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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 21

Chapter 21 - A Fresh Start

Alisa cringed, but it all happened too fast for her to do much more. To her surprise, however, she never felt the grip of the arms around her; instead, they circled Jasmine, who let out a surprised shriek and dropped the paddle with a thud.

"What's going on?" Jasmine gasped, squirming helplessly. "Let me go!"

Hanna rushed over, tugging on the metal arms. "Let her go!" she demanded. A small hole opened in the arm, and a silver tendril shot out, wrapping its way around Hanna's arms, holding them down. At the same time, the arms continued winding their way around Jasmine until one of the hands reached her back, where it slid down, patting her diaper, then sliding a pair of fingers inside.

"Stop!" Jasmine whimpered, blushing at the invasion. "Someone help me! Quiana!"

One of the girls stepped forward slightly, then looked over at Hanna and Isabella and gave a helpless shrug. "How?" she asked desperately.

"Rash detected," the Robo-Nanny said. It slipped its hand out of Jasmine's diaper, wrapping the arm higher up her body before a tube slid out of it and into the waistband.

"What are you... Stop it!" Jasmine wriggled, and, as Alisa watched, her diaper began bulging out beneath the dress. Alisa was confused for a moment, then remembered the goop from earlier that day at the nursery. Considering this robot knew her as Dolly, it made sense that it was from the nursery, and the same thing was happening to Jasmine, though not why it was Jasmine it was happening to. Once she thought of that, however, she looked up at Jasmine and saw the silver pacifier stitched onto the collar, and recalled how her whole ordeal with the nursery had started.

She did feel a little bad for Jasmine, but at the same time, it meant she was off the hook, at least for the moment. With all the chaos the Robo-Nanny's arrival had caused, and the detainal of Isabella and Hanna, Alisa realized this might be her best chance to get away. Even if Robo-Nanny didn't realize its mistake before it left with Jasmine, the other girls would almost definitely wonder why it had shown up, and as the new girl, suspicion would almost definitely fall on her, which could make things even worse than they already had been.

She slid down off the coffee table, not wanting to draw any undue attention to herself. As she looked around, she saw the Dora panties laying on the floor and reach out to grab them before crawling her way between the legs of the other girls, who were panicking, trying to figure out what was going on, what to do about it. Some of them were trying to get away, others were milling around, not wanting to abandon their friends, but also not wanting to get trapped with them. None of them were paying much attention to her, so it was easy enough to slide her way out of the room and into the hall.

Obviously, going through the front door was out of the question, since there was a robot blocking it, searching for her, not to mention the fact that she was naked. She would just have to find some other way out, and hopefully some clothes, too. Around the corner, she stood, making her way to Isabella's room, stepping into her panties as she went. It seemed like forever since she'd stolen them, and she was only now getting to wearing them on their own.

The feeling was heavenly. She liked diapers, but a couple days of being forced into them was plenty for her to get her fix for quite a while. Even though the panties were clearly designed for a toddler, and they were all she had on, she still felt more mature since she had in a long time, feeling them snap into place against her bare, sore behind. She pushed her thighs together, just because, finally, she could, having almost forgotten what that sensation felt like. She could have stood there and enjoyed it for a few minutes, but she didn't want to risk being caught if the Robo-Nanny figured out it had the wrong person.

She ducked into Isabella's room, where another girl yelped and ducked behind the bed before peeking over the top and breathing a sigh of relief to find that Alisa wasn't the robot. "What's going on out there?" the girl asked frantically. "What is that thing? Why did it grab Jasmine? Are we in trouble?"

"I don't know," Alisa answered. In a away, it was the truth. She certainly had an inkling of where it had come from and why, but she didn't know for sure, and this wasn't the time nor place to share her suspicions. She grabbed Jasmine's backpack from the floor and began digging through it, searching for something to wear that wouldn't make her look too juvenile. Obviously, she was looking in the wrong place, but she had been hoping that Jasmine had worn something a little more mature before she got to Isabella's house, but there was no sign that was the case.

She almost could have lived with Jasmine's shortalls, if it wasn't for the snaps on the crotch. In fact, most of Jasmine's clothes featured them, except for a lone pair of white shorts, which Alisa quickly grabbed and slipped on. As it turned out, however, Jasmine didn't have much left for shirts, after she had been stripped of the one she'd been wearing and Alisa had gotten the onesie taken away from her. All that remained in the backpack was a red shirt featuring Naomi and Oliver, and the thought of letting those characters near her, or advertising that show in any way, made her a little sick to her stomach.

