit trapped. At the same time, though, there was something nice about being around people who accepted it, more than whole-heartedly. She was sure she knew exactly what kind of a story she had stumbled into now. She'd never been a huge fan of those ones where the main character seemed to get everyone she ever met interested in wearing diapers and they just had silly adventures while wearing them, but after her previous experience, it was a pleasant change of pace. At least it might give her a chance to catch her breath and form a plan.

So, in the middle of the clothes store, in front of three people she'd known less than ten minutes, she pulled her panties down, exposing her wet training pants. She was a litte worried that doing that would make her wet herself again, just because it was next to impossible to get the panties down without at least a little skin brushing her Pull-Ups, but it seemed that she was safe if she only touched the sides, like the opposite of Operation.

"Oh. My. God!" Isabella practically exploded, bouncing up and down, which got the other two started. "My little cousin wears those exact same Pull-Ups! So cute!"

"Big deal," Jasmine interjected. "I can wear those, too, you know!"

"Yeah, but you always get those stupid boy designs!" Isabella said. "These are way cuter!"

"Yours are cute, too," Isabella stepped in, reassuring Jasmine. "They're way cuter than the dumb Pull-Ups Teens junk I'm stuck with."

"Those look pretty wet. Don't you think you should go change, hon?" Hanna looked at her with concern. Before Alisa could answer, Hanna looked around, then pursed her lips. "Don't you carry a diaper bag with you? Or even a purse? It doesn't look like there's any pockets in that, either..."

"I was just out for a walk," Alisa blurted out, not wanting any of them to suspect she had escaped from a Mommy, since she had a feeling they would side with a Mommy over a new friend any day. "I live right around the block"

"Oh, can we take a look around your place while you change?" Isabella asked eagerly, making Alisa realize what a mistake that little lie had been.

Luckily, Hanna saved her again. "There's no need to go back there, I've got plenty of stuff for her to change into back at my place, and I'm more than happy to share. You're coming, aren't you?" She looked expectantly at Alisa, who weighed her options for another moment before nodding with the the slightest hesitation. Isabella grinned, and all three girls let out shrieks of delight. "This is going to be the funnest sleepover ever!" Hanna assured Alisa. "Are you done shopping?" As soon as Alisa nodded again, Hanna grabbed her hand and led the merry band through the store and on to their next adventure.


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