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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - The Door

"It's really rather simple," Dr. Bremer explained. "It's just quantum physics. Basically, reality is infinitely large, partly because it stretches out not in three dimensions, but nine. And because it is infinitely large, anything can exist somewhere in it, and thus, everything does exist somewhere in it, if you just know where to look for it. As I'm sure you know, the very act of observing something changes it on a quantum level - making a choice means that, somewhere out there, there's a world where you made a different choice. And if just looking at something, or having the chocolate chip cookie for lunch instead of the oatmeal, is enough to create a new version of the world somewhere in the multiverse... Well, what do you think happens when somebody concentrates hard enough to consciously create a different world, be it on paper or film? The very rules of physics can be different in these worlds, because different dimensions can be more or less dominant. Everything can change. By going through, even you can change - have to, really, or else your presence might be different enough to shatter the reality of that world, and, by extention, ours."

"So you just use those works of fiction to search for a matching alternate reality with this machine, then make a doorway to it? And actually visit it?" Alisa couldn't help scoffing slightly at that. It sounded like science fiction - though, standing here in this lab, full of buzzing machines and droning computers scrolling through seemingly endless streams of numbers, she did feel like she was in a mad scientist's lair. Even Dr. Bremer, who had seemed like a normal enough woman every other time Alisa had interviewed her, had gotten a strange gleam in her eye as she'd finally showed Alisa this, her masterpiece.

"I can tell you're skeptical," Dr. Bremer nodded. "That's only natural. I could show you a world where we never met, or where you became the scientist instead of me. I could show you Alice's wonderland, or Dorothy's Oz. But I think maybe what you need to really convince you is something else, right?"

Dr. Bremer lifted a piece of machinery, one that resembled a crown almost, though it was connected by a series of wires to one of the computers. "I want you to wear this, and think of something, anything - the last thing you read, perhaps. Don't tell me anything about it. Just think about it, then walk through that door. Spend as much time there as you need, then come back, and tell me if you're convinced or not."

"The last thing I read?" Alisa had to work hard to keep from blushing as she thought about that. It was definitely not something Dr. Bremer could possibly have foreseen and prepared for. It was a strange thought, but since she had a feeling this was all just smoke and mirrors anyway, what did it matter? "All right, I'll give it a try..." She let the doctor put the cap on her head and flip a few switches, then did her best to think of one particular story, though in the oddity and curiosity of the moment, it was hard to separate one from another in her mind. She fully expected Dr. Bremer to say she couldn't quite pick up the signal, to give her a chance to go somewhere else, somewhere she'd prepared already on the other side of what looked like an ordinary door, one looked like it went to a closet, but likely connected to some large room the doctor had already prepared for this occasion.

"I think I've got it," Dr. Bremer said instead, tapping away at the keyboard. "Yes, here it is! Hold on a moment!"

Alisa was surprised, but only for a moment. Dr. Bremer must have just assumed Alisa had read whatever the newest popular fiction series was - Alisa herself had given up keeping track, but the doctor couldn't have known that. But picking something that "everyone" was reading would make it easier for her to pull off this little fraud.

"All right," Alisa smiled. "Let's see this."

"Wait..." Dr. Bremer frowned. "Something is strange here..."

"Really?" Alisa tried to avoid rolling her eyes. "Do you have a suggestion, then?"

"I thought it was locked onto something, but it keeps fluctating..." The doctor kept typing at the keyboard and grimacing.

"Gee, that's too bad," Alisa shook her head, looking over at the door. It was clear that this was all fake, but what did the doctor have there that she thought would convince Alisa, or anyone, that it wasn't? Her eyes darted back to the scientist, then returned to the door. 

Dr. Bremer was still absorbed in the computer, brow furrowed as she muttered, "I've never seen anything like this... It's like multiple worlds trying to occupy one space, trying to come together to form a single reality... You are just thinking of one thing, aren't you?"

But when Dr. Bremer looked up from the screen, Alisa was already at the door, headpiece off, hand at the knob. "Wait, you can't go in there! It isn't ready! Even if I knew it was locked on, I haven't configured the return point, I..."

"Yeah, I bet it isn't ready," Alisa sniffed. "Why did you even bring me here, then? Did you honestly think you could fool me with a room? What is it, virtual reality? I may not be a genius like you, but I'm way too smart to fall for..." Alisa paused and threw the door open. Just like it seemed to from the outside, it led into a small storage closet, albeit an empty one. There were a few sciency-looking pieces of equipment mounted on the wall, pointing toward the door, but by now, she knew they were either just for show, or, in the best case hologram projectors. Big deal. 

