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Alisa's Adventures in the Diaper Dimension - Chapter 38

Chapter 38 - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Alisa took a deep breath, clutching the bag closer to her. While she'd found her old clothes at Ms. Caldwell's house, they had, of course, not fit, leaving her with little to choose from but the various dresses the woman had sewn. Her best option had wound up being a short pink dress with a ruffle-lined bib taking up the entire chest, doing its best to hide her mature figure, making her look all the more like any other little girl being sent off to daycare. Bianca hadn't had any tiny panties for her to wear, so she'd had to wear a pair of thick cloth training pants that she suspected the woman had also made, though she had no real excuse for the white cotton tights she put on over them other than the fact that she knew they would look cute, especially with her black Mary-Janes.

She had to admit, there was a part of her that would miss all of this. Most of the time she'd had no choice, but on the rare occasion she had, there was always plenty of choices of cute things to wear, all the diapers, in various colors and designs, she could ever want. Back home, if you wanted a really cute diaper, you had to pay for it, and they were usually quite expensive, and frankly still not quite as adorable as most of the ones she'd found herself in. But there was more to life than diapers, and it was time to get back to all the rest of that.

She sighed, walking through the doors and into the robo-nursery's lobby, calling Dr. Bremer on one of the screens to let her into the lab. "I've been expecting you," the woman told her before her picture blinked out and the door opened. Alisa couldn't help feeling anxious as she made her way through the facility, having to stop her thumb on its way to her mouth several times, knowing that wouldn't help her to concentrate, or, really, to do anything but use her training pants.

Dr. Bremer didn't seem very impressed with her as she stepped into the lab, looking her up and down. "If this is a joke, Emily, I can call Selena up right now and tell her to get your crib ready again."

"It's not!" Alisa insisted. "I know the ray looks like a toy, but I promise, it's the real thing!"

"And can it not work in reverse?" Vera raised an eyebrow. "It won't do me very much good if it only goes one way."

"It's a little more complicated than that..." Alisa said, reaching into her bag to pull out the diaper control device, showing it off for a moment before slipping it back inside. "But I'm not going to explain it to you until you take this thing out of my ankle."

"Are you sure that's what you want?" Dr. Bremer asked, giving the girl a look. Alisa looked down, blushing at the sight of the tights she'd put on herself, having not even thought about that. "You know, for all your protests, I can't help but think there's a part of you that wants to be a baby again. Isn't that right?"

"Maybe," Alisa admitted. "But not right now." She started to kick off her shoes, only to gain a helping hand from the ceiling and floor, one raising her up while another pulled off her shoes and a third reached under her skirt to pull down her tights.

Dr. Bremer halted their progress there, walking over to the girl, suspended in mid-air by the silver arms, lifting up her short skirt to reveal the trainers underneath. "I thought you looked a little padded," she mused, slipping a pair of fingers in through the leg holes. "And a little damp, I see... And you really mean to tell me that you don't want this?"

"It's not my fault!" Alisa blushed. "It was your stupid show!"

"My show?" Vera raised an eyebrow.

"Yes! Naomi and Oliver!" Alisa squirmed. "You showed that stupid thing to me while I was in the nursery, and it's been working on me ever since!"

"What on earth are you talking about?" Dr. Bremer asked. "That is our show, Emily - you helped me design it. You made it so it wouldn't affect you. And you have never been in this nursery, not as a client, anyway."

"That's what I tried to tell you before! I am not Emily! My name is Alisa, but I'm probably in your stupid system as Dolly! Emily switched bodies with me, and then you sent her back to my own world!"

Dr. Bremer didn't say anything, simply walked over to one of the computers and began typing. After a moment, a red light scanned Alisa, conjuring up an image on one of the monitors, which was quickly cross-referenced with a picture on the screen beside it. "I'll be damned," Dr. Bremer shook her head. "I can't believe she pulled that off... I didn't even think to check." She turned to Alisa, suddenly apologetic. "I used your suggestions to finish my dimensional doorway device, and I tested it with a scan of your neural pathways that the nursery automatically took, and when it actually led somewhere, I sent my prototype robot nanny to find you and bring you back so you could go home. But I guess it wasn't you, huh?"

"No, it wasn't!" Alisa declared, moments before letting out a yelp as she felt a sharp pain at her ankle. By the time she looked down, another arm was putting a bandage over the spot where the device had been injected, and now extracted, from her, before the other hands went to work re-dressing her, finally setting her back down on the floor.

"I am sorry about all of this," Dr. Bremer shook her head, getting up from her computer. "I had no idea that she was actually capable of this sort of thing."

"I tried to tell you," Alisa pouted. "But nobody believes me!"

"I'm sorry," Dr. Bremer said again, walking over to her. "Would you like to go back home?"

"Yes!" Alisa told her eagerly.

"Well, then, just hand over what you got from Bianca, and this can all be over for you." Vera reached for the bag, but Alisa found herself pulling away despite herself. "Come on, now, you brought it all the way here... And you know I can just take it from you anyway. I'm just being nice."

