Saturday, May 11, 2013

Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - A Quiet Afternoon

It should not have been any surprise to her to wake up to a cool, clammy Pull-Up, but it was still an unpleasant sensation. She squirmed in her crib, reaching down with a grimace to prod the soaked padding between her legs, feeling a little sick at the idea of what that meant.

As if to emphasize that, her hand was pushed aside by another, checking her Pull-Up before declaring in its not-quite-human voice, "Bedwetter status noted on profile."

"No!" she tried to yell from behind her pacifier. She didn't want that on any kind of record! She wanted to think this was a one time thing, but she knew it likely wasn't. After all, given where she was, and the position she was in, it was almost guaranteed that she would be a bedwetter - she just hadn't thought about that until now, waking up to the evidence. She couldn't remember having ever wet her bed in the real world, though she was sure she must have as a little kid once or twice. Here, the other her likely had to deal with it every morning.

The hands picked her up and put her back onto the changing table, which quickly and efficiently cut her sodden Pull-Up loose and deposited it into the dirty diaper pail. She squirmed a little as a stream of water was sprayed onto her crotch, and a hand went about cleaning her up. Either trying to calm her down, or just sensing it was time for another "bottle", the tube in her pacifier began to deliver more apple juice into her mouth. Already, she found herself just giving in, swallowing without even trying to fight it, too worried about what was happening to her a little lower down.

Was this it? She'd had an "accident"... Usually, it only took one or two before the protagonist was demoted back to diapers permanently. But, luckily, perhaps because the incident had happened overnight, the table produced a regular, non-overnight, Pull-Up instead of a diaper. She felt incredibly relieved by that, even though she knew, from the stories, she might as well be in diapers. Nobody ever earned their way back into real underwear once they were in training pants. Usually, they never even had a chance to use the bathroom - something always happened to ensure they had to go in their pants, and then it was a one way trip back to an even more childish garment.

Once the Pull-Up was securely in place, the hands set her back up and pulled off her nightshirt, then put her into a bright yellow shirt that barely came to her belly button. For a moment, she was afraid that was all she'd get, but then they produced a pink jumper, pulling her to her feet so the skirt could fall down, just past her Pull-Up, before sitting her back down at the edge of the table. As she watched the fake window slowly continue to change its scene from night to day, the hands continued to work on her, tying her hair into a pair of ponytails with pink ribbons and slipping white ankle socks and pink Mary-Janes onto her feet at the same time. Just as the sun reached the same position it had been in when she'd first been brought to the room, she was apparently declared finished, and placed back on the floor with a pat to her red, padded bottom.

To her surprise, the apple juice stopped then as well. The tube detached from the pacifier, retracting back into the ceiling, and her pacifier was unstrapped and taken away. She knew it was temporary, and they could return at any moment if she misbehaved, the threat of just that hanging over her every action.

"What would you like to do?" the room asked her.

"I want out of here," she pouted.

"It is not group playtime," she was told. "Not all the children are up from their naps. Would you like to color?" A coloring book and crayons appeared from the floor. Alisa wrinkled her nose and shook her head. Usually, when she was playing, she loved to color, but here, knowing she could be trapped as an overgrown - if only slightly - toddler for good, she couldn't stand the thought of it. "Do you want a snack?"

"Hell, no!" she snapped instantly. She still felt stuffed from her last feeding. And, to make matters worse, she was feeling something else, too, an ominous, if inevitable, grumbling from her guts. She was sure she hadn't been asleep that long, and she'd barely eaten anything that morning before going to see Dr. Bremer. Could she really have digested that oatmeal already? Of course, this was another world, and she knew things worked differently, maybe even right down to that sort of thing. She had thought it had seemed like she was peeing more often than usual, too...

And, as she thought about that, she got a demonstration. Without warning, she got another smack on the butt, this one much harder than the playful one she'd gotten on being put on the floor. It was enough to make her jump and let out a little yelp, and a little something else into her pants. She managed to stop it, with a blush, but it was quite a surprise to her. After how heavy her naptime Pull-Up had been, she'd been sure it would take a while for the apple juice she'd just drank to make its reappearance, but apparently not.

"Did you have an accident?"

