Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Brat in the Hat - Part 7

Part 7 - I Call This Game Fun-In-A-Box

Of course, since it was raining outside, Sarah knew there was very little chance that anyone would just stroll past the house to see her as she was led through the living room and into the kitchen. Yet, the idea of being led through there, past the big window in the living room, in just a diaper, was quite humiliating. Walking past and through the mess Melody had made only made her feel worse, as she knew she still had to find time to clean all of that up once Melody finally left her alone, or her mother would be furious. And she was now in no position to demand Melody help her.

There was little relief from her fear of being exposed when they stopped in the kitchen, since the curtain on the window over the sink was wide open. There was even less chance of anyone seeing her through that than through the one in the living room - it was much smaller, and higher up on the wall, not to mention facing the back yard - but there was little room in her paranoia for logic.

She was so busy staring at the window, then around at the mess in the kitchen, even worse than the one in the living room, that she didn't notice the box sitting on the counter until Melody began to rummage through it. "And here's your second surprise!" Melody announced, pulling a few things out. "A special treat, even though you're being a rude little baby today."

Sarah looked at the items Melody had taken out of the box, figuring out what they were for at once, and realizing why Melody was doing it just a moment later. "S'mores?" she said quietly, staring up at Melody.

Melody nodded. "That's right! Do you remember when you showed me how to make them in the microwave?"

Sarah was a little reluctant to answer, "Yeah," unsure if Melody was setting her up for something.

Of course she remembered. It had been one of the last times Sarah had sat for Melody. Despite her best efforts - she'd come up with a few things that she thought were quite clever, yet hadn't done the trick - the girl was still wetting the bed, and her mother kept sounding more bewildered and exhausted by it every time she spoke to Sarah. So Sarah decided she was going to have to take things to the next level. She'd considered what she was going to do for a while, but couldn't quite bring herself to do it before then.

Once she'd gotten Melody all diapered up, she'd not only denied her any pants, she'd taken the girl's shirt off, much to her surprise, then went over to her closet and started rummaging through. After a minute, Melody walked over, arms clasped firmly over her training-bra clad chest. "What are you doing?"

"I think we spend too much time inside," Sarah had told her. "You need some fresh air. So we're going to the park."

Melody had stared up at her in shock, then down at her diaper, freshly taped into place. "Like this?!" she squeaked.

"No, of course not!" Sarah had giggled, ruffling her hair. "I'm looking for a nice outfit for you. Nothing too fancy, since you'll be running around and playing, but... Oh, here we go!" They had been together at the back of the closet, as if they were meant as a set - and they may well have been, since, as Sarah noted, they went together well. One piece was a simple, dark blue denim jumper, and the other was a white shirt, with a Peter Pan collar and puff sleeves. "These look like nice play clothes!"

"I haven't worn those for years!" Melody had complained, sulking as Sarah pried her arms away from her chest and forced them into the sleeves of the shirt.

"Then aren't you glad to see they still fit?" The shirt had been a little tight, but it buttoned shut without too much fuss. The jumper went on as well, falling a little higher than it was likely intended to be, though that had, of course, been Sarah's plan. It wouldn't show off the girl's diaper constantly, but with her running around and playing, it was bound to flash it enough to make Melody afraid someone would notice. She might not mind acting like a baby at home, but surely the threat of being discovered would shock her into growing up and keeping her bed dry.

Melody had begged Sarah not to make her do it, had tried to dig in her heels and stop herself from being dragged through the house - and she'd almost succeeded, as she had been getting fairly close to matching Sarah's size by then - and they'd barely made it to the sidewalk before she started bawling. Sarah finally relented at that, taking her back inside and trying to calm her down, finally achieving it by showing her how to make s'mores, letting her munch on one as she finished sniffling.

Sarah wasn't sure now if Melody saw those s'mores as a symbol of mercy, or if it reminded her more of what had come before. She had a bad feeling it was the latter, but surely not even Melody would take her outside in the rain, certainly not mostly naked.

