Monday, June 17, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - The Padding Room

They all piled into Isabella's car, where Jasmine and Alisa were relegated to the back seat. "Do you need any help with your seatbelt?" Hanna asked Alisa, who shook her head. It was nice to actually be asked things again, she mused, rather than it just being assumed that she was too helpless to do anything for herself.

It didn't come as much of a surprise, but Isabella wasn't the best driver, always getting distracted, especially whenever they saw a kids' store, or a playground, and swerving toward the parking lot. "Let's go there!" she'd declare excitedly.

"We need to go start getting ready for the sleepover," Hanna would tell her every time. "Besides, we promised Alisa she could get changed, remember?"

"You'll be fine, won't you, Alisa?" Isabella would ask, like a ritual, every single time. "You want to check this out, don't you?"

Alisa never quite knew what to answer, not entirely comfortable with being put on the spot like that, and Hanna and Isabella would giggling together as they watched her squirm in the back seat uncertainly, which only made it harder to answer the next time around, as she wondered if they were serious, or just messing with her. Beside her, Jasmine scowled, glaring at her more and more, like she was jealous of all the attention Alisa was getting.

As they passed one of the playgrounds, Alisa noticed a teenage boy wearing the same kind of shirt as Isabella, then, as she looked around, she noticed another few of the older "kids" in shirts from the same show. The actual toddlers running around all seemed to be into the same sort of shows that kids back in the real world liked, as not a single one of them had one on in any of the other playgrounds they passed. Of course, she couldn't see all of the kids, no matter how hard she stared out the window, trying to avoid answering Isabella's questions.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a cute little house, and everyone spilled out of the car, grateful to have survived the strip. Isabella and Jasmine headed for the house in front of the driveway, while Hanna stopped Alisa and told the others, "I'm going to go get her some fresh..." She looked down at Alisa, fidgeting nervously about how loudly and openly they were talking about this, even with nobody else out on the street at the moment, and smiled. "Clothes," she finished, patting Alisa's shoulder. "You guys get started on the brownies."

"Yes, boss!" Isabella called back, giving her a mocking salute and going inside.

"Come on," Hanna said, offering her hand to Alisa and starting off down the sidewalk, then immediately turning and heading for the front door of the very next house.

"Wow," Alisa marveled, "it must be nice living right next door to your friend like this."

"Yeah, it's all right," Hanna replied as she unlocked the door. "Except she's always trying to freeload off my diaper supply."

"Oh..." Alisa blushed, a little surprised to hear her say that, and feeling a little guilty. "I-I could have gone to get some of my own, I didn't mean..."

Hanna burst out into laughter. "I'm kidding! You have to learn to take a joke, Lissy!" Alisa smiled and forced a weak laugh out of herself, but it only made her feel more awkward. "Yeah, it is pretty cool," Hanna said, leading Alisa through her house. "We've been friends since we were in diapers." She paused, gave Alisa a look, then lifted her skirt to show off her Goodnite with a smirk. "You know, last week!" Alisa found it a little easier to laugh at her that time. "Actually, we didn't know each other before she moved in over there. She came over to introduce herself, we watched some TV, and just clicked, you know? It took us a couple days to realize we were both into diapers... Though I bet she would have guessed if I'd let her come in here her first time over."

With that, Hanna pushed open a door and watched in amusement as Alisa gaped at the contents. It was a whole room full of diapers, in every size and color, every kind Alisa had ever seen, whether in person or in pictures, and then some, stacked on shelves around the room, and overflowing into organized piles on the floor, centered around a well-stocked changing table. "Whoa," she breathed, almost not daring to step inside. "Where did you get all of these?"

"Oh, I just have the coolest job ever," Hanna shrugged with faux modesty. "I'm a diaper tester."

Alisa nodded; that sounded reasonable, at least for a moment, until she realized, "But then why do you have so many sizes? You can't fit into these, can you?" She grabbed a Huggies in her own size off a shelf and held it up.

"Don't remind me," Hanna sighed melodramatically. "No matter how cute they try to make the bigger diapers, they're never as cute as those, huh? I could still use them as stuffers or something, though! But really, I just let my bosses know that I have friends who were willing to help me, so they sent me some for them, too. So, is that the one you want?"

