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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - The Education of Dolly Alisa

For the first time since locking herself in the bathroom at that store, what felt like a hundred years ago, Alisa was alone - really alone. Even before she'd seen Dr. Bremer over the viewscreen and realized she could be seen as well, she'd never really felt like she was alone in the nursery, not with the hands there to thwart her every move. She hadn't felt alone earlier when she'd been left in the crib with her curlers, because she had no idea when Mommy would return. She didn't know now, either, she supposed, but at the very least, Clara would have to eat first, and then be gotten ready for bed. Emily seemed to think it would be enough time for her to finish her homework, too.

So, at last, Alisa gave herself a minute to think. Things had certainly gone further than she would have liked - take, for example, her still-throbbing bottom, which would be receiving another punishment in the morning, and the large load of mush in the rear of her diaper, making her stand all the more bow-legged in her crib - and there was definitely some fear that she might not ever find her way home, but it was hard to deny that there was something naughtily fun about all this. She'd always seen those stories as absurd little fantasies, certainly nothing that could ever happen... But that was part of what made it so fun! And yet, here she was, right in the middle of one, or, rather, a whole host of them!

It was hard not to think of all the times she'd read them, squirming as she took in the delicious humiliation of it, feeling herself growing wet, reaching down, between her legs... She shivered at the memories, in a not entirely unpleasant way. She'd been too busy trying to get away to truly appreciate her situation before, but there was no getting away now, and there was nothing but time. She always tried to imagine she was the one in the stories; that was much easier this time. However, she did have to use her imagination to pretend she was back home reading about herself, and just having a very, very elaborate fantasy. Part of her felt guilty about what she was trying to do, but she told herself it was natural, that it would help calm herself down so she could come up with a way out. If anything, she thought she should be commended for waiting so long. After all, the main reason she read those stories was how hot she found the idea of them, and here she was, smack dab in the middle of it all. Sure, the reality of it was significantly less hot than the thought, but, while she was alone, she could let herself forget about most of the more negative parts.

She was being a bad girl, she told herself. If she got caught, she'd be in big - well, bigger - trouble. That thought only made it hotter, and she leaned against the bars of the crib, biting on the bulb of her pacifier, as she reached down between her legs, sliding her hand across her bulging Pamper, and began to rub. Nothing happened. She whimpered a little, trying to rub harder, but the padding of her diaper, along with the extra layer of filth inside, was just too thick, and she couldn't feel anything. She pouted, starting to feel quite frustrated as she tried one more time, to no avail. There was no way she was going to reach inside there, if she even could considering how tight Mommy had made it, and taking it off would be just as messy, or more, and would probably earn her even more of a spanking. Whether she had meant to or not, Mommy had thwarted her yet again, and the thought of these diapers being used not only for their normal purpose, but also as a chastity device, only made her more horny.

She slid to the floor of the crib, pouting under her paci. Her bottom sinking into the pile of poo did kill the mood somewhat, but she was still annoyed enough to grab the nearest stuffed animal and try to throw it at the stupid changing table, full of plenty more diapers for her to wear. She didn't even make it over the bars, which only angered her more. Slowly, reality began breaking through the haze she'd willingly fogged her mind with. This wasn't some fun little fantasy - she was trapped here, in the nursery of someone who wanted her to be a baby so her toddler daughter would feel better about her own accidents, enrolled in a mechanical nursery that thought she was an infant, babysat by a sadistic teenager, on the run from a boarding school that thought she'd tried to have them shut down. She had been spanked twice, with another on its way, made to fill her pants twice, with God only knew how many more of those upcoming, force fed, made to wet herself on command, kept in Pampers. And, right now, she had more important things to worry about than her failed attempts to masturbate her worries away.

She had homework to do. It had been years since she'd had to do that, which, despite her efforts, was also kind of a hot thought. Not wanting to sit in her own mess the whole time, she laid down on her stomach, pulling the backpack toward her and pulling out the books inside. It was probably because she was smaller, but the books all looked much larger than any of the ones she had been forced to use when she was in school, and upon opening them up, they looked far more complex, too. She'd assumed that anything some fifteen year old had to do in school would be a piece of cake her for, but it was pretty clear now that she was in over her head.