Melody got a small plate down from an already open cupboard, setting it on the counter, then handing Sarah a graham cracker. "There you go. Just break it in half. Good girl!" She took the bag of marshmallows off the counter and ripped it open, holding it down so Sarah could reach it. "Choose your marshmallow and put it on half your cracker... Good job! Now we'll just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. Can you put in ten seconds and hit start! Oh, look at you!"

Sarah blushed. She supposed it was good Melody was being nice to her, instead of continuing her revenge, but it was hard not to feel like a little kid when she was being spoken to like that. "If I give you this chocolate, can I trust you to just break off enough for your s'more, or are you going to try to eat it all?" Melody teased, holding a chocolate bar over Sarah's head.

"I can do it," Sarah mumbled.

"Hmm.. No, I think I'd better do it myself. You're being a bad girl today, aren't you?" Melody broke off a few square of chocolate, setting them on the other half of the graham cracker as the microwave bell dinged. Sarah started to reach for it, but Melody smacked her hand away. "No, no! That's hot! You'd better let your babysitter get that for you!" She took the plate and set it on the counter, putting the two halves of the cracker with their contents together, then sliding the plate further away from Sarah. "It's still too hot, silly! You have to wait!"

With that, Melody started making her own s'more, not hesitating to take a bite of it as soon as it was assembled, though she did blow on it, of course. Sarah started to reach for her plate, and got her hand slapped away again. "No! It's still too hot for babies like you!"

Sarah hadn't been overly excited about the treat - though she had to admit it did sound good - but the act of being denied it, while having to watch Melody eat hers, made her feel like she was. Watching Melody take bite after bite, gooey marshmallow stretching out between her mouth and the confection... Sarah started to squirm, anxious to have her own, even before Melody started to say, "Oh, wow, this is so good!"

Sarah started to reach for hers again, but Melody stopped her with only a look this time. "You grab for that one more time, and you're going in the corner!" she threatened. "I'll give it to you when it's ready for you." Sarah glared at her, crossing her arms until Melody giggled and said, "You look so cute all sulky like that!" Sarah tried to stop it after that, but found it harder than she expected.

Melody finished her s'more and washed her hands carefully, then watched Sarah for a minute or two. Sarah tried not to look too anxious, or to fidget, or stare up at her waiting treat, but, of course, trying not to do something only made it that much harder. Finally Melody smiled and handed the plate down to her. Eagerly, Sarah began to eat, but by then, it was lukewarm. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't nearly as good as it would have been a few minutes earlier, fresh out of the microwave. Like Melody's had been.

Melody took Sarah's plate when she was finished, then started to wash her face and hands with a washcloth, despite Sarah's protests that she didn't need it. "Aww, why are you still being pouty?" Melody asked as she knelt down, scrubbing at her face. "Wasn't it yummy?"

"It was okay," Sarah mumbled.

"Then why aren't you smiling? Are you still mad at yourself for peeing your pants?" Sarah blushed slightly. "Well, there's another little game we'll be able to play with some of the things from this box, but not until later. Do you want to be a big girl and help me get ready for it, though?"

Sarah had no idea what she was talking about, or what else you could do with graham crackers, chocolate, or marshmallows, other than eat it. Was there some other dessert you could make with them? Or was she just going to be allowed to eat the rest of the chocolate? She didn't see how they could prepare for that, though, so it didn't make sense.

Melody took her lack of answer and look of puzzlement for a yes. "All right, just sit down." Sarah started to head for the kitchen table, but Melody grabbed her arm and held her in place. "No, panty-wetters like you can't sit on furniture, even in their diapers! They might leak and make a mess of it! Just sit on the floor, sweetie."

Sarah pouted as she sank down to the hard, linoleum floor, legs splayed out by the bulk of her diaper. Melody set a bowl in front of her, then the bag of marshmallows. "What you need to do," she instructed, "is roll the marshmallows between your hands, like Play-Doh. You know how to do that, right? Like you're making a snake. Do you get it? Let's see!"

