Friday, September 28, 2012

The Brat in the Hat - Part 8

Part 8 - I Do Not Like It, Not One Little Bit

"Excuse me?" Melody put her hands on her hips, glaring down at the increasingly nervous Sarah. "You're really going that stand there in your diaper, which I put you in - that you begged me to put you in, as my little recording verifies - after you wet yourself in front of me, and tell me you aren't a baby?"

"No, I'm not!" Sarah did her best to match Melody's tone of authority, digging back into her history of babysitting, but it was that very past, not to mention her attire, that made it difficult. "I'm older than you, Melody, as you well know, and this is my house. You have no right to be here if I don't want you here, and if you're going to act like this, then I want you to leave! You've been nothing but a monster since you walked in that door!"

Frustratingly, Melody ignored most of that speech, despite how difficult it had been for Sarah to find the courage to make it. "You really want me to think you aren't a baby? Would you care to explain WHY you had those diapers, then? And don't tell me they aren't yours. They were in your closet, along with Goodnites. There were used ones in the bathroom by your bedroom. Your mother sent you a text that seemed to think it was very likely that you'd had an accident. You called me, and treated me like, a baby on a daily basis just for wetting my bed, and it sure seems like you do a lot more than that. And you expect me to treat you like an adult? Or even like you're anywhere close to my age? You, little missy, are a baby, and you don't deserve to be treated like anything other than a baby."

Sarah stared icily at Melody, wishing she could legitimately refute any of the teenager's arguments, and feeling even more annoyed that she couldn't. "Well... Well, fuck you! Who asked you to get involved? I..." Sarah cut herself off with a yelp as Melody grabbed her by the ear, dragging her out of the kitchen. "Stop it!" she whined. "Let me go, you little bitch! This is my house, you can't..!" She stopped again, this time by Melody letting go of her, and grabbing a bar of soap instead. "Don't you dare!"

Melody shoved her against the wall, holding her in place with one hand as the other shoved the bar of soap into her protesting mouth. Sarah managed an unhappy, shocked, "Mmph!" before Melody started pushing the bar in and out of her mouth, working it around, filling her pouting mouth with suds.

"You were going to get this anyway for being such a brat and telling me no," Melody told her. "But after that little outburst, you're going into time-out, too, young lady!" Sarah mumbled, her tongue already starting to burn slightly, bubbly saliva starting to drip from the corners of her mouth onto her bare chest. "Your mouth is going to be squeaky clean after this, isn't it? Nothing even resembling a curse word. And no more saying no to your babysitter, right? Right?!"

Sarah nodded, sniffling. "Pwease, stop!" she managed to blurt out around the still thrusting soap. Even after everything else that day, it was almost impossible for her to accept the fact that she was being given such a childish punishment. "I be good giwl!"

Melody gave the soap a couple more good twists, then stopped, leaving the bar between Sarah's teeth. She pulled Sarah away from the wall and pushed her toward the door with a firm smack on the back of her diaper, leading her that way to her mother's room, and the corner there. "You keep your nose there," Melody ordered, "and that soap in your mouth. Since you're being a naughty girl, you don't get to play makeover. But I'm going to do it myself, and watching you in the mirror, so if you move one inch, you'll be sorry. Understand?"

Sarah nodded forlornly. Melody gave her one final thwack across her padded backside, then walked away, leaving her alone with her thoughts. This was ridiculous, but what could Sarah do? She wasn't sure if Melody was bluffing about further punishment or not, but she was starting to doubt it. She seemed all too happy to continue treating Sarah like some errant child.

As Sarah stood there, squirming, mouth sore and tingling, she could hear Melody rummaging through the make-up on her mother's vanity, not sounding like she was concerned with being careful at all. She could hear things bumping and falling over as the girl worked, appraising each with, "Not bad," or, "This is awful! Why would she have this?" It certainly didn't sound like she was paying attention to anything other than wreaking more havoc.

Sarah started to turn her head to verify that, but stopped, afraid she'd find Melody staring straight at her. Instead, she started moving her hand up slowly, inching its way toward the bar of soap sticking out from it. She paused every few seconds, waiting for the inevitable clearing of the throat that would tell her to stop it, but it never came. She had to fight a sigh of relief as she took the soap out, though she quickly realized that didn't solve her problems. Her mouth was still full of suds that she didn't want to swallow, but had nothing else she could do with, and she had nowhere to put the soap, meaning she'd have to keep holding it in front of herself, unless she wanted to risk Melody taking a quick peek at her and seeing her hand at her side, still clutching it. But, holding it like that would probably make her suspicious, and she'd come to check things out.

She wrinkled her nose, wanting to whine and stomp her feet at the injustice of it, but forcing herself to keep still. The moment of relief had been nice, but the risk of extending it too long was too great, so she had to open her mouth back up and slide the soap back in, gingerly biting down just enough to ensure it wouldn't slide out. Her mouth was really starting to sting now, and she couldn't help wondering if Melody had used the wrong kind of soap, if she was getting poisoned, or killing off her taste buds, by doing this. She knew it sounded silly, but she had no idea what ingesting soap - or keeping it in her mouth for extended periods of time - could do!

