Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - A Good Spanking Never Hurt Anyone

"...So, I had my mommy bring her back here," Bailey finished her explanation sweetly. "See, it's not my fault I had an accident, so I shouldn't have to wear training pants, right?"

"You've had trouble with your potty training anyway," the headmistress told her. "And it didn't sound like you had to wait that long."

Bailey's face fell a little, and Alisa could tell the girl was restraining herself - which was probably lucky for her. "But she surprised me!"

"I thought you said you didn't see her until you were already sitting on the potty?" Alisa had to smile a little. The headmistress was a sharp lady... Maybe she was going to get out of this after all. If she just explained things to her, perhaps she would understand, unlike everyone else so far.

"Yeah, well... I..." Bailey sputtered.

"So you had an accident and you're lying to me," the headmistress shook her head, standing from her desk chair and taking down the paddle. "You know the drill."

As the headmistress's back was turned, Bailey shot Alisa a nasty look, then turned and slipped down her pull-ups, flipped up her skirt, and bent over the desk while the woman walked around to the same side. "I think just one per offense is enough this time," she said, "but I want you to work a lot harder on your potty training, do you understand me?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Bailey nodded, before letting out a loud yelp as the paddle crashed against her backside. Alisa's eyes widened as she saw the spot the paddle had hit turn almost instantly pink, from a single spank. Was it because this woman was so big, and so strong? She felt her hands moving to her own bottom, knowing that she was next if she failed at getting the woman to believe her story.

"And you know quite well that lying is wrong. If you weren't normally such a good girl, I'd take your skirt for this, but I'll give you one more chance."

"Thank you, ma'am!" Bailey sniffed, before getting her second spank, which left its mark much the same as the first, before the headmistress helped her stand up and re-dress herself.

"Now run along. Go finish your afternoon with your mother," the headmistress sent her off, turning her attention on Alisa. "Now, I've heard her side of the story. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Alisa gulped slightly as the woman set the paddle down on the desk. "Umm... Well, as I'm sure you know, I don't really go here. So, I mean... I'd just like to get my clothes back and leave, if that's all right."

The headmistress nodded. "It's true, I don't think you go here. Yet, you look familiar to me, somehow..." The woman looked Alisa over, then walked back around to the other side of the desk, sitting down and starting to type something into her computer.

"Umm... Can I go now?" Alisa asked, confused by the woman's apparent sudden loss of interest in her. "I mean, we agree, I'm not a student, so..."

"That's what I thought," the woman nodded again, turning the monitor so Alisa could see the video she had pulled up. She was surprised to see herself, looking even younger than she did now, standing in front of the school. The woman had the volume turned down, but it was obvious this was from the news. Part of Alisa was excited to see that, in this world, she'd become an anchor, instead of being stuck on at a newspaper like she was in the real world, but certainly not enough to make her want to stay here. Across the bottom of the screen, as this younger version of herself talked in silence, was a scrolling banner declaring, "Local reform school accused of brainwashing, human trafficking."

"How amusing," the headmistress said, smirking, "that you would wind up back here after almost getting us shut down. I should thank you, though, for getting my predecessor fired so I could take her place. We really are much more... humane... now. It's taken us all this time to get parents to start trusting us again, although it was never the girls with parents that we sold off - that would be too risky. I think it's time for a follow-up report, don't you? Don't worry, I won't tell blow your cover to anyone... Not even the staff. But, of course, that means I can't let you out of here like this, or it would be suspicious, wouldn't it?"

"Well, I'm not really looking to..." Alisa started, still just wanting to get out of there, clamming up as the woman picked up the paddle, and she realized what she was about to do. "No! I-I believe you, I don't need to..." The breath was forced out of her as she was pushed up against the desk, bent over it and held there with one huge hand. She had no skirt to move out of the way, but she felt the paddle being slid down her back before catching the elastic waistband of her panties and dragging them down off of her quivering bottom. "No, please, I'm sorry!"

"Say it like you mean it," the headmistress ordered, an instant before Alisa's backside exploded with pain, accompanied by a loud thwacking sound.

"Ow!" she yelped. "I-I'm sorry!" It was difficult to really sound sincere about something she herself hadn't done, but the paddle was quite motivating. "I'm really sorry!"

"You're lucky I don't get the old headmistress in here. She was much rougher than me, and, since she got fired, instead of promoted, because of your little story, I'm sure she'd be much more inclined to give you what you so clearly have coming. Maybe I should give her a call..."

"No!" Alisa squeaked. "No, don't! Please! I-I helped you out! You're in charge now! You owe me, r-right?"