Still confused, Sarah took a marshmallow between her hands and did as she'd been told, pressing down on it and rolling it back and forth between her palms until it was longer, and thinner. She looked up at Melody, unsure if it was what she'd been looking for or not. "Good job!" Melody praised her. "Now, put it in the bowl and make another!"

"How many should I make?" Sarah asked.

"Just as many as you want!"

Sarah gave Melody a sideways look, but started back in on the project. It was easy enough, but as Melody kept smiling wider and wider while watching her do it, she began to suspect there was no grand project connected to it, that the girl's only goal was to make her look like a silly little girl, playing on the kitchen floor. It was maybe a little odd that she'd chosen marshmallows as her 'toy', such as it was, but perhaps she hadn't been able to find any actual Play-Doh at her house. After her fifth, Sarah decided to stop. "Is that enough?"

"Oh, it should be plenty!" Melody nodded, picking up the bowl and taking it to the freezer. "You did a good job, honey! You're such a big girl, helping your babysitter out like that!" Once she'd shut the freezer door, she swooped over to Sarah, stumbling to her feet, and gave her a hug. "Are you my little helper? Yes, you are! Now, it looked like you were concentrating pretty hard there, so I think I'd better make sure you didn't have an accident."

"I didn't!" Sarah squawked, face red.

"We'll see... I'm not sure if I can trust you that much."

"I didn't!" Sarah repeated, voice getting a little higher. She clamped her hands over the crotch of her diaper as she saw Melody's fingers headed that way.

"Oh, are you going now?" Melody asked with mock concern. "And you didn't even ask me to take you to the potty! I guess you really do need those diapers!"

"No!" Sarah's face turned an even deeper shade of red, something she hadn't thought possible. "I'm not! I don't!" As she stood there, flustered, Melody reached out and gave her tummy a quick tickle. Sarah's hand moved upward towards her stomach as she gave an involuntary giggle and squirm, giving Melody enough time to reach down and slip a pair of fingers into the leg band of her diaper, wiggling them around, pressing them against the padding for a few uncomfortable seconds before finally pulling back out, letting the diaper snap back into place.

"Good girl!" Melody praised her, patting her on the head.

"I told you I didn't," Sarah grumped, glad at least that it was over.

Or so she'd thought. Melody gave her another moment, then spun her around, reaching down to pull the back of her diaper out. "I definitely didn't do that!" Sarah sqeaked, the very idea that Melody would insinuate there would be something in the seat of Sarah's diaper for her to find taking her down to an even deeper depth of humiliation. To make it even worse, Melody took her time, as if she were absolutely sure there could be something there.

"No, you didn't," she agreed at last. "Are you feeling bad about how you acted before? Is that why you're being such a good girl now? Well, it doesn't matter. Since you are being good, I think there's time for one more game before you go down for your nap."

"Melody, come on," Sarah rolled her eyes. "I don't want to play another game, and I don't need a nap. I need to clean this place up. Haven't you had enough fun?"

"I think you'll change your mind about not wanting to play when you hear what it is. We're going to play make-over! All little girls love playing with make-up, don't they? And I'm sure your mommy has lots to choose from!"

"No!" Sarah had to put her foot down there, although it did take her a moment or two to build up the resolve to do so. After seeing what Melody had done to the rest of the house, there was no way she was letting the girl into her mother's room. "Melody, you've had your fun. Now, please, just go home and leave me alone!"

"What was that?" Melody turned to face Sarah, looking unimpressed with her display of resistance. "Did you just tell me no, little girl? I am your babysitter, and if I say you need a nap, you are taking a nap. It's up to you if you do so after playing a game, or having a punishment, but either way, that little diapered bottom of yours is ending up in bed. Do you understand me?"

Sarah knew what she was expected to answer, and that, given how far she'd fallen in status that day already, she might regret not giving it, but she wasn't going to back down now. "No," she said defiantly. "You are NOT my babysitter, and I am not a baby, and it is time for you to leave!"


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