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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - A Brand New Day

"Because of your little bit of thievery yesterday, I've already had to pay for a separate room for you at the nursery for a week, so until that runs out, you'll be on your own. Which is good, since that should be plenty of time to train a weak-willed, naughty brat like you to be a good little girl.  After that, you'll be spending your time there with Clara. Anytime you notice her using her Pull-Up, you will do the same in your diaper. Anytime she looks like she might be about to have an accident, you will ask for the potty, then use your diaper. Anytime she tells you to use your diaper, if it's to show you off to her little friends during playtime, or just for fun, you will use your diaper. Clara will be in full control over when, what, and how much you eat and when, or if, you get changed at the nursery. If you don't obey her, or talk back, the nursery will punish you right away, and then tell me so I can punish you again at home. Do you understand?"

Alisa nodded frantically, the pacifier gag making it impossible for her to do much more as she cried and squirmed on the woman's giant lap, as the hairbrush crashed down again and again on her vulnerable backside. Mommy had started with her upper thighs, extended the red glow to where anyone could easily see it peeking out beneath her diaper. It had hurt, of course, but she had found herself growing more turned on anyway, feeling the wetness in her diaper that had started with her interrupted masturbation session growing. And then Mommy had tugged the diaper down and started the spanking in earnest. The very first spank on her already-sore butt had been enough to remind Alisa that this was a punishment, shocking her out of her state of arousal, and they had only gotten worse from there.

She wasn't sure if it was the humiliation of having spent part of the past day being treated like a toddler by this woman, or if it was the pain from her previous spankings, or if Mommy was just that rough, but she was sure this was the hardest, longest spanking she'd endured so far. What in the world had Emily said she'd done the night before to deserve this?!

Finally, it ended, and Mommy pushed her up off of her knee, pulling the sodden diaper back up over her thoroughly-spanked backside while the girl stood there, bawling. She reached behind her, trying to rub her bottom through the diaper, but Mommy grabbed her hand and forced it away. "You are not to touch your diaper in any way, Dolly," Mommy told her sternly. Alisa quickly nodded her head, not wanting any hesitance to give the woman a chance to restart the spanking. Could that be it? Alisa wondered. Could Emily have somehow known about her little interrupted adventure the night before? Had Mommy somehow figured it out herself?

"You're a good girl after your spankies, aren't you?" Mommy smiled. "Maybe I should give you one every morning to make sure you stay in line. Is that what you need?" Alisa didn't want to risk further punishment by saying no or refusing to answer, so, despite herself, she nodded again, sniffling softly. "I thought so. I think I'll have you ask for it, too - and I'd better believe you really want it. Obviously, it's too late for that now, but you can still thank me." She reached behind Alisa's head, unlocking the pacifier gag and pulling it out of the girl's mouth.

"Th-Thank you for my sp-spanking, Mommy," Alisa mumbled through her tears.

"You're welcome, Dolly," Mommy told her, taking her hand. "Now it's time for breakfast, and I expect you to eat every bite."

"Y-Yes, Mommy," Alisa agreed meekly.

Mommy reached down, pressing her hand against the crotch of Alisa's diaper, thinking for a moment. "I think that's wet enough for now," she decided, before starting to walk. Alisa toddled alongside the woman, diaper sagging wetly between her legs, to the kitchen, where Clara was waiting.

"Morning, Dolly," Clara said, though she didn't sound particularly happy.

"I told you it's no big deal, sweetheart," Mommy told Clara, letting go of Alisa to give her daughter a hug. "It was just a little accident! Look how much Dolly went overnight! She's in a big nighttime diaper, and she's almost leaking, and you just went a little in your Pull-Ups!"

Clara had no problem waking over and poking Alisa's soaking diaper to see how wet it really was, which cheered her up. Alisa blushed, though she wasn't sure if it was more from the fact that Mommy was telling the truth because she really had wet herself that much in her sleep, or because everyone seemed to be allowed to touch and prod her diaper all they wanted except for her.

