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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - All Cleaned Out

Alisa whimpered helplessly at the rather uncomfortable feeling of being filled up from both ends at once. The relatively inoffensive banana baby food had been replaced with oatmeal as soon as the enema had begun, making her feel sure that Mommy had told the nursery to use that as a punishment. Considering she'd been too scared to even try messing her diaper regularly back in the real world, she had certainly never given herself an enema, and it was just as humiliating as the stories she'd read featuring them would suggest. She was pretty sure it had started out as just water, loosening her bowels up, but then it had changed to something else, something a little thicker and slower flowing, making her feel almost like both of the hoses going into her were carrying the same thing.

What was worse, however, was the fact that she was sure she had never read anything quite like what was happening to her now. It was not, however, the first time she'd considered the idea of being force fed and given an enema at the same time - it was one of those strange, naughty ideas she'd had and tucked away, just in case she happened to decide to write one of those stories herself. This place wasn't just based on stories, she realized, or even stories and art, it had drawn from the deepest, darkest recesses of her mind, and that was a very dangerous place to be.

As she swallowed mouthful after mouthful of thick, tasteless mush, squirming as she felt her tummy growing ever bigger as the concoction continued to be pumped into her backside, she found herself still staring up at the screen. Maybe it was just to take her mind off of what was happening - as if that was possible - or maybe it was just her giving up, since it wasn't like there was much else she could do at the moment. As she was staring, however, she was treated to a welcome sight as the screen blinked off and was replaced by Dr. Bremer's face.

"Oh," Dr. Bremer said, staring down from the screen at Alisa with a frown. "Well, this must not be right."

Alisa frantically tried to nod her head in agreement, but the doctor was turning to look at her own monitors, tapping away at her keyboard. Faintly, Alisa could hear her own voice over the speakers, as Dr. Bremer pursed her lips and stared back over at her. "It is the same room," the woman mused.

Alisa mumbled behind her pacifier, trying to get the scientist's attention. The hands were still holding her in place, so she couldn't even motion for her, and she doubted her protestations were even audible. She whimpered angrily, hardly able to believe that, yet again, she was so close to explaining things to the only person who could probably help her, only to find herself helpless to communicate, as the nursery's machines filled her up top and bottom.

"Hey, wait," Dr. Bremer said suddenly. "I remember you!" There was a little more typing. "You were my anomaly yesterday! Well, that's odd, isn't it?" She glanced between her screen and the live feed of Alisa, clearly conflicted. "You were claimed already, though, so that was just a bug in the system... Wasn't it?"

For a long moment, Dr. Bremer just stared at Alisa, as she tried to communicate through only her eyes, and then, to Alisa's surprise, she pressed something, and the oatmeal stopped. A second later, the gag was removed, though the hand holding it didn't go far, and she was stood on her feet. The enema continued, but it thinned back down to water, although this time it felt cool, instead of warm, making her squirm a bit in surprise. She felt miserable, and when she looked down at her tummy, she could see it bulging out, like her baby fat had all come back at once - or, like the stories tended to say, like she was pregnant.

Even so, she knew this might be her only shot. "Dr. Bremer, I know this is going to sound weird, but you have to listen to me!" she begged. The woman on the screen didn't say anything, but she didn't tell her to stop, either. "I don't know what the name on my file says - probably Dolly - but my name is Alisa. I'm not a baby, I'm twenty-five!"

Dr. Bremer rolled her eyes. "Well, of course you are!" she was starting to sound exasperated. "My sensors could tell that immediately. Do you really think you're the first of your kind to be sent here? If that's it..."

Alisa let out a squeal as she saw the pacifier moving toward her, and as a cramp wracked her guts. "No!" She wrapped her now free arms around her churning, stuffed stomach, trying to get the pain under control, and trying to make her mouth say something more than the frantic, "No!" it kept spouting as the pacifier drew closer and closer. This might be her last chance. If Dr. Bremer thought that was all she had to say, she might ignore anything else from her room, and then she would have no way of communicating with her at all!