Alisa had suspected that the hands hadn't really needed to check her before, that the room had sensors for that sort of thing and it had just done it to be "comforting" or something, though it had made the whole thing even more embarrassing for her. Its timing now only confirmed that, even as the hands popped up from the floor to lift her skirt and check her again, even as she found herself giving the stereotypical response of a bashful, "No..." It was silly, but she understood the impulse now. She hadn't even been in this Pull-Up five minutes, and already she'd had an accident. She didn't want to admit to that!

Of course, it was pointless to lie here, but that hadn't stopped her. It earned her another swat, though this time she managed to keep herself under control. "Only naughty girls lie," the room said. "And if naughty girls cannot behave, they get spankings. I will give you one more chance, little one."

"I'm sorry!" Alisa squeaked. One spanking in a day was bad enough - she didn't want a second.

"I will give you another chance with your potty training as well," the voice answered. "But your accident has been noted."

This must be what it felt like to be a baby, Alisa mused. When you were small enough, it seemed like your mommy was everywhere, that she could do anything, that she knew everything - including the state of your pants, almost before you did. The idea of escaping from her, from outsmarting her, was so far out of the question that it wasn't even worth considering. She was the adult, you were the baby, and that was that. There was nothing you could do about it.

Alisa shook her head, trying to snap herself out of that chain of thought before she got too depressed. Sure, this place was bigger and faster and more powerful than her, but that didn't mean she couldn't find some way to escape... somehow. It just might be difficult. She couldn't give up, though! She wasn't even in diapers yet!

"Do you want to play with your dolls?" the voice asked, gently pushing Alisa toward the pile of toys in the corner. When Alisa shook her head, part of the wall opened up, revealing a screen beneath. "Would you like to watch something?" Rows of colorful icons displaying the main characters from all sorts of children's movies and TV shows lined the screen. Alisa couldn't help wandering over to look at it, waddling ever so slightly, scrolling through the list. There wasn't anything there someone older than a preschooler would find entertaining, though.

"No," she told the room finally. "I don't wanna see any of that!"

But when the menu screen blinked off, it was replaced by a cartoon, full of bright colors and characters with loud, annoying voices. "I said I don't wanna watch it!" she repeated, stomping her foot.

"You are being crabby," the voice told her. "This will help cheer you up."

"No, it won't! I don't wanna watch it!" The feeling of helplessness was only amplified by her pointless argument, but not nearly as much as when she went to stomp her foot again, only to feel herself being lifted into the air. She looked down in surprise to see that something had been raised from under the floor beneath her legs, something that had gone up her legs like an oversized pair of panties made of hard plastic. She didn't recognize it until she saw the straps, which had come down from the ceiling, attach to it, leaving her sitting in it, suspended a foot or two above the floor. She was in a baby bouncer.

"Let me out!" Alisa demanded, but all her thrashing just made the seat bob in place harmlessly. After a few seconds, she decided to try another tactic. "How am I supposed to make it to the potty like this? I'll have an accident for sure by the time you get me out!" Unfortunately, she knew that was probably true, too, as much as she'd like to think she was just making it up to get out of this latest humiliation.

"We will not count this time toward your official accident count," the voice told her. What Alisa heard was basically, 'We know you can't keep your pants dry anyway, but we don't want to deal with you right now. Just shut up and pee away.' It was hardly a flattering way to win an argument, but when she started to open her mouth again, the pacifier was replaced and restrapped, with the hand doing so patting her on the head before retreating, leaving her there, with no choice but to watch the inane kid's show playing in front of her. She was sure she could feel herself growing dumber from watching it, but there was nothing else for her to do, and she was a little afraid if she tried to ignore it, she'd have her eyes pried open like Clockwork Orange.

She had no idea how long the show was - it felt like a couple hours, but given it was meant for young children, that seemed unlikely - but she barely made it through an episode before her bladder felt like it was going to burst. She tried to hold it, but every motion she made, whether it be trying to press her hands against her crotch through the seat, or crossing her legs, only made her bounce around more, which wasn't much of a help, and within minutes of realizing just how badly it had gotten, she felt the wet stream begin pouring into her Pull-Up, spreading throughout the padding and gradually warming it, softening it, beneath her.

