Monday, May 6, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - The Girl in the Bathroom

"What am I going to do?" Alisa muttered to herself, for what could have been the hundredth time, but still, there was no answer.

She had been pacing around the bathroom for what seemed like hours - her cell phone had somehow turned off in the transition between worlds, and now refused to turn back on, keeping her from being able to tell the time - trying to figure out some solution to this problem. It was lucky that she had found a bathroom to lock herself in, as it meant she had no problem scrambling onto the toilet, other than it seeming quite a bit higher than she was used to, whenever the need to use it hit her. That seemed to be happening more often than was normal, but without any sense of the time, she didn't know for sure. A few times, she had been shocked by a knock on the door and a jiggling of the knob, but they all stopped after a moment or two and left her on her own.

She was going to have to leave eventually, however. There was no way she was getting home stuck in a bathroom, she knew that. But, even so, she hated the idea of going back outside. Normally, the idea of getting to wear a diaper was a treat, one that was growing more and more rare for her lately, but if the stories had taught her anything - and they were almost all she had to go on here - once she was put in one, she wouldn't be getting her panties back, and that was not at all what she wanted. While the stories were fun little fantasies, it was only because they were just that - fantasies. Thinking of them as very real possibilities was a different prospect entirely.

Her only hope was to get out of this dimension, and the only she could think of to do that was through Dr. Bremer. Did the woman have some way to track her once she was through the door and into the new world? It hadn't sounded like it. It seemed like Dr. Bremer had to set up a doorway, and that was what let her go between realities. Of course, Alisa hadn't given her a chance to do that... But had she been able to set one up anyway, after that fact? If so, how could Alisa find it? In the real world, it had looked like any other door, nothing special about it. Was she just going to have to run around, opening every door she came across? In this place, vulnerable as she was, that seemed like a very bad idea.

But maybe there was another way. Maybe it wasn't her knowledge of diaper stories that would save her, after all. If there was one thing stories about parallel worlds had taught her, it was that there was always an alternate version of people from the real world in the new one. In fact, she had a feeling that explained the body she was in now - it wasn't some new one created when she entered the world, but the body of her double from this dimension. So, if she had a double already, wouldn't that mean Dr. Bremer could, too?

There was no guarantee that this world's version of the woman was a scientist, or that she was working on the same thing. She might even be an adult baby herself, here, stuck in an oversized nursery, drooling away. But it was the only lead Alisa had for finding a way out. Maybe if she could find her and explain what little she had remembered, or understood, from what her Dr. Bremer had told her, that would be enough for this Dr. Bremer to build her own version of the machine. It was a lot of maybes, Alisa had to admit, but other than waiting around and hoping the original Dr. Bremer would show up to rescue her, it seemed like her only option.

She jumped as she heard the door handle start to turn again, followed by a loud knock. They had all sounded rather loud, though she wondered if that was just from her nerves. She waited anxiously for a moment before hearing the sound of feet walking away. She let out of a sigh of relief, then turned her mind back to that same old question - "What am I going to do?"

This time, however, her pacing barely got her halfway around the room before she heard another knock. "Anyone in there?" came a voice, before it softened, "Some kid probably just locked it before they left." There was a faint noise of metal scraping, and, as she watched in horror, the lock began to turn.

What should she do?! She tried to call out that she was in here, but her voice stuck in her throat. She didn't want to do anything that would call attention to herself, though obviously that was a silly worry now, since they were definitely about to see her anyway. But if she did stop them, then they would know she was in there, and might even wait to see her come out. Then again, if she let them open the door on her, and she didn't say anything, would they assume she was just some stupid little kid and start looking for her mommy? She did have her ID that proved she wasn't a child, but would they care about that?

"I-I..." she tried to call out, but she could barely even hear herself. She squirmed in place anxiously as she saw the knob start to turn, before dashing behind the door, pressing herself into the corner as the door opened in front of her. She knew it was an idiotic plan right away, but there wasn't much she could do about it now.

"Thank you, sir," a woman's voice said from the other side of the door. "Now, are you sure you don't need...?"

"Yes, I'm sure!" another voice snapped, before she heard a pair of feet rush into the room and over to the toilet.

"I'll be right here if you need any help..." the woman's voice returned, before she saw the door start to close again, gradually exposing her to whoever had come into the bathroom, and vice versa. At the very least, she thought, she'd lucked out by not having the older one come in. She held a finger to her lips, hoping that would be enough to keep the girl there quiet.