With the pacifier in, she couldn't call out to Emily to try to explain that - as if she'd want to admit that she couldn't do work intended for someone a decade younger than her. She had no guarantee that Emily would take the gag out when she came to check on her, either. There was a good chance she'd come in, find Alisa hadn't done any work, and get very mad, which was a state in which Alisa had no desire to see her. So she got to work, sweating out piles of homework that weren't even hers, legs crossing and uncrossing above her as the questions got harder and easier.

A couple times, she felt the urge to pee; at first, she tried to hold it, only to remind herself how little point there was in that. It just distracted her, and even if she could get Emily's attention, there was no way she'd let her use the bathroom. Then, she just gave in, finding it easier each time as yet another warm rush of liquid poured out into her diaper, making it just a little warmer, and expanding it just a tad each time as it absorbed the liquid. It wasn't until she'd done that a couple times that she realized this was exactly what it was like for people in stories. They gave up because there was no hope of potty time, and as it got easier for them to use their diapers, they were weakening their bladder muscles more and more. In the real world, she doubted a time or two would make much difference, but here... She shivered at the thought, hoping she hadn't already done too much permanent damage.

It didn't help that their math was run on a base 60 system, rather than the base 10 she was used to. She seemed to remember reading once that Babylonians did the same thing - and it wasn't too bad if she was doing something fairly simple - but that wasn't much comfort when she was in the middle of a long problem. History, of course, was way different as well, seeing as there were basically three species of people to deal with. She couldn't help but wonder if that had something to do with why the math was different as well. Either way, she had to do an awful lot of flipping through the textbook, trying to figure out who people were, considering she hadn't heard most of the names on the worksheet before. Three different, but very similar, anatomies also made Biology quite a pain as well, especially as she had to look for the tiny ways, other than size, in which they were different.

Since she worked with words every day, she had been hoping for some English work, to make herself feel a little smarter, since that should have been a snap for her. Unfortunately, Emily seemed to have finished that herself, or had a merciful teacher in that subject when it came to assigning homework, so she didn't even have that to reassure herself that she wasn't a complete idiot, something she'd never felt more like that now, lying in a crib in a messy diaper, having worlds of trouble with basic high school subjects. At least, not until she felt another rumbling in her tummy. She had felt somewhat proud of herself for having deduced that her smaller body digested food more quickly before having read that in the Biology book, but that wasn't much comfort now, nor was the fact that she didn't know just how quickly, or how many times she could expect this to happen in a day. She could remember some particularly bad stories where it seemed to happen every twenty minutes or so, which she supposed she was lucky wasn't happening here, but it was starting to feel not far off from that.

She held on as long as she could, but lying on her stomach made it much harder, and she was starting to worry about finishing up in time, so she didn't dare waste time trying to find another position that would help that situation and let her work on the homework efficiently at the same time. Holding it in was so difficult that she had trouble concentrating anyway, however, and, to her disgust at herself, before long she was bearing down, grunting into her pacifier as she intentionally pooped her already messy diaper, feeling the fresh load inch its way out as she whimpered and pouted, lost in her own world. Unlike the last time, it came out quite slowly, as her diaper was already pretty full, which made it all the more maddening.

She didn't even hear the door open, or notice the approaching figure, until she felt a hand pushing down on the backside of her diaper, pushing the ever increasing mess more tightly against her sore backside. "Oh, my," Emily giggled, pushing down a little harder as Alisa squirmed below her, trying to no avail to stop herself, "are you going again? You are just pooping yourself silly tonight, aren't you? It's a good thing I waited to change you, huh? That would have been pointless!" Alisa would have liked to have disputed that, but, with the pacifier gag, all she could do was mumble incoherently.

Emily finally moved her hand, walking over to the closet and pulling out a large, pink rocking horse. Alisa whimpered at the sight, but Emily was having none of it. "You clearly aren't done yet," she pointed out. "I told you you were supposed to be done by the time I came back." She reached down and plucked Alisa out of the crib, forcing her down onto the seat of the horse. Alisa whined as the mushy mass in her pants was again forcefully pressed against her skin, as she continued adding to it. "What are you waiting for? Rock," Emily commanded, making Alisa press down harder on the seat to set the thing in motion while her babysitter gathered up the homework and began flipping through it.

