Monday, September 24, 2012

The Brat in the Hat - Part 4

Part 4 - A Lot of Good Tricks, I Will Show Them to You

"No!" Sarah blurted out, trying desperately to get free. "Melody, don't you dare! I'm not kidding!"

"You lost!" Melody reminded her, sitting down her Sarah's legs to trap her there as she wriggled her fingers right above Sarah's stomach. "Both rounds... You didn't find me, and I did find you. So, you have to take your punishment." She reached down just slightly, flipping up the bottom of Sarah's tank top to expose a few inches of her tummy.

"Melody, this isn't funny!"

"Then why are you laughing?" Melody teased before giving Sarah's stomach a quick tickle, striking fast but hard and then withdrawing, fingers still wiggling menacingly. Despite herself, Sarah did find herself letting out a series of loud laughs... And something else.

She gasped between chuckles, squeezing her legs together, trying to staunch the flow, to keep her panties from growing wetter and wetter and she fidgeted beneath Melody, hardly able to believe what was happening. To her great surprise, she managed once again to get her bladder back under control, but it felt like even more of a temporary measure than it had the last time. She was aghast at the idea that she'd wet herself at all, but doing it so close to Melody, a girl whose diapers she'd changed, just made it all the worse. "Melody, get off me!" she whimpered, reaching up to try to push the girl away.

Almost before Sarah could realize what was happening, Melody had grabbed her wrists and pushed them back to the floor, pinning them down, making her bend forward so her face was hovering above Sarah's, grinning menacingly. "Why should I?" she asked in a low voice. "Can you make me?"

"M-Melody..." Sarah's eyes widened slightly as she stared up at Melody, for the first time feeling genuinely scared. It was true, she had no hope of overpowering the girl, as her futile struggles proved, only making her feel weaker once she gave up. She was sure this was just a joke - or at least she hoped so - but it was still unnerving to be shown how powerless she was. Even if it was in jest, being made helpless still made her feel... well, helpless. "P-Please... Please let me up..."

She had to wonder if this was what Melody had felt like, back when she'd been babysitting. She'd certainly never done anything like this to her, but it was bound to be a similar feeling, knowing that Sarah had complete authority over her. Sarah had likely felt the same, back when she was babysat as a kid, but she'd forgotten what it felt like to be completely at the mercy of some teenager who, unless they were an older sibling, probably was having their first real taste of authority.

"Oh, all right," Melody finally gave in, letting go of Sarah's wrists and sitting back up before getting to her feet. Sarah's hands shot to her crotch, trying to hide the wet spot she was sure was there before Melody could look down at her, but she wasn't fast enough. "Oh. My. God. Did you..?" She bent back down, pushing Sarah's hands away, then grabbing them and using them to help pull Sarah to her feet to get a better view. "I knew you were dressed like a four year old, but I didn't think you'd pee yourself like one!"

Sarah blushed, as much for having her clothing insulted as for her accident being exposed. "I wasn't expecting company!" she said defensively, before self-consciously adding, "They're not that bad, are they?" A moment later, she recalled what was really important and reminded Melody, "And I told you not to tickle me!"

"I didn't realize it was such a delicate situation. I assumed you were potty trained. You know, considering all that fuss you made over making sure I was. And I never had daytime accidents!"

"You did, t..." Sarah started to correct her, only to stop herself, unsure. Her head was feeling fuzzy, making her memory a little uncertain. She knew she'd had Melody wear diapers in the day sometimes, and she could recall the girl coming up to her and asking for a change, but she also remembered her asking for permission to use the bathroom and telling her no, that if she was going to be a bed-wetting baby, she should get used to wearing, and using, her diapers. What she wasn't positive of was how those pieces all fell together, whether every case of a wet diaper had been preceded by Melody begging her for the potty. She was pretty sure that she hadn't seen the girl in wet panties, however - just diapers - which made the fact she was standing in front of her in just that all the more embarrassing.

"I was just trying to help!" Sarah babbled, squirming more and more in a frantic potty dance, like the one her mother had thought she was doing while waiting for her to leave. "Your mom was getting frustrated, and I just wanted to show you how you were acting, and I... I was just trying to help."

