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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 19

Chapter 19 - Party Games

"Why would you do that?!" Alisa shrieked, angrily shoving Jasmine away from her. The other girl seemed surprised, stumbling backwards and hitting the counter. For a second, she looked stunned, and then she put on an exaggerated expression of pain and started to cry. "It wasn't that hard," Alisa scoffed, a moment before she felt a hand clamp onto her arm.

"What is wrong with you, young lady?" Hanna asked, spinning Alisa around to face her. Even though Alisa knew she wasn't in the wrong, she still felt like a naughty little girl who had been caught red handed.

"I didn't..." she tried to explain.

"I saw you push her," Hanna interrupted her.

"But you don't understand, she..." Alisa whined.

"We don't push," Hanna told her, dragging her out of the kitchen, still trying to get her story out. She took the girl to the living room, where she was ushered to the corner by the TV, nose-first. "I don't want to hear another peep from you," she said threateningly. "That was a very mean and naughty thing you did. You are going to stay right here until I tell you that you can move."

"B-But..." Alisa protested, starting to get frustrated at the unfairness of her situation. Hanna silenced her with a slap to the back of her thighs. Alisa sulked as she heard Hanna walk away, squirming in place as her tummy continued to rumble. Part of her just wanted to leave - there was nothing keeping her here, after all - but another part of her felt oddly compelled to do as she was told, if only because she was a little scared to find out what the girls would do to her if she didn't.

After a minute or two, Hanna returned. "Turn around," she ordered. Alisa did as she was told, and was surprised to see that the girl was holding a brownie. "Eat this," Hanna said, handing it over. "Maybe it will calm you down."

"Is it..?" Alisa started to ask meekly.

"Don't worry about what it is," Hanna replied, confirming her suspicions as much as if she'd said yes. "Just eat it. I'm sure you know you deserve it."

"But I..." Alisa pouted as Hanna fixed her with a stern look, reluctantly bringing the brownie up to her lips and taking a bite. It was her first one since realizing what they were meant for, and she was sure that, with each bite, she could feel her stomach growing more and more bloated. Even so, and though she hated to admit it, they still tasted amazing. Could it be the laxatives? Maybe in this world, they tasted extra-good, to make them easier to trick people into eating. Hanna watched her like a hawk until she finished every bite, then turned her back around with a pat on the bottom.

Not long after that, the doorbell rang, letting in the first of the guests, who arrived rather steadily after that. Alisa didn't dare turn to see how many of them there were, or what they looked like, but she heard Hanna explain that she had been naughty to each one, and each time it got a giggle or two, growing louder as the crowd expanded. She felt like she was the center of attention, and considering that each passing moment made her stomach rumble a little more, and the fact that her rear was on display to all of them, it wasn't exactly a place she wanted to be.

Finally, they all seemed to have arrived, because Isabella announced excitedly, "Hi, everyone! I'm so glad you could make it! I hope you're all dressed properly, 'cause the inspections are about to start, and you don't want to wake up the tickle monster!" Everyone laughed, and Alisa for once was glad she was facing away from them, as her face turned red from the memory of her meeting with the tickle monster. "You might end up in the naughty corner with Alisa, too! 'Cause everyone knows little girls have to be diapered before bedtime!"

"But first," Hanna broke in, "we're going to have treat time." Alisa heard a chorus of "Ooh"s and "Yummy"s behind her. "Everyone has to take one," Hanna explained, "buuut, there's a catch." Jasmine and Isabella started laughing to each other, then quieted down - Alisa could imagine Hanna shooting them a look to try to get them to stay quiet and not ruin the surprise. "Most of these are just normal brownies," Hanna continued, "but some of them have a special ingredient." From the tittering and whispering, Alisa assumed they all knew just what that was. "I know some of you don't like messing, but there's a reason we're only allowing diapers tonight. Some of you do like it, though, and we don't want them to hog all of the brownies, so... The first one to lose control gets a nice, long spanking with Mr. Ouchie."

The girls behind Alisa sounded pretty amused by the whole idea, and even Alisa had to admit that the whole thing had a fun, naughty vibe that she wouldn't have minded reading about in a story. Unfortunately, the game was rigged, and there seemed little chance that anybody but her could win, with the head start she'd been given. She had no doubt that Jasmine had known all about it, and that just angered her even more, which only reminded her how helpless she was, standing in the corner, seething and waiting for the inevitable.

