Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Hunt

Barbara flushed bright red as the pair of tittering fifteen year olds behind her erupted from their near constant state of giggling to full-fledged laughter. She straightened back up quickly, tugging the back of the short dress, pulling it back down over the seat of her thick, white tights, and, more importantly, the ruffles lining the same, sticking straight out. She flushed again as the action lifted the front of her dress, giving her a clear view of the bubble-gum pink panties beneath her tights, and the image of Barbie on them she knew was there, though without her glasses was just a blur. Daintily, she bent down, being extra careful not to flash her backside to her spectators again, and grabbed the easter egg she'd spotted peeking out from under the television stand.

Anyone who viewed the scene would be forgiven for assuming that she, standing there in her short, purple dress with the sequined top, short, puffy sleeves, and poofy tulle skirt, its empire waist emphasized with a ribbon and a large bow in the front, which did a good job of obscuring her breasts, with her ruffled tights and shiny black Mary Janes below, holding onto a pink easter basket decorated with a ribbon and filled with brightly colored eggs, was the one being babysat. After all, she was certainly the smallest of the three girls in the room, even if you ignored the way she was dressed, in such a contrast to the other two girls in their matching mini-dresses, one in yellow and one in blue. It was hard, even for her, to believe that she was six years older than these girls.

"Babysitter" didn't seem like an impressive job title, but it was one Barbara took very seriously. She'd been doing it for years, ever since she was old enough to convince her neighbors that she could watch their children and not get into too much trouble herself. The fact that she hadn't grown much since then had been annoying, but she combatted any potential problems it might cause with preparation. Over the years, she'd found the things that seemed to interest varying age groups the most, and would always carry a binder stuffed full of envelopes, each of them full in turn with notecards detailing those activities. She'd let her charges choose some of them - although she had some that she required - and helped them set up a schedule for themselves, one that kept them too busy and happy to think of rebelling against her.

Of course, it also helped that the vast majority of her clients were far younger than her, mostly under ten. While there were more than a few that were taller than she was even so, they were still mostly young enough that the age difference would keep them from making fun of her, and the heels and padded bras she wore helped to emphasize that she was, indeed, older than them. She couldn't help but see her size as a disadvantage - not only could she buy clothes in the children's department, she really had no choice - but over the years she had learned how best to minimize that and still come across as a professional adult.

It didn't always work. She'd missed out on more than a few job interviews because the people at the front desk refused to believe she was the applicant, instead asking her if she needed help finding her mommy. High school, of course, had been torture, and the day she'd graduated had been the best of her life. She never had to pay full price at the movies, though, or at restaurants, though that was because waiters generally refused to even bring her anything but a children's menu. But, even if her success rate was much lower with adults, she knew how to deal with kids to get them to recognize that she was the one in charge.

Which was why she'd been reluctant to take this job. Abby and Addison were much older than her usual clients, in the age group that still made her nervous to be around, despite having been out of high school for years. She was sure they'd believe they were too old for a babysitter, and she was even inclined to agree with them, to a degree. There were certainly fifteen year olds out there capable of taking care of themselves, though she had no idea if these two were among them. Two weeks would be a long time to leave them all by themselves, but Barbara was more inclined to just pop in once or twice a day, rather than moving in for the entire duration.

The money was too good to pass up, however, and only went up when she voiced her concerns. The parents had heard all kinds of praise for her around town, and, they said, she was just the only choice for them. So, despite her reservations, Barbara had agreed.

The first day, just the day before, she realized, though it seemed like it should have been longer, started off badly - she should have taken it as an omen, but instead she took it as yet another sign that her car was old and crappy, and perhaps determined to kill her. As she waited for AAA to show up and bring her a tire to replace the one that had blown out, she called to apologize to the parents. Luckily, they were very understanding, telling her they knew it wasn't her fault, and not to worry too much about it. But eventually they had to leave for the airport, which made her feel even more nervous about the whole thing. They'd never actually met face to face, and while they said they'd left written instructions for her, she still liked to go over that sort of thing with the parents, just in case.

Finally, AAA got there, and, after having to show the driver her license to get him to believe it was her car, she got everything fixed and went back on her way, fretting over what was coming. Even with younger kids, it was always better for their parents to introduce her, a first, and very important, step towards making them respect her. She couldn't help but worry over what not getting that would mean. She was also hoping for the best when it came to the activities she had planned. She knew some of them were a little silly, and maybe too juvenile for a pair of fifteen year olds, but it was difficult for her to judge. Her mother, who had been much more thrilled than her with how little she'd grown over the years, had used that as an excuse to keep treating her like a kid for as long as she could, so she'd been doing most of these things long after she was fifteen. Moving out had been another good day for her, even though she struggled to get enough babysitting jobs to cover her bills.

The butterflies were flapping in full force as she pulled into the driveway, marveling at the size of the house. No wonder they'd been willing to pay her so much... The thought of staying here for a couple weeks was starting to sound more and more appealing, even as she worried more that anybody who had grown up here was likely to be rather stuck up. She sat in her car for a few minutes, fixing her make-up and adjusting her padded bra, checking herself in the mirror to be sure she looked as mature as possible before getting out, though the illusion was still somewhat shattered, or at least cracked, by how much she struggled to wrangle her bags, which were nearly as big as her, to the front door, where she waited and readjusted for another moment before ringing the doorbell.

