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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - The Opiate of the Masses

Alisa looked around at the other girls, starting to feel a little freaked out. They were all staring blankly at the TV, except for Hanna, who was looking at her, telling her to join them. It was rather disconcerting, to say the least. "I-I think I've already seen this episode," she lied. "I saw a bunch at the nursery, so I think I'll just go change now..."

"There's always time for that later!" Hanna told her, reaching out and grabbing Alisa's arm. "You obviously haven't seen enough of the show! Just sit down and watch with us!"

The longer she heard the sound from the TV, the harder it was to resist, or to even think about anything other than the show. She thought back to all those teen and adult babies she'd seen wearing clothes with characters from the show on them - it had only been them, she remembered, never any actual kids. She'd been forced to watch it at the nursery, so much that it had invaded her dreams, and at some point, she'd been hypnotized and planted with God only knew how many triggers. All of these girls were just sitting and watching the show obediently, almost as if they had no choice... And all of them were wearing diapers, and liked it. Could that be it? Was the show some kind of mass market hypnosis tool, used to turn people into adult babies without even realizing it?

That made her want to watch even less, but Hanna tugged her closer, pulling her down between her legs on the couch, turning her to face the television. Before she could even try to close her eyes, she'd caught a glimpse, and that was enough to make her eyes widen, like the other girls, as she took in the show. She was conscious enough to notice that it was a little different from the version she'd seen in the nursery. At the nursery, the colors had seemed brighter, and more intense, and she had never quite been able to discern a story in any particular episode. Here, it was less intense, but made a little more sense.

That made sense, she supposed. The public version could be flipped past by regular people and dismissed as nothing but another kid's show, unless they decided to watch enough to get caught in its web, thus becoming another adult baby. At the nursery, however, they already were adult babies, and a captive audience, so they didn't have to worry about anyone thinking something was off. She felt a little sick to her stomach as she remembered how hard it had been for her to disobey Mommy's orders after a day in the nursery. Was the nursery using it to make their older subjects more obedient to their mommies and daddies? Mommy had also told her she wasn't allowed to touch her diaper anymore, and now when she did so, she had an accident. Could they custom make episodes, to warp their subjects minds any way their caretakers wanted? It was a terrifying thought, made even worse by the thought that Dr. Bremer, quite likely her only way back home, pretty much had to be in on it.

Her reporter's instincts were going wild. This would be a hell of a story, a career maker. Maybe if she couldn't get home, she could make a name for herself with this. Of course, anyone who was a good enough hypnotist to pull this off probably wasn't someone she'd want to make an enemy of, but still, perhaps there was some way to pull it off.

It was only then that she realized that, unlike the others, she wasn't completely pulled into the show. They were all staring intently at the screen, barely even blinking, not moving in any other way. Hanna's arms were clamped tightly around her, holding her in place, flat on her full diaper, but she could move her eyes a little, anyway, as long as they didn't fully leave the screen. It must be because of the ones at the nursery, she decided - after those concentrated doses, the watered down public version didn't have quite as tight a grip on her mind, which might be why she was able to think of anything at all while it was playing. Then again, she still didn't like to think of what it was telling her to do, and the sound had almost as potent an effect on her as the visuals, but when she tried to cover her ears, she discovered her thumb had firmly planted itself in her mouth.

That seemed to be another side effect of seeing the other version, as none of the other girls were doing the same, while she remained completely incapable of removing it. Even when the show went to commercials, it remained firmly jammed between her lips. Every commercial was for diapers, and the girls shook themselves out of their hypnotized stupor long enough to brag when their brand was shown, or gush about how comfortable they looked. As soon as the show started again, however, they went silent, and returned to watching.

As the show wound down, the story resolved itself, and the characters turned toward the screen, looking straight out at the audience. "Are you all nice and snugly diapered?" asked the female character, who Alisa had only now, in this version, figured out was named Naomi.

As one, the room answered, "Yes!" eagerly. Even Alisa could feel her mouth moving, though her thumb kept her answer from being coherent.

"Well, there's no point wearing them if you aren't going to use them!" Oliver, the male character, told them. Alisa's thumb muffled a gasp as she felt her bladder begin to empty into her bloated diaper. Hanna squirmed a little, and Alisa could feel a warmth growing in her diaper as well as it pushed against her back. Around her, she saw several girl's faces turn red as they grunted, their diapers bulging out beneath them. She was glad the laxatives had emptied her out already, though at least now nobody would have noticed, so it might have been a tiny bit more private, in a way.

"Good job, boys and girls!" Naomi exclaimed. "We'll see you next time!" Then, together with Oliver, she said, "Don't be naughty!" and the show ended, a commercial for some other show taking over the audio as the closing credits played. As one, the girls woke up, some blushing as they discovered the state of their diapers, others proudly declaring that they barely even remembered going.

