Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 18

Chapter 18 - The Joy of Cooking

When they got to the kitchen, Jasmine was sitting on the counter, stirring a bowl full of brownie batter, while Isabella greased a pair of pans. Isabella glanced over at the sound of their arrival, smiling. "Are you dressed properly now, Alisa?"

"Umm... Yeah..." Alisa blushed.

"Well, let's see what you chose!" Isabella demanded. When Alisa hesitated, she gestured upward with her hand impatiently. "Come on!" Bashfully, Alisa raised her dress, causing a squeal from Isabella, which made Jasmine jump and drop her spoon for a moment. "Aww, Huggies! Do you want a huggie?" Before Alisa could answer, Isabella swooped over and gave her a big hug. "Hey, do you want to help us finish up here?"

"I guess," Alisa nodded. She felt a little guilty coming to the party without bringing anything, even though she obviously hadn't had any time to prepare.

"Maybe you should change," Hanna suggested. "You wouldn't want to get your pretty dress all messy."

"I don't really have any other clothes here," Alisa said, though the idea did make sense. As embarrassing as it had been to be forced into it with no choice, the dress was pretty cute. She'd have love to have something like it back in the real world for her playtime.

"Well, duh!" Isabella smirked. "We know that! Jasmine has boring clothes, but she might have something you can borrow. Right, Jas?"

Jasmine sighed. "Yeah, sure. There's some onesies she could wear."

"Come on, I'll show you where her stuff is," Hanna took Alisa's hand again, leading her past the living room, full of blankets and pillows and sleeping bags, to a bedroom. It wasn't too overly childish looking, other than the stuffed animals everywhere, ranging in size from tiny, up to one particular bear nearly the size of Alisa sitting on the bed. A baby blue backpack adorned with one of the main characters from the show Alisa had seen at the nursery sat on the floor, half unzipped. Hanna set her own bag down, picked ithe backpack up and set it on the bed, rifling through it. "Here, this isn't too bad," Hanna offered, pulling out a pale yellow onesie. "She's a little taller than you, but not too much. I bet if we put another diaper or two on you, it would work out fine..."

"Well..." Alisa hesitated, memories of her double diapering that morning coming back to her. It had been so difficult to do so much as walk... Then again, she'd been worrying about escaping then, and she hadn't gotten the impression that there was anything to run away from here. She knew she should still be cautious, but it was hard not to get caught up in how much fun the other girls seemed to be having.

Hanna took her silence as agreement, picking Alisa up as she pondered and laying her down on the bed, reaching down into her bag. Alisa squirmed, face flushing as she watched, still not quite sure what she wanted to do. "Wait..."

"Nope, you had your chance to say no," Hanna told her. She sounded stern, but more like a friendly big sister than a strict mother, like Mommy. Alisa had the feeling that, if she really wanted Hanna to, she would stop. "I bet you're a pretty heavy wetter, aren't you? And we don't want you leaking all over Isabella's furniture! Though it's not like she hasn't at some point... Besides, I think those tapes are okay to be re-attached, but the only way to be really sure it won't come off is to cover it up with another diaper."

"I dunno..." Alisa wavered.

Hanna smiled down at her, then reached over and tugged on the cover of her diaper, ripping a small hole in it. "Oopsie!" she giggled, before making another. "Look at that! You can't wear it like that! It'll leak! There's no choice now! Lift your bottom, Lissy."

Obediently, Alisa did as she was told, allowing the other girl to slide the second diaper beneath her first, before taping it into place. "That is much better," Hanna approved. "I bet that onesie will fit perfectly now! Do you need any help getting into it?" Alisa shook her head. "All right, I'm going to go finish setting up! Go help Bella and Jas when you're changed!" She left, closing the door most of the way.

Alisa clumsily got off the bed, taking the chance to look at herself in the mirror in her full outfit, double diapers peeking out from under her skirt and all, before taking off her dress. She didn't want to just leave it in a pile on the floor, so she toddled to the closet and found an empty hanger, slipping the dress on and getting up on her tip-toes to hang it back up. There were even more stuffed animals in the closet, mostly on the shelf, though a few were on the floor, looking as if they'd simply fallen. She picked up one - a small turtle - but she was far too short to put it back on the shelf, and after a failed attempt to toss it up there, she left it on the floor.

As she turned back around, she caught a glimpse of herself in nothing but her extra-thick diapers, and it was all she could do not the reach down the front of them. She was still worried about Mommy somehow tracking her down, but she wasn't here now, making all of that mess a distant memory, something that couldn't hurt her, at least not right in the moment. After having lived through it, and survived it, she could more fully appreciate just how hot it was, and the fact that she knew she couldn't enjoy that without peeing herself only made her more frustrated.