A few seconds later, the door swung open, revealing Abby and Addison standing there. They were tall, fit, still thin but muscular, clearly from the soccer their mother had told Barbara they played, and identical, right down to the tiny denim shorts that emphasized their legs and the black tank tops they were wearing. Even in her tallest pair of high heels, the pair towered over her, and she found her voice shaking with fear as she introduced herself. "M-My name is Barbara," she said, holding out her hand uncertainly. "I'm here to..." She paused, unsure what to say. Even her older kids objected to the term babysitting, and these girls were half a decade older than them, not to mention how absurd that concept seemed now that she was here, staring up at them. They turned to look at one another for a moment, then, to her relief, smiled.

"To make sure we don't destroy the house when mom and dad are gone?" the one on the right suggested jovially, shaking her hand. "I'm Abby."

"Or we could call it young-adult-sitting," the other remarked, taking Barbara's hand once her sister had let go. "I'm Addison. You could call me Addy if you want, but most people think that's too confusing, since she took the easy name."

"They only gave it to me because I'm cuter," Abby stuck her tongue out at her twin.

Barbara smiled as she watched them, feeling much more at ease. "Addison's a nice name, too," she said. "It's more unique."

"That's true," Addison nodded. "There's like two other Abbys in our school."

"Oh, so now you're saying my name isn't good enough?"

Barbara laughed. "Everyone's name is just fine."

The girls turned to each other as one. "Well..." Addison said uncertainly.

"Barbara... I don't know about that," Abby continued, the two sounding like they were speaking from the same brain, in a way that was almost creepy.

"It sounds too fuddy-duddy," Addison agreed. "Enough that I'll actually use the term fuddy-duddy, which is pretty fuddy-duddy itself."

"Well, I don't really have any..." Barbara started to say, only to be cut off.

"You know what fits you better? Barbie. That's nice, isn't it?" Abby asked, turning to her sister rather than Barbara, who was wincing. She hated that name, always had. She had relatives who had called her that as a child, and they were still her least favorite family members.

"It's perfect!" Addison declared. "You just look like a Barbie!" The two laughed at the same time, then Addison clarified, "I mean, you look more like your name should be Barbie than Barbara. Not that you look like a Barbie doll." Barbara's face turned red and she fidgeted slightly, staring down at herself, at the body she was well aware wasn't curvy, like her nickname-sake, and would be even less so without her padded bra.

"Not to say that you don't look pretty!" Abby broke in for her sister. Barbara half expected one of them to point out she was more like Skipper than Barbie, a popular thing to tell her in high school, but they didn't. She wondered if they even knew who Skipper was - had they made her since these girls had been alive, and old enough to play with her? Instead, Abby said, "We should probably stop yammering and let you in, huh?"

"You could," Barbara shrugged, smiling as the two backed away from the door and she started gathering her things back up.

"Look at all that stuff!" Addison declared. "How did you get all this up to the door?" She reached down to grab one of the bags, Abby doing the same.

"You do know it's only two weeks, right?" Abby giggled.

"I do," Barbara blushed. "I have my stuff, and then the stuff I always bring on jobs..."

"Ooh, I want to see," Abby declared, starting to look through Barbara's things eagerly, like a little kid searching for treats.

"Well, it's... uh... Most of my clients are much younger than you, so I don't really... I just brought it out of habit, you know..." She gently took her bag back from Abby, and then Addison, who had started looking through the one she'd taken.

"What's the matter, have something naughty in there we aren't allowed to see?" Barbara blushed just slightly at that, holding out her babysitting supplies. "Here they are if you want to see them. Now, my room..?"

"Up those stairs, second door on the right," Addison said as the two started going through the bag, cooing and laughing over the dolls and games and such they found in there. Barbara wasn't going to complain, but it sure would have been nice if she'd had some of the help she'd gotten getting through the door now that she was hauling her things upstairs. The privacy was nice for unpacking, though.

By the time she finished, the girls seemed to have grown bored of looking through her belongings, which she suspected they would, seeing as they were meant for much younger audiences. She wasn't even sure why she'd brought it, other than what she'd told them. She always had it with her when she was babysitting, so she'd brought it. There were some useful things in there, but for the most part, she doubted she'd have much need for anything, outside an emergency.

The twins were gone, though a bit of investigation quickly turned them up in the living room, staring at the TV. Barbara set her bag down behind the couch and watched them for a minute, enthralled with how much they mirrored each other in their movements and mannerisms. Now that they weren't standing as they had been at the door, she wasn't quite sure which was which, something she was sure they'd taken advantage of in the past. "You guys all right?" she asked, feeling a little silly. Of course they were. There was nothing unusual about this for them, other than her being the one in charge rather than their parents.

"We're fine," Addison told her, barely looking up. "Why don't you go lie down for a bit? You had a rough morning, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I was... Just going to do that." Barbara waved awkwardly, unable to entirely shake the idea that one of her charges had basically just told her to take a nap, but she really had been planning on that already, so she didn't fret over it too much as she went back upstairs and laid down, setting her glasses on the nightstand.

She hadn't expected to fall asleep, but the next thing she knew, she was waking up, the clock on the nightstand telling her it was almost 1 pm. She sat up, grabbing for her glasses and putting them on before stumbling downstairs. The girls were still in the living room as she made her sheepish re-entrance.