"What do you want with it?" Alisa asked suspiciously.

"Why do you care? You're going back home anyway." It was hardly a comforting answer, though the scientist chuckled at Alisa's uneasy expression. "Oh, don't worry, it's nothing bad. We're just drumming up some more business for the diaper companies, and my nurseries... We're helping, really. The show only works on people who want to be babies again in the first place, and we're here to help them experience that. Of course, at a certain point, it might get to be a little more than they bargained for, but they're adults, at least mentally - if they want to grow up again, we just need a little donation, or else we can keep them here in the nursery until they grow tired of it and cough it up. And, really, since we know the regressor doesn't cause psychotic breaks after all, seeing as you really weren't who we thought you were, I don't even need Bianca's tech. I'm just a little curious."

"That's your grand plan?" Alisa scoffed. "You're just blackmailing people?"

"See?" Vera smiled. "Harmless, right? Of course, we'll also have to charge them rent for while they're in the nursery. That can be kind of expensive, but we're willing to work with them! We'll even age them back up and let them go home if they can't afford it, though we'll have to send one of our robot nannies with them to ensure they follow all of our rules until they've earned enough money to pay us off. And you wouldn't believe some of the people who have gotten hooked on our show. But don't worry, we have special nurseries we're getting ready for any CEOs or world leaders that might fall into our little trap, and even more special robots to follow them home and make sure they do what they're told, like good little boys and girls."

"You'd think with all that power and money you're planning on getting, you would have enough to share," interrupted another voice that sounded suspiciously like Vera's. "But you were just perfectly content to leave me to rot, weren't you?"

"Astra?" Vera gasped, turning to see her twin walk into the lab, arms folded. Behind her, to Alisa's surprise, stood the other Alisa. "I thought..."

"You thought you'd gotten rid of me," Astra said. "You never expected Caldwell to negotiate with me, did you? You were just trying to get rid of me so you could turn my mechanical nursery into... this." The other woman opened her mouth, but Astra cut her off. "Don't even try to deny it. The building didn't accept my entrance code, but did you really think I hadn't built in any back doors? I designed this place!" Astra pulled out a small rectangular device from her pocket which quickly unfolded into a portable keyboard with a screen attached, hitting a few keys, causing a hand to shoot from out of the floor, yanking one of Vera's arms away from her own keyboard.

"Welcome home, Mistress," the nursery's voice chimed in as the floor in the middle of the room began to change, growing into a changing table.

"No!" Vera yelped, seeing what was coming all too clearly. With her free hand, she tapped out a command of her own, and, off in one corner of the lab, the Robo-Nanny sprang to life, turning its head toward Astra.

"That is not a toy, silly baby," the robot intoned, rushing forward and shooting one arm out to knock the keyboard out of the woman's hands. Astra ducked out of the way of the robot's other hand, diving for her device, only for the first arm to catch her mid-jump, coiling around her stomach before grabbing the rear of her pants, yanking them down. "Incorrect undergarments," the robot declared. Vera was having her own problems, as the room's hands grabbed her other wrist, then her ankles, lifting her into the air and stripping her naked as she was moved, spread-eagled, toward the changing table, forced face down onto it, bottom fully exposed for the hose that began to drop down from the ceiling. On the other side of the room, the robot was drawing closer to Astra, free hand reaching into the pocket of its apron and pulling out a thick, disposable diaper.

Alisa wasn't sure what to do, other than dodge the many mechanical arms shooting around the room, hoping none of them decided to pull her into this ordeal. It was a human hand that wound up grabbing hers, however, pulling her across the middle of it all. "What are you doing here?" Alisa asked her other self. "I told you, this nursery has a record of you! It could be dangerous."

"I couldn't let you face all this alone," Alt-Alisa told her. "You are me, after all."

"Yeah," Alisa smiled. "I guess so."

"Now," Alt-Alisa said, yanked Alisa to the computer closest to the door, "do you know how to turn this on?"

"What? I can't leave now! We have to help Astra!"

"How? What do you think you can do?"

Alisa had to admit that she really had no idea how she could assist, but she felt like she had to try. If Vera succeeded, she'd be condemning her other self to a world ruled by that maniacal mastermind. "I don't know, I guess..." Suddenly, she remembered the bag she was carrying. Reaching into it, she pulled out the shrink ray, aiming it at Vera, who was struggling valiantly, trying to keep her bottom from being invaded by the enema nozzle. "At least I can even the odds a little for her," she declared before firing the gun off.

It did, indeed, shrink the woman, but Alisa hadn't thought about the fact that doing so meant that Vera's hands and feet would also become smaller, allowing her to break free from the nursery's grip. The woman took advantage of the freedom before the machine could react, hopping down off the table and running to a computer, dodging more arms as they sprouted all around her. Her key presses set off an alarm, causing a strange rumbling just as her movements became a little too slow, and a hand grabbed her ankle again, yanking her away from the keyboard. A moment later, however, one of the walls split open, revealing a small army of Robo-Nannies, one of which darted forward, using its own arm to try to pry Vera free.