By the time the door closed, the girl was sitting on the toilet, and the sight of Alisa made her give a gasp, jumping ever so slightly on the toilet seat. It was hard to judge ages here, but Alisa figured late teens was a safe guess. The girl wasn't short like Alisa, or the other smaller victims she'd seen around, but she still had a youthful look to her, helped along by the school uniform she was wearing. "Are you all right, sweetie?" her mother's voice called, the door handle turning slightly again. Alisa nodded emphatically to the girl, trying to get her to agree.

Luckily for her, the girl didn't seem to want the woman in there with her, either. "I'm fine, mom!" she answered, rolling her eyes at Alisa. Alisa let herself relax a little at that, then turned away to give the girl some privacy. "You were here the whole time?" the girl whispered. "What are you hiding from?"

"Yeah... It's a long story," Alisa whispered back, though she didn't feel comfortable talking at all from right next to the door. "I'm really sorry about this."

The girl didn't answer, but Alisa could hear the stream of her urine stop and the girl stand, so she gave her another couple seconds to get up and re-dress before turning around. "I'm sorry I scared you," Alisa tried again. "I didn't mean to."

"That's all right," the girl answered finally, flushing the toilet and going to the sink to wash her hands. "It was just surprising." With that, she turned around to face Alisa and, with a little wink, opened the door in front of her.

"Let's see how you did..." the girl's mother said.

"Not out here!" the girl whined. "Besides, it isn't my fault..."

"Bailey!" the mother scolded. "I can't believe you! Maybe that school of yours is right, and..."

"It's not my fault!" Bailey protested, stomping her foot. "Come here!"

There was a rush of feet, and before Alisa could even process what was about to happen, the door was flung open, and she was exposed to the teen and her mother. "She was hiding in here, keeping the door locked, or else I would have made it in time!" Bailey accused, pointing a finger at Alisa.

"Well, who are you?" the mother asked tenderly, starting to bend down to put herself on Alisa's level.

It was then that Alisa saw a flash of inspiration across Bailey's face. "She goes to my school," the girl declared before Alisa could answer for herself. "She's a troublemaker, always running off..."

"No, I'm not!" Alisa blurted out. "I'm an adult, see?" She fumbled for her license, shoving it at the woman. That was something people in stories never had - hopefully that one change would be enough to get her out of trouble, at least this time.

"And she makes and sells fake IDs," Bailey said, hardly skipping a beat.

"No, it's real!" Alisa protested.

"Well, obviously it's fake," Bailey's mother shook her head, slipping Alisa's ID into her purse as the woman looked on in horror. "And not a very good one, either. There's no way anyone would think she's twenty-five."

"I am!" Of course, she knew she really didn't look it here, but she had never had a problem with that in the real world. There was no doubt there that she was a real woman... Here, she had to fake it, and badly. She'd never realized just how frustrating that must be for the protagonists of these stories, who seemed to hear that sort of thing all the time. "You don't understand, I..."

"Then why didn't you answer when I knocked?" Bailey's mother asked. "Why were you hiding in here?" The woman reached out, grabbing Alisa's arm with an iron grip. "They must be worried sick about you. I'm going to take you back... And you," she turned to Bailey, "are going to get some training pants while we're there. You didn't have to wait that long, young lady!" Bailey whined as her arm was taken, too, and they were marched out of the store and buckled into the back seat of the woman's car, which, of course, had child locks that kept Alisa from being able to slip out as the woman walked around to the driver's seat.

"I don't know who you are," Bailey whispered as her mother made that walk, "but I hope they spank the living daylights out of you, since I'm going back into pull-ups 'cause of you."

Before Alisa could answer, Bailey's mother opened the door and slid into her seat. It was a fairly short, but tense, ride before they came to a stop in front of a school, bustling with girls in uniforms identical to Bailey's, many obviously diapered beneath their pleated skirts. Despite clearly being a school, they all looked to be Bailey's age or older, with some of them probably the same age as Alisa herself. Alisa fumbled with her seatbelt, hoping that getting loose would give her the chance to slip away when Bailey's mother opened the car door for her, but the woman was too quick for her, getting ahold of her arm before her feet even hit the ground.

"Don't take me in there!" Alisa begged. "I'm not a student! I'm a grown woman!" Seeing other women her own age there made that much less convincing of an argument, but it was all Alisa had to cling to.

"Then you have nothing to worry about, do you? You'll be able to just march in there, explain things, and leave. Right? There's no need for you to be afraid if you don't go here, is there?" Alisa gulped at the line of questioning, unable to defeat that logic, yet, at the same time, knowing it wasn't as clear cut as that. It was never that simple in the stories.