"Look who's up," Abby said, turning to look at her.

"Did you guys have lunch?" she asked with a blush.

"Yeah, there were leftovers in the fridge. There's still some left if you're hungry."

"Thanks," she nodded, stomach growling softly. "Sorry about that... I'll make it up to you guys. How about we go out to eat tonight?"

The girls looked at each other and shrugged. "Sure," Addison agreed.

Barbara made her way to the kitchen, stopping by the dining room to pick up the money the twins' mother had told her would be there so they could do just the sort of thing she'd just promised, and got herself some food. The rest of the day passed peacefully, with the girls watching TV and texting - she wouldn't let them do just that the whole time she was with them, but one lazy day wouldn't hurt - and her reading and inconspicuously scoping the place, trying to figure out what the best places to hide Easter eggs would be. The whole thing was silly, yes, she couldn't deny that, but she figured she might as well make it challenging for them if she was going to do it. They seemed like they enjoyed silly things, anyway, at least for a bit... She had a feeling they'd indulge her enough to find at least a few of her eggs.

"You guys getting hungry?" she asked later that afternoon.

"No, not yet," Abby said, looking over at her. "It's still pretty early. Are you hungry?"

"Maybe it's snack time," Addison suggested.

"Oh, that's right. Do you want a snack, Barbie?" Barbara started to shake her head, but the girls were already off with this idea.

"Go make a snack," Addison ordered Abby.

"I can, if you..." Barbara started to stand, but Abby was already up, and hurried over to her, pushing her back into her seat.

"Don't worry about it, it's under control," she said, scurrying off to the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with apple slices, which she set down right in front of Barbara. "Eat up!"

"Well, I'm not all that hungry, but if you guys want some, I..." Barbara shut herself up, knowing it was too late to actually stop them anyway. Abby had already made them for her, and there was no use letting them go to waste. "Thank you," she said, picking one up and eating it. She planned to only eat one or two, and let them have the rest, but she found herself absentmindedly picking one up every now and then as she read, until they were all gone.

As it turned out, she didn't even have to ask when they were hungry, as an hour or two later they announced they were by discussing what they wanted to wear out. "We should wear our new dresses," Abby suggested.

Addison, on the other hand, insisted that, "They're our Easter dresses. We shouldn't wear them until Easter. Right, Barbie?"

"Well..." Barbara didn't like taking sides, but they were both staring at her, expecting an answer. "I agree with Abby."

"Really?" Addison asked, deflating. "They're just not as special if you wear them early, and it wouldn't be fair to you, since you don't have one..."

Barbara's cheeks burned bright red after a moment of confusion, and the girls knew instantly that she'd mixed them up. "Oh, silly Barbie!" Addison teased. "You meant me, didn't you?"

Embarrassing as it was, there was no use denying it, so she nodded. "Sorry..."

"No, it's fine... Happens all the time!" Addison smiled at her and gave her a hug, then the two went up to their rooms, chattering about what they should wear instead if not for their new outfits. Barbara, for her part, threw on a gray skirt and yellow blouse, nothing too fancy, throwing on a jacket just in case it got cool that evening. The twins didn't get too dressed up either, thankfully, and soon they had all filed down to her car and she was following their directions to the restaurant they'd chosen, chuckling as they asked if they could drive, claiming their parents let them do it all the time.

The place they had chosen was rather mid-scale, not too fancy, but not just fast food, either. They had to wait to be seated, something the girls clearly knew, as Addison raced ahead to reserve their place in line as soon as they were in the door. They seemed quite familiar with the place, and the people who worked there seemed familiar with them, as the hostess commented when taking them to their table just a few minutes later, "I didn't know you two had a little sister."

The twins chuckled as Barbara turned red and began to open her mouth to protest that, Addison interrupting with, "Oh, she's just so shy! She doesn't like to go out with us, but we made her today!"

"I am not..." Barbara started to say, rushing up from the back of the group, which, she realized, did make her look a bit like a shy little girl, bumping right into Abby. If she hadn't known better, it would have almost looked like Abby happened to step right in front of her at the last second, but why would she have done that? Barbara stumbled and started to fall, Abby catching her at the last possible moment. Barbara thought she felt a hand brush against her face, though she later decided it was her imagination, or just the feeling of her glasses falling off.

As soon as they did, the world turned blurry and she started looking around desperately. She was very farsighted, and any time she dropped her glasses she lived in constant fear of stepping on them. "And she's a little klutzy, too," she heard Addison add.

"Guys, help me look for my glasses," she instructed, carefully kneeling down and patting the floor around her.

"Honey, I don't see them," Abby said gently. "Get up."

"I'll have the waitresses for this section keep an eye out," the hostess promised.

"But..." Barbara pouted as Abby pulled her back to her feet, guiding her to their table. She didn't like to admit it, but she was glad Abby kept ahold of her arm as they made their way there. It was always somewhat disorienting the first minute or two after taking off her glasses, especially when she wasn't expecting it, and while her sight wasn't bad enough that she would bump into anyone normally, it was hard to be sure she wouldn't in those few moments of uncertainty.

Finally, they made it to the table and she sat down, still fretting over her missing glasses. "Don't worry," the hostess assured her as she set a menu down in front of her, "I'm sure we'll find them, sweetie." Even though it sounded a little too much like what one would say to a little kid, it was still a little comforting, at least until the woman had turned to the twins and asked, "Do we need a booster seat for her?"