Alisa looked down at the diaper. Like the Pampers she'd been wearing, they were bigger and thicker than they were back in her world, but still decorated with Winnie the Pooh, and looking quite adorable, she had to admit. Now that she was in a safe place, she might even be able to enjoy this world a little. "Well... I was kinda hoping..." she looked down at herself, remembering the panties she'd gone to so much trouble to take. Back when she was being forced into diapers, they had seemed so desirable... Now, she still felt like she should wear them, yet, surrounded by all these diapers, she found herself wanting to less and less.

"I know what you need!" Hanna declared, moving to another set of shelves and pulling off a Huggies designed to look like a pair of jeans. Alisa had always found the idea of those ridiculous, and these were even more so, with all the extra padding they had gained in this world, but that didn't stop them from being cute - in fact, it only helped. "You could wear these, and nobody would ever know you weren't just wearing shorts! I'm sure I could find you a shirt to go with it..." After that, she couldn't take it, or the incredulous look on Alisa's face, any longer, and started laughing. "Oh, you are just too easy! Well, you just look around and decide while I get changed. It's a real diaper only sleepover, so my Goodnites aren't going to fly. So don't you think about getting another pair of Pull-Ups, either. Our first order of business will be diaper checks, and if you're not dressed properly, you'll be attacked by the tickle monster, then the group gets to decide what diaper, and how many of them, you get to wear."

That did sound kind of fun, but it had been so long since she'd gotten to choose what she wore under her clothes that she wasn't about to give up that right to a bunch of squealing, giggling girls, so she started to look around, not realizing, for a minute, that Hanna could be teasing her yet again. For her part, Hanna went right to a stack of what looked like Molicares, except that they were a lighter purple and, like everything else here, were thicker, and grabbed one, taking it to the changing table. She didn't bother to lie down, just tugged down her Goodnite, tossed it into the oversized Diaper Genie beside the table, then cleaned herself up before expertly diapering herself while still standing.

"Oh, and if you find some you like, bring them along, so we don't have to come back over here to change tonight," Hanna advised once she was done, grabbing a stack of the diaper she'd just put on. "Have you decided yet?"

Alisa really wasn't sure. They were all cute, but she kept going back to the Huggies for some reason, and after a second or two, she walked back over to them and grabbed one. "Good choice!" Hanna complimented her. "Do you need any help changing?"

Alisa was so used to Mommy, or the nursery, simply doing it for her that she hadn't even thought about doing it herself. Automatically, she said, "No, I can do it!" and Hanna left to give her some privacy. She wasn't used to that, either. Maybe she was being too eager to get back home, she thought, wriggling out of her panties and Pull-Ups, setting the former aside and putting the latter into the Genie. She spread the Huggie out on the changing table, then stepped onto the stool in front of the table and sat herself on the diaper, grabbing for the baby oil and powder. She was rather tentative as she started to rub the oil into her skin, wondering if the hypnosis would trigger from that, but luckily it didn't, perhaps because she wasn't actually in a diaper yet.

That gave her some naughty thoughts, and she had to remind herself she was in a stranger's house, and her privacy could be interrupted at any moment. She pulled up the diaper and taped one side, then the other, only to feel her bladder start to release as soon as the second tape touched down. She blushed, pulling her hand away like she'd just stuck her finger into a fire, and managed to get herself under control, but when she looked down at her diaper, she could tell it was on very crooked, and probably wouldn't be very useful at all for more than the little accident she'd just had.

She blushed, biting her bottom look as she stared at it, hoping that perhaps she could develop telekinesis to allow her to rearrange the tapes without actually touching her diaper and springing a leak. Of course, she knew that wasn't going to happen, which left her with the choice of either risking an embarrassing accident sometime that night, surrounded by however many people were coming to this sleepover, or asking for help. The latter was obviously the best choice, but she still hesitated, in mute protest to what the hypnosis had done to her. It hadn't quite occurred to her before, since she was never allowed to change herself, but she wouldn't be able to diaper herself without help. Even if she managed to get the tapes lined up right with her first try, she'd still wind up wet right away. She couldn't take them off without another accident either, she was sure, which would only make changing time more difficult.