"Yes, you got me put in charge," the headmistress agreed, "during the most difficult time in this school's history. I barely make more now than I did as just a teacher, but I have to do so much more work. So, yes, thanks for that." The paddle smacked against Alisa's butt again, earning another yelp and a few tears from the little woman.

Alisa had never been spanked before, but even if she had, she was sure nothing in the real world could have compared to this, to how utterly helpless she felt, knowing this huge woman could easily do with her whatever she wanted. Alisa was powerless against her... Or was she? "Stop it!" she demanded, trying to wriggle away from under the woman's hand. "Stop it right now, or I will do a follow-up story, and I'll tell everyone that things are even worse here now! How would you like that?"

"Oh, will you?" Instead of stopping, the headmistress gave Alisa another spank to punctuate the sentence. "Really?" Even after so few actual hits, Alisa's bottom was already starting to feel quite warm, and sore. She hated to think about what color it would be, with just those little panties to cover it. "You just saw me spank Bailey for lying... Did you really think I wouldn't do the same to you? But I know you're a naughty girl at heart, so I won't go easy on you..." With that, the spanking began in earnest, the paddle crashing down over and over as Alisa whimpered and squirmed, and finally just began to bawl as every inch of her backside, and her upper legs, was thoroughly punished.

Finally, the woman lifted her hand, and she half slid off the desk, skulking away, hands over her poor bottom, practically able to feel the heat radiating from it, as she pouted and cried. "You're gonna get it!" she sniffed angrily. If she was a reporter, all she had to do was figure out what station it was for, and find her way there, and then this bitch would be sorry! "I'll have a camera crew down here today, and..."

"You are a feisty one, aren't you?" The headmistress chuckled as she reached down, cupping Alisa's chin in her hand. "I may not have remembered your face, but did you really think the faculty here didn't throw a celebration when we heard you'd been fired? I remember that, sweetheart, quite well. But just so you don't get any ideas... I think you need to meet our school psychologist. She's a whiz at hypnosis, every bit as good as the one you got fired for 'brainwashing' our students. Maybe even better. I'm sure she'd love to meet you, too. She hasn't had a chance to really use her skills in quite a while..."

The headmistress laughed as she walked out the door, locking it behind her with a loud click. Alisa pulled her panties up over her throbbing ass, the gears in her mind whirring desperately. A hypnotist was about the last person she wanted to meet here... In stories, hypnosis always worked, thoroughly and immediately. She could fight almost anything else - badly, maybe, and with a good chance of losing - but there was little she could do against someone turning her own mind against her. She had to get out of there, and now.

She tried the office door, but it was, indeed, locked. Hiding under the desk was childish and pointless. So what did that leave? This was the kind of thing the characters in the stories didn't escape, and all she could do as she stood there was wonder what they'd do to her. Would they erase her memory, make her think she was really a toddler? Even if they just erased a little, would it be enough to make her forget about Dr. Bremer, about the doorway? Without that, she had almost no hope of getting out of this world! She wouldn't even know that she wasn't supposed to be here!

She couldn't let that happen. She looked around the office again, eyes settling on the window behind the desk. Why hadn't she thought of that before?! She raced over to it, tried to open it, but it was locked. It was a large window, very tall, and even on her tiptoes, she couldn't reach the latch. Her eyes darted back over to the door - how far away could the shrink's office be? How much time did she have?

She grabbed the headmistress's chair, big and heavy as it was to support the giant, and began slowly dragging it over to the window, inch by slow inch. She could feel herself sweating nervously, afraid she'd get in even more trouble if she was caught midway through this escape plan, but what could she do? Finally, she clambered up onto the chair, undid the latch, and hopped down, pushing the window up. Thankfully, after a brief moment where she was afraid the thing was attached some other way, it groaned into motion, sliding up far enough for her to slip out.

"Whoa!" she yelped in surprise as she fell out the other side, into the yard beyond. The office was on the first floor, but it was still further down than she'd expected, knocking the breath out of her again. She stared up at the open window as she laid there, catching her breath, wishing she had some way of closing the window. That might buy her an extra second or two, but as it was, she'd need to get going as soon as she could. It was only then that she realized she was still almost completely naked. She blushed, wrapping one arm around her chest as she got to her feet. She'd seen some "babies" out in public in just their diapers, but would the fact that she was in panties make it obvious she was on the run, and not one of them?

