Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Brat in the Hat - Part 5

Part 5 - Another Good Game That I Know

"No!" Sarah said, finally composing herself again, at least enough to say that, though when Melody turned and gave her a look, it took another moment or two before she could continue. "Melody, I'm not playing anything! I'm going to get dressed, and then I'm going to clean the house up. I'd appreciate it if you helped, but if you're not going to, could you please go home now?"

"Go home NOW?" Melody shook her head. "But I haven't even given you your birthday presents yet. I thought of the perfect things, and ran over to my house to grab them while you were in the tub."

Despite everything, Sarah was curious. "Presents?"

"Yeah! I got you two things, and they're both part of a fun game! Actually, the first is right here." She herded Sarah into her bedroom, where she did, indeed, see a box sitting on her bed. It wasn't huge, but it was a pretty good size. Sarah started to reach for it to see what was inside, but Melody stopped her. "If you're not going to play dress-up, though, then you don't get it."

Sarah sighed. She'd have liked to say no, to show Melody that she couldn't control her like this, but she did want to see what was in there. And, besides, she was going to have to get dressed anyway. "Fine," she gave in.

"Good!" Melody smiled, but took the box anyway, putting it on Sarah's desk. "We'll get to that later. We need to get you some underwear first. Top drawer?"

Without thinking, Sarah nodded, happy to hear 'underwear', rather than something thicker and more absorbent. Despite the way she was treating Sarah, she apparently did still accept the fact that her accident had been a fluke, nothing more. At least she wasn't going to try to make her wear training pants like her mom did.

She froze at that thought, remembering suddenly what was in her underwear drawer. "Wait!" she called, padding across the room after Melody, trying to stop her before she reaching the dresser. "Don't..!" But it was too late. She could hear the drawer creaking open, and she knew right away it was too late. This wasn't like with the trash can under the sink - they were right on top, there was no chance Melody could miss them.

Sure enough, a split second later, Melody was asking, "Um, what are these?", holding up the cupcake-decorated garment.

Sarah knew there was no excuse she could come up with that would make sense, so instead she just begged, "Please, don't make me wear them!" It was bad enough wearing them around her mom - wearing them around Melody would be humiliating.

"I wouldn't do that," Melody said.

"Oh, thank you!" Sarah sighed. "Like I said, it was just one little accident, and I don't really need..."

"No, I mean I wouldn't make you wear these. They're already wet! I can't believe you would shove them in here like that! That's disgusting."

Sarah blinked, mouth hanging open slightly at the words. Wet? But that wasn't possible. She hadn't wiped after using the bathroom, so they might be a tiny bit damp, but that was it. Could Melody really have noticed that so quickly? "Nuh-uh!" she argued.

"Yes, they are," Melody insisted. "Do you need to feel them?" She thrust the training pants at Sarah, who recoiled reflexively. She could see them hanging heavily from Melody's fingertips, and she had to admit that, somehow, they did look quite wet, and when Melody let them go, they fell to the floor with a damp squish that seemed to confirm it.

"No!" she shook her head. "I didn't!" How could this be happening?! She was sure they'd been dry, or at least mostly, when she'd taken them off. How could they be wet now? Was she somehow mistaken? Had she had an accident she hadn't noticed? Surely not. But then, how could they be so wet now? If she had been less upset, she might have noticed that there was no scent of urine, not the slightest whiff of ammonia, despite how big an accident they seemed to have contained, but as it was, she was too flabberghasted to do much but stare.

"It's just as well," Melody shrugged. "I was going to let it slide, since you told me it was just the one time, but after two accidents, I guess I'd better do what your mommy said."

"My... mommy?" The shocks kept on coming, keeping her off balance enough to stop her from thinking to change 'mommy' to something that sounded a bit less juvenile until the word was already out of her mouth.

"Didn't your mommy say that if you had an accident, she wanted you in diapers, not Goodnites?" Melody said it softly, soothingly, as if it were perfectly natural, but she might as well have dropped a bomb on Sarah.

"You DID read my texts!" she blurted out, hardly able to believe this invasion of her privacy - especially when it pertained to something so incredibly private. A fraction of a second later, she clapped her hand over her mouth as her cheeks began to burn, and she realized she'd basically just confirmed that it wasn't some weird joke text, or that she hadn't read any of the conversation. Without meaning to, she'd just told Melody that she did have diapers, and that, at least according to her mother, she needed them.

"Where are they?" Melody asked, digging through Sarah's underwear drawer, then pushing it shut and starting on the next drawer down. "Come on, Sarah, just tell me. You don't want me to tell your mommy you were a bad girl, do you?"

"You're not going to tell my mommy... my mom anything! You aren't my babysitter! Stop acting like you are!" Sarah stomped her foot in frustration, feeling a little better to get that out of her system.