"Mewody, pwease, can I take dis out now? I'ww stay in cownew!"

"No. Be quiet, you're being punished."

Sarah whimpered. "But it huwts!"

"Then you should stop talking so I don't extend your punishment." Melody then ignored her muffled whining and went back to whatever she was doing.

Sarah fidgeted, tears starting to come to her eyes yet again. This wasn't fair! She'd never done this to Melody! Of course, Melody had been a relatively well-behaved kid, and had certainly never swore, at least in Sarah's earshot, but even if she had, Sarah was pretty sure she'd never have made her go through this. Sure, she'd had some other things she'd done, but not this. In fact, Sarah was sure Melody was blowing the whole thing way out of proportion, that she'd already gotten more than enough revenge for Sarah's transgressions. Of course, she couldn't tell her so right then, nor did she think that the girl would be open to hearing that once this punishment was over.

But still, what had Sarah really done that was this bad? Making her go outside was probably the worst, and she hadn't even made her go all the way to the playground. After that, it was mostly just diapering her, and making her pee in them. That was mostly it. Was that really worth all of this?

She was still sulking over that when Melody came over and turned her around, extracting the soap. "Oh, you look grumpy!" she observed. "It's a good thing you're going down for your nap now!" Sarah started to open her mouth, to tell Melody that she just needed to get over what Sarah, in her misguided youth, had done to her. "Sarah, I still have the soap right here. I can tell you're not in a good mood, but if you say one thing to me I don't like, I will put it right back into your mouth and march you to the living room, and you can stay there until your mommy gets home. Is that how you want to greet her?" Sarah shook her head with a pout, unhappy at being so easily seen through, and dismissed. "Now, let's see if you need a change now."

Sarah stood by, not having the strength to object to another embarrassing check, knowing it would happen either way. "Look at you!" Melody exclaimed at finding her still dry and clean. "You'll be into Pull-Ups in no time at all!"

She led Sarah back out of her mother's room, past the vanity, which was in even worse shape than Sarah had feared. All the bottle and tubes were strewn around, like she'd heard, some of them open and spilling out their contents, but the mirror was a mess, too, covered in streaks of various colored lipsticks and eyeliners. It sent a bolt of anger through her, only to be quickly quenched by Melody calmly mentioning, "By the way, I saw you take the soap out. Your punishment for that is coming later." That was enough to remind her of her new status, and she quietly toddled her way to the bathroom, where Melody helped her rinse out her mouth, then dried her torso off with her towel. "What a messy baby you are!" she observed, moving the towel up to Sarah's chin. "Does your mommy put you in a bib when she feeds you?"

Sarah didn't rise to the bait, suddenly worn out by the whole thing. She was outmatched, overpowered. She trudged to her bedroom, still smelling strongly of baby powder, diapers still covering the floor, and let herself get tucked in. Melody took the bow out of her hair and put it back in the box before picking the whole box up and heading out of the room, shutting the door behind her, leaving Sarah alone in the darkness.

Sarah hadn't planned on sleeping - she hadn't taken a nap in years - but rather to stay up and use her privacy to think of a way out of this mess, to get the upper hand on Melody and at least make her leave. If she could do a little more, she couldn't say that she would mind. She'd love to have the girl clean up the house, since she was the one who'd wrecked it, and she had to admit that she'd feel a certain sense of satisfaction, watching her do it while in a diaper. But that was a long shot, she knew.

But as she laid there, room mostly black around her, the cloudy day keeping all but the smallest bit of light from sneaking in around her heavy curtains, she felt herself yawn, her eyelids growing heavy. It was probably just because it was dark, she thought, though it had been a long day so far. If she just closed her eyes for a minute, maybe that would help her concentrate, and maybe get rid of the fogginess that had plagued her mind most of the day. She would just take a quick little nap, and then it would be time to get to work...

Her eyes snapped open. She couldn't let herself fall asleep! What if she wet herself? She couldn't imagine what Melody would say when she checked her after the nap - like she had no doubt the girl would do - and found that. She might try to claim she'd had to, that she'd been awake and fully conscious when it happened, but that was only barely a better option, and she wasn't sure Melody wouldn't see through it. She had a feeling Melody suspected she was a bedwetter, but she didn't want to confirm it for her.

No, she was going to have to stay awake. She reached upward, towards her light switch, trying to flip it on, even though she knew she couldn't reach it lying like she was. With a groan, she rolled over onto her stomach, inching toward the edge of her mattress, fingers brushing up and down on the wall, searching. She could have stood up, but she was feeling too tired for that now. If she could just get the light on, it would help wake her up, and then she'd be all right. That's all she had to do. Her fingertip tapped against the edge of the wall plate, then slowly slid down the wall, flopping down to the side of the bed as she collapsed, fast asleep.


  1. Awww... sleepytime comes fast for babies in their nappytimes! :)

  2. Keep the hits coming. Another great chapter. Mommy is coming home soon and I can't wait. Thanks PPP

  3. Being such a naughty girl certainly is exhausting! I hope she's in a better mood after a nice long nap