"No!" Barbara answered quickly. As it was at many restaurants, the table did feel a bit high, but it wasn't that bad, until she looked around and saw how much taller the twins looked than her, the sitting position negating the height boost of her heels. As soon as the hostess was gone, she slipped out of her seat and took of her jacket, saying, "It's pretty warm in here," and, as naturally as she could, folded it up and put it on her seat.

It was only then that she noticed the menu she'd been given. It was clearly the kids' menu, as it was more of a plastic coated placemat than a real menu. It had pictures of all its food, which was helpful to her in her state, but she still bristled at it. "Can you believe this?" she asked the girls, holding it up.

"Poor Barbie," Addison giggled, reaching over and patting her head. "Do you want to look at mine? I always get the same thing here."

"Thank you," Barbara said, taking it and opening it up. If she squinted, she could make out the headings of the different categories of food, but other than that, it might as well have been in Chinese, and, unlike the kids' menu, there were only pictures of a few things, none of which looked appetizing to her. The thought of asking one of the girls to help her read it was too embarrassing to consider, so she started to lower it to ask what they usually got, only to find that there was a waitress at their table already.

"Hey, girls," the woman was saying. "Switching it up tonight?"

"Not tonight," Abby shook her head.

"What does this cute little thing want, then?" she asked, coming over behind the flustered Barbara.

"Is it after six? Well, she'd better just stick with water, then," Addison said, checking her watch. "You know how kids are."

"I am not a kid!" Barbara insisted unhappily, really disliking how far they were taking this little joke.

"Of course you aren't," the waitress comforted her condescendingly. "What do you want to eat?"

"Umm..." Barbara stared down at the menu she couldn't read, and then over at the children's menu she was now even less inclined to order from, unsure what to do. "Well..."

"Do you need a little more time?" the waitress asked.

"She's just so stubborn," Addison shook her head. "She refuses to ask for help, even when she knows she can't do something. It's all right, Barbie, a lot of kids your age can't read."

"I can read!" Barbara protested, a little louder than she'd intended. "I can read just fine," she said a little quieter, sulking.

"Oh, really?" Addison called her bluff, getting up and standing beside her, pointing to a random word on the menu. "What's that say?"

Barbara's stomach churned, suddenly feeling a little ill, at this test. "Well, I..."

"Just sound it out," Abby suggested helpfully.

"I... uh..." she squirmed uncomfortably, knowing that if she claimed it was because of her glasses, the waitress would assume she was just making excuses.

"Okay, here's an easier one," Addison said, moving her finger slightly. "Just read it, sweetie."

Barbara looked away, bottom lip quivering ever so slightly as she fought to maintain her composure. "Could I get some chicken tenders?" she asked the waitress.

"Sure," the woman nodded, writing that down. "Children's chicken finger meal... And I'll bring you a booster seat, hon, so you don't have to sit on your nice coat."

"No, I don't..." Barbara protested, but she was already gone. She turned back to the twins, who were giggling proudly. "Okay, guys, very funny, but that's enough, okay?"

"We were just having a little fun, Barbie," Abby said. "You're just so fun to tease!"

"Well, could you please stop?" she requested. "I am in charge here, and I don't ask for a lot of respect, but..."

"Oh, don't worry," Addison told her, "we don't give you much." The two broke down into laughter that only got louder at Barbara's look of indignation. "We're joking! Calm down! We'll be good from now on, okay?"

"Thank you," Barbara said stiffly, not finding this at all funny, but not wanting them to think she had no sense of humor. True to their word, they stayed polite as they waited for their food, though they did burst into laughter again when the waitress brought out their drinks and the booster seat. "I really don't need it..." Barbara tried to protest, but the waitress shooed her off of the chair and set it down, hanging her coat on the back of the chair.

"It was going to get all wrinkly," the woman told her. "And look, with that there, nobody will be able to even see you're sitting on it."

Barbara wasn't so sure about that, but she did have to admit that, hard plastic or not, it was still more comfortable than her lumpy coat, and higher, too, helping her to feel more in charge. She sipped at her water, though not too much, as she was starting to feel the need to pee, and adding more liquid to her bladder didn't seem like a good idea. She preferred to wait until they were home to go to the bathroom - a lot of teasing had gone down in the bathrooms at school, which made her feel nervous about public restrooms in general - though she was starting to think that wouldn't be an option this time.

Sure enough, about halfway through her dinner, it got to be too much for her. "Which way are the bathrooms?" she asked the girls. They looked at each other for a moment, then pointed to the back of the restaurant. That pause in their response made her worry, questioning whether she'd seen restrooms at the front of the building when they'd come in or not, but the idea that they'd intentionally do that to her seemed unlikely enough that she wasn't going to risk offending them by accusing them of it.

She hopped down from her chair and headed in that direction, bladder twinging painfully as she went. If she'd been at home, she'd have gone ten minutes before, but she always waited until the last possible moment when she was out, which was dangerous when you had a bladder as small as hers. She walked a little more quickly, threading her way past tables and looking around for a sign to point the way, but finding none. Still, she kept searching, making her way to the back corner in case there was a hidden little hallway there she wasn't noticing. It was just wall, and, looking around herself, that seemed to be all there was. It had been just a joke.

