Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Diaper Dimension Fan-Art

So, no new chapter today, but something pretty cool. My first piece of fan-art! The talented Ausdpr, of Sir Spankalot's Emporium of Frivolous Erotica, has drawn a piece for the latest chapter of Diaper Dimension - sort of. Go to his blog to get the full story, but here's the picture.

Thanks so much! And if anyone else feels inspired, I love fan-art, so feel free to take a crack at it!

Edit: And here's a cool alternate version.

Edit again: And here's a second picture! 


  1. Yup it's really cute and fun art :)

  2. It's a fantastic drawing. Not what I imagine Alisa to look like but it is interesting to see the fan fic drawings.

  3. Even more fun art yay! :)