"Naughty Little Alisa here already had hers," Hanna announced, and Alisa felt another pat on the butt, "but since you guys didn't get to see it, I'll take the second one. And, to make it even more fair, Katie, do you want to pick mine?" There was a pause, and then a cheer as, presumably, Hanna took the first bite of her brownie.

"Hey!" Isabella yelled. "Why don't we kill two birds with one stone? We'll do the inspection now, too! You don't get a brownie until you show off your diaper."

"Great idea!" Hanna complimented her. "I guess I'm a little late, then, but..." There was another cheer as Alisa assumed Hanna lifted her dress. A moment later, she felt a tug on the crotch of her onesie. "It's pretty obvious, but rules are rules."

Alisa heard more than a few "Aww"s as the back of her onesie was lifted up, and, again, she was glad for the solitutde of the corner to hide her blushing. As if reading her mind, however, Hanna then spun her around, making her face the crown for the first time. There were a good number of girls there, probably a dozen, though she was too embarrassed to look up long enough to count, and they were all watching her intently, except for Jasmine, who was sulking. From her preliminary glance, it hadn't looked like there were any other dwarves there but her and Jasmine - and only one giant - and Alisa couldn't help but wonder if Jasmine was used to being the center of attention at these things. Was that why she was jealous? She had changed out of her shortalls, and was now in just her blue shirt, with one of the jean-printed Huggies beneath it. It definitely did not look like a pair of shorts, but Alisa had to admit it was pretty cute.

"Now, Lissy," Hanna said, "show off the front of your diapers so everyone can see what kind they are."

Alisa froze, staring down at the front of her onesie. It was lying flat against the front of her diaper... Could she get ahold of it without setting off her hypnosis? "Th-They're Huggies," she told them, clenching her hands at her sides. That only set the group off again, talking about how adorable she was.

"Yes, but you have to show them," Hanna insisted. "Or are you being naughty again? Do you need another punishment?"

Alisa shook her head, wondering if this meant her current punishment was over. With a sigh, she moved her hand toward her onesie, letting it hover well over it for a moment, trying to work up the courage. Suddenly, she had a great idea - if she just bunched the fabric up from higher on her body, that should raise the flap, hopefully enough to satisfy everyone. It was so simple, she felt silly for not thinking of it earlier.

Before she could do it, however, Hanna's hand clamped over hers, pushing it down, right into the thick padding at the front of her diaper. Alisa's eyes went wide as she felt herself begin to wet her diaper, and she fidgeted in place, horrified that she was doing this right in front of all these people. At first, they seemed to busy staring at her Huggies, but it didn't take long for them to figure out what was happening. Alisa could see the realization spreading out in waves through the group. She had never wanted so badly to be able to sink into the floor.

"What are you doing, Lissy?" Hanna teased, keeping her hand clamped over Alisa's, the onesie's fabric gripped tight. Through the double diaper, there was no outward sign, but even so, there was no mistaking what was going on. "Are you going pee-pee?" Alisa blushed deeper, all the confirmation the other girls needed. "You aren't doing anything else, are you? Give somebody else a chance to 'win', you meanie!" Without warning, Hanna turned her back around, and Alisa briefly thought her torture was over, until she felt a tug on the back of her diaper as the girl checked her. "Nope, she's just wetting like a little fountain!" she assured the others, before letting the Huggies snap back into place and reaching down to re-fasten the onesie. "Maybe we should pick up the pace, though."

Alisa didn't really want to, but she decided that at least getting to see what was going on would be better than staring at the corner. Besides, there were other girls to attract attention as they showed off their diapers and chose their brownies. When she tried to turn, however, Hanna reached out and held her shoulders in place. "I didn't tell you corner time was done, young lady. Stay still!"

But that became suddenly more difficult as a cramp hit her, and she felt the mess inside her pushing toward her diaper. Her hands started for her backside, in the hopes that a little pressure back there would help her stave off her impending doom, but she stopped herself in time, clenching them into fists as she reminded herself of what that touch could wind up doing to her. As she listened to the girls behind her having a good time, showing off their diapers and choosing their brownies, she tried to push her thighs together despite the double layer of padding between them, and clench her cheeks, fighting something that only felt more inevitable with every passing moment.

