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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Spick and Span

"Good job, sweetie!" Clara's mommy exclaimed as she bent down, testing the water in the bathtub while Alisa looked on, naked, her hand firmly in the woman's grip. "Let's just put in a little more cold, okay?"

She reached over, turning the faucet a touch, reaching down into the mass of bubbles and stirring up the water for a few moments before turning it off and picking Alisa up, plonking her down in the middle of the tub with no warning. Clara had clearly gone a little overboard with the bubbles, as they nearly came up to Alisa's face, surrounding her with a vaguely bubble-gum scent. The rim of the tub was lined with all kinds of toys - boats, rubber duckies, crayons - that she could barely see through the wall of foam surrounding her, though even if she could, she wasn't sure she could have reached them without moving.

She had to admit, however, that the water felt quite nice. It had been a long while since she'd taken the time to take a real bath, much less a bubble bath, and after the day she'd had, it was quite relaxing. At least, it was until Clara was handed a washcloth and told, "Why don't you go ahead and clean her up? She's your Dolly, after all."

"I can..." Alisa started to say, only to earn a stern look from Mommy that shut her up.

Clara was all too happy to help, eagerly scrubbing Alisa. She seemed to be trying to make sure she did it right, as she began to wash Alisa quite enthusiastically, looking up at her mother every now and then for approval before going back to work, and scouring even harder. Alisa just sat there, feeling more than useless as this little kid did all the work, scrubbing her to a fresh, pink glow. Finally, her mother took over to do Alisa's hair. "You're doing a great job," she said, "but we have to be really careful we don't get any shampoo in her eyes, okay?"

Mommy was gentler than Clara's fumbling, if well-meaning, efforts, but the huge difference in their sizes made Alisa feel especially childish as the woman worked the shampoo through her hair. "Do you like Dolly's hair?" she asked as she worked. "Maybe it would be better a different color. Or we could try curling it! I bet she would look cute with curly hair, don't you think? If we really like it, we can go get her a perm. You've been wanting a trim anyway... We could take her to the hairdresser with us!"

"Yeah!" Clara agreed enthusiastically.

Alisa, of course, had her own opinions, considering it was her hair and all, but she barely got a word into voicing them before she was lifted up onto her feet, her exposed bottom given a good swat before she felt the washcloth making its way over the few areas that, thankfully, Clara had missed, the parts she had just cleaned up on the changing table, though that didn't stop her from devoting just as much attention to them again now. "Don't be silly, Dolly. Clara can do whatever she wants with your hair. It's hers now, really, after all, and she knows best, doesn't she?"

"NO!" Alisa exploded, surprising even herself. "No, it isn't okay! You can't do this to me! I am not a stupid doll, I am an adult, and you can't just do what you want with me or my damn hair! I..." She nearly gagged as Mommy shoved a bar of soap into her mouth, roughly moving it in and out, all around Alisa's mouth, filling it with suds as she let out muffled cries of protest.

"What a naughty little Dolly you are! You should know not to say bad words like that! Naughty, naughty girl!" The last two 'naughty's were punctuated by hard swats against her naked bottom, followed by a third as Alisa reached for the soap to take it out of her mouth now that Mommy's hands were busy elsewhere. "Don't you touch that, little girl, or let it fall out, or I will really spank that little butt of yours!"

Alisa's mouth clamped shut, her teeth digging into the bar of soap, even as she felt her tongue start to tingle slightly. It had, of course, been a stupid thing to do - standing naked in a bathtub was not the right place to reassert her independence - but it was all just too much, having to sit there, getting her independence and adulthood stripped away and having to listen to them talk about how else they would be doing that. It was immensely frustrating, though not as much as how quickly and efficiently her protest of it had been shut down, turning her back into a chastised little girl.

