Monday, June 10, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Makeover

Alisa unhappily looked up at the approaching bathroom sign. Normally, that would have been an all-too-welcome sight, but now it only made her feel more frantic, and more annoyed at Mommy. It had been long enough since the big mess that she could go again, but she hadn't even started feeling the pressure that signalled she was starting to get close to having an accident. She was sure she could last a while like this, clean and dry - though the dryness was sure to be fixed before too long, as well.

For a moment, she wondered if she could get around this dilemma by simply wetting herself. She hadn't told Clara what she needed to do, so that could work, as far as the girl was concerned. But Mommy had told her to do more than that, and had certainly seemed to mean it. After spending the morning in whatever fake mess had been put in her diaper, the pain from her spankings had dulled a bit, and she was in no hurry to give Mommy an excuse to make it worse anytime soon. She also didn't want to spend any more time than necessary in a dirty diaper, however, even if this one couldn't possibly be as full, after that morning, either.

What it boiled down to, she realized, was how much she had accepted her new role. If she really was ready to just give up and spend her time here as a babydoll for a toddler, then she should just do it; if she had the guts to keep fighting, she shouldn't. She tried to think of what a character from a story would do now, because it was obvious that she should do the opposite, whatever that was. They never won, no matter what. In the end, they were always still in diapers, usually still trapped. If she couldn't convince Dr. Bremer to help her, she might be in this world a long time, and she needed to give more thought to the long-term consequences of her actions.

Unfortunately, before she could decide on what she wanted to do, it was already too late. "Do you want to hold the door open for us?" she heard Mommy ask, looking up from her thoughts to realize that she had been talking to Clara, who was more than happy to help, scurrying forward and pushing open the door. Mommy bent over and hissed in Alisa's ear, "You are going to regret this when we get home, Dolly. Mess yourself now!"

Alisa opened her mouth to apologize, but all that came out was a shocked gasp as she felt her innards contract. Her eyes widened and her hands shot to the rear of her diaper as she felt herself begin to follow her orders automatically, something that only seemed to intensify as her hands touched the diaper cover. She hadn't even given it a second thought - as soon as Mommy had told her directly to go, she had begun doing so, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

"What are you doing, Dolly?" Mommy asked loudly, pushing up the back of Alisa's dress and tugging on her diaper. "Oh, Dolly! We were right there! Come on back, Clara, Dolly couldn't make it!"

"Dolly!" Clara admonished, parroting her mother's scolding tone. "Bad girl! You almost made it to the potty! You just had to hold it another minute!"

"She's just a baby," Mommy reminded Clara. "Come on, we might as well get going."

"Shouldn't we change her?" Clara asked, watching Alisa continue to squirm and fill her diaper with the warm mush.

"No, I don't think it's too bad," Mommy shrugged it off. "She can wait. Can't you, Dolly?" Alisa meekly nodded her head, even though she would have liked almost nothing more than the chance to get a clean diaper again. She'd gotten to wear this one for such a short time... It wasn't fair!

She was still sulking about it as she was strapped into her car seat. With the load in her pants, the tight strap only made her feel more gross and uncomfortable, though given how many times she'd gotten close to relief and been denied it lately, even that turned her on just a tiny bit. At least until Mommy began to talk to Clara.

"So, Clara... I was thinking. Dolly clearly isn't ready for potty training, is she?"

Alisa squirmed as Clara looked over at her, giggling. "Nuh-uh!"

"She was supposed to help you, but she's just no good at it at all, huh? She's just a baby! So I was thinking... Maybe we should make her more of a baby. It would just take one little surgery, and she'd have to crawl. Wouldn't that be fun? I'm sure she won't be taller than you for long, but if she couldn't stand, then she wouldn't seem taller than you even now! Would you like that?"

"Hey, wait..." Alisa squeaked anxiously. She couldn't really mean that, could she?

"Yeah!" Clara nodded enthusiastically.

"And while we're there, we could fix her hands, too... She's always trying to do stuff for herself, and she was even doing something naughty with them last night." Mommy shot Alisa a look that made her freeze and blush, realizing that at least Mommy, and possibly Emily, had known what she had been up to. Was that what Emily had told Mommy? "Why don't you show Clara what you did, Dolly?"

