Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Brat in the Hat - Part 6

Part 6 - Do I Like This? Oh, No! I Do Not.

Sarah's stomach knotted up inside her as she stood in front of Melody. She looked away from the girl's smile, but as her eyes turned downward, she saw the diaper and baby powder in her own hands, reminding her even more of what was about to happen, and she only felt worse.

She only had a moment to look at them, however, before Melody's fingers grabbed her chin, forcing it back up. "Isn't it fun, little girl?" Sarah could only blush at being called 'little girl' by someone younger than her, especially since that was exactly what she felt like. "Isn't it?!"

Melody tightened her grip a bit, making Sarah whimper softly before forcing herself to say, "Y-Yes."

"You don't sound convinced," Melody observed. "Are you afraid I don't know what I'm doing? Why don't you walk me through it? You did it to me often enough - I'm sure you know how to do it."

"No, I-I think you can do it. I'm sorry! It'll be... fun..." Sarah swallowed, trying to turn her head away from Melody's eyes, boring into her own. She knew she'd likely do it anyway, but if she had to give Melody instructions, she knew it would be awfully hard for her not to spend the entire time thinking back to how she'd used to diaper Melody, since that was the last person she'd done that to, and that would only make her feel worse.

"Well, if you want it so much, you should ask for it." Sarah had no choice but to watch Melody's smile broaden as she mewled in protest of what she was being asked to do. "Come on, little girl, beg me to help you play dress-up."

"Melody..." Sarah whined, tears stinging at the corners of her eyes. "Please don't..." She stopped. There wasn't a hint of mercy in Melody's expression, nothing to make her think that anything good would come of asking her to stop. If anything, it would probably lead to more embarrassment, though she wasn't sure how this could get worse. So she started again with a sigh. "Melody, please... please help me play dress-up."

"Of course I will!" Melody agreed immediately. "What would you like to wear, sweetie?"

Sarah tried to lower her head again, but Melody held her chin firmly in place, not letting her look away as she said. "A... A.... A diaper."

"Aww, how sweet! And you need some help getting it on?" Sarah nodded. "What was that? I didn't hear you."

It was almost unbearable, but somehow Sarah managed to say, "Yes."

"Yes, what?" Melody asked patiently.

"Yes, I need some help getting my diaper on." Sarah wanted to sink right through the floor, but as it turned out, Melody still wasn't satisfied.

"Well, ask me!" she giggled. "Just ask, silly!"

Sarah's cheeks flushed as she fidgeted in place, hardly able to think the words, much less say them. "Melody, can you... Can you help me?"

"What do you want me to do?" Melody feigned innocence. "You have to be clear, honey."

Sarah could feel the tears starting to roll down her cheeks now. "Can you put me in a d-diaper?"

"Ah-ah-ah!" Melody waved a finger from her free hand. Sarah sighed, unsure how much longer she could keep this up, wondering what she would have to do now. "You didn't say the magic word! Didn't your mommy teach you to be polite?"

She had never felt quite so silly to say, "Please?", before.

Melody smiled. "Please what?"

Sarah wanted to scream, to pull away from the girl, to hit her, to do anything. But instead, she closed her eyes and swallowed, summoning her resolve. "Will you please..."

"Open your eyes, silly."

Sarah did so, reluctantly. "Will you please... diaper me?"

"Well, of course I will!" Melody let go of Sarah chin finally, tapping the tip of her nose with her finger. "Anytime you need that little bottom of your diapered, I'd be happy to help you. No need to worry."

For a moment, Sarah thought the hard part was over. Sure, she still had to actually be put into the diaper, and then she'd have to wear it, but at least she wouldn't have to talk about it. Or so she thought, as Melody took the diaper and baby powder from her, setting the powder on Sarah's bed. "So... What do you want me to do now?"


"You silly baby - you have such a short memory! Don't you remember? You're going to walk me through this, to make sure I do it the way you would do it to me. So, what do I do first?"

Sarah's face fell. "Melody, come on... You know what to do..."

"I'm the youngest!" Melody reminded her, voice practically dripping with forced innocence. "I don't have any idea!"

Sarah sighed. Nothing had gone her way yet that day - she was sure they wouldn't start now. So she could waste some more energy arguing with Melody to try to get her to just get this over with, or she could do like the girl wanted. As much as she hated to, she went with the latter. "Spread the diaper out on the bed," she instructed. She tried to sound as clinical about it as possible, trying not to think about how this was going to end.

"No," Melody said simply. When Sarah looked up at her, puzzled, she explained, "Don't just tell me to do it. That's rude! You have to ask me." When Sarah hesitated, slightly disgusted at the idea, Melody continued again. "You already begged me to diaper you. How much worse can this be? Besides, don't forget I can still call your mommy."

Sarah was trapped, and she knew it. Resigning herself to her fate, she gritted her teeth and asked, "Would you please spread the diaper out on the bed?"

"Sure!" Melody chirped, opening up the diaper and laying it out on the bed. Sarah knew it had to look just the same as it did when she put them on herself at night, yet somehow, in her mind, they were thicker, more babyish now. Melody patted the center of the diaper, and Sarah found herself transported back in time a year and a half, back to when she'd do the exact same thing, while Melody stood there, pouting.

"But it's not bedtime!" she would protest. "Mommy doesn't make me wear them until bedtime!"

"Do you know any other kids in your grade that wet the bed?" Sarah would ask. She knew there had to be some, but she was sure they kept it a secret, so she fully expected Melody to shake her head, which she did. "Who wets the bed?"

Sometimes she'd have to ask the question two or three times before Melody would look up from her shuffling feet and mumble, "Babies."

"And babies wear diapers, don't they? Not just at night, but all the time. So if you're going to act like a baby and wet your bed, I'm going to treat you like a baby. Now hop up here."

