Thursday, August 15, 2013

Free to a Good Home


  1. Ooooh that was really creative :) *hugs and waves and tickles*

  2. Great Cappies!
    I love the third picture - a good way to get the other girl in trouble!!
    It could work on a stepsister, too. > Making her cum in der trainers to see her get punished by mommy and put back in diapers and strict control.

    I hope she finds a nice couple to look after her. Maybe there is a nice, but strict mommy and a mean daddy that likes to prank her - only to see her end over his loving wifes legs ^^

  3. I kinda like the forced orgasms part, too bad she didnt end up in a messy diaper and forced to enjoy that! That would have been just perfect.

  4. nice one. i like it cept that the girl in it looks identical to a girl i love.

  5. why didn't the girl in this capton break her chains somehow and kick the ass of the evil girl?

  6. Great captions, I really enjoyed it :)

  7. Image and caption #3 were may favorite, too. And kudos to you, Princess, for naming the heroine after one of my favorite literary characters: the elusive "Odette" from Marcel Proust's SWANN'S WAY (book one of the epic REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST).

    Sigh. A writer, a diaper lover, AND a literary buff. The world is a wonderful place....

    1. Sorry to disappoint, but I didn't come up with the name - it's the model's.