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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 36

Chapter 36 - Double Trouble

"What on earth are you doing?" Bianca asked as she burst into the bedroom, looking around to find the two Alisas sitting on the floor, looking at one another.

"What is that, Auntie?" Alt-Alisa asked, hopping up and scurrying over to the woman.

"That's not a 'what', dear, it's a 'who'. Her name is actually Alisa, too, isn't that funny? Why don't we call her Ali, though, to make it less confusing? She's smaller, so she deserves a smaller name, don't you think?" Ms. Caldwell smiled down at her two charges, obviously pleased that everything seemed to be working out just as well, if not better, than she'd hoped for.

"But why is she so small?" Alt-Alisa whined. "She jumped out of the dollhouse when I tried to play with it and scared me!"

"Oh, did she?" Bianca raised an eyebrow, reaching down to tug up the girl's skirt, shaking her head as she found a wet spot on the training pants.

Alt-Alisa blushed, squirming as she meekly pulled on her skirt. "Yeah, she did..."

"Didn't you tell me you didn't have accidents anymore? I told you your mommy said you did, but you assured me she was wrong. And now what is this, young lady?" Bianca kept her grip on the skirt, keeping the girl's wet underthings on display.

"But she scared me! It's not my fault!" Alt-Alisa pouted.

"That's hardly an excuse for a big girl like you," Ms. Caldwell sniffed, finally dropping the skirt, letting the girl smooth it back into position. "Getting scared by a tiny little thing like her... Silly girl. She had just been naughty, that's all, and so she deserved a little time out, and I decided that was the best place for her. But I suppose it's time for her to get back to normal size."

Alisa was a little surprised to hear that last part - the first, less so, since it seemed the sort of explanation the woman would come up with. She was still certain that the real reason she had been put there was as a warning, and this re-growth was probably a part of that, demonstrating that Bianca had the power to change peoples' sizes, and so it was best to stay on her good side. "You look awfully cute in your little doll clothes, Ali, but I'm afraid they're going to have to come off." Ms. Caldwell bent down, carefully undressing the tiny girl, putting the dress away in the closet before picking Alisa up and plunking her down in the middle of the floor. "Your diaper is specially made," Bianca explained, "so it will change size with you, but your other clothes won't."

With that, the woman pulled the shrink ray out of her apron, firing it at Alisa. It was just as strange feeling herself grow again as it had been to shrink, but, just as she'd enjoyed getting aged, unshrinking was quite pleasant. It was nice to see the dollhouse transform from something big enough for her to live in to something obviously a toy, even if she still felt strange looking at it, thinking about how easily she'd fit in there, and believed, if only for a minute, that it was the real thing. Unfortunately, her growth seemed to stop short, freezing before she even got as tall as Alt-Alisa.

She held her tongue for a few seconds, hoping there was a second wave of transformation that would come over her if she just did that, but nothing continued to happen as she stood there, only her annoyance growing. "This isn't normal size!" she protested.

"It is now," Bianca informed her.

She knew it was stupid, tempting fate, but Alisa couldn't help herself. "This isn't fair!" she stomped her foot. Clearly Bianca could control what her 'normal size' was at her will, but after everything she'd been through, all that time as someone so tiny, only to finally get into a regular size body, losing it again was devastating. "Change me back!"

"I can't," Bianca told her firmly. "Ali, those diapers of yours are special, you know that. But they're even more special than you realize. You know those shocks you get when you use them without permission? They're not just to try to teach you to hold yourself better - they're actually rewriting your DNA. When I said that was your normal size now, I didn't mean that I stopped the reversal process early, I meant that this is as far as it goes now. My shrink ray can only make you this tall; it isn't a growth ray. I must say, you've lost more height than any of my other test subjects have ever before. You may be the first to shrink yourself down to doll size permanently."

Alisa froze, staring down at her body in fright. Of course, it shouldn't matter that much. With any luck, she'd be out of here before long, and Emily would have this body back. It would serve the girl right to be even smaller than the dwarves she seemed to take so much joy in tormenting. She hadn't escaped yet, however, and there was always the chance that she wouldn't, so she still felt nervous as she thought about what she'd just heard, wondering if the woman was making this up, or if she was telling the truth. It would definitely be a good scare tactic, for both girls - for Ali to keep her working harder not to use her diapers, and for Alisa to keep her fighting to stay out of them in the first place - but that didn't necessarily mean it wasn't true.