"Well, I don't wet the bed anymore," Melody said, as she reached out, putting a hand on Sarah's shoulder. "And now, it looks like you need my help."

"Th-That's okay, I don't..." Sarah gasped in shock as she realized she'd finally waited too long. It didn't take long for her already wet panties to give way, letting the damp spot on her shorts blossom quickly outward before it just began to run down the humiliated girl's legs while she stood there, staring down at herself in horror. "No..." she whimpered. "No, no, no!" How could this be happening?!

"Are you really going to tell me you don't need my help now?" Melody asked.

Sarah looked up sheepishly, cheeks flushing as she met Melody's gaze. "But I... I... " she stammered, finding it quite hard to think of something to say as she stood there, quite clearly soaked.

"It's okay," Melody said gently, putting her arm around Sarah's shoulder. "This gives us a chance to play another game, anyway. I think it will be even more fun than hide and go seek!"

"What game?" Sarah couldn't help being a bit curious, despite her situation.

"It's a surprise!" Melody told her, starting to guide her through the house. "But first, we'd better get you cleaned up." Melody led Sarah to the bathroom, where she had the girl stand by while, awkwardly watching in her wet pants as Melody filled the bathtub. "I bet some bubbles would make you feel better!" Melody exclaimed after a minute, turning for the cabinet under the sink. "Do you have some under here?"

Sarah had enough time to nod absent-mindedly, thinking that did sound good, before coming to her senses and remembering what was in the trash can down there. "No!" she cried, sliding in front of the cabinet. "No!" she said, a little too loudly. "No, we don't have any."

"That's too bad," Melody shrugged, turning back to the tub. Sarah started to move away, only for Melody to spin back around. "Are you sure? Sometimes you just forget. It never hurts to check!" Sarah wasn't able to move fast enough that time, running into the door with her knee as Melody opened it. "Are you okay?" Melody asked, peeking up from behind the door. When Sarah nodded automatically, Melody immediately began digging around under the sink, to Sarah's dismay.

"We don't have any!" she repeated. "There's no need to look, I know!" She fidgeted, full of anxious energy, her stomach twisting up inside her knowing Melody was only inches away from her used diapers, that it would be exceedingly simple for her to look over there and notice them, and lose any respect she might still have for Sarah. "Melody, stop, please! I... I really did hurt my knee."

That finally stopped Melody's search, making her pop her head up again. "Aww, I'm sorry. I'd kiss it and make it better, but your legs are all covered in pee-pee." Sarah's face turned bright red. She was pretty sure she'd never felt so belittled in her life. She felt angry at Melody for saying it, especially using those words, as if she were talking to a toddler, but it was hard to make that last long, knowing that ultimately it was her own fault she'd ended up in this position.

Luckily, however, Melody didn't continue her search, just closing the doors instead. "I guess you're right," she said. "Oh well. Let's get you undressed."

"What?" Sarah squeaked.

"You can't take a bath with your clothes on, can you, silly?" Melody teased. "Now lift your arms."

"I can undress myself," Sarah told her, crossing her arms.

"I'm sure you can, but you aren't right now. Raise your arms." When Sarah didn't comply, Melody decided to start somewhere else, tugging down the girl's shorts. Sarah reached down for them, a second too late. They were already around her ankles, leaving her drenched panties on full display. "Look at how cute!" Melody cooed, tracing the black lace on the waistband with her finger, following it over one of the two stripes it formed down the front of the panties, down to the tiny black bow at the bottom. "These are just adorable! It's too bad you clearly aren't ready for them, huh?"

Sarah's cheeks flushed again, and in her flustered state, it was simple for Melody to pry her hands away from her panties, then tug them down. She gathered up the hem of the tank top next, pulling it up, forcing Sarah's arms to go up with it. Sarah came to her senses and tried to resist partway through, despite realizing there was little point by then, but before she knew it, her shirt was in a pile at her feet, and she was standing in front of Melody, naked. She crossed her arms again, this time a little higher, trying to cover her breasts, but Melody didn't even seem to notice.

"Step out for me," she instructed instead, putting her foot across the center of the shorts and underwear around Sarah's ankles, dragging them over by the shirt when Sarah complied. "I'll take those to your washing machine while you take your bath."

