Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Brat in the Hat - Part 3

Part 3 - Some Good Games We Could Play

Sarah leaned back into the couch, letting herself calm down a little. She glanced over at the TV, only then noticing that it was tuned to what she could only assume was a kid's show, as it had some kind of puppets, and some girl in a short pink dress dancing around. "Is this what you want to watch?" she asked, confused.

"There isn't really anything else on," Melody shrugged. "It isn't that bad. I thought we could play a game or something after a bit, but I'm kind of thirsty right now."

"I'll go get you something!" Sarah offered, starting to stand up, only for Melody to push her back down.

"I'm not a kid anymore, I can pour my own juice," Melody told her. "Besides, we're celebrating your late birthday. Do you want me to get you something?"

"You don't have to, but... Sure." Sarah smiled as she watched Melody go. This must be what it felt like to be a big sister, she thought. She'd never experienced it herself. For a moment, she thought that Melody hadn't either, that maybe the two of them could bond over being only children. Then she wondered why they hadn't before, and recalled that Melody actually had a big sister. Sarah hadn't met her, since she'd been at college herself while she'd been babysitting Melody. Sarah wasn't sure how old the sister was - had she graduated by now? Maybe she'd moved out permanently. Maybe that was what this visit was about. Sarah felt a little bad, knowing she would be leaving Melody at the end of the summer, too, but until then, she didn't mind filling the role of big sister. It would certainly be a nice change from feeling like a toddler as she spent her nights in diapers.

She began to chew on her bottom lip as she thought about that, looking down at her phone. She didn't really have any reason to doubt Melody, but even so, she couldn't help but wonder if Melody had been telling the truth about the text she'd seen. The more she pondered it, the more she realized it was a little too convenient. She'd heard the text tone, and it had happened right after her conversation with her mother, while her mom was still in the driveway, certainly capable of sending a reply. It was possible she'd gotten a text from somebody else right then... But it wasn't the most likely scenario.

Then again, why would Melody have made up that story? Curiously, she woke up the phone and went into her text messages. There was nothing newer than the conversation with her mom, and when she went into it - blushing as she read them again - there wasn't anything after her own "Fine." Of course, Melody had said she'd deleted the message. It was harder to delete a message from a conversation without wiping out the whole thing, however, and she hadn't had that much time to mess around with the phone.

She was feeling more confident that she was being paranoid, but not enough that she didn't jump as Melody bent over the back of the couch again, holding a glass out. Sarah jumped, fumbling with her phone as she realized the conversation with her mom was still on screen, trying to turn it off, but instead tossing it across the room.

"I'm so sorry! God, I keep scaring you!" Melody scurried around the couch, setting the cups down on the coffee table and heading for the phone.

"I'll get it!" Sarah squeaked, getting up as well, mentally screaming, 'No, no, no!' But Melody was too far ahead of her, and by the time Sarah got to her feet, Melody was already bending down to pick it up. Her mental chant switched to, 'Don't look, don't look!' as she rushed to Melody's side, just as the girl started to flip the phone over from where it had landed face down.

Melody looked slightly offended as Sarah grabbed the phone away from her. "I would have brought it to you."

"No, it's fine!" Sarah said quickly.

Melody's face fell a little. "You're mad, aren't you? I said I was sorry..."

Sarah started to feel bad. "No, I promise, I'm not... You just surprised me, that's all. You're so quiet... Like a... a cat." She reached out, flipping the earred hood of Melody's shirt up a little, trying to sound jovial. "It's okay, it really is."

Melody said, "Okay," much quicker than Sarah expected, almost making her wonder if Melody had been pretending all along, having to remind herself that the girl was a bit older and more mature than she had been last time Sarah had seen her, so things like this probably didn't bother her as much as they would have before. They went back to the couch, Sarah inconspicuously deleting the incriminating conversation before putting the phone in her pocket. She'd never felt happier to hit 'Yes', she was sure she wanted to trash it, taking great joy in watching it vanish.

"Thanks for the juice," Sarah said, sitting back down and picking up the glass on her side of the table. She'd actually been expecting soda, but since she hadn't specified what she wanted, she couldn't complain. She got another surprise, however, when she took a drink. It didn't taste bad, but it wasn't quite what she'd thought she was going to taste.

Melody giggled at the look on Sarah's face. "Sorry, maybe I should have warned you. I found some apple cider in the fridge, and I thought that sounded better than juice. Don't you like it?"

"No, it's fine. I just... wasn't expecting it." Indeed, when she took another sip, knowing what she was drinking, it tasted normal. Mostly. There was still a bit of an odd tinge of something else, unless her taste buds still hadn't readjusted fully. By the next sip, she barely noticed it, and, before she knew it, she'd drained the glass, and Melody was running off to refill it despite Sarah telling her she didn't have to. She had to admit she didn't really mind, however, and by the time she finished the second cup, she was feeling pretty good, even finding herself giggling slightly at the TV show as a new episode started. She barely even noticed Melody watching her closely, as if trying to assess her somehow.

"Do you want some more?" she asked after a minute.