Then she would pat the diaper, just like Melody was doing now. Sarah felt a little sick as she watched it. "I'm sorry," she said. "I shouldn't have treated you like that."

"Thank you," Melody replied curtly. "Now hop up here." She gave the diaper one more pat, then started to pull Sarah's phone out of her pocket.

Sarah scrambled onto her bed, plopping herself down on top of the diaper. She started to lay back, but Melody started pushing her back before she could finish, which was just was Sarah was trying to avoid, since it made it feel all the more like Melody was fully in control. Which she was, of course, but she was trying to find some way not to make it feel so obvious to herself.

"Now what?" Melody inquired after giving Sarah a few seconds to squirm awkwardly on her diaper.

"Well, um... I just took a bath, so you don't have to clean me, so... Powder?" Melody raised an eyebrow, earning another sigh from Sarah. "Would you please powder me?"

Melody seemed to have been waiting for that. She overturned the bottle and started shaking it wildly, sending clouds of the white powder toward Sarah's bottom, and onto her stomach and bed, and anything nearby. She just kept going, making Sarah wonder if she intended on using the whole bottle, before asking, "Is this enough?"

"Yes!" Sarah blurted out. "Please, stop it!" Melody stopped, and the powder clouds died down, but Sarah was sure her room would smell like it for weeks now. Not to mention her body. "Now... Pl-Please... Please... pull my diaper up between my legs."

Melody was all too happy to comply. Sarah gasped slightly as she felt the thick padding being pulled tight around her. She hadn't been diapered before - not since she was a toddler - and it was quite a different sensation having someone else do it. Though the lack of hair down there probably had something to do with it, too, as she could feel the soft padding right against her sensitive skin, where she'd never felt it before. She hadn't really felt anything down there without the slight barrier of her hair to offer some little protection for a long time, and now it felt like the diaper was invading her most personal, intimate place. The diaper felt thicker, thirstier, than she could ever remember them being before, and far more infantile.

Melody gave that all a minute to sink in before saying, "I don't think that's it, is it?"

"No," Sarah whimpered. "Melody, please... I can't... Don't make me..."

Melody ignored her. "What do I do now, Sarah?"

Sarah closed her eyes, trying not to think about who was standing over her, doing this, but that just brought back more memories of her babysitting days, watching Melody stand up from her diapering, tears in her eyes, legs wide from the padding. Sometimes she'd reach for her pants, or skirt, or whatever she'd worn to school.

Sarah would always grab them first. "Babies don't need anything to cover their diaper," she'd say. "They don't care if it's showing. And it makes it easier for their babysitter to check them."

"I don't need to be checked," Melody would whine. "I'm not going to use them!"

"Well," Sarah would cross her arms, "you sure aren't going into the bathroom. Babies use their diapers."

Sarah opened her eyes, shaking her head slightly to try to banish the image, only to have it replace by one of Melody standing over her, one hand holding the front of Sarah's diaper tightly across the bottom of her belly. "Tape it up," Sarah said quietly. "Please... Tape my diaper up."

Melody gleefully started to reach for one of the sides, only to stop partway there. "How should I tape it?"

Sarah gave her a blank look. "You just pull the tape up, then..."

"No, no," Melody shook her head. "I mean, should it be loose, or..?"

Sarah really hated this, having to give the advice that was about to lead to her being diapered by this girl, but she had no doubt that Melody wouldn't stop until she did, and that she wouldn't accept a wrong answer. "No, it should be tight."

"So... What exactly is it you want?"

"Please tape my diaper up nice and tight." Sarah sniffled, knowing that was it, she'd just given the final order. Even knowing she'd had no choice, it was still tough, and she could feel tears starting again while Melody happily went about her work, pulling the sides up snugly and taping them in place, sealing her former babysitter into her padded prison.

Pleased with her work, Melody patted the diaper, then grabbed Sarah's arms and pulled her into a seated position. "Now what do you say?"

Sarah, for her part, was still stunned by what had just transpired. "Huh?"

"You are a rude little girl today! What do you say when somebody does something for you?"

Sarah whined, pouting up at Melody, but there was still no sympathy in her expression. "Thank you for diapering me."

"You are so welcome!" Melody beamed, kissing Sarah's forehead. "And I recorded your instructions so I won't forget how to do it in the future!" She held up her own phone, tapping the button to stop the sound recorded as Sarah watched, sinking to a newfound depth of horror.

"You delete that!" Sarah ordered, though it was hard to feel to authoritative while sitting there in a diaper.

"I don't think so," Melody countered. "I'm sure there are plenty of people who would find it quite interesting, if you're a bad girl today, not least of all your mommy. Now, I have a little surprise for you, so why don't we wrap this game up?" She walked around the bed, to the box. She opened it, eyeing its contents, and then Sarah, before plucking something out of it and closing it. "I think we'll save the rest of that for later," she said. "For now, I think all you need to complete your outfit is this."

She held up a huge red hair bow, which she quickly put into Sarah's hair before pulling the girl to her feet. Sarah wobbled slightly, still a little dizzy, and taken off guard by the new sensation of the diaper bunching up between her legs, against her sensitive, bare skin. "Adorable!" Melody declared, taking her hand and starting to lead her out of her room.

"No!" Sarah pouted. "I can't just wear this!"

"Babies don't care about hiding their diapers," Melody reminded her. "And they don't care about hiding their chests, either. Especially not when they have as little to hide as you do."

Sarah whimpered, feeling about two feet tall. She stood there for a moment or two, shocked, until Melody tugged her hand, forcing her to start toddling, away from the sanctuary of her room, with its dark, closed curtains, and even the slight protection her clothes could have provided, every step reminding her of everything Melody had done to her so far, and making her feel all the more like an overgrown toddler.


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