From the way things had been going, Sarah had half-expected Melody to try to wash her, so she was relieved to hear that wouldn't be happening. Melody stepped back over to the tub and turned off the water, then grabbed a washcloth and dipped it in. She ran it down one of Sarah's legs, then up the other, before tossing it down on top of Sarah's clothes. "All right, hop in," she said, taking Sarah's hand to help her into the tub. "You just take your time and relax."

Melody gathered up the wet things from the floor, wrapping them in the tank top as best she could before gingerly picking the whole mess up. It was only then, seeing them being taken away, that Sarah thought to ask, "What am I going to wear when I get out?"

"Don't worry," Melody smiled. "That's what the next game is about! I was going to keep it a surprise, but now it'll give you something to look forward to. But make sure you don't hurry too much getting yourself clean just so you can play dress-up, or we'll have to do it all over again."

With that, Melody left, closing the bathroom door behind her. It was nice to be alone, but as Sarah let herself sink down into the warm water, she couldn't help worrying about what was coming next. Melody had slid quite effortlessly into the role of the babysitter, almost without Sarah realizing it - though her distress over her accident was at least partly to blame for that. Sarah didn't need a babysitter at all, much less one younger than her, who she'd babysat for in the past. She hoped Melody had just been playing around, but she'd been hoping for that a lot lately, it seemed, and each time made it seem less likely.

She started to clean herself up, pondering what she was going to say to Melody once she was done. She still didn't really want to hurt the girl's feelings, but she needed to reestablish that she was older than Melody, and thus she was in charge, and they couldn't play anything until they'd cleaned the house up from the last game. She was still musing over that when she heard a scraping sound from somewhere outside the bathroom, like a chair being dragged. It stopped quickly, but another moment or two later, she could hear something happening outside the door.

"I'm not done yet!" she yelled, hopping up, nearly falling back down, then grabbing for her towel, not wanting to get caught unaware and seen naked again. It was bad enough it had happened once. There was no response. "Melody, what are you doing out there?"

Recalling all too well what had happened the last time the girl was on her own in the house, Sarah couldn't help feeling suspicious. She stepped out of the tub carefully, wrapping the towel around herself and edging towards the door. "Melody, can you do me a favor and start cleaning up the kitchen while I'm taking my bath?"

No answer again. Was Melody headed for her room? The thought of her loose in there still scared Sarah, maybe even more now. She wasn't sure what to say that wouldn't make the girl even more likely to investigate, if she wasn't already, so she tried to open the door, to stick her head out and see if she was in there already. When she tried to push the door open, however, it wouldn't budge. She tried again, putting her shoulder into it, but the door was still shut tight.

Furrowing her eyebrows, she looked down at the doorknob, making sure it wasn't locked, then trying one more time. "Melody, what's going on?!" She pressed her ear to the door, listening for anything, any sign that she might have been heard, but, as far as she could tell, the rest of the house was silent. "Are you okay?"

Finally, she gave up, going back to the tub, hoping nothing bad had happened. There were worse places to be trapped than in the bathroom - at least she wouldn't have to worry about any more accidents - but she hated to think of her mother finding her stuck there, naked, with most of the rest of the house a total mess. That would be hard to explain, to say the least.

As she washed herself, she stopped every few minutes to call for Melody again, figuring that, if she wasn't hurt and still in the house, she'd eventually get worn down and answer. When that didn't happen before she got done with her bath, Sarah started to get worried. She stayed in the water for a little longer, trying to keep calm, but it started to get cold, and still there was nothing. Sarah got out of the tub, draining it and starting to dry herself off, pacing slightly around the bathroom. What could have happened? Had Melody slipped on something and hit her head? Had she decided to have a snack and choked?

"Melody, answer me!" she demanded, knocking on the bathroom door loudly with one hand as she continued drying herself with the other. "This isn't funny! Are you okay?!"

Suddenly, the door opened. Sarah tried to cover herself with the towel again, not having expected so prompt a response, but Melody just smirked at her from the doorway. Behind her, Sarah could see a chair, but it took her a moment to piece together that it was likely the chair that had been keeping her trapped in the bathroom, and by then Melody was already inside the room, setting a container on the counter, and talking. "Are you all done?" she asked, grabbing the towel from Sarah and ripping it away, leaving her small, freshly scrubbed body in full view.