"..this?" she finished with a laugh, stepping through the doorway and spinning around to give Dr. Bremer a triumphant smile... Only to find herself in the middle of a bustling city street. She was very clearly outside, as she could smell the slightly smoggy air, feel the breeze and the sunlight on her skin, even though she'd just seen, for sure, that the doorway didn't go out. Even if it had, the lab wasn't in the city. For the briefest moment, her eyes widened, and then she shook her head and chuckled again. "Nice try!" she called out, knowing Dr. Bremer was still just a few feet away, watching. "But I still know where I am! This room isn't that big!"

Confidently, she reached out her arms, knowing she would feel the closet walls with them, since the place was so tiny. When she didn't, she took a few steps to one side, and then the other. "W-Well, that's a clever trick..." she had to admit. "But I know it's just a trick! You can't fool me!"

"Are you all right, sweetie? Your mommy isn't here, she can't hear you. Do you want me to help you find her?" The voice came booming from behind Alisa, strong - she must be right by a speaker, she tried to reason, though her efforts were growing more and more half-hearted - and maternal.

Alisa blushed slightly, starting to wonder if what the doctor had really developed here was a mind reading device, one that she might use to blackmail Alisa. The phrasing was just so perfect, so iconic of those stories Alisa had been thinking about... But surely it was just a coincidence.

"I'm not playing this game," Alisa huffed, crossing her arms and turning to see what Dr. Bremer's holograms had cooked up. "This is all just... f-fake..."

Behind her stood a woman... But not just any woman. She looked to be about eight feet tall, at least, with huge breasts that strained against the front of her dress... And if this really was based off her memory of those stories, she knew they were likely full of milk. Alisa didn't consider herself short, and she was realtively well endowed, but she couldn't help feeling intimidated by this woman.

And then she looked around. She could see several people the woman's size, some alone, some pushing strollers or carrying babies on their hips or shoulders. There were some normal sized people, too - an inordinately large number dressed as cheerleaders for some reason, but some dressed more professionally - holding the hands of toddlers as they strolled down the street. But it was those babies that really caught Alisa's attention. They were dressed as babies, in overly infantile looking clothes and thick, bulging diapers, but very few were actual babies. They were almost all adults, or, at the very least, older teens. She had to look twice at a couple to be sure, though once she realized what was happening, it wasn't hard to figure out. Some of the so-called babies were even bigger than their caretakers, though not many, and nobody seemed to give any of them a second glance. There were a few babies, but in the closer ones, she could see something older in their eyes that made her think they hadn't always been that age. She did see one that looked like a genuine toddler, but she was holding hands with a teenaged girl who was dressed identically to her, both of them walking a couple steps in front of a woman Alisa guessed was their mother.

"Holy shit," she gasped, stumbling backward.

"What was that?" the woman in front of her asked, reaching for her purse. "Little girls like you shouldn't talk that way!"

Alisa wasn't sure if the woman was reaching for a bar of soap or a hairbrush, but her experience reading these kinds of stories told her it had to be one or the other, neither of which she wanted used on her. She took off running, stumbling at first - her shoes felt strange somehow, but she didn't have time to figure that out now - turning back around to run through where the door should have been. She knew the woman, with her long, Amazonian legs, could easily catch her, so she dashed into the throng of people, ducking around a variety of adults in various states of babyish dress - or undress, as she saw several in just their diapers - and the people with them. 

As she ran along, she saw a variety of daycares full of adult babies, some manned by attractive young people the same age, or younger, than their charges, some seemingly ran wholy by robots, or mechanical hands sprouting from the walls and ceilings. She saw a huge number of stores selling baby furniture in huge sizes, and those selling baby clothes. She saw surgeons, running stores right out on the main street, and attractive diapered guys she'd almost mistaken for females being dragged in by their "mommies" to have God only knew what done to them - though Alisa had a pretty good idea.

Luckily, there were a few fairly normal looking stores, too, and it was into one of these that Alisa ducked, too scared to see if she was still being chased as she dashed inside, cutting through aisles before making her way to the bathroom, extremely relieved to find she could lock the door behind her. She reached up to click it shut, then, panting from exertion, and shock, and fear, she sank to her knees, closing her eyes for a moment as she leaned her forehead against the door.  

Could she have been right? Could this all just be some strange, elaborate illusion? It had felt awfully real, but it had been in the heat of the moment. Maybe that had been what Dr. Bremer had been counting on. But then, how could the doctor have known about Alisa's deep dark secret of a diaper fetish? Maybe she had been right about the mind reading thing, but that didn't explain where she was now.