"Little brats," she mumbled to herself, hurrying towards the front of the restaurant.

"Watch it!" someone barked at her as she bumped into their table. She let out a mumbled apology, backing right into another table, her desperation making her clumsy. "Sorry, I didn't..." She groaned as she felt a few drops of urine force their way into her panties. She started moving faster, making it only a few steps before tripping on a chair and falling on her face. For a moment she stayed there, trying to catch her breath, only to feel her underwear growing even wetter.

Turning red, she sat up, trying to stop herself, knowing she was sitting right in the middle of the restaurant after causing a commotion and drawing all eyes to her. She squirmed, cheeks burning, pressing her hands into her crotch, but her bladder refused to listen as it emptied itself into a puddle beneath her, soaking through the back of her skirt.

"Disgusting," she heard a woman sneer at her.

"This is why people should pay attention to their kids!" someone else was saying.

"I... uh..." she stammered, trying to explain it, to tell them what had happened, but unable to say anything. At the moment, she'd rather them think she was just a kid, rather than a twenty-one year old who had just wet herself in front of them.

A few moments later, the twins came running up to her. "There you are!" Abby said, sounding relieved.

"We got mixed up, it's the other place we usually go that has bathrooms in the back, here they're... Oh, BARBIE! You didn't!" Barbara stared up at Addison, sniffling, feeling extremely small. "We can't take you anywhere, can we? Oh, what a mess! I'm so sorry, folks..." Barbara felt herself being tugged up by the arm, turned around for Addison to survey the damage. "This is why we told mom you aren't ready for big girl panties yet! Abby, you go get someone to clean this up, I'll take care of her."

Barbara, still sniffling, horrified, found herself being pulled through the restaurant, back to their table. "How could you?!" Addison demanded, tugging Barbara's coat off her chair and rolling it up, tying it around her waist. "We come here all the time! How are we supposed to show our faces here now that we brought YOU and you peed all over their floor!"

"It was an accident," Barbara told her, it taking all her strength not to burst into tears. Stop treating me like a kid, I..."

"You'd better be glad I'm treating you this way!" Addison cut her off forcefully. "Would you rather I announce to everyone that you're the supposed best babysitter in town? Huh? A grown woman pissing her pants in public? You should thank me! In fact, you'd better. Thank me, right now, for being a good big sister and looking out for you." Barbara jumped in shock as her silence earned her a swat on the bottom. "Thank me!"

"Thanks," Barbara mumbled, wincing as she was hit again. "Thank you for looking our for me." The third brought tears to her eyes. "Th-Thank you for being a good big sister...."

"Finally! You can be such a stubborn little thing, can't you?" Barbara blushed deep red at what had happened to her, standing by awkwardly as the waitress returned and Addison got a box for the rest of Barbara's meal, as the twins had finished eating already. When they got to the front to pay, the hostess had her glasses waiting for her, thankfully. The drive back to the twins' house was quiet, with her feeling much too meek to even apologize for what had happened.

As soon as they were inside, however, the twins perked back up. "I think it's bedtime," Addison said.

"It's still early," Barbara checked her watch, "but if you guys are tired, that's fine..."

"No," Abby shook her head. "She didn't mean for us."

"That's right," Addison agreed. "I mean for the little girl who humiliated us at our favorite restaurant."

Barbara blushed, fidgeting. "Look, I'm really sorry about that, but..."

"You are going to march right upstairs," Addison said sternly, pointing to the stairs, "and you are going to take a shower, and then you are going right to bed, young lady."

"Now, hold on!" Barbara protested. "I'm sorry about what happened, but I am not a child, I am your babysitter, and you can't..."

"Did either of us wet ourselves today?" Abby asked.

"No, we didn't," Addison answered. "And we weren't late to get here, either, like someone. For all your reputation, you seem pretty unreliable to me."

Barbara squirmed. "Yes, well..."

"And look at you," Addison stepped a little closer to her, making her back off a step nervously. "How tall are those heels? How tiny are you without them?" Before Barbara could answer, she felt herself being picked up by Abby, who had circled around behind her. She started to struggle, kicking her feet and thrashing her arms to try to break them loose from Abby's grip, but Addison avoided her easily, unstrapping the shoes and letting them fall to the floor. When Abby set her back down, she felt positively tiny compared to these girls.

"And these," Abby said, moving around in front of Barbara, poking out at her breast. "You don't think it's painfully obvious that those are fake? Take it off."

Barbara was shaking now, terrified at how quickly she'd lost control of the situation. "Listen, this..."

"Take it off, or we will," Abby threatened. Barbara stared up at them, eyes wide, seeing that they weren't joking. Whimpering, she turned around, wriggling out of her padded bra and letting it fall to the floor.

"Look at that," Addison cooed as Barbara turned back around. "Just like we thought. You're just a little girl playing dress-up!"

"But how old is she?" Abby asked.

"I don't know... But that doesn't matter right now. What matters is that this little girl gets her little butt upstairs and puts herself to bed before I give her a real spanking!" Barbara was horrified to hear herself squeak in terror at that, not doing herself any favors.

"I was... uh... feeling a little tired anyway..." she stammered, backing away, then practically racing up the steps. Nothing like this had ever happend to her before. As she took her shower, she tried to think of how she could possibly get control back from these two. Things had definitely taken a turn for the worst, but it was just the first day. Surely, there was a way to turn things around.