"What are you doing?" The girl stood, watching in confusion as Alisa marched to Isabella's closet and pulled it open. "That's not your stuff..."

"Bella won't mind me borrowing it," Alisa said, rifling through the clothes hanging there. "Good girls share, don't they?" Most of it would be way too big for her, obviously, and even the dresses meant to be short on Isabella would look strange on her, even if she wouldn't be tripping on them. She wasn't really sure what she was looking for, but after a minute, she grabbed a purple short sleeved dress shirt and pulled it on, buttoning it up. It was way too long, but she had noticed some craft supplies on Isabella's desk and it was easy enough for her to cut a piece of ribbon to tie around her waist, making the shirt look slightly more like a shirtdress than just a shirt. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it would do for the time being.

She had left her sneakers by the backpack, and she quickly put them on as well, feeling the other girl's glare intensify the longer she stayed. "Are you leaving?" the girl demanded. "You're not even going to try to help?"

"Yeah, I'm sure you were a lot of help hiding in here," Alisa sneered. Being dressed again, and un-padded, she was starting to feel like her old self, starting to think of what she could do to find a way back to her own world. "You can stick around if you want, but..." Before she could declare that she was out of there, the girl jumped forward, grabbing her arm. "Let me go!"

"No, you're right!" the girl declared. "We're going to go help!"

For as grown up as she was finally feeling, Alisa still felt helpless as she squirmed in the girl's grip, being dragged back down the hall. The robot may have used the ID on her clothes to identify her initially, but it seemed unlikely that it wouldn't have some other way to confirm identity as well, which meant she had no desire to show her face anywhere near it. Unfortunately, even dressed somewhat like an adult, her body was still quite small compared to the other girl, and no matter how she fought, she couldn't escape.

The girl did pause for a moment at the sight of two girls squirming in the hall, tied up and gagged by the silver rope the robot had used, still trying weakly to wriggle away. After re-collecting her courage, she dragged Alisa the next few steps into the doorway. Sure enough, Robo-Nanny seemed to have figured out Jasmine wasn't really her target, as the girl was now lying on her stomach, tied up, diaper blown up behind her. The other girls were scattered around the room, restrained, while the Robo-Nanny changed one girl's messy diaper. Alisa felt a little satisfaction to see it was one of the girls who had held her down, but only until the robot looked up at the sound of their arrival.

Quickly, she ducked behind the girl, seeing the light of the robot's scan shine on the wall behind them. "Diaper detected," the robot declared. "Possible subject." One hand moved from its current job and extended out towards the girl, extending and wrapping around her waist, pinning her arms down before checking her diaper, while the other arm grew a set of tentacles from the wrist to finish changing the girl on the floor. The girl let go of Alisa, who was all too happy to take the opportunity to start running for the kitchen.

"Movement detected," the robot chirped. "Please stop for a facial scan."

She heard something behind her, glancing back just in time to see a silver tentacle sprout from the hand wrapped around the girl, and currently filling her diaper. The tentacle shot out, reaching for her feet, and she quickly turned and stomped at it, twisting her feet around each other and falling flat onto her butt. Without a diaper to cushion her, the fall hurt quite a bit, but she forced herself to ignore it and scuttle backwards, nearly running into a small table as she went. She grabbed the table, throwing it down, which slowed the encroaching tentacle just enough for her to get back on her feet and run like her life depended on it - which, in a way, it did. If Mommy caught her, she could say goodbye to her adult life for good. Who knew what kind of surgeries she would deem necessary after an escape like this?

The kitchen, with its brownie pans soaking in the sink, was a welcome sight, and she found an extra burst of speed somewhere inside of herself to dash for the outside door. She slammed against it, fumbling for the handle, only to find that, of course, it was locked. She gave one quick look behind her to see not just one, but five or six tentacles now crawling after her, already halfway across the kitchen, and now that her own feet weren't moving, she could hear a series of thumps coming down the hall, no doubt the Robo-Nanny coming to investigate the one who got away.

Panting, she backed off the door just enough to look at the lock, her hands feeling suddenly sweaty as she turned it. In her panic, her fingers slipped off of it once, twice... She could practically feel the tendrils crawling up her legs now, ready to drag her back to the robot, who would almost certainly be happy to diaper her a take her back "home". Finally, she heard the click as she undid the lock, and threw the door open, stumbling outside. She turned just long enough to see the Robo-Nanny lurking in the hall, drawing closer, its tiny silver arms very nearly to her, before she slammed the door and, despite how tired she already felt, took off running through the yard, toward the sidewalk.