Finally, still shaking a little, she pulled herself to her feet, wobbling a little as she stood. Now that she had a little time, she looked down at her shoes to see what was up. They looked the same at first, but when she took one off to get a closer look, she realized instantly what had changed when she nearly fell again trying to put her now shoeless foot back on the floor. The heels had grown, quite considerably. She knew she hadn't just grabbed the wrong pair of shoes at home, either, because she didn't own any heels this high. In retrospect, that made the giant woman even more frightening, because it meant she had to have been even taller than Alisa had thought.

She wanted desperately to find some way to wake up out of this nightmare, so she went to the sink to splash some cool water on her face. The place must have been designed for the giants, however, as she nearly had to get on her tiptoes to reach the faucets. Luckily, there was a stool under the sink, obviously meant for the more normal sized people, so she pulled it out and climbed up in her sock-clad feet, turning on the cold water and hoping that it would cause some kind of awakening for her.

Indeed, when she looked back up, she noticed that her face looked a little different, a little rounder and younger than she remembered from when she'd been putting on her make-up this morning. The skirt suit she'd been wearing looked different, too, a little less professional, a little cheaper, somehow. It hung on her body differently, as well, as if her curves had all vanished. In fact... 

She let out a loud gasp as she unbuttoned her shirt and looked inside. "No way!" she squeaked, poking at the bra there, then tugging at it, looking inside with a sick feeling. Her chest hadn't been that flat since she was a preteen. But sure enough, she was wearing a very heavily padded bra now, to go along with her high heels. She was a little scared to peek under her skirt - for good reason, as it turned out. Her normal lacy underthings had been transformed into a pair of cotton panties decorated with teddy bears. And, to make matters worse, there was a tiny wet spot on them.

She fumbled in the pocket of her jacket, pulling out her driver's license. It was a relief to find that, even if that same, slightly rounder, face stared at her from it. At least it confirmed to her that she hadn't regressed any, and that she was still twenty-five. On the not so positive side, it also proclaimed that her height was a measly four feet, six inches, and she couldn't help but wonder if the her in this world had been factoring those ridiculous heels into that height. It hadn't been that woman, and those other people, outside that had been huge - she had lost over a foot of height.

She stumbled down off of the stool, sitting down on it and burying her face in her hands. Dr. Bremer had told her she might change in the transition between realities, to better fit in with the physics of the world or whatever. She hadn't believed the woman, but then, she hadn't believed anything the woman had said. And yet, here she was, very much transformed to fit into this world. She hadn't even listened to the doctor when she'd tried to caution her against coming here, trying to tell her there was no exit configured. She'd seen for herself that the doorway wasn't in the same place. It might be in this world somewhere, but she had no idea where to even start to look. She could go try to find it, because she knew she had no other choice, but she only had to think back to that little puddle in her panties to know what her role here was.

"Son of a bitch," she sniffled. "I'm trapped in a diaper story..." But that wasn't quite right. She had been unable to concentrate on any particular one, and she could remember Dr. Bremer mentioning some sort of melding of worlds. She wasn't trapped in -a- diaper story... She was trapped in every diaper story she'd ever read.

Author's Note: Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I have some fun ideas for things to do with this story, but I thought, with this premise, it might be fun to see what you guys are interested in. What diaper story tropes would you like our little heroine to experience? I make no guarantees that I'll use all your suggestions, but I'll at least consider them!


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    *hugs and waves*

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    I hope there's pretty magical baby stuff that makes Alisa slip in and out of babydom, giggling and lisping, and having such a difficult time trying to think those big, boring, big girl thoughts. And I really hope that she at least learns to enjoy her wet and messy diapers ^_^

  8. Having read most of your stories and your captions... I'd like to suggest the following: She goes through forceful diaper dependence by someone (perhaps someone not much bigger then her, co-ercing her 'mother' to make a baby sister) and then her tormentor has the same done to her and you get two for the price of one :P You seem to like the turnabout stories as much as I do.

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    Another idea would be time travel, if possible. More importantly, I love stories set in Historical settings like the Victorian era or the 1950's. Different times where social norms dictated the characters in different ways than they are used too in dressing, social and behavioral norms.

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    She might be caught by the women from the first scene and fight looong fights to proof she is a “big girl”. Of course sooner or later she fails and ends in the things she read about. B.E. a rubber-jumper with a suppository in her colon and a big pacifier in her mouth – to calm down.

    She might escape, but is caught in an automatic nursery for a day, before the manager-amazone give her to a orphan.

    After days in the humiliating, babyish place with many other “Babies” – than play tricks on her, since she always says she is sooooo mature she is set for adoption and find a new home at a nice family for a couple of days of weeks.

    Then the Doctor find her (in an body he designed for this special world) and they find way to get her out of the family…
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    Days later he is back, but had changed his mind about her return. Instead he say he loves his daily trips to this world to live out his Female side, with his/her Lesiban wife and her new naughty daughter…


    Only my idea.
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