She felt less certain of that when she woke up the next morning and found all of her things gone. All of her clothes had vanished, along with her glasses, and even the pajamas she'd been sleeping in, and, worst of all, the panties she'd been wearing under them. Instead, she was clad only in a pair of thick cotton panties. They were pink, and she couldn't quite make out what was on them, but she knew it had to be something embarrassing.

Other than that, the only article of clothing she found in her room was the dress, flouncy and juvenile, the tights, complete with ruffles, and the Mary Janes, all set up in her closet, waiting for her. What was she supposed to do?! She kept searching, hoping she'd find something else hidden somewhere, but there was nothing. Finally, she grabbed the blanket from her bed, wrapped it around herself, and left the room to go demand her things back.

She was surprised to find Abby and Addison waiting in the hall outside for her. "Why aren't you dressed?" Addison asked. "We found a nice Easter dress for you and everything!"

"It's not new," Abby told her, "But we haven't worn it for quite a while... And look, we're wearing our new Easter dresses!"

"This isn't funny, you two," she said firmly. "You can't just take my things, that's stealing, and..."

"Aww, do you need help, is that it?" Addison smiled down at her. "Come on, Abby, let's give her a hand." The two pushed the protesting Barbara back into the bedroom, yanking the blanket away.

"Look at those sweet panties!" Abby exclaimed. "I bet they're her favorite because they have her on them!" Barbara was confused for a moment before realizing the blob on the panties must be Barbie.

"They're not mine," Barbara protested. "You put them on me!"

"Oh, please," Addison rolled her eyes. "You don't have to hide it! We know you're not a grown-up, it's okay if you like cute little panties like these."

"But they aren't!" Barbara insisted as she was pushed back onto the bed, one of the twins gathering up the tights and then pushing them over her feet, working them up over her legs. They felt quite thick and warm and confining, but before she had time to protest that, the other twin was shoving her arms upwards and pushing the dress over them. She felt like a doll being dressed, especially as she was yanked to her feet, the tights pulled up and dress down at the same time. "Guys, please, you can't..." she managed to get out before being shoved back onto the bed again, the girls going back to work, one pulling her hair into ponytails and tying them with purple ribbon, the other getting the shoes on her.

"Perfect!" Addison declared, and the twins pushed her over to her mirror, where she could see herself. Even if it was hard to make out details, it was clear that the person in the reflection could not be an adult, couldn't be the one in charge. How could this have happened? How had they so completely transformed her in so little time. It couldn't have been more than a minute or two since they'd started dressing her, and now, here she was, in a dress that threatened to show off her panties with even the slightest move.

"I could just eat her up!" Abby giggled. "This suits you much better than those ridiculous things you were wearing yesterday, now doesn't it?"

Barbara refused to answer, but they didn't care. "Come on," Addison said, grabbing her hand, "We've got a surprise for you!" They led her downstairs to the living room, where she could see the basket sitting on the table, decorated but empty, with a pile of candy and several piles of notecards beside it. "We found your eggs," she said.

"That was so cute," Abby broke in. "You were just waiting for us to realize what a child you were so we'd put them out for you, weren't you? I mean, there's no way you thought we'd actually want to look for them."

"And since we still don't know just how much of a little girl you are yet, we decided to play a little game. We're going to let you tell us."

"Well, I'm not a little girl!" Barbara protested quickly. "I'm..."

"Yeah, yeah, twenty-one... Sure, all twenty-one year olds pee their pants in public." Barbara flushed and fell silent at Abby's words.

"You have one hour to look for the eggs," Addison told her. "They're hidden all over the house. Once the hour is up, you'll come back here, and we'll see what candy you found."

"Every Skittle you find," Abby said, "is one year older you get to be. Every M&M takes one year off of your age."

"We found your little schedule, too," Addison told her. "It was very handy of you to make all those suggestions, and for all your possible age groups, too! There's one card from each of those groups in each of these stacks." They led her over to the table, where Addison started to mix the cards up, randomizing them and then putting them into a row.

"Each of the other kinds of candy will represent one of these," Abby continued, picking up the little pile of candy from beside the basket, dropping one onto each stack of cards. "We'll make up your schedule from whatever cards you earn with the candy you find. Now doesn't that sound fun?"

Barbara shook her head. "No... This isn't..."

"And go!" Addison announced. When Barbara didn't move, she encouraged her with another smack to her bottom, reminding her that, little as she liked it, they could do just about anything they wanted with her.

Reluctantly, Barbara picked up her basket and started to look around, trying her best not to think about how like a little kid on an Easter egg hunt she looked like, reminding herself she was doing this, strange as it seemed, to try to maintain some of her dignity. She'd stuffed the eggs just a few days before, though she had no idea what was in what egg. She could shake them to tell if they had Skittles or M&Ms, but not which. At first, she considered not picking up either, but she had a feeling that would leave her at 0, which wasn't an age she particularly wanted to be.

Addison and Abby followed her, making sure she didn't cheat, though mostly to giggle at the sight of what they'd reduced this grown woman, too, relishing every view they got of her ruffly hindside. They'd hidden most of the eggs low to make sure they got plenty of chances to see that.