Breakfast was, unsurprisingly, more oatmeal, although this time it was dotted with large chunks of what Alisa immediately knew had to be prunes. Her stomach was already starting to feel full, signalling the imminent arrival of yet another messy diaper, before she even started eating, but she'd already promised she'd eat it all, and she really didn't want to find out what Mommy would do if she didn't. She was just glad Mommy did the feeding herself, as she was much quicker about it. While she didn't exactly love the feeling of eating a constant stream of the gooey gunk, it left much less time for her to lose control of her bowels in the chair like she had the night before.

After breakfast, with her tummy feeling quite bloated, all three of them went up to the nursery, where Mommy put her onto the changing table, instructing Clara to pick out an outfit while Mommy cleaned Alisa up. Alisa let out a little sigh of relief at that - it felt like ages since she'd been able to wear anything other than her diaper, and she wouldn't have been surprised if she'd been forced to go on the ride to the nursery mostly nude, either. It didn't take long for Clara to find something, and, in fact, she was back at her mother's side in time to be lifted up to tape Alisa's diaper securely in place as she was reminded, "Nice and tight, sweetie. Good girl! And, oh, what a pretty dress!"

Alisa was lifted down off the table and put into her new outfit - a pink sleeveless sailor dress, striped in white, with a big white bow on the front. Had she been in regular panties, the skirt would have been just barely long enough to cover them, but, of course, that ship had sailed, so her diaper was quite obvious. A small, silver pacifier was stitched on the collar, and there was a matching diaper cover on the hanger, with a pair of ruffles across the back, but they were a little loose.

"I know how to fix that!" Mommy declared, and before Alisa knew what was going on, she was back on the changing table, being strapped into a second diaper, which filled the panties out nicely. "She'll probably need it anyway," she confided in Clara. "She hasn't made her morning poopies yet, and she had a big supper last night, but these should hold it all!"

With a pat on the backside, Alisa was put back on the floor, where she wobbled clumsily for a moment, not used to so much bulk between her thighs. Clara and Mommy began packing a diaper bag as she stood there, a little stunned at the sensation. She'd never even dreamed of wearing a diaper this thick! When she took a couple experimental steps, she didn't even look like a toddler, she looked like a baby, still not used to walking at all. While Clara and Mommy were busy debating how many diapers and what toys to bring, she poked curiously at the massive diaper, and she couldn't feel it at all.

She did feel the smack on the back of her thighs as Mommy saw her, however. "No, silly Dolly!" Alisa was afraid she was about to get another spanking already, but Mommy took it easy on her. "I know these aren't your diapers," she said, tugging at the diaper cover and letting it snap back into place, "but you aren't allowed to touch it, either! I know you're just a silly baby and this is all confusing for you, so I won't punish you this time, but don't do it again, okay?"

Alisa nodded, barely noticing her thumb sneaking its way up to her mouth as she stood there, getting berated and feeling rather silly. "I'll make sure she doesn't, Mommy!" Clara volunteered happily. "I'll let you know if she touches her diaper!"

"Good girl!" Mommy praised her. "Now, let's go get you ready!" The two of them, carrying the diaper bag, left the room, leaving Alisa to waddle along behind them. They didn't seem concerned that she would try to escape, which, considering she could barely walk, made sense, Alisa supposed. She really didn't think she'd be able to make it down the stairs, not unless she just slid down on her padded bum. By the time she followed their voices to Clara's room, she found herself in the middle of a bit of an argument.

"I wanna wear my big girl panties!" Clara was pouting, stomping her foot. She was in a cute little yellow sundress, with its pacifier on one sleeve, and looking quite unhappy as her mother held out a pair of Pull-Ups. "I'm a big girl!"

"You are!" Mommy agreed patiently. "Especially compared to Dolly! But I just don't think you're ready for your big girl panties yet. Remember, you did have an accident yesterday, didn't you?"