"Does anybody need a change?" Hanna asked.

"The bathroom is open," Isabella announced, "or you can use my room if you want."

A few girls got up, but mostly, they seemed pretty content to stay in their damp diapers. Alisa started to get up, but Hanna just tightened her grip on her, pulling her back down on top of her leg. "Wait your turn," Hanna told her. "They were up first."

"But I..." Alisa started, before remembering she had her thumb in her mouth. She managed to get it out, now that the show was over, and began again. "But I've been messy for the longest."

"Then you should've gotten up faster," Hanna reprimanded her, starting to bounce Alisa on her leg. Alisa squirmed and blushed as she felt her mess being squished inside her diaper, not noticing her thumb finding its way back between her lips as she began thinking less about it and more about her messy state. "Don't be grumpy!" Hanna said, tickling the girl's sides. "That's almost as bad as being naughty! If you really want changed now, we could do it right here in the middle of the floor. Is that what you want?"

Alisa quickly shook her head. These girls were already seeing her mostly naked; she didn't want to complete the picture for them. She started speaking again, and once more had to extract her thumb from her mouth. "Can't I go wait in line for the bathroom, at least?"

Hanna seemed to consider this for a moment, then declared, "Nope! I think you can just wait until last. Aren't you having fun on your horsey ride?" She began bouncing Alisa harder, giggling as the girl on her lap began whining, wrinkling her nose. "Maybe we'll just put another diaper on over this one. Then it should last all night, huh? How about that?"

"Nooo..." Alisa sniffled around her thumb. It was hard enough walking in two diapers - she was sure three would mean spending the rest of the night crawling around in her very messy diaper.

"Or maybe we should use another two," Hanna mused, teasing Alisa as she tickled her again. "Wouldn't that be fun? Imagine how long that would last! Come on, you don't want to be a naughty girl, do you?" Alisa didn't want more diapers, certainly not as an alternative to a change, but she found herself shaking her head anyway. Being naughty was bad, she knew. That's what led to getting spankings, or time outs, or other punishments, and she didn't like that.

"You stay right here," Hanna ordered, setting Alisa down on the floor, legs splayed in front of her, as she stood up, "and I'll bring the diaper bag."

Alisa whimpered, sucking harder on her thumb as she got more worried, not even trying to remove it, despite how it mangled her words. "No, I can wait! Not here!" She wasn't even sure what Hanna planned on doing with it in the middle of the living room, but there were no options that she approved of.

"Paige, why don't you watch her for me?" Hanna said to the lone Amazon, who eagerly agreed, taking Hanna's spot on the couch, looming over Alisa. Paige was at least six inches taller than anyone else in the room, but she was still rather small compared to Mommy, enough so that Alisa wondered if the giants continued to grow longer than regular humans, or if Paige was just a runt.

"I wish I was little," Paige lamented. "Not even teen diapers fit me, I'm stuck with the really boring adult ones." Alisa could see a sliver of the girl's diaper between the waistband of her jeans and the bottom of her shirt, and they looked like regular, real universe Depends from what she could tell, no designs or even bright colors like most of the other girls had. "If any of my other friends found out, they'd never let me live it down. At least with you guys, it's no surprise."

Alisa blushed. She wasn't a fan of hearing that she was somehow destined for this kind of treatment because, in this dimension, she was smaller. As far as she could tell, before her mind had gotten there, the other her had been doing fine. At the very least, she hadn't been wearing any protection. Of course, she'd been born and raised in this world, and probably knew better how to dodge the pitfalls of it, but Alisa still felt bad that, in a matter of hours, she had undone all of her other self's work of keeping herself diaper-free. She almost felt guilty for being interested in these stories to begin with, but if she hadn't, would the other her have even existed to begin with?

Hanna dropped the bag of diapers right in front of Alisa with a crinkle, making the girl jump a little at the sight. "Hey, girls!" Hanna announced, "who wants to pick out a new diaper for Lissy? We have all kinds to choose from! Pampers, Cuddlz, Luvs..." Hanna pulled each kind out as she announced them, setting them down in a line on the floor, pausing at the last. Alisa's heart skipped a beat as she saw that the diaper was sitting funny, almost as if there was something inside it... Because there was. "What is this?" Hanna mused, reaching down and flipping open the diaper to reveal the Dora panties folded inside.

"Hey, those are what Lissy was wearing earlier!" Isabella pointed out.

"Yes, they are," Hanna agreed, fixing Alisa with a disappointed glare. "What are they doing here, I wonder? Did you really think you were going to get to wear your big girl panties? We told you, this sleepover is diapers only!"