Her relief was very short-lived, however. Melody turned on her, staring her down with her hands on her hips. "Did you think you were in charge? That you were the babysitter? A pants-wetting little baby like you? Those days are well behind you now. As the only real grown-up here, I'm clearly in charge, and if your mother thinks you need to be in diapers, then that's where you're going."

Sarah shrank back under the onslaught of words, practically feeling each one strike her and make her smaller. She shivered, the cool air against the newly bare crotch only having the slightest bit to do with it. "But..." she whimpered.

"No. I'm done playing around, young lady. You bring me your diapers right now, or I'll call your mommy and tell her how naughty you're being." Melody held up Sarah's phone. Instinctively, Sarah reached behind herself to take it from her pocket, the brush of her fingers against her bottom reminding her she was naked, making her feel even more vulnerable, and silly for having forgotten, even for a moment. "I'm going to count to three. One..."

"Wait!" Sarah pleaded. Her head was spinning, unable to full process the speed with which the tables had turned on her, or the extent or thoroughness of it. There was no real bright side, but the darkest part of it, in her mind, was how much of it was her fault, like it or not. She'd started wetting her bed, she hadn't kept it a secret from her mother, she'd let Melody get ahold of her phone, she'd wet herself. As she thought about that, squirming naked in front of Melody, she could almost recall actually having an accident in her cupcake trainers, not quite making it to the bathroom on time. She thought it wasn't true, but she could be positive. She'd done that the day before, in her pink training pants, after stubbornly refusing to stop chatting online in time, but that didn't mean the same thing couldn't have happened today, too.


"No, please! Don't put me in a diaper! I'm sorry, I'm not going to have another accident, I swear!"

Melody stopped counting. "That sounds familiar, doesn't it? Hmm... Let's think... Where have you heard something like that before?"

"I-I don't know," Sarah stammered.

"Don't just answer, think about it. Think back. Doesn't that sound an awful lot like what I used to say to you? And what did you tell me?" Sarah glanced down at her feet bashfully. "What did you say?!"

"I... I said... You're acting like a baby, wetting your bed every night, making all that work for your mom. I said if you wanted to act like a baby, then... Then I'd treat you like a baby." It had made such perfect sense to her then, but now, with the shoe on the other foot, she had to admit it sounded harsh. She'd been so sure that, with a girl Melody's age, the bedwetting couldn't be a real problem, that she was just doing it for attention. But now that she was suffering from it herself, she knew that wasn't necessarily true.

"Yes, you did," Melody agreed. "And that was just for wetting at night. Can you imagine what you would have done if I'd had an accident in the daytime, like you did?"

"I'm sorry!" Sarah sniffled. "I was just..."

"I know. You were just a scared, timid little girl who had never had any real authority or power before, and when you finally got some over someone smaller and weaker than you, you took full advantage of it, didn't you?"

"No! I was trying to help you!"

Melody scoffed. "Well, now I'm going to help you. Two and a half."

Sarah blinked, thrown off by the last part before remembering what they'd been doing before their little conversation. "But..." Melody started to raise Sarah's phone, starting to scroll through her contacts to find her mother. "Wait!" Sarah dashed for her closet, throwing open the door. She grabbed her package of Goodnites and turned around, holding it to her chest. "I'll wear these, okay? And I'll do whatever you want!"

Melody shook her head. "Your mommy said specifically that you weren't allowed to wear those. Three." She hit the call button, turning the phone around so Sarah could see the dialing screen, complete with her mother's picture.

"No!" Sarah went back into her closet, frantically snatching up the diapers. They slipped out of her fumbling hands, and her heart skipped a beat as she grabbed for them again. "Hold on, hold on!" she yelled to Melody.

"It went straight to voicemail," Melody said. "What kind of message should I leave her? Should I just say you've been bad, or do you want me to go into detail?"

"Here!" Sarah spun around, accidently losing her hold on the package of diapers again. They flew out of her hand and across the room, spilling diapers onto the floor the whole way.

Melody tapped the button to end the call, satisfied. "Good girl. Now, I'm betting your mommy gets you baby powder, too, so you don't get a rash. Bring me that, too."

By that point, there was no use resisting, especially something like that. "Okay," she sighed, going back to her closet and getting the bottle of powder.

"No, bring it to me," Melody said when Sarah simply stood at the closet with it. "And grab one of those diapers on the way, too. I'll even let you choose! Whichever you like!"

They were all the same, of course, all white plastic on the inside, thick peach padding on the inside, but Sarah still felt like she was picking her method of execution as she slowly trudged across her room to Melody, looking at each of the scattered diapers in turn. She was hoping that somehow one would stick out as defective, as significantly thinner than the rest, but, of course, none did, and she finally had to bend down and pick up the last one so she didn't take that last step toward Melody empty-handed.

"Good girl!" Melody cooed, staring down at the girl with a grin. "That looks like a great choice! See, what did I tell you? Dress-up is lots of fun, isn't it?"


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