As the game wore on, Barbara could feel her bladder growing fuller, since she hadn't had a chance to use the bathroom that morning before being herded down to this game. She tried to keep her movements inconspicuous, but it grew harder and harder as more time passed.

Finally, Addison declared, "Time's up!" and the twins escorted the squirming young woman back to the living room, setting her down on the floor in front of the table while they took the couch, starting to sort through her candy.

"I'm just going to run up to the bathroom while you're doing that..." she said, starting to stand.

"You will do no such thing," Addison told her sternly. "We set this up so you would have a fair chance at determining your own future here... We're not going to have you accuse us of cheating while you were gone. You sit your little behind right back down, young lady." Barbara whimpered, but slid back onto the floor almost automatically.

"All right," Abby declared, tossing the last empty plastic eggshell back into the basket, setting it down on the floor, giving Barbara her first view of the twin piles of little, round candies the girl had been making back there. "Here's the Skittles," she said, pointing to one pile, "and here's the M&Ms." Barbara could tell that they were awfully close to the same size. She fidgeted nervously, knowing that wasn't a good sign.

"Can you count them up?" Addison teased. "Or don't you know how to do that, either?"

"If she can't read, I'm sure she can't count," Abby replied, starting to count the piles herself. "Oh, wow! You got eighteen Skittles!" she exclaimed.

"But, of course, that can't be right," Addison said. "There's no way a little brat like you could be older than us."

"And she's not," Abby grinned. "There's fourteen M&Ms."

"I bet you can't do the math on that, either," Addison sneered. "Can you?"

"F-Four..." Barbara managed to squeak out, stunned. This couldn't be real, could it? They weren't really going to treat her like a four year old...

"That's right! Wow!" Addison said with mock enthusiasm. "What does that mean, Barbie?"

She still couldn't accept it, or do anything but sit there, flabbergasted. "That's too hard for her," Abby reprimanded her sister before bending down in front of Barbara, saying in a goofy voice, "How old are you, Barbie?"

"I-I'm four..." she managed to say, sniffling.

"How many is that?" Addison asked. Shaking, Barbara lifted one hand, raising four fingers on it. "That's right! You're not even a whole hand yet! What a silly little girl! I think we definitely picked the right dress for you, then, didn't we? That's just right for a four year old!"

"I-I don't wanna be four!" she protested, feeling tears start to roll down her cheeks.

"Is that too old?" Abby asked. "How old do you want to be then, sweetie?"

"T-Twenty-one..." she answered miserably.

"What was that?" Addison leaned in closer. "I didn't quite hear... Was that two or one? Come on, make up your mind, or we'll do it for you!"

Despite trying to sound more determined, her voice just got quieter and squeakier as she repeated, "Twenty-one..."

Addison shook her head. "I'll give you one more chance, Barbie. How old are you?"

Barbara sighed, staring up at the younger girl, knowing she would never accept her actual answer. "Four," she said with a sigh.

"That's what I thought," Addison nodded. "Now, let's see what you get to do for the next two weeks!"

"Let's start with this one!" Abby suggested, pointing to the pile of mini Reese's cups. There were three there, not counting the one they'd used to mark the notes. "Do you want to read it, Barbie?"

Barbara nodded, picking up the cards and shuffling through them, not wanting them to try to cheat her, but the words, the ones she'd written there herself, were just indistinct blurs to her. She couldn't even tell which one was meant for the toddler age group, which she, to her horror, belonged to now. Sheepishly, she handed the stack to Addison.

"See, I knew you couldn't read," Addison teased her. "Here we go... Oh, and such a simple word, too... You didn't know this, Barbie?" Barbara blushed. "It says naptime, sweetie. Looks like you're going to be spending an awful lot of time in bed. But you're still little.. You need lots of sleep to keep up your energy, don't you?"

As Addison was reading that, Abby was taking out the next stack of cards and flipping through them. "Oh, good! Look, she has a bathtime! I was afraid she'd be all smelly the whole time!"

"And two blocks of TV time! Isn't that nice? Of course, you're far too little to decide what to watch..."

"Three snack times! Someone's a hungry little thing, isn't she?"

"Ooh, two art times... I'm sure we have some finger paints around here somewhere, and some coloring books..."

"Dress-up! How adorable! Our parents still have all kinds of our old clothes!"

Barbara drew further and further into herself as she heard these things being called out, one after another. She remembered watching her charges doing all of them, but never had she imagined she'd be on the other end. She felt so small, and powerless...

"Look at these poor cards," Abby said, picking up a stack with only a single candy on it, just the one meant to mark it. "Guess you don't get any of these..."

Addison leaned over to look at the card, laughing as she read it. "Oh, she doesn't need those... She doesn't mind just going in her pants."

Barbara gasped, knowing instantly what they meant. It was one of the cards she always added in herself, because the kids were always too excited about the other ones to care about it, even if it was important, especially so now. She couldn't help wondering if that was actually even what the card said, but she had no choice but to take their words for it, like she'd done with all the rest of the cards.

"Sorry, Barbie," Abby smiled down at her, ripping the card in two. "No bathroom breaks for you."

"But we can't just let you run around peeing all over the house," Addison told her.

"I think we have something to fix that," Abby suggested, scurrying up off the couch and running out of the room, leaving Barbara, unable to keep still from her desperate need of the thing she'd just been denied, alone with Addison.

