Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - The Great Escape

Alisa groaned under her breath, wanting more than anything to flail her feet, or pound her hands on the changing table, or really do anything to express her frustration, but not wanting to draw attention to herself by doing so. She couldn't believe she was being defeated so easily, by something meant only to hold toddlers in place. Of course, in this world, it was meant for bigger "babies" as well, but it still shouldn't be this difficult! She might as well have already gotten the surgery to render her hands useless for as much good as they were doing her now!

And then, with a light click, she felt the buckle come undone. It was all she could do to keep herself from sitting up, giving a little shout of excitement, but she forced herself to stay still. Mommy was still watching her, and while it was a rather big restroom for a salon, it wasn't so big that the woman couldn't rush across it and snatch her up halfway to the door, which would probably win her another spanking, or some punishment even worse. Still, she was happy that, for once in this place, something was going her way.

But would it really mean anything? The way she saw it, she had maybe a 50/50 chance of getting away while Mommy helped Clara clean up after using the bathroom and her attention was more firmly on her, if Clara even needed help. If not, or if it was too quick, Mommy would return and see the strap undone. Would that just make her angry? She might be proud of Alisa for not trying to escape while she was loose, or she might just be upset that she undid her restraint. The latter seemed more likely, to be honest.

She felt even more like throwing a tantrum, and even less like she was actually going to get away, even with her escape another step closer. At least once the surgeries were done, she would know there was no getting away, and she could accept that, she thought bitterly. She'd just sink into her role as Dolly, and that would be that. It might even be relaxing, in a way. She'd been spanked more than enough already, and if she was a good baby, maybe she could keep from earning any more. Even if Mommy turned her back on her, there was no way she could get down from the changing table without making some noise, and that would make the woman turn around, and then it would be over. 50/50 was being generous... Very generous.

And then, just as she was talking herself into snapping the buckle back into place and forgetting her whole stupid escape plan, the bathroom door opened. Her first thought was embarrassment as she looked down at herself, realizing she was lying there, half naked, her nether regions exposed and freshly wiped. When she looked away, still blushing, however, she realized that wasn't all bad, because it wasn't only her that was experiencing it. Clara's cheeks were turning red, too, as she sat on the toilet and pouted. After only a moment's hesitation, and a warning glare at Alisa, Mommy reached out and shut the stall door.

This was it! Alisa couldn't believe her good luck! She started to turn, to sit up and ready herself to jump off the table to the floor below... Only to see the woman who had come in standing right beside her. "Be careful there, sweetie!" she said, pushing Alisa onto her back again, clicking the strap back into place. "Wouldn't want you to fall out, would we? What was your mommy thinking, leaving you alone like this?"

Alisa nearly screamed. This was no fair! Why was this universe so cruel, dangling the possibility of escape in front of her, then ripping it away?

"Don't look so grumpy!" the woman said, reaching out to tickle Alisa's tummy, making the girl giggle and squirm on the changing table in surprise. "I bet your mommy's right over there, isn't she?" she asked, nodding over at the closed stall Mommy and Clara were inside. "It must have been an emergency for her to leave you here like this."

Alisa nodded, weighing her options. Should she ask this woman for help? Surely if she explained everything, she wouldn't let Mommy do this to her, would she? Though she was just a normal sized person, not a giant like Mommy, so the chances of her actually being able to do anything to stop her on her own seemed awfully slim. And it might take too long to get the woman to believe her, anyway, not to mention that the sound of her voice could draw Mommy's attention.

"Well, I'm sure she won't mind if I finish up here for her," the woman declared, bending down to pick up the diaper bag. "Let's see... Wow, this seems like a lot of stuff for one little girl! Pampers, Pull-Ups... Even big girl panties! These can't be for you, can they?" The woman held up the pink Dora panties Mommy had packed as an incentive for Clara, and Alisa's eyes went wide as she nodded enthusiastically. It had only been a day, but regular panties, even ones as childish as that, seemed like a distant dream. "Don't be silly! I think you're telling me a story! I think these Pampers are yours!" She picked one up, smiling down at Alisa, then pausing for a moment. "I'm sure they are..." she mused, "so do those Pull-Ups belong to your mommy? Does she have potty problems, too?" A look of realization came over the woman's face. "That's why she rushed off, isn't it? It's a good thing I came along, huh? You have a young mommy, don't you? One that's not ready for a baby like you because she's just a baby, too, isn't she?"