At the very least, she sighed to herself, she was sure Hanna wouldn't really mind. "Hanna?" she called nervously.

"Are you all done?" Hanna peeked her head in the door. "Ready to go?"

"Umm... I need a little help," Alisa admitted. Hanna walked in, carrying a canvas tote bag now, and almost immediately spotted the problem.

"Yes, you do!" she chuckled, setting the bag down by the table. "Are you still new to this?"

"It's.. uh... hard to explain," Alisa shrugged, cheeks darkening.

"Aww, it's okay. It just makes you more cute," Hanna grinned, tapping Alisa's nose. "Lay down and I'll get you fixed up." Alisa scooted back onto the changing table, turning so she could lie flat. "Wait, did you... Alisa, did use your diaper already?"

Alisa couldn't even bring herself to answer, she was so embarrassed. Had she really thought Hanna somehow wouldn't notice?

"I'm sorry!" Hanna soothed her, pushing her dress further up. "I wasn't making fun, it's just sweet... You didn't even ask to use my bathroom, you just waited until you were in your diaper. It's cute! But if you had to go that bad, you could have told me. I would have let you get changed without yakking on for so long." Alisa heard some light ripping sounds as Hanna undid the tapes, then moved the diaper around a little before tugging the sides into place, attaching them snugly back in place. "There we go! No harm done!" she declared. "Now... Did you get all your pee-pee out, or is there more in there?" Alisa blushed again, which just encouraged Hanna. "I think the tickle monster is going to make an early appearance..."

Hanna wiggled her fingers, which was enough to get Alisa giggling at the sight of it, but a moment later, she lowered them down onto Alisa's tummy. Alisa was ticklish back in the real world, somewhat, but it was nothing compared to what she felt now. The laughter burst out of her as she squirmed, squealing, trying to escape but already too incapacitated by her own involuntary reaction to really do anything. It may have been partly due to her surprise, both at the tickling in the first place and the intensity of her own reaction, but within what felt like a few seconds, she was wetting herself again.

"That's what I thought!" Hanna declared triumphantly, pulling away. "You had plenty more in there, didn't you? You have to learn to just let it all go, silly! Did that do it, or does the tickle monster need to come back?"

For a second or two, Alisa, still laughing, couldn't answer, which gave Hanna the chance to start her fingers moving again, inching them back toward Alisa's vulnerable stomach. "I'm done!" Alisa finally managed to squeak out.

"Hmm... I guess I'll trust you this time..." Hanna smiled. "Boy, you sure are ticklish, aren't you? I'll have to tell the girls!" She went to grab a fresh diaper, then started the changing process again, this time from the beginning, making sure to pile on plenty of powder so that when she gave the diaper's crotch a pat when she was done, a few specks managed to sneak out of the legholes. "There you go, a nice, fresh Huggie! Are those what you want to wear the rest of the night?"

Alisa looked around the room, still overwhelmed by the enormous selection. "I dunno..." she shrugged bashfully.

Hanna grinned. "I'll take a little of everything," she said, grabbing the bag she'd brought with her, which Alisa could now see held the stack of diapers she'd taken out of the room with her. "I'll get you a few Pampers, some more Huggies... Be a good girl and grab me some Luvs from over there." She pointed at the other end of the room, searching through the stacks and pulling a diaper or two from one every now and then, putting them in the bag.

Alisa climbed down from the table, where she noticed her panties on the floor. She bent down, picking them up and staring at them for a moment before going over to search for the Luvs. She had wanted them so badly earlier that day... It seemed a shame to just abandon them. Then again, she had a feeling Hanna wouldn't let her bring them with her on their "diapers only" sleepover, and her outfit didn't have any pockets, so once she found the Luvs, she unfolded one and slipped the underwear inside before folding it back up. She took two more diapers and sandwiched the one with the panties in the middle, then toddled back to meet Hanna.

"You're such a good little helper!" Hanna praised her, opening the bag so Alisa could put her cargo inside. "Now, let's go see how those other two are doing. Hopefully they didn't eat all the brownie batter before they got it baked!" Hanna gave Alisa a wink, and the two of them scurried, giggling, over to Isabella's house.


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