"Sure!" Sarah nodded. She normally didn't even like cider that much, but something about this was different, made her feel warm inside. When she got the next cup, however, she wrinkled her nose as she got another surprise, getting a mouthful of just plain apple juice.

"There was only like half a cup of cider left," Melody said apologetically. "I wasn't too thirsty, so I took it. Hope you don't mind."

"It's all right." Sarah tried not to sound too mournful, not wanting to make Melody feel bad. She really wasn't feeling all that thirsty anymore, but she drank it all anyway, as Melody kept looking over at her, like she was checking to see if it really had been okay for her to take the cider.

As the second episode of the show ended, Melody grabbed the remote and switched off the television. "Come on!" she bounced to her feet, gesturing for Sarah to follow. "We don't want to just sit around and watch TV all day! Let's play!"

"What do you want to play?" Sarah asked. She wouldn't have minded just sitting there, but if Melody wanted to play, she supposed they'd better.

"Hmm... How about... Hide and seek? I'll hide first!" Before Sarah could even agree, the girl was off, leaving her little choice but to close her eyes and play along.

"One..." she started to count. "Two..." She kept going, thinking back to the times she'd played this game at Melody's house. Apparently Melody still thought about that, too, which was sweet. Even so, Sarah began to worry as she kept counting that Melody might decide to hide in her room. There wasn't anything embarrassing in plain view - she didn't think, anyway - but what if she looked in the closet? The package of diapers her mom had bought for her was in there, and as if that wasn't bad enough, there were some missing. And if she went into the bathroom, and, for some reason, opened the cabinet under the sink, she'd find those missing diapers in the trash can there. What was she thinking, letting Melody run around free in her house?!

When she heard the first thump, it was almost a relief, as it sounded like it was coming from the direction of the kitchen, not her room. As she kept hearing noises, however, moving around the house, she started feeling more nervous. What the heck was that girl doing?!

It didn't bother her too much, actually, as it was a bit nostalgic - Melody hadn't been the most coordinated kid, which made playing this game with her fairly easy. She didn't remember her being this loud, and it seemed especially strange given how quiet she'd been that day. After a particularly long series of bumps and thumps, Sarah called, "Be careful!"

"You're counting too fast!" Melody's voice came back. "Go slower!" When Sarah started counting again, Melody interrupted her with, "No, start over! Go to 100!"

"Do you really need that much time?" Sarah asked, starting to feel slightly annoyed despite herself.

"I've never been here before!" Melody complained, and Sarah had to admit that was true, and a fair argument.

"One..." she started again, taking her time. Her bladder was starting to feel full again after all she'd had to drink, but it didn't seem too bad as she started counting. But with little to distract her from the feeling but the slow, monotonous task of counting, by the time she reached 50, she was starting to wriggle on the couch, speeding up her counting. She half expected Melody to complain she was going too fast, but there was no sound at all from her, thank goodness. Sarah kept going faster and faster - she knew she could have just skipped to the end, but if Melody could hear her, she didn't want to be accused of cheating.

At last, she got to, "100!" and hopped to her feet. Immediately, her head began to spin, and she very nearly had to sit back down. "Whoa..." she shook her head, feeling a little dizzy. After a moment, it went away, and she started to look around, heading for the kitchen, sure she'd heard Melody there. She let out a gasp as she saw the room, stumbling back a little. It was a wreck. Cabinets were open, boxes and cans of various things were strewn across the counter and floor, the trash can was tipped over.

"Melody!" she called unhappily. There was no answer. It didn't take long for her to search the room, since the pantry door was open, too, the inside a mess, and there weren't many other places big enough to hide. She made her way into the dining room, and found it just as wrecked, and just as empty of Melody. "Melody!" she cried again, starting to get angry. "What did you do here?!" There was no answer. "Melody, I'm not joking! This isn't funny!"

Again, nothing, so, frustrated, Sarah went back to the kitchen and opened the door to the basement. She looked down the steps, trying to decide whether it was worth it to go down there or not. "Melody, come on out!" After a few seconds, she sighed and started down the steps, not really in the mood to play anymore. It was going to take her forever to get things cleaned back up. What had Melody been thinking?

The basement was already something of a mess, so if Melody had been through, Sarah couldn't tell. She quickly checked around the bigger piles of junk and behind the shelves, but Melody was nowhere to be found. She began to yell for the girl again, then stopped herself. Maybe she was staying away because she was scared. Sarah couldn't say she wasn't mad, or that Melody wasn't old enough to know better, but maybe she'd just been excited to see Sarah, and wanted to find a good hiding place to impress her.

She went back upstairs, nearly stumbling over her own feet and falling up them on the way, and looked around the kitchen one more time. Had all this been a trick to make Sarah think she was hiding here when really she was back in the bedrooms? Sarah began to worry anew about what Melody could have found if she'd gone into her room. She left the kitchen, starting to head for the bedroom hallway, only to stop suddenly at the sight of Melody sitting on the sofa. As Sarah got closer, she could see that the magazines and remotes usually piled on the coffee table were now on the floor, as if they'd been swept off.

"I'm safe," Melody bragged. "I made it back to the base."

"We never discussed having a base," Sarah told her before remembering there was something more pressing at hand. "What in the world were you thinking? The kitchen is a mess!"