"No, please, I..." she gasped, the tip of the pacifier pressing against her lips, threatening to condemn her to silence, and diapers, forever. "I'm not from this world!" She wasn't even sure if the woman heard it, or understood it, as the pacifier was already pushing its way into her mouth as she said it.

It stayed in for a long moment before Dr. Bremer typed something else, and it was taken out. "Are you trying to tell me you're an alien?" she asked skeptically.

"No, no!" Alisa shook her head. "Not another world, another dimension!"

Dr. Bremer leaned forward a little, scowling. "How did you know about that research? I stopped working on that months ago! You couldn't have just..." Dr. Bremer turned to her monitor and began typing away for a minute. "I thought you looked familiar!  It was hard to recognize you in those diapers... You're that bratty reporter who almost got that school shut down! Is that why you're here? Trying to make up some fake story about this place, too?! I'll have you know, I only do what the parents request, that's hardly my fault, is it? I fulfill a vital role in..."

"No!" Alisa felt like that was all she was saying lately. That was probably a bad thing, since saying that once she was back with Mommy would only get her in trouble, so she had better not get too used to it. "No, I got fired from that job! I'm not a reporter anymore!"

Dr. Bremer glared suspiciously at her, but another quick search verified it. "How do I know you didn't get a job at another station?"

"Well, you don't," Alisa had to admit. "But I haven't done a story at another station since then, have I? I mean... I guess I haven't. I don't really know, because, like I told you, I'm not from this dimension. In my dimension, I was interviewing you, and you showed me your machine, and it brought me here!"

"Then why do you need my help?" Dr. Bremer asked. "If it was another me who built this supposed machine, wouldn't I have configured a return door?"

Alisa blushed. "Well, uh... I kinda went through before you could do that..."

"Yeah, right," Dr. Bremer snorted. "Like I would be that careless. You know what I think, little one? I think you were researching me before you got fired, hoping to do your next story on me. Then, someone finally wised up that this was where you belonged, and now you're trying to use your knowledge to try to trick me into letting you go. Doesn't that make more sense than your silly little sci-fi story?"

"No, please!" Alisa sniffled. "It's true, please!" To her surprise, the enema stopped, and the hose was removed, followed by a hand tugging the double diaper back up over her bottom. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, considering how full her belly was, but that just meant that when the diaper did go over it, it just made her feel the need to go more urgently. The hand patted the back of her diaper, and sank into the floor, taking

"Give me one good reason I should think you're anything more than a silly little girl telling stories," Dr. Bremer said, crossing her arms and staring down at her. "Because that's all you look like to me right now. Maybe I should ask your mother if she'd like to help me test my new project - you seem like you're a handful."

"Well, I... I..." Alisa stammered, biting her bottom lip and squirming as an enormous cramp hit her. She couldn't help but remember the day before, when she'd been so skeptical of the other Dr. Bremer's accomplishments. If only she could go back and tell herself to think of something else...

"I'll tell you what," Dr. Bremer told her, "if you can keep that diaper of yours dry for ten minutes, I'll believe you're a big girl, telling the truth. How about that? Can you do that?"

Alisa honestly didn't know. Sure, in the stories, they never could, and she had no experience with this and felt on the verge of going right then and there, but she couldn't think of anything else to use as proof. Maybe if she'd been a little less focused on exposing Dr. Bremer's invention as a fake, she would have asked some more in-depth questions about the woman that she could have used as proof. Although, of course, there was no guarantee that what was true for the Dr. Bremer of her world would be true of the one here. Still, it could have given her something to work with. "O-Okay," she squeaked quietly.

An animated stopwatch appeared on the screen, counting down ten minutes. Alisa watched desperately as the numbers decreased, trying to will them to go faster. She had no real sense of time in this place, so Dr. Bremer could easily have cheated without it, but she still almost wished the timer would go away, because that made it worse, knowing how little time she'd already gone through, and how much she already felt like she needed to go.