She ran as far as she could, trying to put as many houses between her and the robot as possible, but it wasn't long before she was out of breath. Muscles burning, she scrambled up to the nearest house, pushing the doorbell before looking behind her. There was no sign of Robo-Nanny, but she would still feel better if she got inside, though she had no idea how she was going to explain who she was, and what she was running from.

Luckily, that didn't seem to matter. The woman who opened the door took one look at her and said, "Oh! I thought you said you had to cancel!"

Alisa, of course, had no idea what she meant, but she decided to play along anyway. "I, uh... I just..." She tried to catch her breath, all too eager to accept the woman's invitation inside while she did so, the sound of the closing door comforting her greatly.

"Did you run all the way here?" the woman asked. Alisa nodded, buying herself a little time to come up with a story. "That's dedication," the woman shook her head, sounding impressed. "Did they take care of your car already? Do you know what was wrong with it?"

Alisa shrugged. "They just towed it," she lied.

"Well, I'm sure they'll figure it out," the woman smiled at her, looking her up and down. "You come very highly recommended, but Mrs. Steward never mentioned you were..." The woman blushed a little. "I mean, not that it matters, I suppose. I do admire your dedication, getting here even after having car troubles. And she is small enough now, I'm sure you won't have any problems. Boy, your timing is great! I was just about to have to call and cancel, because I wasn't able to find anyone else! All of the numbers are on the fridge if you need anything. I wish I had time to show you around, but I'm sure you'll figure it out! Thank you so much!"

Then, with a hug, the woman was gone, rushing out the door, which Alisa was all too eager to lock behind her before trying to suss out her new situation. It sounded like she was babysitting, which wasn't something she had a lot of experience with, even in the real world. "Hello?" she called, after giving herself another minute or two to finish calming herself. There was no answer, so she stepped further into the house, exploring. "Hello?"

"Go away!" came her answer, in a high, yet faintly familiar, voice. "I don't need a babysitter!" The girl's voice sounded pretty young, so Alisa somehow doubted that, but she decided to keep that opinion to herself for the moment. She found the hallway with the bedrooms, coming first across the master bedroom, which was empty, of course, and then another empty room, one that seemed like it belonged to a teenage girl. Alisa idly wondered where that girl was, and why she wasn't the one babysitting her little sister, but she supposed she should be grateful, since it had given her somewhere to hide.

There were only two doors left in the hall, the bathroom and, inevitably, the bedroom of her new charge. "I'm just here to hang out with you for a little while," she called, trying to calm the girl a little. "It's not babysitting!"

"Shut up!" the girl whined. "I'm not stupid!"

"I didn't say you were," Alisa winced, realizing she had made things worse, somehow. For as young as the girl's voice sounded, she seemed to have a very good grasp on language. "Do you mind if I come in?"

"Yes! Leave me alone!" the girl yelled.

Alisa considered doing as she was told, just for a little while, but she thought it might be best to at least look in on her charge first, and see how young she was, and thus how much attention she was going to need. "Let me just introduce myself first," she said, reaching for the door. "My name is Alisa. What's yours?"

She pushed open the door, finding a surprisingly sparse room inside. There were a few pieces of furniture, like a large crib and changing table, but otherwise it wasn't decorated like a nursery, or even a little girl's room. It looked more like a guest room that had been hastily redecorated. Inside the crib was a little girl, maybe three years old, in a diaper and green nightshirt decorated with a pair of strawberries, declaring them, or the girl wearing them, 'Berry, Berry Cute'. Sure enough, the girl was smaller than Alisa, though not by as much as she'd like a toddler to be littler than her. It was only once looking at the girl's face, however, that she remembered the woman adding a "now" to that statement. She couldn't help but gasp as she realized what that meant, and who was standing before her, a dozen or so years younger than the last time she'd seen her.

"Alisa, huh?" Emily pouted, crossing her arms as she stared at her through the bars of her crib. "I thought it was Dolly."


  1. Great action and story telling!


  2. Yeah this was neat, but wow, little Emily? Hmmmm :) Lost track of how many times I poked your site to see if it had uppydated after your last update and your nannybot cliffyhanger :)

  3. Excellent and exciting chapter! The "Great Escape" was handled quite well....and that Nannybot is becoming more menacing every time we see it (although I did love the "gentle" touches - like it has to stop and tale care of someone's diaper rash!). Ad for Emily now a younger baby girl....first thing I had to do was go back and find the chapter when we last saw her! So much has happened since then....but it is nice to see you bringing back former characters.