She eyed the giant bear as she walked back to the bed, musing. She couldn't touch her diaper, but maybe she didn't have to... She'd seen a few different sets of pictures that features girls with huge teddies, enjoying themselves. There was definitely a part of her that was tempted, but she forced herself to put it out of her mind. For one, it didn't belong to her, so it would have been kind of creepy, and for another, she'd also read a couple different stories where stuffed animals had come to life because of various naughtinesses they'd witnessed, to punish their owners. Could the fabric of this universe be warped so far as to let that happen? There were enough toys in this room that she didn't want to find out.

In fact, the thought of it made her nervous, and her eyes kept darting to the various stuffed animals as she grabbed at the onesie. She hadn't thought of it before, but now she was beginning to think they were watching her every move, waiting to pounce. She quickly slipped the onesie on over her head, doing it as fast as she could so the fabric didn't block her view for long, then shook the two ends loose, letting them dangle down at her diaper. It was only then that she realized she might have made a mistake not taking Hanna's help in getting dressed. So far, she'd been fine, but how was she supposed to fasten the snaps without touching her diaper? Grabbing for the back flap, she might even brush against the rear of her diaper, and that seemed like an awfully big risk.

If touching the front or the crotch made her wet herself, would touching the back make her do something more? She didn't want to find out, not now. She thought back, trying to remember if she'd touched it lately or not. The only time she could remember was during Dr. Bremer's little challenge. It had seemed to trigger a little messy accident - the first domino that had led to the huge mess she'd found herself in minutes later - but she wasn't sure if that counted or not, since she had really had to go, and the timing might have been coincidence. Now, after having just been taped into a double diaper, didn't seem like the best time to test it, however.

She toddled out of the room, heading back toward the kitchen. She found Hanna in the living room, and stopped off there with a blush. "Umm... Hanna?"

"Yeah?" Hanna turned, smiling as she saw the girl standing behind her. "Did you have a little trouble with the snaps?" Alisa hadn't even tried them, but she nodded anyway, not wanting to explain the situation. Hanna walked over, tugging the bottom of the onesie tight, and snapped it shut. "There, that's perfect!" Hanna declared. "It's a good thing we put you in that second diaper! It fits just right now!"

It was a bit of a strange sensation, feeling her every movement tug her diapers more snugly against her still sore bottom. It made them feel even more inescapable, but at the same time, more safe and secure. "Thanks," she said, earning herself a hair tousle before she was sent to the kitchen with a pat on the padded backside.

"Oh... Hi," Jasmine said as she saw Alisa enter.

"Hi," Alisa replied shyly. "Umm... Thanks for letting me borrow your onesie."

"Whatever," Jasmine shrugged. "Do you want to take over stirring this batch? Isabella just had to go get some more flour from the pantry."

"Sure," Alisa nodded, walking up to the counter as Jasmine hopped down onto the stool standing beside it. Alisa climbed up and took her place beside a bowl, already partially mixed, looking all chocolaty and gooey and tasty. Normally, she'd have barely been able to resist sticking her finger in and tasting it, but here, she didn't feel like she had to stop herself.

Jasmine, on the other hand, did. "Hey," she called from down on the floor. "You might not want to do that. Those are our special brownies."

"Special?" For a second, Alisa thought she meant there was marijuana in them, before she remembered were she was. Generally, there was a very different secret additive added to brownies in these stories. "Oh," she blushed. "Thanks!"

"No problem," Jasmine shrugged. "If you want to taste it, you can try the other bowl. Bella didn't clean it yet, so it's just sitting in the sink."

"Okay!" Alisa scooted herself over toward the sink, where, sure enough, she found the mixing bowl, which looked much smaller than the one on the counter now, lines of brownie batter still clinging to the side, and, best of all, a spatula nearly dripping with it. She picked it up happily, then looked over at Jasmine, who had climbed into a kitchen chair. "You didn't want to lick the bowl?"

"I was busy getting the second batch ready," Jasmine informed her. "I'd rather wait until they're done to try them anyway."

"All right," Alisa shrugged, lifting the spatula to her mouth and licking it eagerly. "Mmm! Are you sure you don't want to try it? It's so good!"

"No, you go ahead," Jasmine said. "I had some while I was stirring."

Alisa, feeling silly and babyish, but in a good way, scraped the batter from the sides of the bowl with the spatula and ate it up until it was nearly all gone, barely even noticing what a mess she was making until she glanced down at her thickly padded crotch and saw a few spatters of batter there. "Oh, I'm sorry!" she squeaked. "I got your onesie all messy!"

"That's okay," Jasmine shrugged. "It's old. Guess it's a good thing you changed out of your dress, huh?"

Alisa giggled and nodded. She had been getting the impression that Jasmine didn't like her much, but maybe she had just been nervous to begin with, since she was seeming much nicer now. She started to say something else, only to hear footsteps approaching. "Better get to work!" Alisa giggled, dropping the spatula and scooting back over to the other bowl, grabbing the spoon and beginning the stir.