"Shrink me, too!" Astra yelled.

"But..." Alisa protested.

"It's only temporary! Just get me fr-!" She was silenced by a pacifier, one that remained connected to the original Robo-Nanny by a hose that immediately began pumping something into the woman's mouth while the robot's other hand continued taping the diaper into place. Alisa fumbled with the controls, trying to help Astra out by leaving her at least a little bigger than her sister, but another muffled shout from behind the pacifier urged her to just shoot, shrinking the woman enough for her to slip out of the machine's arms, and her own clothes, and grab the keyboard she had dropped, typing in a quick command to set the room's arms to try to contain the nearest Robo-Nanny.

Before Alisa could reverse the shrink ray's effects, however, Vera, whose robots had managed to free her momentarily, tackled her sister, wrestling her to the ground as she tried to pull the keyboard away. The two shrunken twins rolled on the floor, wrestling while above them, the robots and arms did the same, knocking over tables and computer monitors.

"Come on!" Alt-Alisa insisted. "They're going to wreck this place, and then you'll never get home!"

Alisa held the gun on the fighting women for a moment longer, but she knew there was no way to ensure that she would hit the right one. She stuffed the ray back into the bag, dropping the bag onto the ground as she moved over to the computer, not quite sure how to make heads or tails of it. "I really don't know..." she bit her bottom lip, staring at the complex screen. "She said she used some kind of neural... thing... to..." Suddenly, she remembered the metal cap, scurrying over to grab it and place it on her head before returning to the keyboard to hit the icon on the screen that looked the most like it would start the process.

She had no idea if it was working or not, but if it was, she knew she had to think about the real world as hard as she could, try to block out the mayhem erupting all around her, to forget the insanity she'd been through since she'd come here, to try to do her best to make sure she made it back to the right dimension. She wasn't sure how she would know if she'd succeeded or not, but when a series of lights began to turn on from the supports suspending the door from the ceiling, she knew that it must be connected somewhere - she could only hope that it was the right place.

"Is that it?" Alt-Alisa asked, staring at the door in awe.

"Yeah, I think so..." Alisa answered. Before she'd even finished, the other her took off for the door. Quickly, Alisa yanked off the hat, racing after Alt-Alisa, managing to grab her by the waistband of her jeans, and the pull-up she felt beneath, and pull her backwards away from the door.

"Let me go!" Alt-Alisa insisted. "You like this stuff! You belong in this world!"

"No, I want..." Alisa tried to explain, only for Alt-Alisa to wheel around, grabbing Alisa's hand and forcing it backwards. At first, Alisa thought the girl was just trying to restrain her, until she pressed the hand against her butt. Alisa suddenly wished she hadn't shared that bit of her experience with the girl as her eyes widened, and she felt her body suddenly begin pushing, filling her training pants as she stood there, unable to stop herself. Alt-Alisa watched for a split second, then headed for the door again. Alisa grunted helplessly, realizing she was about to lose her ticket home, unable to force herself to do anything as her body did its nasty work. "S-stop!" she whined, though, luckily, when that didn't work, she realized she had one other option.

"Wh-What's wrong, cutie-pie?" she asked, stopping Alt-Alisa in her tracks. She knew what it was like to have her hypnosis used against her, and she felt a little bad about exploiting it, but, then again, the girl had just done the same thing to her. Alt-Alisa whimpered, stopping just inches from the door, her outstretched hand moving instead to her backside, though she couldn't stop what was happening back there.

"I'm sorry," Alisa told her, pushing past her. The girl, still wrinkling her nose and grunting, took a step forward, but when Alisa said, "Just look at how cute you are," the girl's hands moved to her crotch as she bit her lip. "You should probably get out of the nursery," Alisa smiled sadly. "And watch out for Ms. Farber, seriously."

With that, Alisa reached up, turned the doorknob, and stepped through the door.


  1. Maybe she should watch out for Ms Farber too.
    I would try to help my alliece instead of leaving them behind. She can't know who wins and what they will do to her.
    With no clue how to use the mashines she will need help..... and a fresh diaper

  2. Fantastic, simply fantastic!

  3. Gosh I wonder where's she's actually going. Gosh it could be the world where everyone tries really hard not to think about rampaging fights in the lab all the time! :)

  4. "...and so she stepped through the door..."

    You know, maybe it should just end right there. A perfect circle of art...Alisa enters the door, Alisa exits the's the end of THE LAND OF THE LOST first season ("Circle"): to enter the diaper dimension, one must leave. A loop involing the same person.

    Alternatively, it's THE SOPRANOS style/existentialist/"what was the meaning of it all?"/ fade to black ending...

    ...that leaves the audience guessing.

    But somehow, I sense that is not how you will do it.