Before she had even finished, the tube reappeared from the ceiling and began pumping more apple juice through her pacifier. "We do not want you to get dehydrated," the voice explained. She had no doubt that this wasn't a coincidental timing, and that made it all the worse, knowing that the room, and whatever, or whoever, was running it knew she was peeing, probably knew she was still going even as it began refilling her tummy, and ultimately her bladder.

As she bounced, Pull-Up squishing damply against her sore behind, she had a rather unpleasant thought. Her bowels were feeling more and more full with each passing moment... What if she wasn't let out of the bouncer in time? With the pacifier in, she couldn't even beg for mercy. She'd just sit there, helpless, filling her pants, getting messier with each bounce, and bouncing more every time she tried to fight back and stop her own body from doing its icky deed, feeling more and more like a baby as she was forced to watch the same, stupid show...

Just when she was sure that was the fate that was about to befall or, or at least that she was about to go crazy from the program on the TV, it blinked off. Alisa was relieved, of course, but also curious, as she certainly hadn't been able to request it, and the voice hadn't said anything. After a moment, the screen sprang back to life, this time displaying a face. Alisa had only seen it once before, and here it looked a little different - it had been pretty in the real world, but here it looked like an actress in a movie where she had to pretend to be ugly until a "makeover", slightly frazzled but still undeniably sexy underneath it - but it was unmistakably Dr. Bremer.

Alisa's heart nearly skipped a beat as the woman on the screen said, "There you are." Could the doctor have jumped to this world, too? Was she going to make it out of here before the truly humiliating accident brewing in her guts really happened?

"Hmm... Well, you are new, everything looks normal enough. I just don't have the record for you being signed up, but maybe it just got lost. Sorry for interrupting, little one!" The doctor reached for something, probably turning off her video feed to the room, and cutting off Alisa's contact with her.

Desperately, Alisa tried to speak, but it was blocked by the pacifier. Thinking fast, she reached up, pointing to the paci, and tube coming out of it.

"Oh, are you hungry after your nap?" The woman looked away for a moment, pressing a few buttons, missing the horrified shaking of Alisa's head. Almost instantly, the apple juice started, and the thick, tasteless oatmeal began being pumped into her mouth again. Frantically, Alisa began tugging at the pacifier strap, praying Dr. Bremer would look back over at her and see it instead of just assuming she'd correctly guessed what was bothering Alisa and signing off without glancing at her screen.

A sharp smack to the back of her thighs - she supposed because her bottom was protected by the bouncer's seat - made her jump and wet herself just a little more, likely thanks to that apple juice she'd had since her last accident, since otherwise she'd been sure after so big an accident there couldn't be anything left in her bladder. "Good girls leave their pacifiers alone," the room's voice said, and it was something of a relief to see that Dr. Bremer wasn't behind it, as the other woman seemed just as surprised to hear it, turning and, thankfully, spotting Alisa's pantomime.

"Did you have something you wanted to tell me?" the doctor asked. "That's sweet, but I'm very busy, dear... Oh, and it looks like your mommy is here to pick you up! I hope to see you again soon!"

The oatmeal stopped after all, but Alisa was still left frustrated as she was plucked out of the bouncer and taken to the changing table, where she was changed into a dry Pull-Up. Dr. Bremer had been so close! She at least knew where the woman worked now... But she had a more pressing concern at the moment. Who the hell was "mommy"?


  1. Thanks for the uppydate! Gosh I wonder who her Mommy is going to be. I bet it's the headmistress from the school. Or perhaps da Rani!

  2. Still loving it. Though my one criticism might be that it rushed a little quickly through major events without Alisa processing much of it. (Which is incidentally the point where I've got grumpy with my last 2 stories and wanted to rewrite them)

  3. Oooh, a little bit of hope for Alisa, and then a major step back. I wonder who her Mommy's gonna be, and if she'll be able to make it aaaaaall the way home without messing her pullup. At least the robots were nice enough to only mark the one accident on her report

    1. I had a thought this morning. What if Mommy is the woman she stole the dress from earlier? She'd certainly want to punish the naughty girl who stole her baby's clothes.

  4. Oh great! I am wondering about der Mommy, too.

    The robots are cool and very nice, BUT since now she had no report and if she continues like this she soon will have a very negative one. It might get harder for her if/when her mommy bring her back.

    LOVE IT!