"I-I just..." Alisa mumbled nervously, sucking ever harder on her thumb.

"Look at you! How could you think you were ready for big girl panties in the first place?" Hanna pushed roughly on the seat on Alisa's diaper, mushing its contents further around her bottom. "If you had been wearing these, you would have made a huge mess all over Bella's floor! And that would have been naughty, wouldn't it, girls?"

"But I didn't!" Alisa tried desperately to point out.

"You would have," Isabella shook her head. "That's almost as bad! I think she needs another visit from Mr. Ouchie!"

"I think that's a good idea," Hanna agreed. "Jasmine, could you be a good girl and come help me?" Jasmine eagerly trotted over, grabbed a changing pad from the bag and spreading it out. "Don't worry, though, Lissy, once you've had your paddling, we'll be sure we put plenty of padding on your bottom so you can sit." Hanna grabbed Alisa, scooting her over to the pad and pushing her onto her back. Alisa tried to sit, to squirm away, as Hanna turned to get more supplies from the bag, but almost instantly, the other girls were around her, grabbing her arms and legs and holding her down. On the ever so slightly positive side, that caused her thumb to be jerked out of her mouth, and kept her from being able to return it there, at least for the time being.

"Please don't do this here!" she pleaded, cheeks burning. It was bad enough all these people had seen her fill her diaper, she didn't want them to see it being changed, too. But no matter how hard she tried to break free, it didn't stop Hanna from untaping the diapers.

"What a mess! You're a stinky girl!" she exclaimed, waving a hand in front of her nose before grabbing for a baby wipe and starting to clean Alisa up. She took her time, wiping every nook and cranny, and as Alisa whimpered, she only seemed to work slower. "You squirming only makes it harder," she reprimanded. "Do you want me to be at this all day?" Alisa shook her head, and tried to stay still, but the glacial pace, and her complete nudity in front of all these people, made it very difficult for her not to do anything.

That got even worse as Hanna began to run the cool, wet cloth over Alisa's vagina. After everything, the slightest touch likely would have been enough, but Hanna seemed to know just what she was doing as she rubbed the wipe over the same spot, watching as the girl grew flushed, her squirming taking on a whole new quality. She moaned, mentally cursing herself for being unable to control it; she tried to remind herself of her audience, and how she didn't want to do this in front of them, but that just made the whole thing more deliciously naughty, but in a whole different way than Oliver and Naomi had tried to warn her against.

As much as she could move under the grip of the girls all around her, she began thrusting her hips against Hanna's hand, desperate to finally gain the release she'd been denied over and over these past couple days. At first, Hanna seemed like she had no problem giving it to her. After a minute or two, she bent down, whispered to Alisa, "Are you having fun, Lissy?" Alisa nodded, unable to form words. "That's good, sweetie... Except you were naughty, and that means you should be getting punished, not having fun."

With that, Hanna pulled the wipe away, earning a pitiful whimper from Alisa and a mixture of giggles and sounds of approval from the other girls. Alisa whined, wriggling in place desperately as Hanna finished cleaning her, then wrapped the pair of diapers up in themselves and handed them to Isabella to throw away. She stood up, signaling the other girls to let got of Alisa, who stayed on her back for a moment, face red. Jasmine scurried up to Hanna, holding up the paddle obediently.

"This is what a good girl looks like," Hanna informed Alisa, patting Jasmine's head. "And because she was so good, I think she'll get the first turn. Now stand up and bend over the table again." Alisa didn't like the way Jasmine's eyes shone at the prospect, not any more than she liked the fact that she was now completely naked, and about to get spanked yet again.

"I'll be good," she promised, slowly pushing herself to her feet. "I'll be a good girl, I don't need another punishment..."

"A good girl knows that punishments are for her own good," Hanna told her. "Go bend over."

Alisa pouted, but there was clearly no way out of this, so she trudged back over to the table. At least last time, she had the padding of her diapers to protect her, and Jasmine to take some of the blows. Now, Jasmine was going to be dishing them out, and somehow she doubted the girl was glad that Alisa had told on her and gotten her in trouble. As she bent over, she faintly heard the sound of a doorbell.

"That's probably the pizza!" Isabella yelled, on her way back from disposing of Alisa's diaper. "I'll get it!"

That was just great, Alisa thought. If there was one thing that would make this better, it was having another person, possibly a guy, see her standing there, naked, getting a spanking from a bunch of girls in diapers. How could the day get any worse?

"This is what you get for tattling, and making me wear this stupid dress," Jasmine whispered in Alisa's ear before stepping back. Alisa didn't bother to point out that she'd had nothing to do with putting Jasmine in the dress, except being the first one to wear it, figuring it wouldn't make any difference at this point anyway. Jasmine tapped Alisa's bare bottom with the paddle, then swung it backwards, waving it in circles like a baseball player warming up before the hit.