"Why didn't you answer me?! I was worried sick! You can't just..." As Sarah protested, Melody took her by the shoulders and turned her around, inspecting her, although by the time Sarah realized that was what was going on, she'd already been taken in a full circle.

"Looks like you did a pretty good job!" Melody praised her, pushing her off to one side so she could spread the towel out on the floor. "Down you go."

"What? No! Melody, I'm trying to talk to you! Did you lock me in here?! You can't do that! What if something had happened to you and I couldn't..." Melody grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down, forcing her onto the towel, then pushing her onto her back. Sarah tried to sit up, indignant at the way she was being treated, and Melody shoved her back down, holding her for a moment or two until she stopped struggling. "Melody, stop it!" Sarah commanded.

Melody spoke as if she hadn't heard a word Sarah had said. "If there's one thing being a bedwetter taught me, though, it's that it can be really hard to get the smell out of your hair... down there." Her eyes traveled down to Sarah's crotch, making the older girl cringe and blush again. "I'm not saying you didn't do your best, but you aren't used to it. Are you?" Sarah's blush deepened and she had to look away, unable to answer. Melody didn't seem to mind. "But I had a system I found out about that took care of that. It's called sugaring, because it makes you smell nice and sweet, instead of like pee. Doesn't that sound better?"

Without waiting for an answer, she reached up, taking the container from the sink and setting it down on the floor.  "It's really simple," she explained, picking up the latex gloves sitting on the lid of the container and slipping them on her hands as she spoke. "It's just sugar and lemon juice and water." She opened the container and reached in, digging some of the substance out with her gloved fingers, rolling it into a ball before starting to spread it on Sarah's groin. "It just sucks that bad smell away like magic."

"Melody, stop," Sarah protested, feeling like she was about to die from embarrassment, to be sitting there, naked, under this girl, having her do this to her. There was nothing sexual in her touch, and Sarah certainly wasn't finding anything attractive about the sticky goo being smeared on her, but just the idea of it was too much for her. "At least let me do it myself..."

Melody swatted her hand away. "You have to spread it a certain way," she said. "I'm almost done, anyway. Just relax." Indeed, a moment or two later, the paste was covering her entire groin, and Melody began smoothing it out meticulously. "It really isn't hard, once you get used to it," she told Sarah. "I could teach you how to do it... But I'm sure you won't really need it. I'm sure this was just a one-time thing."

"Uh-huh," Sarah agreed quickly.

"The best part," Melody continued, running her hand over the paste on more time, "is that it doesn't stick to the skin, just the hair, so you just tug like this..." She pressed on Sarah's skin, right above where the paste stopped, then tugged the paste upwards quickly with her other hand. Sarah let out a squeak of surprise and pain as the paste lifted partly from her skin, taking the hair beneath with it. Ignoring Sarah's protests, Melody kept working, slowly jerking up the mixture she'd just applied, bit by bit, until it was all back up. As Sarah gasped on the floor beneath her, Melody nonchalantly rolled the paste back into a ball, then pulled her gloves off around it, wrapping it up and tossing it into the trash. "And it doesn't hurt quite as much as waxing!" she concluded cheerfully. She took the still damp washcloth from Sarah's bath and wiped her down with it, drying her off with the towel she was laying on before pulling her back to her feet. "Now isn't that better?"

"But... You... But..." Sarah stumbled over her words, so thrown by what had just happened that she couldn't even respond. The pain had helped clear her foggy mind a bit, but staring down at herself and seeing her suddenly bare crotch was disconcerting, especially given everything else that had happened that day to make her feel childish. "How dare..."

"All right!" Melody cut her off brightly. "Now you're all ready to play dress-up!"


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    1. It is! :)

    2. Kyra's right, it is real. I'd actually never heard of it before the day I wrote this chapter. I was looking up depilatory creams to see how long they had to be left on, and happened across something about sugaring. It sounded interesting, and like it would work even better, so I did a little more research and put it in. I have no idea how well it really works, but there are a lot of people online who seem it like it.

    3. Wow so not only do we get a great story but we get to learn new and better ways of hair removel! Can it get any better???