The platter of brownies still hadn't made its rounds when Alisa felt the all-too-familiar sensation of pooping her diaper. She did her best to keep quiet, not wanting to attract attention to herself, but it was hard to avoid a few small groans as her body pushed and her Huggies expanded. She could feel the onesie straining as the diaper beneath it grew, making her all the more sure that it was obvious what was going on. She could hear chattering and giggling behind her, but there was no way for her to tell how much of it was for her, and how much was for whichever girl was proving she was in the correct underclothes.

Then, to her surprise, it stopped. Or, rather, it mostly stopped. She could still feel a little oozing its way into her already loaded diaper, but she could tell the onesie had stretched about as far as it was going to, and, in addition to keeping more of the mess from getting out like it wanted to, it was pushing what was already in there more tightly against Alisa's tender nether regions. The mass kept squeezing out, little by little, creeping into every clean space left in her diaper, making it crinkle slightly as it grew outwards, and yet her tummy still felt full. She mentally cursed Jasmine, hoping she had picked one of the laxative brownies, too, though obviously one wouldn't be nearly as bad as the three she'd been tricked or forced into consuming. She moaned as her stomach rumbled, having run out of space to deposit its cargo well before unloading all of it.

"Whew," came an unfamiliar voice, which made it all the more embarrassing. "I think somebody's messy already! Is it you, Linda?"

"Nuh-uh!" answered another voice defensively. "I'm still clean and dr... clean!"

"Then let's see!" demanded the first voice. Before long, accusations were flying, and it sounded like everyone was having a good time, seemingly forgetting about Alisa in their fun.

At least until she heard a popping sound. She turned her head, confused, wondering what it could be, when she heard another, then a string of three one after another, accompanied by a brief feeling of relief as her onesie grew looser. Before she could figure out how that was possible, or even wonder about it, she felt a huge rush of warm, gooey mush enter her already messy diaper, having finally found more room now that - as she saw when she looked down - her onesie had come undone. Everyone could have seen that final bit of her pooping her diaper, she realized, if they were just looking over at her.

"And I thought Jasmine's onesie would be too big for you," Hanna chuckled, and Alisa blushed as she felt a hand patting the heavy, saggy seat of her diaper. "I guess you outgrew it, huh?" Before Alisa could stop her, Hanna reached down and tugged the onesie up over her head, leaving her standing in just her Huggies. "Guess you don't need that, do you? I guess you can come out of the corner now, because guess what, sweetie? You won the game!"

"Here's your prize!" Isabella chirped happily as Alisa slowly turned, crossing her arms over her chest as she faced the room full of girls, all staring intently at her. Isabella was holding a large wooden paddle, painted pink, with little hearts carved through it. "Lissy, meet Mr. Ouchie. I think the two of you are going to get to know each other very well."

"That's not fair!" Alisa whined, trying to back away, only to run into Hanna. "It's not my fault!"

"You heard the rules," Hanna reminded her in her annoyingly calming voice. "And I think there's very little doubt that you have used your diaper. We just checked pretty much everyone else, but if you want to look again, you can."

"It's not fair!" Alisa repeated, stomping her foot. "Jasmine made me eat the brownies!"

Hanna turned toward Jasmine, who suddenly tried to shrink away into the crowd. "I didn't make her do anything!" she squeaked. "I offered her one, that's all!"

"Two!" Alisa pouted.

"Did you tell her what was in them?" Hanna asked, hands on her hips. Jasmine started to bite her bottom lip, shrugging noncommittally. "Jasmine! That wasn't very nice, was it?" Jasmine shrugged again, though this time she couldn't quite hide the mischievous smile that crept across her face.

"She still fudged her Huggies first," Jasmine pointed out.

"Yes, she did," Hanna agreed, "and that means she's going to get a spanking, but I think you need one, too. Bend over the coffee table, you two."

"B-But..." Alisa whimpered.

Hanna gently took her hand and guided her to the coffee table, forcing her to bend over, sticking out her heavily bloated posterior. She grabbed Jasmine and did the same with her, but Alisa was happy to note that she got her diapers pulled down, and when Isabella handed Hanna the paddle, Jasmine was the first to have it used on her. Alisa was pleased to watch the girl's bottom turn red as she squirmed and started to cry; it was almost enough to make her forget that she was next.