Confident that Alisa would be good for at least a little longer, Mommy went back to cleaning her lower regions, thoroughly but clinically washing them as the girl blushed and squirmed in front of her. "You would think with as red as your backside is, you'd have already learned to be a good girl. You must be a stubborn little thing. Well, don't worry, I'm sure you'll learn soon enough." Alisa pouted - she didn't want to learn to be a good girl, not if that meant being a baby - but she kept the soap in her mouth and stayed quiet while the woman finished cleaning her up.

It wasn't until she felt something wet dripping onto her chest that she realized she was drooling, soapy slobber dripping from the corners of her full mouth as she fidgeted there, being washed up. Mommy was all too happy to clean that up, too, before setting Alisa back down on her bottom to rinse the shampoo out of her hair, and then, at last, pulling the plug.

"She didn't get to play with any of her toys," Clara pointed out disappointedly.

"She was being a naughty girl," Mommy reminded her. "Besides, we can't keep her out of a diaper for too long, or she'll have an accident. Won't you?"

The woman pulled the bar of soap out of Alisa's mouth, leading to one last gush of drool to trail down her chin and onto her body, holding it threateningly in front of the girl's face. Alisa could still feel the stuff behind and around her teeth, the residue still burning her tongue. There was no way she was going to risk having it put back in, so she obediently, and with a deep blush, said, "Yeah, I will."

In fact, to her surprise, her stomach had started to rumble again as she'd been sitting in her bath. She told herself she was getting hungry again, somehow, that there was no way she'd have to go again so soon, after how much she'd filled her Pull-Ups, but that was definitely what it felt like. Had there been something more in that oatmeal after all? Or was this deeper than that? She could remember several diaper stories - not the best ones, generally - where the protagonist would use their diaper over and over again, far more than a normal person ever could, especially in one day. Had she been thinking of those, too, when she made this world, even just subconsciously? She couldn't remember, but she had a very bad feeling about it.

Mommy got her back to her feet, then briefly turned the shower on her to rinse the bubbles and drool off her before wrapping her in a towel and drying her off. She pulled out a little step stool with Clara's name painted on it and placed it in front of the sink to let Alisa rinse out her mouth, instructing Clara to watch her while she went to "get ready". Alisa knew what that meant, knew what was coming next, and it was almost enough to make her burst into tears right there, as she swished water around her mouth, trying to rid herself of the worst of the soapy taste still lingering there.

"Okay, that's good!" Clara announced after a minute.

"But I'm not done yet!" Alisa whined. She had seen Clara fidgeting behind her in the mirror, probably bored and wanting to move on to the next step.

"You're my Dolly, and I said you are!" Clara said, grabbing her hand and pulling her down off the stool. Alisa had no choice but to let go of the cup she'd been using and step down, not unless she wanted to fall and hurt herself, and probably end up in the hospital, which was not something she wanted to do in this world. Alisa was led naked back through the house, and to the nursery, where she expected to be put back onto the changing table.

Instead, Mommy was kneeling next to a changing pad spread across the soft, pink carpet, a diaper open on top of it. "Good job, Clara!" she beamed. "Bring her right over here!" Alisa whimpered as she was brought closer and closer to the diaper, and all that meant for her. There were a few stories where people got out, she tried to comfort herself. It didn't happen often, but maybe she'd be one of those lucky ones.

Once she was close enough, Mommy grabbed her, moving her over to the diaper and laying her down on top of it. The padding felt firm, yet soft, beneath her, and she could tell already it was quite thick. "Now, it's very simple," Mommy lectured Clara. "Of course, when she hasn't just had her bath, you'd have to clean her up first, but then you just put some baby oil on her..." Alisa tried to sit up, but Mommy pinned her down by the chest with one hand, as the other squeezed a bottle of oil over her groin, then began to massage it into her skin. "And you have to make sure to use plenty of baby powder, too, because it helps keep her from getting a rash. And it makes her smell good, too, which is good, because she can be pretty stinky otherwise, huh?"

The other two giggled over that while Alisa whimpered, watching helplessly as the woman sprinkled a liberal amount of baby powder onto her. The smell was nice, she had to admit, but it didn't stop her from pleading, "Please, no, I don't need diapers! Just let me wear training pants! I'll wear those!"