Alisa watched anxiously as she sat there, rocking and pooping and unconsciously sucking her pacifier without even noticing, sure Emily would be mad at the job she had done, but luckily the girl just seemed to be looking through the pages to see how much she had done, rather than examining each answer closely. "Well, you didn't do too badly, I guess," she conceded finally, gathering her supplies up and pushing them back into her backpack. "Just most of one page to go, and I guess I can do that on the bus tomorrow. So, I suppose you only have to ride the horsie for most of an hour."

Emily laughed at Alisa panicked expression and urgent groaning from behind her pacifier. "Oh, I'm kidding, you big baby. I think ten more minutes will do. But only if you do it right." She walked over to the horse, putting her foot on the end of the rocker and pushing down on it hard, then letting go quickly, repeating it over and over, giving Alisa a much faster, harder ride than she had been expecting. Every now and then, Emily would say, "Now you try," but she was never satisfied with Alisa's efforts. "I told Mrs. Farber she should have gotten one of those mechanized horses," Emily lamented. "Babies just can't do it right themselves."

Finally, the messing and the rocking stopped, leaving Alisa blushing and feeling thoroughly disgusting as she clumsily climbed off, diaper drooping quite dramatically beneath her, and, as she saw in the room's mirror, bulging out quite a bit behind her as well in an almost unnatural way. "Yeah, look at what a mess you made," Emily teased as she caught the girl staring in shock at her own image, one that seemed to show a toddler in a very full diaper, not a mature, worldly newswoman. "It's a good thing Pampers are so nice and stretchy. They'll hold even your biggest oopsie."

That thought was not encouraging. How could any mess be bigger than this, she wondered. Then she thought of some diaper art she'd seen - what was it called, hyper messing? - and shivered. That couldn't be real, even here, could it? Had she happened to be thinking of drawings, too, when she made this place? It seemed like so long ago, she had no idea, but it gave her something new to worry about as Emily changed her, putting her into a new Pamper at last, one that seemed a little thicker than usual. It must be an overnight one, she mused, glancing toward the nursery's window to see that there was still sunlight leaking in around the edges of the curtain.

But, sure enough, she was put right back in her crib. "Night-night, Dolly!" Emily chanted, grabbing her backpack. "And you'd better be asleep when I come to check on you!"

After a few attempts at sneaking her hand into her diaper, which was just as tight as the last one, and even thicker, Alisa settled down, curling up in her crib. Even though she'd had a nap already that day, enough had happened that, despite the early hour, she had to admit that she was feeling pretty tired again already, and before long, she fell into a deep sleep. She expected to dream of her old life, or maybe more possibilities of what this new one could hold for her, but instead, her dreams consisted almost entirely of images from that show she'd been forced to watch at the mechanical nursery.

She awoke feeling groggy and wet, reaching down unhappily to feel the diaper between her legs, almost impressed at just how much she'd managed to wet it overnight. This body really was a bedwetter, there were no two ways about that. The wetting had softened the padding, and she found that, if she pressed hard enough, and just right, she could feel it. Feeling only slightly guilty about it - this time she didn't have nearly as much bad to ignore, and waking up in a thick, wet diaper, which had been dry when she went to sleep, in a massive crib wasn't bad as turn-ons went - she began to rub, moaning into her pacifier gag. After all, this was her fantasy, if a rather twisted, extreme version of it. She ought to get some enjoyment out of it.

But she should have known that it wouldn't last, as she was interrupted before she could finish by the door swinging open. Automatically, if reluctantly, she moved her hand away, her whole body squirming, wanting her to go on just a little longer, turning to look at the door, where she saw Mommy standing, a large wooden hairbrush in her hands. At first, she thought the woman had somehow found out what she was doing, but then she remembered that she'd already had a spanking scheduled for the morning.

She closed her eyes, trying to lie still as the woman walked over to the crib, looming over her, but the woman still said, "Don't bother pretending, Dolly. You know what time it is." Almost right away, barely even thinking about it, Alisa opened her eyes again, staring up at the huge woman, feeling especially small. "Emily told me what a naughty girl you were last night, so I hope you don't think I'll be going easy on you."


  1. Great chapter!

    Will her mommy notice the extra-wetness in her diaper?
    Will her babysitter have trouble because of the - maybe wrong - homework?
    Will she stay more hours in the automatic nursery with a thicker file and thicker diapers?
    I can't wait for more!

  2. Ooooh this was lots of fun too :) I really like this story, thanks for sharing it here with us :) *waves and hugs*

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