Alisa blushed deeper. "No, please," she whimpered. Here, in a messy diaper, as she listened to how this woman was planning on crippling her, she had no desire to touch herself at all.

"Did you say no to me?" Mommy demanded. "Do it, now!"

Alisa's hands shot to her diaper, but before she could rub it, or even start to decide if she would go through with it or not, she felt her bladder give way, emptying itself into her dirty diaper as she gasped.

"Dolly, you're not s'posed to touch your diaper!" Clara reminded her. "Naughty girl!"

"That's right," Mommy nodded, satisfied. "So another little surgery would keep her from being able to do that, or pick up anything for herself... She would have no choice but to let us feed her, and help her play, and do everything for her! She would be just like a little baby. And you know what else would help with that?"

"Come on," Alisa whimpered, tugging helplessly on the car seat strap. How far was she going to take this? She'd seen a few shady looking doctor's offices that she had no doubt specialized in things like this, and she had very little doubt that Mommy would go through with it. She had never felt more trapped.

"She's having an awfully hard time learning to to say no," Mommy continued, seemingly ignoring Alisa's protest for the time being. "And she's getting pretty whiny, too. But that wouldn't be as bad if she just cooed and cried like a real little baby, would it? I bet it would be much cuter. And so simple..."

"Please, don't," Alisa begged, sniffling. If they actually went through with all that, she really would be trapped. She'd have no hope of changing Dr. Bremer's mind, ever, not if she couldn't talk to the woman, or even hold a crayon well enough to write a note to her. "Please..."

"By the end of the day, Dolly will be the perfect little baby doll," Mommy declared with a smile, slowing the car. "The first step is getting her the perfect hair." She pulled into a parking spot and stopped the car, getting out and gathering up the diaper bag and her two charges, one of whom was starting to feel queasy at what was going to happen to her.

"Mommy, please, you can't do this to me..." Alisa pleaded, tugging against Mommy's grip.

But, now that she had come to the decision that Alisa would be losing her ability to speak, Mommy seemed to have decided that she wasn't listening to anything she said up until then, either. She had apparently made an appointment, as the three of them were taken right back, Clara and Alisa plopped down side by side in salon chairs. Clara was just getting a trim, though she seemed quite excited at even that, as Mommy quietly discussed her plans for Alisa's hair with her amused hairdresser. Desperately, Alisa tried scooting forward out of the chair once or twice, but Mommy always saw her, stopping her by reaching out to grab her arm and drag her back up in her seat.

Finally, Mommy stopped talking, and the hairdresser got to work, spinning the chair around so Alisa couldn't see the mirror, but Mommy could see, and approve, everything. "You're a cute little thing, aren't you?" she said to Alisa as she got set up. "And you'll be even cuter when we're done with you!" The woman began, cutting away at Alisa's hair. In the real world, Alisa had tended to keep her hair long, and while it had been a bit shorter in this world, it still had a fair bit of length to it. That apparently wasn't going to work for Mommy's plans, however, as the hairdresser just kept hacking away more and more hair, until Alisa was sure she had to be bald. It was rather disheartening, looking around the chair, seeing the remains of her lovely locks scattered around beneath her.

At last, the woman put down the scissors, but she wasn't done yet. Alisa squirmed in her squishy Pamper as the woman began dividing up Alisa's hair, then spreading something over it. Clara had finished by then, and was sitting on Mommy's lap, watching eagerly. Alisa had no idea what was going on, which made her almost as uncomfortable as being the center of attention like this. After what felt like an eternity, her hair was rinsed out and dried, and they started on the next step, rubbing more stuff into her hair. After another wait, as the stylist wrapped her hair around little rods, she began to realize what was going on. With everything else, she had forgotten that Mommy had mentioned getting her a perm. Even now, it seemed like the least of her worries, as she fretted about how she could possibly get out of what was likely to happen to her at the next stop.

After another age or two, when they were all done tweaking her hair, she was allowed to see it. It was a rather shocking transformation; she nearly couldn't believe she was looking at herself. Before, she'd had long, straight, light brown hair. Now, it was blond, short, and curled into bouncy ringlets that made her look like Shirley Temple, or, appropriately enough, a doll. "It's just the right length to pull into cute little ponytails," the stylist suggested, doing so with her fingers, "once it's set, of course."