"Let's get you two changed," Ms. Caldwell announced, once the news had time to sink in. Alisa was changed first, and, much to her dismay, the butt plug was slipped back into place before her thick diapers were pinned. Alt-Alisa looked increasingly anxious as she watched the ordeal, squirming in her wet trainers, which Alisa had to assume was the whole point.

"All right, young lady, your turn," Bianca turned to Alt-Alisa, beckoning the girl over to her. She hesitated for a moment, but, seeming to decide that she would only get herself in more trouble if she refused, walked over anyway, letting out a tiny yelp as her skirt was yanked off, leaving her training pants fully exposed. "You did quite a number on these," Bianca shook her head, running her hands over the sodden garment, shaking her head. "I don't know if I can trust you in these. I simply will not allow you to leak all over my furniture."

"I won't!" Alt-Alisa promised. "I told you, I just got surprised, I don't usually have accidents! Please, don't make me wear diapers!"

"Hmm..." Bianca considered, looking from Alisa's bulky waist to the other girl's. "I suppose I can give you one more chance, but that's it. After that, I'll have to diaper you, you understand?" Alt-Alisa nodded eagerly, enough to make Ms. Caldwell chuckle. "Oh, don't worry, dear... That plug and the shock I mentioned, I wouldn't do that to my little niece, not unless she was very naughty. Ali here is a very bad girl, that's why she has it. But you aren't, are you? No, I didn't think so. Don't feel bad for Ali, sweetie. She actually likes all this, don't you?"

Alisa blushed, not expecting to be put on the spot like that. Alt-Alisa gave her a look of surprise - that was one of the few things Alisa hadn't shared with her when she'd told her the almost-whole story. Alisa wanted to assure her it wasn't true, but she was afraid of what Bianca would do to her if she did, so she stayed quiet, staring down at her feet.

"Don't worry, you'll see," Ms. Caldwell told Alt-Alisa. "Just wait until she wets herself." Luckily, Bianca seemed to lose interest in Alisa after that, though her words did remind the girl that she had to be mindful of when she used her diaper again, since she was sure the alarm was back on. Bianca turned her attention to Alt-Alisa, helping her back into her skirt before running her hand through the girl's blond, curly hair. "You look so cute like this," she commented. "I almost didn't recognize you at first!"

Alt-Alisa had heard the story of how her hair had gotten that way, though that didn't make her any less self-conscious about that sudden change she'd come back to this world to find. "Umm... Thanks," she mumbled, squirming in place as Bianca walked over to the dresser, getting a brush and a pair of scrunchies.

"I'm sure all the girls at school will be jealous of how adorable you look," Bianca said, starting to brush the girl's hair, pulling it into a pair of ponytails. "I'm sure they'll all look at you and say, 'Just look at how cute you are!'"

As soon as Bianca said it, Alisa could see the other her's squirming change, turning into an obvious pee-pee dance. Alisa had no doubt that Alt-Alisa had just been triggered, that the devious Bianca had programmed her to wet herself, or at least become quite desperate to do so, when she heard those words. Alisa could also tell that her counterpart had no idea what was going on, that she likely thought the need had just come out of nowhere, and from the red flooding into her cheeks, she was probably too embarrassed to do anything about it just yet, since she'd just been changed.

"Ms. Caldwell, can I please use my diaper?" Alisa asked instead, drawing the woman's attention onto herself. "I had to hold it the whole time I was in time out in the doll house," she lied by way of explanation.

"Let me think," Bianca sighed, though she cheered up substantially as she came up with an idea. "Alisa, do you need to go, too?" Alt-Alisa, free of the burden of having to bring it up herself, nodded eagerly. "All right, you two, come on." She held out her hands, leading the two girls downstairs, straight to the potty chair. "All right, Alisa, here you go."

Alisa blanched at the idea of using a potty chair, especially one right in the middle of the dining room. "Can't I go to the bathroom?" she asked hopefully.

"No," Bianca told her simply. "You will either use the potty, or you'll go in your pants. The bathroom is for big girls who never go pee-pee in their pants. Neither of you qualify. This potty is the best either of you can hope for until you can prove to me that you deserve better, and that will take a very long time. Now, are you going to use it, or should I get a diaper ready for you?"

Alt-Alisa blushed furiously, but she lowered her skirt to her knees, then slowly began to tug down her pull-ups. Bianca then smiled down at Alisa. "Now, Ali, what did you want to ask me?"