"Looks like I got a new helper!" Isabella smiled as she saw Alisa, setting a fresh bag of flour on the counter. "And it looks like she's already sampled the goods."

"Nuh-uh!" Alisa fibbed with a giggle.

"Your face says differently," Isabella said, tapping the side of her mouth. Alisa reached up to the same place on her own face, feeling a glob of batter that had escaped. She blushed a little, then wiped it up and stuck her finger in her mouth. "Just don't eat it all before we can get it baked," Isabella instructed, looking down at Alisa. "Your underwear keeps getting thicker every time I see you," she observed. "Before you know it, it's going to be bigger than you!" She smiled as she opened the bag of flour, tipping a bit more into the bowl. "Now get back to stirring!"

Alisa did as she was told, continuing to stir as Isabella added flour in bit by bit. Partway through, the timer rang, and Jasmine hopped down from her seat and went to the oven to retrieve the first batch of brownies, climbing onto another stepstool to place them on cooling racks set out on another part of the counter.

"You're both such good helpers!" Isabella complimented them. "I think we're about done with this batch, too." She slid quartet of pans over to the bowl filling them up with the batter. "Do you want to lick the bowl?" she asked, but Alisa quickly shook her head, knowing what was in this batch. "Did you get enough while you were stirring?" Isabella teased. "How about you, Jas?"

"No, I'm fine!" Jasmine told her, hopping down from the stool to get a knife so she could start cutting the brownies.

"Okay, then," Isabella shrugged, scraping the side of the bowl more thoroughly before putting two of the pans into the oven and setting the timer. "You two keep an eye on those while I get changed! I don't want to be the first victim of the tickle monster!"

"You probably just had an accident," Jasmine said. "That's why you're changing!"

"Nuh-uh!" Isabella stuck her tongue out, but when Jasmine put down the knife and hopped off her stool to scurry over to Isabella, reaching for the hem of her dress, she backed away with a blush. "Well, maybe a little..."

"You're a widdle baby!" Jasmine chanted playfully as Isabella exited toward her bedroom. "Hey, do you want to try one of these?" she asked Alisa once they were alone. "Fresh out of the oven..."

"Sure!" Alisa fetched a paper towel from the counter, then shuffled over to Jasmine, who carefully levered a huge brownie out of the pan and gave it to her. Even through the paper towel, she could feel the warmth, but after blowing on a corner for a minute, it was the perfect temperature for her to bite into. "So good!" she squealed, gobbling it up as quick as she dared. She wasn't sure if the girls had some secret recipe, or if sweet things just tasted better in this world, but it was the best brownie she'd ever tasted. When Jasmine offered her another one, it was hard to force herself to say, "I probably shouldn't..."

"We can always bake some more tonight if we run out," Jasmine coaxed her. "The other girls would have fun baking them, too..."

Alisa's mouth watered as she stared at them, and finally she gave in. She was almost done when she realized that Jasmine had yet to taste any. With a furrowed brow, she turned to look at the oven, only then wondering why they were baking more "special" ones than regular ones. A bad feeling came over her as she asked, "Don't you want to try them?"

Jasmine turned to look at her, a slow smile forming as she saw the look of realization on the other girl's face. "Nah, that's okay," she said sweetly. "That would ruin the game."

"Game?" Alisa squirmed, trying to tell herself that the full feeling building in her stomach was a figment of her imagination.

"Yeah! It's a little like Russian roulette, but with brownies. See, we mix the special brownies with the regular ones, and see who gets what, and how long they can hold it. It's hilarious!"

"A-And you have more special than regular?" Alisa asked hopefully.

"Nope," Jasmine grinned. "Oh, did I tell you the first batch was safe? Silly me... Do you want to go ahead and have thirds while you're at it?"

Alisa whimpered as the first cramp hit. Of course, in reality, laxatives took much longer than that to work, she knew, but in the stories, they tended to be far more fast-acting, and potent. And she'd had almost two brownie's worth already, along with however much had been in the batter she'd eaten.

"Welcome to the group, Alisa," Jasmine giggled, walking over to her and patting the front of her diaper. "It's probably a good thing Hanna went ahead and doubled you up, huh?"


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  3. Fanks for the update, it was lots of fun, and now I want brownies!

  4. Well, maybe I am wrong, but I think Alisa will be very messy soon and if she is lucky Jasmine will NOT give her a suppository while she change her diaper.

  5. My favorite kind of game. Can't wait for the climax. Your writing is phenomenal.

  6. Mmmmm I actually made brownies tonight too ^_^ Though mine aren't as special ;)
    It reminds me of a game my brother would play where he and his friends would fry balls of pancake batter, and a few of them would actually be filled with wasabi.

    Hopefully Jasmine will be done hazing Alisa soon and accept her as part of their group.

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