"You can't do this," she said pitifully. "I-I'll play along with you today, but you guys have to go to school tomorrow..."

"Don't worry about that," Addison told her. "There will still be someone to play with you during the week. We already enrolled you in a nice daycare down the street. We'll drop you off there every morning, and pick you up every afternoon... And I guess we'll go to school in between, if we feel like it. And there's nothing you can do to stop it, little girl, because you're going to be sitting in the sandbox playing with the other four year olds... If they even let you. I bet they'll think you're such a baby that they make you play with the even younger kids."

"You can't," Barbara whined. She didn't know which daycare it was, but as many clients as she had around that age, there had to be at least one or two that went there... She couldn't let them see her like this!

"Found 'em!" Abby yelled, bouncing back into the room with a half-empty bag of Pampers. "There's not many, but there's enough for now!"

"We'll pick some more up when we go to the store for our party supplies," Addison assured her.

"Party?" Barbara squeaked.

"Oh, yes..." Addison smiled, kneeling down on the floor next to her babysitter, pushing her backwards to the floor. "We've been planning the party to end all parties ever since you walked in the door. We could tell there was nothing a pathetic little kid like you could do to stop us, no matter how old you pretended to be." She reached up, pulling down Barbara's tights and panties.

"Tsk, tsk, look at that... She got her favorite panties all wet already! She really must need these diapers!"

"I-It was only a drop or two," Barbara protested. "I told you I needed to go, but you..."

"Shush," Addison commanded. Barbara obeyed right away, too scared to do anything else. Addison lifted her bottom, slipping the Pamper underneath, taping it snug around her waist before she could try to get away, before pulling the tights and slightly damp panties up over it, sealing her in with layers of thick cloth. With her dress still pushed up, Barbara could see, even if just barely, edges of the diaper sticking out from the top of her panties, and through the legholes. "We'll let you keep them, for now, even if you did pee in them like the little baby you are."

Barbara gasped as Abby picked her up, carrying her like a baby away from the living room and upstairs, Addison following after them. They walked past the room Barbara had been staying in, on to another room, one that left Barbara speechless as Addison opened the door. It was clearly another guestroom, but this one didn't have a bed, like her old room, but rather a crib. And on one wall was a changing table.

"We had a feeling about you," Addison told her. "We were sure you wouldn't turn out to be that old. And when you got out of bed and went running around half naked? We can't have that when we have guests over... Now, aren't you glad our parents are such packrats?"

Abby set Barbara down in the crib, pulling the side up, leaving Barbara standing inside, whimpering as she stared up at the bars that seemed to stretch for miles, or at least too far for her to climb out of on her own.

"But don't worry," Abby said. "You can stay up a little late tonight to meet the people we invited to our party, and show off your pretty new dress... Just for a bit, though, and then it's back to bed!"

"You can't!" Barbara protested, tears flowing freely now as she watched them from inside her crib.

"Oh, sweetie... We already did." Addison walked over to her, kissing the top of her head, threading one hand through the bars and up Barbara's skirt. Barbara squirmed, knowing just what the girl wanted, trying to refuse it to her, but her bladder had had enough, and let go at just that moment, flooding into her Pamper, turning the padding soft and squishy beneath her.

Addison, satisfied, pulled her hand back, grinning. "Can you really tell me you think you're an adult now? What kind of a grown-up would be standing there, dressed like that, in a wet Pamper? You're just a toddler, Barbie... A little, bitty toddler who's going to be a good girl at daycare for the next couple weeks, and who is going to do exactly what she's told when she's at home, because if we, or your teachers, have a single complaint about you, this is exactly how our parents are going to find you when they get home. You're just a little girl, and that's all you ever were, and all you ever will be."

"Now, it's your naptime," Abby told her, holding up a keyring and jingling it in front of her. "Thanks for the wheels. We'll be back in time to get you up for some nice finger-painting before lunch. We have to stop by your apartment first and replace all those silly big girl underwear you have with diapers. We'll be dropping by there every now and then once you go back home to make sure you're still being a good girl. And if you're not all diapered up like you should be, you'll be getting a spanking!"

Barbara started to bawl, grabbing the bars of the crib and shaking them fruitlessly, like a prisoner trying to break free from her cell. "Don't cry, baby," Addison cooed gently. "Come on... If you were this easy for us to control, you really couldn't have been a grown-up after all, now could you? At least not a very good one. It's better this way. You belong in a nice, cute dress, and a sweet, wet little diaper. The sooner you accept that, the happier you'll be." She leaned in a little closer, whispering, "But the longer you take, the happier we'll be... We've already thought up lots of fun ways to punish bad little girls who try to act like grown-ups... I'd hate for you to miss out."

The two left, still giggling between themselves, turning off the lights and leaving her there, crying like the baby she was stuck as for at least the next thirteen days, as a mobile gently began to turn over her head, playing out a simple, soothing tune that did nothing to make her feel any better about her situation. When it was clear the girls weren't coming back anytime soon, she sank down to her knees, then laid down, cried out but still sniffling softly as she curled up and fell asleep, barely noticing her thumb slowly making its way into her mouth.

The End


  1. Superb, PPP. Superb. But I have to ask: is there any truth to this tale? And do you find yourself wanting to be Barbie? or Abby and Addison?

  2. I really love this story every time I read it :)