"Okay, Lissy, here we go!" Hanna announced, moving over to her and pulling Mr. Ouchie back quite a ways before giving her diaper a good thwack. It was more embarrassing than painful, at least until Hanna aimed a few at her upper thighs, enough to get her wiggling and sniffling as much as Jasmine. "All right, who's next?" Hanna asked, holding up the paddle.

Everyone wanted their turn, unfortunately, though before they could take it, they all seemed to feel the need to give her diaper a rub, or a pat. "I've never seen such a little girl make such a big mess," one said, while another worried, "I wonder what kind of laxatives those were..." Some of them seemed a little worried about what this meant for them, and some sounded almost giddy at the prospect.

Right before delivering her swats, one of them froze, and Alisa heard another girl ask, "What's wrong, Mandy?" Alisa turned as much as she could without getting up off the table, in time to see the girl about to spank her standing there, red-faced, while one of her friends lifted the back of her skirt.

"Mandy's making a messy!" the inquisitive girl chanted, to the delight of everyone else.

Mandy flushed a little darker red, tugging her skirt down. "I had to go before I got here," she grumbled. "And I wasn't first, so it doesn't matter." Her embarrassment only seemed to fuel her strength, and the fact that the girl doling out the punishment had just done what Alisa was being spanked for made it all the more humiliating for Alisa, as well.

Finally, the two girls were let up. Jasmine rubbed her sore bottom while Alisa wished she could do the same with the back of her legs, but she didn't dare because she knew she'd risk touching her diaper by doing that. Hanna cut through the crowd, holding something pink that, after a moment, Alisa recognized as her sailor dress. It wasn't the most dignified piece of clothing, though at least it was more than just her diaper, so she was happy to have it... Or would have been, had Hanna not walked over to Jasmine with it.

"You were a naughty girl, Jasmine," Hanna scolded her, stripping her of her t-shirt, then pulling her diaper up over her well-spanked bottom. "This was the girliest thing we could find that we thought might fit you, and you're going to wear it the rest of the night, do you understand?"

"I don't like dresses!" Jasmine whined, but Hanna didn't listen, she simply pulled the dress over the unhappy girl's body. It was even smaller on her than it had been on Alisa, leaving her diaper with its faux-jean design almost completely exposed.

"Isn't that cute?" Isabella giggled. "Lissy borrowed Jas's clothes, and now Jas is borrowing Lissy's! They're like best friends!"

"They are," Hanna said, in a voice that told the both of them that it was going to be true, or else. "Now hug, you two."

They did as they were told, to a chorus of girls talking about how adorable it was. When they were done, Alisa turned to Hanna and asked, "Can I put something else on now? Or at least change?"

"Hmm... I suppose..." Hanna mused. "I think we should bring the bag out here and let everyone decide what diapers you get to wear next, and..." She paused, glancing up at the clock and suddenly stopping mid-sentence. "Whoa, we almost missed it! It's show time, girls!"

"Oh, no!" Isabella squealed, scrambling through the crowd and fumbling with the magazines on the coffee table as she grabbed anxiously for the remote, flipping on the TV. "Oh, thank goodness," she sighed as the image snapped to life, showing a commercial for diaper rash cream. "We didn't miss anything!"

"Umm, what about..?" Alisa asked meekly, staring up at Hanna, whose eyes seemed transfixed to the screen. A couple seconds later, as one, she and all of the other girls sat down in place, staring wide-eyed up at the screen. "Guys?" Alisa was starting to get freaked out now, as the room went absolutely silent except for the sound of the theme song, one she'd heard quite a few times over the past couple days, and that, much as she hated to admit it, was beckoning her to turn her head to look at the screen with everyone else, despite how badly she wanted to resist after seeing their reaction to it.

"Isn't this just your favorite show?" Hanna asked as she saw Alisa still facing away, smiling almost unnaturally wide. "Watch it with us, Lissy! You don't want to be a naughty girl anymore, do you? You can learn all about being a good girl. Just watch with us..."

Special thanks to Geotastic for inspiring part of the chapter with this picture. I usually try to base things off general story tropes, rather than anything specific, but that was just too cute, and too much of a concept that I wish I had thought of myself, for me to pass up this time.


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