"Yeah, but..." Clara conceded grumpily.

"I'll tell you what," Mommy said, setting down the Pull-Ups and walking over to Clara's dresser, plucking out a pair of pink Dora the Explorer panties. Alisa was a little surprised to see them, as she thought perhaps all of this world's children's shows were different, like the one she'd seen at the nursery, but this Dora looked almost exactly like she remembered the one from her world. Maybe the show from the nursery was from home as well, and she just hadn't encountered it before. "We'll put these in the bag, and if, when I pick you up from daycare, I hear you haven't had an accident all day, you can wear them while we go to the hairdresser."

"All right," Clara nodded, watching as her mother tucked the underwear away into the diaper bag, then reluctantly stepping into the training pants.

Despite herself, Alisa couldn't help hoping that the girl would have an accident. Her situation was bad enough as it was, walking around thickly diapered, forced to wet or mess herself on demand, but to have some little toddler with her, in real panties, would only make her feel more helpless and infantile. Of course, since she was intended to help Clara potty train, the longer the girl spent in Pull-Ups, the longer she'd be in diapers, but she really doubted she was going to be let out of those, even once Clara had mastered the art of keeping her pants dry.

Mommy picked Alisa up, carrying her down to the car as Clara carried the diaper bag. There were now two car seats in the back of the car, and Alisa found herself being strapped into the smaller one. She wasn't sure if the strap would fasten over her double diaper, but, sure enough, it did, pressing the layers of stiff padding up against her crotch. Just sitting there, it was just enough that she could feel the pressure, but as the journey began, and the car began going over speedbump after speedbump. She began unconsciously sucking harder on the thumb still stuck in her mouth, while she very consciously forced her other hand to stay away from her diaper, knowing that Clara was watching her like a hawk. Even if she hadn't been, this was hardly the place for this, she knew, and she wasn't sure if she would have tried to loosen the strap, or reach in beneath it and her double diaper if she had dared to let her hand wander that far. All of these interruptions to her little private playtime were really starting to get to her.

Partway through the ride, as they left the road their house was on for a less bumpy one, she felt a pressure on her bladder, and, instinctively, she started to reach for her diaper, trying to put a little more pressure on it to stop the oncoming storm. "Mommy!" Clara shrieked, making Alisa draw her hand back quickly, and earning her a smack on the leg as Mommy turned around to glare at her.

"No touching, Dolly!"

Alisa nodded miserably, trying instead to cross her legs, though that, of course, was impossible. She could barely even press her legs together. The tightness of the strap did help a bit, but even so, it wasn't long before she had wet herself yet again. A minute later, they turned onto the nursery's road, going almost immediately over another speedbump. She moaned into her thumb, squirming in her carseat, hardly able to believe this was happening to her here. Of course, before anything could actually happen, but only after a few more bumps, the car stopped, and her bliss was interrupted yet again as she was carried into the nursery, sucking her thumb and feeling quite frustrated.

At the entrance, Clara was whisked off to her room with a happy, "Whee!" while Mommy began giving the nursery a new set of instructions for Dolly's care. Alisa sighed as she saw the hand coming for her, but, with Mommy right there, it seemed pointless to try to escape, so she let it wrap its fingers around her and pull her back through the building, to a nursery that might have been the same as she'd been in the day before, though she suspected they all looked mostly the same, at least for each age level. Though she was still feeling rather wet and antsy inside her diaper, she realized that this was another chance for her to get out of this world and back to her own.

She walked immediately to the part of the wall she remembered the screen flipping out of, knocking on it. "Dw. Bwemew, do you heaw me?" She furrowed her brow in confusion at her muffled speech, only then realizing with a blush that she was sucking her thumb. Her embarrassment only made her want to do it more, but she forced her hand out of her mouth anyway, and tried again. "Dr. Bremer, I really need to talk to you!" It was silly, probably, as she was pretty sure the cameras could see and hear her wherever she was in the room, but somehow going to the screen felt the most appropriate way to communicate to her.