She groaned as she felt another cramp, her hands automatically moving to the back of her diapers, trying to help stop herself, though she could barely feel them. She did feel the smack on the back of her thighs she received, however, and, what was worse, she felt a small rush of semi-liquid mess squirted out of her at the shock of that feeling. The timer stopped, confirming to her that the nursery could tell when she'd used her diaper without having to check. Her cheeks flushed red as she saw she hadn't even made it a full minute.

"That's not fair!" she whined, still fidgeting to avoid a much larger accident. "I wasn't expecting that!"

"A real grown-up could have held herself through that," Dr. Bremer lectured, "but I suppose I won't count it that time. It wasn't my fault, though, that was your Mommy's instructions. She said you know not to touch your diapers. I wouldn't do it again if I were you."

The timer started back up. "Please," Alisa pouted, "can't you just try your machine? Just open it to the real world and ask yourself if my story is true!"

"This is the real world, silly," Dr. Bremer told her. "You're just making up stories, remember?"

It was then that Alisa realized that, to the people here, this was reality. "Well, find my real world, then," she whimpered.

"Even if you did come from another dimension, how would I find it? You told me this body of yours is from this world, so I can't trace it from there. Do you have some kind of map?"

"The other you found this world from my thoughts," Alisa explained, groaning through another series of cramps. "Just do that again!"

"From your thoughts?" Dr. Bremer scoffed, then paused. "I suppose that would be one way of doing, it, though... Using the brain itself as an initial sort of search filter, then simply finding a matching dimension... It would certainly help narrow the field, anyway."

"Yes!" Alisa nodded. "Yes, just do that!" She had no idea if that was what the other Dr. Bremer had actually done, but it did sound somewhat similar to what she'd been told on her tour. If only she had her notes, maybe she could have told her a little more clearly. If only she'd been paying a little more attention... Which she would have, if only she'd believed the woman.

"Of course, you could just be making stuff up," Dr. Bremer mused. "If you're from another world, why don't you tell me what it's like?"

"Well... Uh..." Alisa stammered, suddenly blushing. It was hard to describe what her reality was like, since she was so used to it just being there. More than that, however, she was embarrassed at the thought of the woman hearing about it, then asking why Alisa would have chosen to come here.

"Come on, then, little one," Dr. Bremer coaxed. "You're going to have to think about it if you expect to make it back there."

That brought up a whole other problem. Her thoughts had partially created this world, and there were apparently infinite worlds. How could she be sure she was getting the real world, and not just one that seemed a lot like it, but that her thoughts had altered somewhat? With as much as she was being treated like a baby here, would she be able to put that entirely out of her head? Or would she come out some dimension where she was just as bad off, if not worse, than here? She'd just assumed that it was a simple as opening a web browser and hitting the home button, but, for people here, this was home.

Another cramp washed over her, and with it, another little burst of messiness in her diaper. The timer stopped again, still not even at the halfway point. "But you don't have to worry about that, do you? Because you're already home. You're just a creative, snoopy little baby, aren't you? Did you just want to find a dimension where you hadn't gotten fired, where nobody had figured out that you're just an overgrown toddler and decided to treat you like one? Oops, there you go again!" Alisa's cheeks lit up as Dr. Bremer announced another little accident in her pants. "Well, there are infinite dimensions out there, so there's bound to be at least one... But I doubt there's much more than that."

"B-But..." Alisa whimpered, bending over a little as she felt another wet splat in the seat of her diaper. She was losing all control now - she was just barely keeping the worst of the mess contained, and the price of that was this little bit, leaking into her diaper bit by bit, soiling it nonetheless.

"No 'but's, Dolly. I mean, look at yourself." The screen changed, displaying a live video feed of Alisa, though at first she was sure it had to be some toddler. She looked so tiny, standing there, sweating, face red, in her cute little pink dress, diaper peeking cutely out from beneath the skirt. "In what world would let a little baby like you run around like a grown-up?"