She didn't have time to worry too much - she knew she had to hurry, or this would have been for nothing. She took off running, making her way around the building, so she wouldn't be seen from the window. She had been hoping she could just keep going that way, but it wasn't long before she saw the fence, and she had to turn and start heading for the front of the school, towards and through the students bustling around there. She could see them pointing, giggling, as they saw her, and she was sure it just got louder as she ran past them, and they saw the red from her spanking peeking out from beneath her panties.

"Where do you think you're going?" one of them asked finally, stepping in her path. "You know you're not supposed to be outside if you haven't earned your uniform yet!" Alisa pushed past her without a word, and behind her she could hear the girl calling out for the teachers, spurring Alisa on all the more.

Finally, she made it past the school's property, ducking behind the house beside it, taking the back yards to try to avoid prying eyes, and also on the lookout for something she could use to cover herself. Luckily, it took only a few houses before she found one with a clothesline in the back, full of laundry ripe for the picking. Most of it was far too big for her - she suspected it belonged to more of the big people - but there was some obviously meant for a child. Mostly frilly, girly things she wouldn't have been caught dead in after the age of four, but there was one fairly normal looking white dress, with only a silver pacifier stitched on one of the arm straps to indicate it was meant for a toddler, of whatever age she really was.

It was a little big for her, but that suited her just fine, as it kept her panties, and tanned behind, easily covered. She cut through a few more yards before nearly tripping over the lip of a sandbox. She stopped herself just short, wobbling for a moment or two before managing to keep from falling face first into it.

"Are you here to play?"

She looked up and saw a boy in probably his early twenties, thickly diapered beneath a pair of shortalls. "Umm... No," she shook her head. "I was just..." She looked around, surprised to find that she was on the edge of a playground, one full of adult babies playing on swings, monkey bars, slides. It was, she had to admit, rather nice looking. She knew she couldn't wait around here too long - who knew how hard the school would be looking for her - but she couldn't help stopping and taking it in. This wasn't so bad, she thought. If the world was more like this, and not the school... Well, maybe she wouldn't be so worried about getting home so soon.

"Are you sure you don't want to play?" the boy asked again, holding out a plastic bucket.

"I kinda..." Alisa started to say, then gave a little shrug, stepping into the sandbox. "I guess I could blend in here, huh?" She smiled, reaching for the bucket, only to stop as she noticed something on the shoulder strap of his shortalls. "What does this mean?" she asked, pointing to the identical pacifier on her own dress.

The boy just giggled, but a moment later, she got her answer. "Playtime is over!" a voice blared from the building in front of the playground, and moments later, she saw a tangle of silver shoot out of the door, snatching up child after child. At first, it seemed to be grabbing all of them indiscriminately, but after a moment, she could see that the silver tubes were scanning the outfits, then growing a hand and gently picking them up once they detected something, pulling them into the building. She had a bad feeling she knew just what that something they were looking for was.

"Oh, crap." She grabbed her dress, gathering it up and starting to pull it up over her head. She only thought to turn around when she noticed the boy gawking at her, and, with a blush, she turned as she lifted the dress up.

"You can't do that!" the boy told her, too late. Two smaller silver tubes shot up from the depths of the sandbox, wrapping around her wrists and pulling them apart, and away from her dress.

"Good girl don't undress themselves," a mechanical voice informed her.

"Let me go!" she demanded, but the harder she struggled against the things holding her, the tighter they held on, keeping her in place until a larger tube snaked around from the building, running its red light over her body. She tried one last time to pull a hand free, to cover that pacifier patch, but before she knew it, the tube had sprouted a large, soft hand that wrapped around her and pulled her, kicking and screaming, out of the sandbox and into whatever awaited her in the building.


  1. Yeah! Great! Mechanic nursery!
    I had already feared she would be brainwashed into a bimbo baby without memories.

    I am so nervous to see what comes next.

    I hope the headmistress will find other ways to break her, than brainwashing her - if she will be back later.

  2. Gosh a mechanical nursery interlude! Yay! *giggles* :) I always like those. I really hope she gets to meet some of her favorite characters from diaper stories, crawl around in their playpens, make friends :)

  3. She was lucky to escape that school with her panties intact! Somehow I don't think she'll be that lucky with the robo-nursery. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she wet herself in fright of all those tentacles.

    Interesting to see that she's an exreporter in this dimension. I wonder if we'd find more of her enemies in the future ;)

    1. True! Just think about the Dr. takes her OTHER self back and leave her! Trapped!

  4. What's the original story with the reporter going undercover at that school? I know it's a common trope in this genre, but I thought you had written one where the protagonist is supposed to have a pink laptop with her, to write her article, but ends up never getting it...? I remember reading it a few years back, but can't find it anymore, not sure it's even yours. Thanks!