Sure enough, after a moment, the screen slid into place. "Thank you! Now, listen, this might sound crazy, but..." she said quickly, wanting to tell the scientist as much as she could before the woman could decide she was just a child with an overactive imagination.

"Watch your show, dear," the room's mechanical voice told her, as the screen flickered to life with the same boring, insipid show as the day before. It could well have been the exact same episode, yet, somehow, Alisa found her eyes drawn to it, no matter how much she despised it.

After a few minutes, she remembered her mission, and tried to call out for the doctor again, only to be silenced with a pacifier gag. She stomped her foot, feeling angry at the futility of her plight, which was only making her feel more hot, though the moment she brushed a finger against the crotch of her diaper, a hand sprouted from the floor to slap it away. "Do not be naughty," the voice reminded her. "Your mommy has approved several new forms of punishment, and you are already on strike two."

She squirmed, most of her worried about what that meant, but part of her turned on further at how quickly and efficiently the place was, again, dominating her. She wasn't sure if the moan into her pacifier triggered it, or if Mommy had scheduled it, but a moment later, the feeding hose fell down from the cieling. Knowing what it was this time, she tried to bat it away, but that was, of course, not a good idea. An array of hands sprang up from the floor, pulling her down onto her stomach, as a portion of the floor near her midsection grew, raising her diapered bottom into the air, while her hands and legs were held in place to avoid any resistance.

She couldn't believe it - she'd barely gotten there, probably not even five minutes before, and already she'd earned a punishment. Her ass was still throbbing from Mommy's spanking, and the thought of another so soon made her start to sniffle as the hose was attached to her pacifier and began pumping her stomach even fuller, though at least this time it went with baby food, at least to start. As she swallowed the mashed bananas, however, she whimpered at the feeling of her double diapers being pulled down, wriggling as much as she could to try to get away.

Her eyes opened wide as she felt something being pushed into her bottom. It reminded her of the thermometer the day before, only bigger. For a moment, she was confused as to what it could be... And then she felt the water beginning to flow into her from it. She was getting an enema.


  1. Yay more mechanical nursery funtimes! Wheee :) Gosh I hope da nursery has da rugrats for her to watch! So much baby fun in it :)

  2. Another great chapter, PPP, you never disappoint! Thank you for sharing your incredible imagination with us!

    I'm a long time reader, but I rarely post, but I wanted to point out a phrase that I think might require some editing. When Alisa gets put into her car seat, the story goes...

    "She wasn't sure if the strap was fasten over her double diaper, ..."

    ...which doesn't read right, to me. Then again, English isn't my first language, so I'm aware I could be wrong. I'd think "She wasn't sure if the strap was *long enough to* fasten over her double diaper, ..." would read better.

    Sorry if I'm being nit-picky, but you're by far my favorite author in this genre and considering the quality and obvious effort you put in your stories, I thought you'd appreciate.

    Hoping I'm right, I'll wish you a great day! <3

  3. Back to that wonderful nursery, and Alisa's already being such a naughty baby! Maybe this enema will help teach her to behave. She was lucky to made it aaaaaallll the way to nursery without pooping her pampers in the first place. Still I think she needs a rattle or some blocks to keep her hands occupied and away from her diaper.

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    1. Alisa in a Baby Bjorn. Even in magical stories or stories with giants, I don't think I've ever seen this done. Bonus if she has to endure this in a messy state. (Maybe Mommy likes the workout carrying that extra weight in front provides while she jogs.)

    2. Alisa to be embarrassed in front of a male. Maybe it's another regular human being treated as a baby, but it would be great if it was someone aware of her plight, perhaps even a giant male.

    Keep up the great work.


  5. Great new Chapter!
    I Love enemas as punishment (as I like suppositories). They take even the little bit control off the victims.
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