They were taken straight to the nurse's office, where Bailey's mom was none too shy about announcing, "I'm afraid my daughter has had another accident," to the woman there.

As Alisa watched, the nurse tutted, shook her head, and lifted Bailey's skirt. The teen's panties were, indeed, a tad damp, and the nurse wasted no time tugging them down and cleaning her up before sliding a pair of pull-ups - honest to god pull-ups, princesses and all - up the girl's legs and giving her bottom a smack. "And who is this?" the nurse asked as she finished, turning to Alisa, still squirming in Bailey's mother's grip.

"I told you!" Alisa jumped on the opportunity, hardly able to believe it. "She doesn't know me, I'm not a student here! Let me go!"

"Ohh..." the nurse shook her head. "I've heard about this little troublemaker. I'm new here, I don't know all the children yet," she apologized to Bailey's mother. "Where did you find her?"

"No!" Alisa whimpered, watching her chance at escape slipping away so easily. "I'm not a student here!"

"She was hiding in a store downtown," Bailey's mother explained. "Luckily, Bailey happened to find her."

"We'd better get you back in uniform," the nurse said, taking Alisa from Bailey's mother and starting to strip her, pulling off her jacket and then her shirt, exposing Alisa's padded bra. "Oh, sweetie, why are you wearing this ridiculous thing? I'm sure your real ones will grow in eventually. You aren't fooling anyone with this."

Alisa's cheeks flushed bright red. They had grown in, damn it! There was no sign of it here, in this world, but that wasn't her fault! She crossed her arms over her chest, trying to keep the woman from continuing with her task, but Bailey's mom was all too happy to help, pulling Alisa's hands away while the other woman unhooked the bra and pulled it off, tossing it aside. After that, she easily picked Alisa up, setting her on the examination table so she could remove her socks and shoes, giving the heels an amused look, then unhooked the girl's skirt, tugging it down.

"Just check your records!" Alisa begged, trying to grab at her skirt before she was left in just her panties. "I don't go here!"

"Hush," the nurse told her sternly, "or I'll tell the headmistress to give you an extra-hard spanking. Now, what do we have here?" Alisa felt the fabric of her skirt slipping through her fingers, and before she could try to cover her panties, the nurse was pushing her hands away, examining the damp fabric. "I guess you'll get one after all. A runaway and you've had an accident... Are you even supposed to be in big girl panties? I bet not. Come along." The nurse lifted Alisa down and took her hand. "We'll let the headmistress decide exactly what to do with you."

"Wait, what about my clothes?" Alisa asked desperately as she was dragged out of the office, still wearing only her panties, the evidence of her earlier accident - which she didn't even remember - quite visible and obvious. "O-Or at least a uniform?"

But when Alisa looked around, she began to wonder if she wasn't already in it. Outside, the girls had been wearing stereotypical schoolgirl uniforms, with skirts of varying lengths, but in the halls, she saw girls wearing only button-up shirts and training pants, and even a few in just a pull-up, or just a diaper. "When you've proven you deserve your uniform," the nurse told her, "maybe you'll get one. But until then, I wouldn't be surprised if the headmistress leaves you in just your underthings, whatever she decides those should be. Maybe that will keep you from trying to run off."

Alisa could hear Bailey giggling quietly beside her, though the girl quickly quieted down as she was pushed into the headmistress's office as well. The woman inside was one of the tall people - she looked even more enormous than the others Alisa had seen, though her nudity and the loss of her heels might have had something to do with that. On the wall behind her desk, there was a wooden paddle, covered in holes, hung on a pair of hooks for easy access.

"Well, well, well..." the woman shook her head, staring down at the two girls. "What do we have here?"


  1. Uh-oh my spanking sense is going nuts! *hides behind her pile obs plushies in her playpen* :)

  2. One thing I think I'd like to see in this crazy world of story mashups is...a happy ending. Having her go through all this humiliation and embarrassment in parallel universes will be fun but I think a "careful what you wish for" ending would be more unique here than the usual trapped forever endings that the community usually defaults to. Either way, I'll be reading :)

  3. Ooooh, someone's gonna have a sore tushy! Hopefully she'll get a nice soft diaper to help cushion that red behind of hers.

  4. Okay, I am not sure if we still should make suggestions, but I would like the world to have different facts/history, so our little heroine will have more trouble in school.

    It must be hard for her when everything she had learned is wrong and bring her into lots of trouble.
    B.E. Gravitation is 8,51 not 9,81.
    Henry Ford build the first car, not Carl Benz.
    The second world war ends after Staufenberg killed Hilter and millions have been saved.

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