"Do you want to handle this, Clara?" Mommy asked, rubbing the powder into Alisa's skin. "She's your Dolly, so you can decide what she wears if you want..."

"You can't wear Pull-Ups, they're for big kids," the girl declared, not even pausing to think about it. "You went poo-poo in them, and that means you aren't a big girl yet, so you hafta wear diapers."

"Good job, sweetie!" Mommy praised her, wiping off her hands. "Well, you heard her, Dolly. And that's final, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Alisa sighed quietly. "I guess so." It certainly felt that way, staring up from the floor at this woman and her daughter, lying on top of a diaper that was about to be fastened around her loins.

"Maybe you do have it in you to be a good girl," Mommy nodded. "Now, Clara... This is the tricky part. You have to make sure you fasten the diaper up nice and tight, okay? You don't want it to fall off, or it to leak, or anything, do you?"

"That would be bad," Clara agreed, watching happily as her mother tugged the diaper up between Alisa's legs, forcing her thighs apart. She tugged one side up, pulling it snugly around and taping it in place before doing the same with the other side.

She stopped short of actually taping it, however. "Here you go, Clara. Just pull the tape out like that, tug it tight, and then push it down there." Clara was ecstatic, eagerly taking the diaper's flap and pulling on it. She fumbled for a moment to get the tape undone, then stuck it in place, pushing down harder than she really needed. "Great job! You'll be a wonderful mommy!"

As Mommy picked up Clara, giving her a big hug and a kiss, Alisa just laid there, stunned. She had just been diapered, not just by some giant, but also by a toddler - one who, she saw as she looked up from her position on the floor, was in a wet Pull-Up herself. It wasn't just a diaper, either, it was a baby diaper, one that, given it was in this nursery meant for Clara's cousin, was actually meant for a real baby, and yet fit her perfectly. She looked down at it, pawing at it with a sick feeling in her stomach. There was no doubt about it; from the simple, one tape on each side design, to the Sesame Street characters dancing across the front, it was a Pamper, just like the ones from the real world.

Except, of course, that these were much, much thicker. They were significantly bigger than the Pull-Ups, and even any single diaper she'd ever tried back home. They felt like a double diaper, at least, from one of the few times she'd tried doing that. And this was just a single diaper. She could only imagine what it would be like it they decided she needed doubles... Would she even be able to walk? She had no doubt that she would have a rather pronounced waddle with these. There was no hope of hiding them beneath her clothes, if those in charge of what she wore now even cared to try. There was no question of her forgetting that she was wearing them, or of anyone seeing her mistaking them for anything else.

"Oh, sweetie, did you have an accident?" Alisa looked up to see Mommy still holding Clara, her hand under her skirt now, checking the girl's Pull-Up.

Clara blushed, looked uncomfortable and unhappy and having her little secret found out. "I'm sorry, Mommy..." she sniffed.

"Aww, it's okay," Mommy smiled at her. "It was just a little accident. And in all this excitement, I didn't even ask if you had to go when we got home, did I? It's my fault, honey, not yours. Don't worry, you don't have to go back to diapers. This is just a little accident, not like what Dolly did." She set Clara down, then bent down and got Alisa to her still-stunned feet, whispering in her ear as she stood her up, "Wet yourself right now."

"But I don't..." Alisa tried to say, only to get an even sterner, "Now!" hissed into her ear that might have scared her into wetting herself on its own.

"And look," Mommy said, pressing her hand to Alisa's still-dampening diaper, "we just diapered Dolly, and she already had an accident!"

"Yeah," Clara giggled as she checked Alisa as well. "Should we change her?"

"No, these diapers are nice and thick," Mommy chuckled. "She'll be okay for a while. Why don't we go get you changed, though?" Clara nodded, and before Alisa knew what had hit her, she had been plopped down into the crib and left alone in just her wet Pampers, mind still reeling from the rapid descent that had left her in this place, trying not to think about where the stories tended to go from here.


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