Alisa nodded again, choosing not to say anything as this woman came up with her own story. There was a glint in her eyes, and Alisa had a good idea of what she was thinking - that Alisa's mother was a dwarf like her, and that she was about to get a pair of little girls to take care of herself.

"You wait right here," the woman told Alisa, setting the diaper bag on the edge of the changing table. "I think I'd better go check on her."

Alisa almost couldn't believe it. It was really happening!  The thought of this normal sized woman trying to diaper Mommy was funny, though Alisa wasn't about to stick around to watch it. She still had someone outside a stall, watching her, but she had shorter legs than Mommy, and, with any luck, the two of them would trip each other up in the confusion if they tried to come after her. Immediately, she began to fumble with the latch again, this time turning to look at it as she listened to the woman's footsteps drawing closer and closer to the closed stall door.

She almost had it when she noticed a shadow falling over her a moment before she felt her hand slapped away. "Stop that, silly!" the woman scolded her. "I thought I'd better get you all diapered up first, so you don't make a mess! I don't know what I was thinking... I was being almost as silly as your mommy, huh?"

She picked the Pamper back up from the top of the diaper bag, and Alisa, at last, dared to speak. "Big girl," she pouted, keeping her voice quiet, not wanting Mommy to overhear.

"What's that? No, you aren't a big girl, you're just a baby!" the woman laughing, tickling Alisa's stomach again, starting to unfold the diaper. Alisa groaned, whining, shaking her head. To her surprise, the woman stopped. "Well... I suppose we could try Pull-Ups. If your mommy has troubles with potty training herself, she might not know how to teach you, so you could be ready..." Alisa nodded eagerly as the woman tucked the Pamper away, grabbing a Pull-Up instead. It was still a step up for her, anyway - two, really, since she'd spent that day in double diapers.

"This is just a trial run," the woman warned her, "until I see where you're at. Don't think I'll hesitate to Pamper your cute little bottom if you have too many accidents."

Alisa just kept bobbing her head, trying not to blush too obviously as the woman squirted baby lotion and powder onto her, briefly massaging it into her private parts, which didn't seem nearly as private lately, as they had been handled by far too many strangers for her liking. She forced herself to stay still, not wanting to move too much, especially since, after a day of denial, those hands on her groin felt quite nice. She couldn't think about that now, and certainly couldn't let herself get too into it, or that might somehow blow the whole story forming in this woman's head.

Finally, the woman stopped rubbing and slid Alisa's feet through the Pull-Up, pulling it up her legs and letting it snap into place. "All right, nice and safe," the woman declared, patting the front of them and smiling down at Alisa. "Now, let me go take care of your mommy. Stay right here, cutie!" She turned again, and Alisa quickly rolled over, grabbing for the strap and struggling with it, sure Clara couldn't take that much longer.

"Are you okay in there, sweetie? Do you need any help?" the woman cooed through the door.

Looking at the strap made it much easier to undo, and with a satisfying click, she was free again, sitting up and digging through the diaper bag. She grabbed the panties and fed her feet through them. They were a little tight, especially over the Pull-Up, and still a touch thicker and much fuller than what she wore back in the real world, but, even with the Pull-Up under them - as she didn't want to take the time to remove it first - they still felt like heaven after the ridiculous bulk she'd been subjected to. They felt especially nice as she squirmed in place, the tightness pushing the Pull-Ups padding against those parts the woman had just lotioned up, but she forced herself to concentrate, rather than giving in to the desire to explore that further.

While getting the panties out of the bag, she also noticed a spare pair of pink sneakers, likely for Clara, since she'd been going barefoot so far, and would probably continue that way, since she wouldn't be walking after the surgery. She was in a hurry, but if she was going to run away, they would be useful, so as the woman knocked at the stall door, she tugged on the socks that were tucked inside the shoes, then pulled on the shoes. Like the panties, they were a bit snug, but they would do.