"Don't you look sweet?" Mommy cooed as she scooted Alisa off the chair. "Say thank you, Dolly."

"Th-thank you," Alisa blushed. She felt like an entirely different person was staring at her from the mirrors, one that truly belonged in this world.

"Now, before we go on to our next stop, maybe it's time to get you changed." Alisa wasn't about to argue with that, if for no other reason than it would delay the inevitable. Mommy led her to the bathroom, which, of course, came equipped with a rather large changing table that folded down out of the wall. After spreading a changing pad over it, Mommy lifted Alisa up onto it, strapping her into place and beginning to untape her diapers.

"Mommy, I can't see!" Clara complained from the floor below the table, getting up on her tiptoes every now and then. "I wanna help!"

"I know you do, sweetie, but the floor here might be dirty. You can change her when we get home, okay? I'm sure she'll need it again." Mommy did her best to reassure the girl, but Clara was still upset over not getting to play with her Dolly right then, bouncing in place and trying to see what was going on... Or, rather, that was what Alisa assumed was happening at first, until she realized something.

She knew she might be overstepping her bounds as the doll, and the baby, but a plan was rapidly forming in her mind. After all, she had been supposed to help potty train this girl, hadn't she? "Do you need to go potty, Clara?" she asked, waiting until Mommy had finished cleaning her, sliding the old diapers out from under her and throwing them away. She did her very best to keep her hand from wandering too close to the latch on the strap, but in her anxiety to get out of this place, she could feel it quivering slightly - hopefully not too noticeably.

"No..." Clara answered uncertainly, but when Mommy looked over at her, she changed her tune, obviously knowing she couldn't fool her. "Maybe..."

"You didn't already have an accident, did you?" Mommy asked, and Clara shook her head. "Why don't you go now?" she asked, nodding over to the stall. "I'm right here."

Alisa watched the exchange, starting to shake nervously as she prayed for the right response. She got silence, which worked just as well.

"Can you wait until I'm done?" Clara nodded, but it was obvious she wasn't really all that confident. "I suppose Dolly can wait here for a minute," Mommy said, to Alisa's enormous relief. She fixed Alisa with a glare, then turned, ushering Clara into the nearest stall. As soon as her back was turned, Alisa's hand shot out and began sweatily pawing at the buckle holding her in place.

She froze again once Mommy had tugged down Clara's Pull-Up and lifted her onto the toilet, then turned around to watch Alisa through the open stall door. Alisa had been banking on her shutting the door. She didn't dare turn to look at the fiendishly complicated feeling latch that was keeping her from freedom, not wanting to tip her hand. She slowly began moving her fingers again, sure Mommy couldn't see that from where she was. Even so, if she did get the strap undone, she was beginning to worry she wouldn't be able to make it to the door before getting intercepted, not with Mommy watching.

She felt like bursting into tears, but that was bound to give away her game as well. She was so close... So close to getting away, to freeing herself from the horrible future this giant woman had planned for her, starting once they left this bathroom. She supposed she should have known that it wouldn't be that easy, but it had been the only idea she had. What else was left for her to do but give in and accept her fate? She was never getting home, and she would be spending the rest of her life in this place as a helpless adult baby. And with each passing second, it was looking more and more like there was nothing she could do about either of those things.


  1. Oh I hope she can flee. I think permanent body modifications are cruel and very harsh. I was a little shocked when I read the mothers suggestions.

  2. Maybe she will be intercepted my the new principle of the school.
    And her plight will continue.


  3. Oh gosh! Perhaps she'll run away from her Mommy into the arms of her in-world biological Mommy :) Diaper, dress, baby hair and all!

  4. This turned dark quick.

  5. I'm kinda hoping she'll escape, the idea of full body mods is interesting (in a dark sort of way) but it would make her totally helpless while her still being able to do things presents more interesting possibilities, at least I think so. Besides we've had a while with this family, having her go somewhere else, meet some new characters and explore another part of this freaky yet fascinating world (and of course end up in another unfortunate situation) would be fun.

  6. Perhaps a delay in the proceedings is in order.anticipation,dread,worry-
    a bit more mental age regression that she would be very aware of?
    Or a try-out with locked mittens,and a gag in her mouth?

    Thanks for the B-day present.