Alisa turned, squeezed her eyes shut, trying to prepare herself. Behind her, she could hear some kind of commotion, but she didn't think anything of it until, a few moments later, the paddle still hadn't hit. She opened her eyes just a bit, turning slightly in time to see a new arrival stepping past Isabella, who was squirming frantically as what looked like a silver tentacle wrapped around her arms expanded, coiling around more of her body. The new arrival was tall, probably about the size of Mommy, if not a little taller, wearing a long dress and apron over that, but it was clearly not one of the Amazons, as it was made out of metal.

"I am searching for Dolly," it announced, with the same quasi-mechanical voice the rooms at the nursery had.

"I told her, there's no..." Isabella tried to say, only for the tentacle to wrap around her head, pushing itself into her mouth to silence her.

Alisa's heard began to pound as she stared at it, even more as it turned towards her. A red light came from its eye, scanning her general area before it announced, "Target acquired." Before Alisa could do anything but scream, the robot's arms reached out, then began to extend, rushing straight towards her.


  1. Awesome as usual princess. I love your writing.
    Daddy Jim

  2. Yay! More mechanical nursery stuffs it's always so fun/scary :)

  3. Thank You,Thank You,Thank You...

  4. Oh no! Just as the party was getting started a robonanny appears looking for Alisa/Dolly! Will the girls try to protect her? Can they? Or is robonanny going to take all the girls with her for harboring a runaway? I hope the next chapter comes out soon ^_^

    PS. I really wish that was a real tv show ;)

  5. Again, bravo, PPP! The wait for Chapter 20 was well worth it. Also, thanks for the redirecting note over at SK...I hope that several people will be following you now at this blogsite.

    As for the chapter itself: lets' count the greta tropes: teenage girls behaving badly, spanking, mind control, the arrival of a sinister diapering robot...yup, an excellent blend of all of them! By the way, the changing/near-masturbation scene reminded me of some of the more erotic moments from 'In The Name of the Father" (one of the greatest teen girl forced diapering stories of all tie) and a story that slave23 wrote over at SK: "High School Princess." You are in great company, indeed.

    And that television broadcast reminded me of the classic OUTER LIMITS opening: "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. WE control the horizontal...WE control the vertical...sit back for the next hour as WE take you..."

    Well, that thought comes to mind. As does this: in this alternative dimension, perhaps the Diaper Companies are the Big Brother Corporation, enslaving the populace...and maybe Dr. Bremer is the secret CEO (I know, I know, there I go again with the "Bremer as Number One of the Village" idea). Or perhaps Alisa will be a new version of Katniss...but I digress.

    And....cheers on the title. Television, not religion, as the opiate of the masses, dear Mr's Marx and Lenin.

    Finally, I do not know if you ever received my PM a SK before things went crazy, PPP..but I still propose that you start writing some screenplays (if you have not already done so)...you have a real talent for story-teling and evocative suspense. Take it for me, I'm a script doctor.

  6. Whoops. Sorry for the typos above. Hope my epic note made sense. Off to punish some naughty typo gremlins...

  7. Hi Tiresias,

    I saw on the Sissykiss thread where it mentioned that you had done some pictures/captions or something related to the story, but I couldn't find them. Do you still have them anywhere?


  8. Hiya, Matrixfreak: Yes, both Ausdpr and myself contributed some images to PPP's story. I offered five in fact...two by the talented artist Okayokayokok (found at Devinatart.com), 1 more called 'I MIss Wonderland" (also at Devinartart.com) and two others that were photos found online via a Google Images search. Three of the images that I was quite pleased with accompanied my predictions for how the Alisa story would end. Turns out I was wrong on all counts (according to PPP). To add insult to injury, with the SK "update", the three images were lost (and I did not save them, idiot that I was). The first two you should still be able to see in the original thread, page 1.

    PPP and I are no longer able to access my comments or images...it seems that about two or three pages of the now five-page thread has been "eaten" by the SK updates, alas.

    Long story made short: if you are truly desperate to see them...a) see if they appear on the SK thread; b) check out the Deviantartist images mentioned above; c) failing both of those, I can try to send them to you if you supply an email. I am not sure if we can post images on this blog commentary page.

    Apologies for such a long-winded answer.

  9. Thanks for your response. I'm seen the Okayokayokok images before and the "I Miss Wonderland" one. Chances are I've seen the others you posted as well, but I am curious about them. Hopefully they get restored to SK.

    Incidentally, I have some stories on deviantart you might enjoy (my username is matrixfreak). They aren't as good as Princess', but I like how they turned out.

    Also, that's cool that you're a script doctor. I'm trying to get into the screenwriting business myself.