"I was just looking for hiding spots," Melody shrugged nonchalantly. She followed Sarah's pointed gaze down to the mess around the coffee table, and smiled sheepishly. "I thought I heard you chasing me and kind of dived for the couch and missed."

"Are you okay?" Sarah wasn't quite sure Melody's story made sense, but she couldn't imagine any other reason she'd have done it.

"Oh, yeah, fine. Anyway, don't worry about the mess, I'll help you clean it up once your turn is up."

Sarah sighed. "I don't need a turn."

"Yes, you do! Hiding's way more fun! Come on, just one time!" Melody shooed her away with her hands, then, when she didn't move, she closed her eyes and started to count, slowly and pointedly.

"Fine, one time!" Sarah gave in. She was starting to remember the annoying side of being a babysitter now. She tried to think of a subtle way to tell Melody she wasn't hiding in her room, so she shouldn't go looking there, but nothing came to mind, so eventually she just made sure to walk extra hard as she went back to the kitchen. She didn't really want to game to go on too long, but she didn't want to make it too easy, either. She wondered if Melody's memory was good enough to remember what she'd left open, and what she'd closed - the pantry was a tempting choice for a hiding spot, but she thought Melody was sure to notice the door was shut, which gave her the idea to go ahead and close it.

The cabinets, on the other hand, seemed to have been targeted at random, and she knew some of the stuff on the floor was from ones that she didn't see open. One side of the double doors going to the cabinet under the sink was open, and Melody had cleared it out, likely thinking about it as a hiding spot for herself, only to find that it was probably a little too small for her. For Sarah, though, it was just the right size. After a little deliberation, she climbed inside, shutting the door most of the way behind her, leaving it open just enough to let a sliver of light in.

In the dark, by herself, listening to Melody counting, quite loud and almost unbearably slow, she began to feel the pressure building in her bladder again. While she'd been looking for Melody, she'd been able to ignore it well enough, but now that was much harder. She wondered if she had time to run to the bathroom and back before Melody finished counting, but decided not to risk it, in case she did the same thing Sarah had and start speeding up towards the end.

She didn't. If anything, she went slower, though Sarah suspected that was her imagination and desperation playing tricks on her. She had less room to squirm here than she had on the couch, which made it even harder to contain herself. She was thrilled to hear the count finally end, but it wasn't over yet. Melody still had to find her. Sarah hoped that would happen quickly, and the sound of footsteps approaching the kitchen straight away made it seem likely. Despite wanting to game to be over, she still felt a rush of excitement and even slight fear as those footsteps drew closer. She wanted it to be over, sure, but it would still be a little embarrassing to be found right away.

Melody stopped right in front of the sink and stood there for what felt like ten minutes. Sarah tried to peek out at her and see what she was doing, but the door wasn't open enough. She fully expected the girl to throw open the doors at any moment and declare her caught, but instead, Melody began to walk away, heading towards the pantry first, and then back across the room towards the dining room. Sarah considered making a dash for the living room, but getting herself out from under the sink would take her a little time, and she had a feeling she'd get caught before she made it.

Melody came back into the kitchen and walked around some more. As Sarah's bladder began begging more and more loudly for relief, she began to make more noise under there - partially hoping to be found, which is what she told herself she was doing, but mostly just from her wiggling around. Melody passed by the sink a few times, every time giving Sarah hope that the game was over, but each time she kept going.

"Is she deaf?" Sarah hissed under her breath as she pressed a hand to the crotch of her shorts, bouncing desperately in her tiny little hiding spot. Apparently, she was, as she walked back out of the kitchen a few seconds later. "Damn it..."

She was probably heading for the rest of the house now, which was bad for several reasons. First, of course, because it could mean finding things in Sarah's room, but also because it would likely take her a while to get back to the kitchen, and Sarah didn't think she could wait that long. In fact, she knew she couldn't, a fact that became apparent as she felt a small, but still quite embarrassing, spurt of urine escape into her panties.

She couldn't wait for Melody. She had to end this game now. She pushed open the cabinet door and crawled out, stumbling to her feet and blinking at the bright lights. She couldn't hear Melody anymore, which she took as a sign that the girl was down the hall, far enough away that she'd be able to reach the couch, call out that she was safe, then run to the bathroom. She could hold it that long, surely. Just a couple more minutes, and she'd be home free.

She tried to go slow, to keep from attracting attention, but she knew she didn't have much time, and the desire not to wet her pants came first. She stepped through the kitchen door, eyeing the couch, ready to speed up even more and get this over with... And she was knocked off her feet.

Melody had attacked from right beside the door, where she'd been waiting, tackling Sarah and dragging her to the carpeted floor. Sarah gasped, then felt another stream of pee release, leaving her shivering on the verge of a full-on accident. She didn't dare look down at her shorts, but she had a bad feeling there was a bit of a wet spot there. It wouldn't take much, Sarah knew, and it would all be over.

 "Gotcha!" Melody exclaimed happily, staring down at Sarah pinned beneath her on the floor. "And as your penalty for losing, I think you should have to face... The tickle monster!"


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