"We're fine, leave us alone," Mommy was telling the woman, sounding quite annoyed, as Alisa finished and glanced up. The woman was still engrossed in that, though she didn't know how much longer that would go on. She looked down at the floor, which still seemed pretty far off as she sat on the edge of the table, staring down. Heights had never been her favorite thing, and the sight made her feel a little queasy, but she knew she just had to do it and get it over with. And then run like hell, because there was no way they wouldn't notice the sound of her landing.

She took a deep breath and pushed off, falling through the air, trying to brace herself for impact, and fighting to keep her eyes from closing and her throat from squealing in terror as the floor rushed up to greet her, ultimately failing at the first. She hit the floor with a thump, rolling forward before she dared open her eyes again, finding herself all jumbled up and feeling a little dazed. She forced herself to get up and make a mad dash for the door, not even daring to look back and see if anyone was following her. She slammed into the door like a linebacker, pushing it open and continuing on through the salon. She was sure everyone's eyes were on her, though nobody seemed sure what to make of her, except the woman who had styled her hair. She moved to intercept her, but Alisa ducked around her, forcing herself to run even faster as she got closer to the front door. She'd spent so much time waddling, she'd almost forgotten how much easier it was to move with only a pair of training pants between her legs.

She shoved the salon's front door open, breathing the fresh air of freedom in deep, though she didn't take the time to really savor it as she turned down the sidewalk, continuing her exodus. She had no doubt her short skirt was blowing up, giving everyone a good view of her juvenile undies, but she didn't really mind - in fact, she almost wanted to show them off anyway, to let everyone know that she wasn't a baby, although she knew that impulse was pretty childish in and of itself, especially with the Pull-Ups barely hiding beneath them. She didn't know if she was still being followed or not, she just kept running until her legs felt like they were about to give out on her, before finally ducking into a clothing store. She knew running would only draw attention to her there, so she made herself slow down to a brisk walk as she aimed for the women's section, trying to blend in among all the adult clothes, despite the silly sailor's suit she was in, not wanting any of the other shoppers to guess she was hiding from her Mommy.

It was only then that she dared glance behind her, though she didn't turn fully around, and didn't look for too long. She didn't notice anyone, but it was such a short glance that she had to turn again to be sure. The second time, she caught a glimpse of someone that might have been Mommy, making her immediately change course, moving out of the main aisle and into the maze of clothes racks, weaving in and out of them, occasionally peeking behind her, until she found a corner of the store empty of customers.

With one last look around, she ducked beneath the row of clothes hanging on the wall, crawling behind them and then pulling them in front of her. They hung down far enough that she was pretty sure nobody would see her feet beneath them, and there were enough that she could pull them tight enough together and feel reasonably sure she couldn't be seen behind them as she caught her breath as quickly and quietly as she could. After a few minutes of not seeing the clothes yanked apart by a very angry Mommy, she began slowly accepting that she had, in fact, gotten away, at least for now.

Now what was she going to do?


  1. Free again and ready for another try to escape the whole world. I am looking forward for more to come ^^

  2. Mmmhmm looking forward to find out what's next too, this kept me on da edge of my seat! :)

  3. I loved how tense the escape sequence was, and I liked how tricky our heroine was in setting up her escape.

    Now she faces an interesting dilema. She's currently dressed in childish clothing, so the people of this world will probably assume that she needs someone to look after her, and likely try to find her mommy or maybe take her home. She's in a clothing store, so she could try to get her hands on some more mature looking clothing, but since she can't pay for it and would have to steal, that could be dangerous. (on the other hand, I suppose seeing what police do to thieving girls, maybe even seeing a juvenile reform center, could be interesting) (and then there's her new shirly temple haircut, with that she might stand out even in adult clothing, which leads to other possibilities).

    Very interested in seeing what's next, great job so far.

  4. THe Shirley temple hair-do does limit her options...
    perhaps the sympathetic woman could find her again?
    I'm not in any hurry for you to finish - I'm not
    fidgeting too much:]