"N-Nothing," Alisa squeaked, realizing a moment too late her mistake. If Bianca knew she didn't really have a desperate need to use the bathroom, she might suspect that she had asked permission for Alt-Alisa's sake, and the girls didn't want her to have any reason to suspect they were working together. "I-I mean... Don't make me go in front of her," she pouted, trying to cover her fumble.

"You'll go in front of her, or not at all," Bianca said. "If you want to shrink youself further, go right ahead. I'm sure Alisa here would like a doll."

Alisa blushed, fidgeting. She did have to go a little, and, much as she hated to, she knew it would look suspicious if she didn't go through with it. "Ms. Caldwell, may I please use my diaper?"

"Yes, you may," Bianca smiled, picking her up and positioning her right in front of her other self, who was settling down on the potty, pull-up around her knees. "There you go, you two. Go pee-pee like the little girl and the baby that you are. Watch her, Alisa... I want you to see what a baby she is, how much she likes peeing her pants. And you watch her, Ali, see what it's like to be potty trained, because that's something you'll never experience on your own again." Both girls bashfully averted their eyes from each other, but Bianca wasn't having that. "Hurry up, you two. If you don't go, I'll take both of you over my knee right now!"

Even with the threat, Alisa had a hard time forcing herself to go, knowing that doing so would mean letting her other self see her at her most private, her most vulnerable. In a strange way, it was like admitting to herself how much she did like this. After a few seconds, she heard a trickle, glancing up to see Alt-Alisa's blush darken, and she realized the girl hadn't been able to hold it any longer. Bianca nodded in approval, then turned her attention on Alisa, who now had no choice. For once, she actually had to force herself to go a little, as her bladder wasn't at the bursting point, though once she started the stream came rather quickly and steadily, as did the accompanying motion in her diaper.

It felt even more intense this time. She'd thought that maybe she could try to hide it from Alt-Alisa, but it was too much for her, and it took only a matter of minutes before she was sitting on the floor, panting, satisfied and mortified at the same time as a version of her own face stared down at her from the potty's seat, seemingly unsure of what to make of what she'd just seen. Bianca let them sit there for a few minutes before wheeling out a baby walker, putting the still weak at the knees Alisa into it. Alisa wasn't pleased to note that she'd fit in quite well without any further shrinking, nor in the fact that the seat pressed the wet fabric of her diaper, and the butt plug under it, more firmly against her tender skin.

"Pull up your pants, Alisa," Bianca instructed. "You can help me with dinner once you wash your hands. Ali here needs to get to bed before too long, so we'd better get started with the cooking." Alt-Alisa stood up uncertainly, re-dressing herself and following Ms. Caldwell into the kitchen. Bianca stopped at the door, turning to Alisa. "Come along, Ali, we can't leave you along unsupervised, now can we?"

Alisa feet barely reached the floor, but she was able to get just enough traction to get the thing rolling, following after the other two. Bianca set a new coloring book and crayons on the tray of the walker, then got to work, giving Alt-Alisa easy jobs like measuring out flour and stirring dough. Even though she'd grown rather sick of coloring that morning, Alisa had nothing better to do, since the various other toys on the tray were far too infantile to keep her attention for more than a second or two, so she decided to work on a picture.

It had been her intention to really work on it, to do a good job, really take her time and make it look nice, but no matter how much she concentrated, she found that she couldn't keep her colors inside the lines. She knew that was what she was supposed to do, and yet somehow her crayon always seemed to slip outside the bounds. In a matter of moments, she'd filled in one page, but it looked as messy as an actual toddler's attempt, just as bad as the last few pictures she'd done as part of her assignment that morning. Worriedly, she turned to the next page, trying to concentrate even harder, but it turned out just as bad, and getting so absorbed in her work meant that she was unable to keep herself from having a little accident, earning a shock, a shrink, and an alarm, which Bianca was more than happy to explain to Alt-Alisa.

"Can you believe she wet again already?" the woman asked with a faux sigh. "I'm glad I have one little girl who can keep her pants dry." The "for now" went unspoken, but at least one of the Alisas could practically hear it anyway, even before the woman reached down to check Alt-Alisa's pull-up, confirming that was still true, at least for the moment.


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  3. My one complaint might be that Bianca is possibly referring to things which neither girl should rightly know about, regarding the doll process and whatnot, but then, Alisa speculated that Bianca might have hypnotized her to find that room. Still intrigued, as always.