In that moment, she lost control. She was so numb with shock that her first realization of that fact was the sight of her diaper ballooning out beneath her dress, a moment before she felt the soft, mushy mess pushing its way in. There was no stopping it now; all she could do was groan as she felt her body continue churning the stuff out and her diaper straining and stretching to hold it all, watching the whole thing in horror on the screen in front of her.

"Honestly," Dr. Bremer's voice chided her from behind her own reflection. "Five minutes and you're filling your diaper. And you're really filling it, aren't you? Well, your mommy wanted to make sure it was memorable. I bet it is, isn't it?" Alisa nodded weakly, wondering if it would never end, having changed from futilely trying to stop it, to bearing down harder in the hope that would make her finish more quickly. "You know what? I'm glad you called me so we could have this little chat. This has been quite amusing."

With that, the screen changed back to the cartoon. Finally, her body stopped, and, exhausted, she stumbled back, landing on her heavily swollen diaper, though she barely even noticed the messy squelch of the impact. She'd had her chance at escape right there... Had she blown it? If Dr. Bremer didn't believe her, how would she ever get home?


  1. I'm probably in a minority here, but I'm actually more interested in seeing more of this crazy diaper-fetish themed world and all the strange but neat stuff that it contains than I am in Alisa's story. I'm hoping that she'll continue to move around and encounter new exciting locations and embarassing situations. I really must commend you on this story, its a great homage to the body of diaper fiction.

  2. "It had drawn from the deepest, darkest recesses of her mind, and that was a very dangerous place to be."

    This sounds like it's going to go somewhere particularly disturbing, such as unbirthing or some-such. (I blame the OkayOkay comic for even putting that idea in my head)

    1. And by "particularly disturbing", I mean "extremely interesting", unfortunately.

  3. I really like this story, and I hope it goes on for ages, she has lots of adventures there, meets her heroes and heroines from her favorite stories, and she eventually finds out she can't ever go back, because in this dimension, picked by her deep dark desires, she wants to be made infantile forcefully and inescapably. She, and she alone, can't enter an exit portal from this universe :)

  4. Just wanted to comment and say I'm really enjoying this story. I'm a sucker for happy endings and I get the vibe that this one may not have one, but I can't stop reading anyway. Very good work.

  5. I am still interested what Programm the Doctor worked out and if Dollies mom signed her up for it ^^.

  6. Love the stories. I found this blog from FL. My nick is Daddy_Jim. Would love to chat with a girl like you.

  7. Dear PPP:

    T.Rex here, posting back in commentary time from the future (June 30, 2013 to a chapter released on May 31st). )So....resurrecting some comments I made over at SK before it went "poof" re: possible endings, plus a new musing.

    1) Alisa fears that she may be exposed to infinite worlds...more "leaps" like Sam in QUANTUM LEAP's finale....and interesting possibility. (or a bit like the conclusion to THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN by Richard Matheson)...the hero continues to shrink, but will bravely be exploring new world sin the sub-creation level of the multiverse.

    2) As ausdpr/Sir Spankalot noted above: those darker recesses of her mind may yield (for us) some very, very erotic and fetishistic scenarios. I look forward to seeing them. Yes, call me a sick puppy. Or...will the intensity of the scenes - and the darker they get - lead up to the "final break" and her return to the original dimension? Perhaps.

    3) However...this whole reference to "the other Alisa", the doppleganger and "bratty reporter" got me thinking: maybe she (Alisa 2.0) will wind up being the ultimate villain in this story. She plots to escape to Alisa 1.0's home dimension, leaving our heroine trapped in diapers and with the threat (by Mommy) of the "baby surgeries". Or, wait, wait! What if we have some time travel going on here? And Alisa 1.0 IS Alisa 2.0...from the future? A future in which, after she discovered what Dr. Bremer was up to...perhaps connected with that insidious television show (see later chapters) she was regressed and forgot that she was the "bratty reporter"? (How she got to the other dimension...well, I have not worked that one out yet). It becomes a time loop...and Alisa can never escape...

    Tragic, really.

    I, too, am hoping for the happy ending (like Anonymous posting on June 3rd), however...with Alisa returning "home" but now with a new love of diapers...